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Preparation of USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Let us consider in more detail how to create an access point from a Wi-Fi adapter using the built-in OS tools. But we will first prepare the device for work.

External Wi-Fi-Dapter looks like a “flash drive” known to everyone.

It is connected from the outside to the USB computer directly or using the transitional unit cable to improve the reception. Such adapters are equipped with a connector for connecting an antenna of a Wi-Fi-band. To install the internal Adapter, you must have access to the PCI connector on the PC motherboard PC. Such adapters without connecting an external antenna do not work.

After connecting the USB Wi-Fi Adapter, make sure that the computer found it in the “Device Manager” in the “Network Adapters” section. If the device is on the list, it means that after its discovery, the PC set the necessary driver himself. In the absence of one, we manually install. Information posted on the official website of the vendor. Indicate the exact name of the model, download the operating driver on PC today and install it. Now Adapter will appear in the list of devices.

Adapter configuration as an access point (TD)

To create the TD when using the operating system (OS) from Microsoft, we apply control commands that create Windows 7-Windows 10 Virtual access point for applying to it of the local “Wi-Fi” network. This is achieved using Virtual Wi-Fi technology used by the company. For manufacturers of network adapters, support for this technology at the software level of drivers of each manufactured model is required. This condition is necessary for their certification. Although the virtual point created by the software, the access of subscribers of the local network to the Internet resources is material.

Setting USB Wi-Fi-Dapter starts to engage in after connecting it to the computer connector. We will use the built.in Windows tools, we apply the OS tool. “command line” (CS: GO). We will introduce commands created by Microsoft from the keyboard specifically to solve this problem. All actions in CS: Go are performed on behalf of the administrator. To work in CS: GO, click the combination of the Win/R keys, which opens the “Perform” window. We write CMD in the empty field and confirm OK.

Creating a virtual network and password name

  • At the first step, the ability of equipment to support the created network is checked. With a positive result, a Wi-fi adapter is adjusted as an access point.
  • The next command is used to create the name of the virtual network (SSID) and password (PASS).
  • Enter their values ​​from the keyboard. At least 8 characters of both keyboard registers are required for the password. In this case, only Latin is used. The command is performed by pressing the Enter key. A message appears on the page about the successful completion of the action.
  • When viewing the “Device Manager” we see a new network equipment, the designation of which contains the word “virtual” (Virtual Wi-Fi). In “Network connections” a new wireless connection is found. Its status is “no connection”.
  • We set the command of the virtual “Wi-Fi” network and wait for the message about the successful execution: “The posted network is launched”. Now we see a change in its status: “Working network”.
  • Wi-Fi distribution from a Windows 7 computer via USB-adapter (if this OS is used) is available to wireless devices after installing a checkmark opposite the permission line to other “users” use the connection in the “Access” tab. Confirm the action. This is done by pressing the right key on the icon of the created connection. Next. select the “Properties” item in the context menu and open it.
  • Now there are two “Wi-Fi” networks, the first of which is “made” by the router.
  • After the resolution created for them, customers are connected to the access point and automatically receive an IP address from the internal DHCP server. It is separated from the network of the main router on the broadcast function of NAT network addresses. Watch the condition of the placed network in the command line by execution of the corresponding command from the list.

In addition, the page reflects all the necessary parameters:

Launch a “Wi-Fi”-a network created in this way, it is necessary to turn on the computer or its reboot. This problem is resolved by the use of third.party programs on the Internet sites.

Ways to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from a computer on Windows 10

With the advent of the new Windows 10 operating system, new opportunities have appeared for distributing the Internet over the network from a computer or laptop. The fact is that here the capabilities themselves were significantly redesigned, and the graphic integration itself has changed beyond recognition.

In order to relay the Internet on the wireless channel of the computer, there are several ways:

  • Through the command line
  • Using external programs.
  • Create a mobile hot spot Windows 10
  • Through a company application from the manufacturer Wi-Fi adapter

We will talk about the first two in this article. The built.in Hotspot application deserves a separate analysis, so we will leave it for another instructions.

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Windows 7 or 10 command line

So, let’s try to configure the relay of the Internet through a wireless signal using the Windows command line (by the way, this option is suitable for Windows 7 or Windows 8). Before setting up the access point, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi module is connected and works properly.

Next, press the “Start” icon in the lower left corner of Windows with the right mouse button and select the “command line (administrator)”

And we are looking for the whole text that will appear as a result of its implementation, the line is “support for the location”. if the computer is ready to distribute the network through the built.in Windows tools, then on the contrary it should be the value of “yes”.

