Does iPhone se have Apple pay

Apple Pay iPhone 5S How to set up?

Apple Pay is a payment system that allows you to pay in stores by attaching your Apple mobile device to a terminal. In the latter case the system can be set up through an iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. To pay, you need to bring your gadget to the terminal, select the card in the application and put your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

On your iPhone or iPod touch By scanning a barcode or QR code (scroll down the Wallet screen, tap “Edit Cards,” select “Scan Code,” and scan the code with your iPhone camera ). If you’re paying with Apple Pay at a merchant connected to this service, click Wallet notification.

How to add a card to your Apple Pay phone:

  • Open the “Wallet” addendum and press “”;
  • Scan the card or enter the card data manually;
  • Get acquainted with usage conditions;
  • Complete registration via SMS.
  • Enter the “Watch” add-on on your smartphone;
  • select “Wallet” and “Apple Pay”;
  • Press “Add Card” button;
  • enter card security code and press “Next”;
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of the contract;
  • Confirm the correctness of the data by SMS;

Make payment

  • Unlock the phone using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Bring your smartphone to the terminal
  • Blue tick on the screen. confirmation of successful transaction

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Extreme ease

Apple Pay works everywhere where there are any of these icons. Even in the Kiev subway!

Perfect security

The face or fingerprints can not be created, and the card details are not stored on your device.

Works without Internet

The technology does not require Internet at checkout

What models of devices are supported by Apple Pay technology?

  • iPhone Series 6 and above, iPhone Series SE, iPhone Series XR, XS, XS Max.
  • Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1st Generation Apple Watch
  • iPad 5th and 6th generation, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 3rd generation, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
  • Mac with Touch ID, 2012 Mac models and more recent models combined with iPhone and Apple Watch that support Apple Pay

How to configure Apple Watch for Apple Pay?

  • Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone and go to the My Watch tab.
  • Click on “Wallet and Apple Pay”
  • To add a new card, click “Add Credit or Debit Card” and enter the card data
  • To add a card from other devices, or a card that was previously removed, you must be a member of the requested list, and then enter the encryption code CVV2.
  • Take rules and conditions of use.
  • Check how to check your card in Apple Pay (SMS notification by order)
  • Enter your verification code (sometimes the code is entered automatically)
  • Ready! To use, press the back button twice and hold the phone to the terminal

How high security level of Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay is more secure than using a plastic card, because the card number and personal data are not shared with retailers, and actual card numbers are not stored on the device, or on Apple servers. All transactions require Face ID, Touch ID or password to be validated.

Wallet cards for business

The launch of mobile wallets, Apple Wallet in particular, has forever changed the way brands, retailers and even advertisers engage their customers. With mobile wallets, companies were able to deliver information about special offers, coupons and loyalty cards to customers who wanted them more easily and efficiently.

Using Wallet makes it easy to pay or use rewards in stores, and the ability to save branded offers, coupons, loyalty cards and more to their phones is a win-win for both parties:

  • Customers no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring their card to the right store;
  • Companies are equipped with trackable, updated and location-based content to help get a direct channel to their audiences.

Also accepting payments through Apple Pay. is an easy way to increase checkout capacity, t.к. paying with Apple Pay is faster than using plastic bank cards. Your customers won’t have to waste time searching for their wallet and the card they need in it. In order to accept payment with Apple Pay, a contactless payment (NFC) enabled terminal must be installed. Usually, most terminals that accept payment with NFC are suitable for using Apple Pay. Contact the bank that provides acquiring in your store and let them know that you need to accept payment with Apple Pay. You can order Apple Pay badges from a special Apple website. Icons images are also available for download here.

Learn more about the business benefits of using Wallet cards in your business in this article.

Using Apple Wallet cards in beauty salons

Apple Wallet cards take your beauty salon loyalty program to the next level. Passteam service is a universal solution for visualizing your loyalty program and implementing a digital loyalty format in your business.

On their loyalty cards, customers can see their bonus balance, their cashback percentage, their level status in the loyalty program, the date of their next, previous and recommended visits. Passteam cards are also a free channel of communication with your customers. the newsletter is set up in a few clicks, and the built-in segments reduce the time it takes to target your advertising campaigns.

Using Apple Wallet Cards in Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars

Apple Wallet cards are in widespread use at many popular restaurants, coffee shops, etc.д. Passteam service provides businesses and their customers a convenient solution for organizing a loyalty program. virtual cards for iPhone.

