Do Not Come SMS On Iphone 6s

Do Not Come SMS On Iphone 6s

A few days ago I was late for an important meeting and I urgently needed to warn a person about the delay. Alas, the day before I forgot to extend the tariff for mobile Internet, and when sending an SMS message, the iPhone tried to send it to the addressee using the protocol iMessage. The message did not go away. What could be done in this situation, read below.

While mobile operators continue to bite their elbows and put up with the spread of messengers, SMS messages are confidently sent to the place where the forgotten pager is already resting. Nevertheless, nobody is going to reduce the cost of traditional short messages: where there is no Internet there is no opportunity to take advantage Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber or their alternatives. Without the Internet, the user loses the ability to send messages using the Apple iMessage proprietary protocol between iOS devices.

Despite all the convenience of Apple’s mobile OS, the incident that happened to me makes me ready for any surprises. So, you are in the following situation:

  • no Internet;
  • urgently required to send an SMS message to the addressee with whom you usually correspond via iMessage;
  • The message categorically refuses to be sent.

Attempt 1: default settings

If when sending an SMS message it is sent as iMessage (enclosed in a blue cloud) and a status bar freezes, hold your finger on the message and select Send as SMS / MMS.

IOS provides flexible settings for sending both traditional SMS messages and manipulations with iMessage. Open Settings. Messages and disconnect slider opposite the item iMessage.

Option A. radical and completely eliminates the use of iMessage. Option B. Allows you to send SMS messages when iMessage is unavailable. After making settings reboot device and resend the message.

If this item does not help, move on.

Attempt 2: hard reset the device

Sometimes, it seems to me that Apple programmers themselves sometimes do not know what is happening in the heart of the iOS mobile operating system. At such moments, the device requires a good brain shake and forced hard reset.

Hold down the key Home and Power and hold them until the white apple logo appears. After such a reboot, sending messages may be resumed.

If this item does not help, move on.

Attempt 3: disable sending SMS from other devices

With the release of operating systems iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, users were able to send SMS messages from the SIM card installed in the iPhone, but using a Mac or iPad. Unfortunately, the function can negatively affect the sending of regular SMS.

Open Settings. Messages and go to Message Forwarding. Disconnect all devices listed there. Reboot iPhone.

If this item does not help, move on.

Attempt 4: reset network settings

One of the possible solutions to the problem of sending SMS messages can be network reset. Resetting the network settings will not affect your personal data and will not affect the state of the iPhone phonebook, but you will have to enter the passwords for all saved Wi-Fi networks again.

Open Settings. Basic. Reset and select Reset Network Settings. To continue, you will need to enter a four-digit password that you use as a key when unlocking. The iPhone will reboot and you can try sending the message again.

If this item does not help, move on.

Attempt 5: disconnecting the Internet

Despite the fact that in the absence of available Internet traffic, the Edge, 3G or LTE icon is often not displayed, iOS may try to establish a connection without the user’s knowledge. Thus, the iPhone will continue unsuccessful attempts to send a message to the recipient via iMessage protocol.

Open Settings. Cellular and turn off the slider Cell data. When working in an LTE network, try either completely disconnecting the network, or configure it exclusively for data transmission (Voice and Audio. disable). Reboot your iPhone.

If this item does not help, move on.

Attempt 6: device recovery

What I did not like Windows for was a terribly slow system after six months of very active work. Reinstallation always allowed you to breathe deeply and. kill a day and a half to install applications. With iOS, everything is simpler and the problem with sending SMS messages can be solved by a radical, but effective method. complete device recovery with the deletion of all data (in the future they can be restored from the backup).

1. To restore iPhone be sure to backup immediately before the start of the procedure (details are described in the relevant instructions);
2. Go to Settings. iCloud and disconnect the function Find iPhone.

3. Open Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset content and settings.

Confirm reset. In a few minutes, you will receive a completely clean device with the ability to recover through backup or from iCloud.