To include this function introduces the following command

Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow Ssid = “Wifika.ru “key =” 111111 ″ Keyusage = Persistent

If you carefully read the text of this team, then you have already guessed that the meaning of “SSID” is the name of the future wireless network, I called it “Wifika.Ru “, but you can set your. And also replace the value of the Key Tag. this is a password for connecting.

As a result, we get a message about a successful network configuration. Now we enter the following line to start the access point from the computer:

There will be a message that “the posted network has been launched”

You can verify this by going to the “Networks Management and General Access Center. Change the Adapter Parameters”. A new connection will appear here.

But that’s not all. Now it is necessary to give permission to use this Internet connection access point with which the computer is connected to the Internet. To do this, click on our main connection with the right mouse button and select “Properties”

We switch to the “Access” tab and activate the “allow other network users to use the Internet connection to the Internet”.

Then we stop the internship point with a team

And again we launch. the one above above.

Permission to access the network of access points that bifurces Wi-Fi C Windows 11 on PC, laptop or smarton

But that’s not all. For the correct egid eagnation, you still need to allow other users to connect to it on a laptop. We need:

Return to the menu “Network and the Internet” in the section “Parameters” and go to “Additional network parameters”

And then open the “additional parameters of the network adapter”

Here we see two networks. Wireless-this is the main one through which the laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi to the router at the moment. And the second, virtual (“connection on the local network”), which works for the distribution of the Internet. It is she who we need to configure her.

Therefore, we click on its name with the right button and go into the “Properties”

Here we switch to the “Access” tab and put checks at two points to resolve general access to the Internet. Then we save ok “OK” button

General access

The resolution of the total access is necessary not to experience problems with the Internet and sites. You can do this according to the instructions prescribed above.

Virtual Wi-Fi in English is called “Virtual Wi-Fi“. This is a special program, thanks to which one real wireless adapter can be divided into several virtual. This allows you to create a separate connection for each virtual adapter.

A virtual network is connected through the command line specified in the second paragraph in the way.

Distribution through drugs

It is important to clarify that in Windows 7 Starter or the initial opportunity to distribute Wi-Fi with Windows 7 in this way is blocked.

For configuration, it is necessary that the laptop is connected to 2 networks. from one it will take the Internet, to the other. shame. Next, you need to act step by step:

  • Click “Win ​​R” and print in the search “NCPA.CPL “. this will open all available connections;
  • Click the right button over the network connecting to the Internet, select “Properties”. “General”, note “Allow to use the connection to the home network” and select the right.

We distribute the wired Internet through the application

If the above methods are not suitable for you or there is another reason, share the wired Internet connection in Windows 8 or 7 with other wireless devices using third.party applications. I recommend trying an open source application Virtual Router.

Install, run, indicate the name of the network (SSID), set the desired password, and select our wireless connection that we want to distribute. Press the Start Virtual Router button, and you’re ready. Below you can see a list of connected devices. There is simply nowhere easier.

Setting up the Internet distribution via Wi-Fi may seem to someone a troublesome occupation, but in fact it is not so difficult. It all depends on which version of Windows you use. In addition, you can always use an application of a third.party manufacturer, working with which comes down to an even simpler way to make an access point from your computer or laptop.

Now you can always use this article to distribute your Internet channel via Wi-Fi, even if there is no Wi-Fi router at hand.

Why can there be problems with the distribution of the Internet on a local network

When trying to independently set up a local network or share the Internet, the following problems often arise:

  • the computer does not see the device from the local network;
  • It is not possible to use common folders due to the lack of general access;
  • Devices are not shown in the common network.
  • incorrect connection (when entering data, errors were made. different passwords or names for the local network were spelled out);
  • The devices are not connected by the general group, connected to different modems distributing the Internet;
  • The ban on restriction of general access to the local network has not been lifted;
  • On the acceptor, the local network is incorrectly configured;
  • The router works incorrectly;
  • there is no Internet because of the problems on the side of the provider;
  • The network is configured “without access to the Internet”;
  • The network cord is damaged.

note! Many of the described problems can be solved by a simple recovery of a computer. If this does not help, all the connection on the connection will have to be repeated.

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Permission for other users to use the network

distribute, wi-fi, internet

Modern devices allow you to transmit the Internet without a special router. There is no need to connect a router to a specific smartphone or tablet. It is enough to place the devices in the maximum proximity to the computer already receiving the Internet, uniting them with a common local network.

To create a network, you can use a special wire, but it is more convenient to turn a computer into a router that distributes Wi-Fi. For this, special programs or commands are used. Information on how to distribute the Internet from PC to PC or how to connect a Wi-Fi access point on a computer will be useful to owners of several devices using them simultaneously and need constant access to the Internet.