By installing your card, the customer will be able to track their balance and the percentage of their cashback or discount. In addition, many of our customers use Passteam cards instead of an app. the back of the card can contain a number of links to e-menu, tips, reservations, etc.д.

What happens after I send a customer a virtual card?

The virtual card stays in the user’s mobile wallet until they delete it themselves. Airship data shows that up to 85% of cards are very rarely removed, and for some brands the conversion rate for installations is as high as 95%.

As we mentioned earlier, if someone has your card in their mobile wallet, you essentially get a channel of communication with them. Why? Because cards in your mobile wallet can be updated.

Not only can you update the card itself (appearance and information fields), but you can also send notifications that appear on the locked screen. push notifications like the ones that come from apps.

This communication channel provides new opportunities for your marketing, and saves on communication costs through the free fluffiness.

Why it’s worth implementing e-cards for Apple Wallet?

E-wallet card is a full-fledged substitute for your own app. Card maintenance is much easier and cheaper than maintaining your own app.

This is good news if you don’t have an app, but it’s also good news if you do. Because let’s face it: not everyone wants to install your app. Most customers prefer this “lightweight format” that doesn’t require them to download an additional app.

Beyond that, here are the top three reasons why you should implement e-cards in your business:

Marketing often fails to keep up with trends in the marketplace. Airship research shows that many companies are lagging behind their customers’ willingness to use cards in their e-wallets. Millennials are often surprised (not in a good way) when they are offered a plastic card somewhere. Companies that follow digital trends get more attention from customer audiences than their competitors.

Increasing your presence on the phone on the client’s device. Who even leaves home now without a phone? And many people’s jobs are directly related to the use of mobile devices.

“Most customers won’t download brands’ own apps, so marketers need to make smart use of the mobile ecosystem that their customers already use every day. Mobile wallets are a huge part of this ecosystem. You have a chance to take advantage of a new channel to engage and communicate with your customers, take it,” says Xiaofeng Wang, senior analyst at Forrester, in Forbes.

It will make your customers like you even more. Mobile wallet is easier and more convenient to use for non-payment things like coupons, boarding passes and loyalty cards.

How often do you forget to print the boarding pass? How often do you forget to take your phone with you? Case closed. Mobile wallets ensure your brand is not left in the bottom of your bag or in some drawer.

NFC module replacement fee

iPhone 6 NFC module replacement 2000 р.
iPhone 6 NFC module replacement 2500 р.
iPhone 6s NFC Module Replacement 2500 р.
iPhone 6s NFC Module Replacement 2500 р.
iPhone 7 NFC module replacement 2500 р.
iPhone 7 NFC Module Replacement 2500 р.
iPhone 8 NFC module replacement 3000 р.
iPhone 8 NFC module replacement 4000 р.
iPhone SE NFC module change 2500 р.
iPhone X NFC module change 5000 р.
iPhone XR NFC Module Replacement 4000 р.
iPhone XS NFC Module Replacement 5000 р.
iPhone XS max NFC module change 5500 р.

Why you should not do the repair yourself

Apple technics is repaired rather difficult. To access the details of the phone you need to open the back cover smartphone. Without experience and special equipment it is fraught with the fact that you will damage the case, it will leave traces.

It is also very difficult to diagnose and replace the faulty element by yourself. And why do it, when the specialists of our service center will do it quickly and efficiently? We can help you if you have stopped working Apple pay on iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 7, 8.

Apple repair of any complexity

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What makes NFC-enabled on your iPhone?

When using the payment system Apple Pay (through the Wallet application on the iPhone) smartphone engages the function of the two components: NFC-module (chip, microchip) and NFC-antenna.

There are several options for problems: 1. iPhone completely refuses to accept transactions. You hold your mobile phone to the terminal and nothing happens. 2. iPhone pays only once. The most common problem. 3. Wallet app refuses to add a payment card. When your iPhone refuses to see the terminal during another purchase. there’s obviously something wrong with your phone. Problems can hide in both the software and hardware of the iPhone.

Apple Pay doesn’t work in Russia

I can’t pay my fare with Apple Pay? It’s all about the terminal, not the service

The reason why customers of banks that are not under sanctions are unable to pay Apple Pay is that the terminals themselves in stores (including online) are serviced by banks that have been hit by the restrictions. That is, the service itself works without problems, but the terminal can not pay because of the blocking of Apple Pay.

