Do I Need To Install Anti-Virus On Windows 10

Windows 10 does not require users to install an anti-virus, since starting with Windows 8, the operating system has a built-in security system. But is this really the best solution to provide reliable computer protection? Let’s see if Windows 10 Defender is enough or need another antivirus.

Do I Need To Install Anti-Virus On Windows 10

Windows defender. This is a modern version of Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free product from Microsoft. Initially, it existed as a separate component, but now it is built into the OS and guarantees all PCs with Windows 10 operating system a good level of protection against various threats.

Defender Features

As we said earlier, it is included in the system by default. The utility automatically checks running programs, updates the database through the Update Center and has an interface for a full system scan.

But how effective is windows 10 defender, can it provide the proper level of protection or is it still necessary to install an antivirus? I must admit that this development, although not by much, is lagging behind its competitors, as the comparative tests say. At the same time, it consumes a minimum amount of system resources, is not too annoying and does not require cash injections, which cannot be said about other utilities. It also does not collect user data and does not use it for its own benefit, as some free utilities do.

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In general, the utility reliably protects the PC system. Regularly updating (which is done automatically), using a modern browser and avoiding dangerous plugins is a great way to protect yourself and your computer will be safe. In this case, the question of whether to install another antivirus or not, loses its relevance. over, following standard recommendations and safety rules, which must always be followed, Defender will completely cope with its main task.

Threat Detection Test Results

According to the results of the specialized test AV-Test, Defender received an extremely low score, but it recognized 88% of zero-day attacks (Real-World Testin) and 99.8% of the prevailing and widespread threats (Reference set), while Kaspersky has 100% and 100%, respectively. However, Defender still copes and works at a high level.

When deciding what is best for Windows 10, Defender, Avast, or any other antivirus, consider the fact that this operating system has additional security features. For example, a SmartScreen filter that prevents the download and launch of malicious components. over, modern browsers have a unique Google Safe Browsing feature that blocks the activity of most malicious utilities.

For most users, with common sense and minimal security knowledge, Windows Defender’a will be enough. But if you conduct risky activities, deal with a pirated software program, then it is better to use some other program that will most effectively cope with all the threats.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you still do not know in favor of which program to make a choice, then you should consider the basic properties of a defender.

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Its advantages include:

  • Deep OS check.
  • The minimum percentage of false alarms.
  • The minimum requirements.
  • Lack of advertising and unnecessary features that slow down the PC.
  • It does not require activation.
  • Does not collect user data for its own benefit.

As for the shortcomings, they are available, like any other program:

  • Sometimes it skips malware.
  • Remains in terms of reliability and power.
  • There is no tab for checking files in the context menu.

As you can see, there are few drawbacks, they are very insignificant and are not so important against the background of a number of advantages.

MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit

In addition, we recommend using the free Anti-Exploit program to protect against exploits. Thanks to it, you will secure your browser and plugins, which are very often attacked. This utility is very similar to Microsoft EMET, but it is considered more convenient and has many more useful features. It allows you to block any exploits, including zero-day attacks, previously unknown. And thanks to the low hardware requirements, it will not slow down the computer.

Windows Defender and Anti-Exploit are the best and absolutely free combination to ensure maximum security for an average computer. These programs complement each other, find any potential threats and other garbage that standard protection tools often miss. Therefore, if you ask if a windows protector is needed, if you already have another antivirus installed, it’s worth considering, because it may turn out to be more effective.

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All “for” and “against”

Having carefully analyzed all the information about the defender, we can confidently say that he provides a decent level of security. Given the constant updating of databases and the use of exceptionally reliable browsers, the program will easily cope with its tasks.

Despite the low score obtained during the tests, as we discussed above, this antivirus easily recognizes any threats and viruses. That is what testifies to its high reliability. According to the developers, their efforts were primarily focused on creating a program that quickly and efficiently responds to the most common threats on the Internet, and they managed to do it.

Based on the fact that in Windows 10, in addition to the standard antivirus, there are additional protection tools, answering the question, “Can windows defender replace antivirus?”, We can say with confidence that yes. This is the best option for the vast majority of users. Do not download dangerous and malicious software, do not take risky activities and you can make sure that your PC is completely safe.

However, if you choose a protector only because it is free and less demanding on system requirements, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with even lighter utilities that may suit you more and will work quickly even on the weakest devices.

How to enable it

If you decide to use Windows Defender, then you should activate it. There are quite a few ways to enable it, but we will analyze the simplest one:
1. Go to the “Start” menu, then to “Settings”.
2. In the window that opens, go to the “Update and Security” section.
3. In the left part of the window, select the appropriate section and click on the “Enable” button.
4. In the same window we turn on the additional options “Real-time protection” and “Standalone defender.”.

Now the information on your computer or laptop will be reliably protected from various threats and hacker attacks.

Regardless of which antivirus you have installed, always carry out additional scans with special scanners and adhere to simple network security rules.

If you still decide to install a comprehensive antivirus, then take a closer look at these options, they received more votes from users than they earned a certain level of trust.

Detailed about features and settings. Professional help

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