A simple example: some of the turnstiles in the Moscow Metro are serviced by VTB Bank. It has fallen under the blocking sanctions of the United States and the European Union, so it is logical that Apple Pay does not work in transport and other contactless payment services no longer. It does not matter what bank card you use. it’s all about the terminal. But if you use a travel card or a physical “plastic card”, it will work.

The same is true for many other establishments, stores, organizations, and online services that are serviced by sub-sanctioned banks. Halva installment card is a separate story. As it turns out, many holders are not even aware that it is issued by Sovcombank, which is also subject to restrictions. So there is nothing strange about the fact that you can not pay with Halva through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

To overcome these limitations, you just need to use the card itself directly. You may have forgotten how to do it, but if paying with your phone doesn’t work, take out your “plastic” and put it to the terminal, then enter your pin code. Payment should go through without any problems. So just carry the card with you. You will definitely need it somewhere.


Step 1. Update Privat24. Step 2. Go first to the “Card Menu” and then to “Card Design.”. Step 3. Choose a cover and click on it. Step 4. Click on the green “Save” button.

Digital covers from the catalog can only be installed on PrivatBank cards, which are tied to Apple Pay.

There are no restrictions. change as you feel like it 🙂

Everywhere that accepts contactless payments. You can tell by the icons:

iPhone 6 and up

Press the Home button twice and put your finger on Touch ID, then hold your phone up to the terminal.

iPhone X

Double-click the side button. Look at Face ID and hold the phone up to the terminal.

Apple Watch

Press the long side button twice and hold the watch near the terminal. You’ll feel a throb.

  • On iCloud.Set the status to “stolen” (lost mode).
  • Lock the card by dialing 3700.
  • After blocking the card on your device, you can continue to use your physical card.

Via Privat24:

  • update Privat24 on your iPhone;
  • select your card in Privat24 and tap “Add card to Apple Pay”. You will be redirected to Wallet;
  • choose iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad;
  • You may need to do additional verification. If everything is ok, the card will be automatically added and activated.

On iPhone:

  • go to Wallet on your iPhone;
  • press the “” button to add the card;
  • Scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • confirm with Privat24 or OTP password.

On Apple Watch via iPhone:

  • Go to Watch on your iPhone;
  • Select Wallet and Apple Pay;
  • tap “Add payment card”;
  • Scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • Confirm the action in Privat24 or OTP password.

Via MacBook Pro, add on your iPhone:

  • Go to the system settings;
  • Click “Add Card.”
  • scan the card or enter the card number manually;
  • Confirm the action in Privat24 or with the OTP password.

Through iPad add on iPhone:

  • go to Settings;
  • click Add Card;
  • Scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • Confirm with Privat24 or OTP password.
  • Open the Apple Watch on your iPhone and go to the My Watch tab. If you have more than one watch, choose one of them.
  • Click “Wallet and Apple Pay”.
  • To add a new card, press “Add payment card”. If prompted to add a card used in iTunes, cards from other devices, or recently deleted cards, select them and then enter the security codes for those cards.
  • Tap Next. If the bank or card issuer needs additional information to verify the card, it will request it.
  • Go back to the Wallet and Apple Pay menu again and tap on the card.
  • After the bank or the card issuer verifies the card, click “Next”.

Limit. 20 devices for Mastercard, 99 for VISA cards.

iPhone X and Watch Series 3 supports up to 12 cards, others. 8.

  • set region. Ukraine;
  • Update iOS 11;
  • check the internet, you can’t add a card without it (but you don’t need the internet for payments);
  • Log in to iCloud;
  • set a password or Touch ID.

It’s OK, but you need to block the card quickly. You can do it yourself via Privat24 in menu “My accounts. Management of card/account. Blocking of card” or call free number 3700.

When the card is blocked, you’ll receive a notification in Privat24 or in the mail.

In the Apple Pay Wallet, the blocked card will remain, but will not be active for payments. Once the card is reissued, add it to Wallet again and delete the blocked card.

Frequently Asked Questions

No additional installation or download required, the Wallet app is installed by default on your iPhone (iPhone version 6 or later), MacBook Pro, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Any Visa or Mastercard from Idea Bank.

When you add a card to the Apple Pay wallet, the first card will be installed for payment by default. When you add each following card, the service will prompt you to set it for payment by default.

Up to 12 cards can be added on the Apple Watch Series 3 and later models, as well as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and later models. Up to 8 cards can be added to earlier models.

You need to delete / suspend the digital equivalent of the card (token) yourself via iCloud or contact the bank support. A bank employee can also suspend or delete a digitized card (token).