Connecting devices to a wireless network

After all the settings were successfully made, the Wi-Fi access point on the phone is turned on, and it was possible to connect the router to it, you can easily connect to the Internet. The router in this case acts as an amplifier of Wi-Fi, which is distributed from the phone.

The phone with the right settings plays the role of the modem perfectly. A router is necessary to strengthen the Internet connection

In general, the process of using a mobile phone for distributing the Internet is as simple as possible and does not require certain knowledge. However, before you attach the phone, it is important to carefully study the voiced instructions to exclude the likelihood of errors.

Set up the distribution of the Internet using Wi-Fi wireless network on a computer/ laptop.

One way to organize an Internet distribution on Wi-Fi– Create Wi-Fi network computer-computer by Windows (do not rush to do. ). I will immediately explain this method of this method, the fact is that you will not connect the tablet on Android or iPhone smartphone, only another computer/ laptop with the installed Windows operating system. This is due to the fact that you create an point in the AD-HOC mode (also called: point, computer computer, single-ranking network) and devices with another operating system (Android, iOS), will not see your network or will not be able to Connect it. You need Soft AP (also called: access point mode, Soft Access Point, Virtual Wi-Fi, Virtual Router) on how to do this in the second part of the article.

First of all, you need to get to the network management center and total access. To do this, you can press the right mouse button on the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”.

Another way, go to “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Networks control center and total access”.

It doesn’t matter how you used it in the end you will see the window of the network control center and the total access. Click “Setting up a new connection or network”.

In the window installation of connection or network, select “Setting the Wireless Network Computer-Computer” and click “Next”.

Read the information window and press “Next”.

In the next window, it is necessary to enter the data of the created network:

Network name is the name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID), which other computers/ laptops will see. Enter any name.

Safety type, I recommend leaving WPA2- Personal

Safety key- password for connecting to a Wi-Fi network, I recommend using a complex password at least 8 characters, consisting of letters, numbers and special signs (!@#).

Install the checkplace “Save the parameters of this network”.

In the next window, click the “enable general access to the Internet connection” and click the “Close” button.

This is where the Wi-Fi network setting computer can be considered completed. Now if you go to the network control center and total access, you will see your Wi-Fi network.

On other computers you can see and connect to the created network.

In order to delete computer connection, go to the networks of networks and total access, select “Wireless Networks Management” and delete the created network.

Configure the distribution of the Internet on a laptop for a computer/ laptop/ tablet/ smartphone.

If you want to distribute the Internet not only on computers and laptops, but also tablets and smartphones, the method described below will suit you.

We launch the command line with the rights of the administrator, for this, click “Start”. “All programs”. “Standard” click on the “command line” with the right mouse button and select “Starting on behalf of the administrator”.

Another way- press the combination of keys in the opening window. Enter CMD, on CMD.Exe press the right mouse button and select “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

On the command line you need to execute the command:

NETSH WLAN SET HOSTEDNETWORK MODE = Allow SSID = “Point Title” Key = “Password”

Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow Ssid = PK-Shelp.com Key = PAW0RD

After that, you need to turn on the network, for this, execute the command:

Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork

The next step needs to provide access to the Internet to all connected devices, for this, go to the networks of networks and overall access, select “Change of Adapter Parameters”. In the connection window opened, select the connection that has Internet access (it does not matter what is the source of the Internet– 3G/ 4G modem, the provider cable or Wi-Fi network with access to the global network), for this you can change the performance to the “table” and see on the connection of “Internet access” opposite. In my case, this is “Connection on the local network 2”. Orange lines have been marked by the network that we created, the Microsoft Virtual WiFiminiport Adapter line will tell you about it (remember the network name, it will come in handy later).

Click on the connection with the right mouse button and select “Properties”.

In the properties window, select the “Access” tab, put a checkplace on the contrary “allow other network users to use the connection of the Internet of this computer”, select the connection that you created below, in my case it is a wireless network connection 2 (connection marked by the orange line on the picture above).

distribute, wi-fi, internet

This setting up the Wi-Fi network can be considered completed. It should be noted that after rebooting the computer distributing the Internet, you will again have to run the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork command, because it will not work automatically. If you want it to start automatically at each computer load, you need to create a bathtub and add it to a bus load. To do this, create a text document Enter the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork command, save the document. Next, change the extension from TXT to BAT and add the file to the auto load (start- all programs-auto loading).

In order to remove the Wi-Fi connection, run the command line with the rights of the administrator and use the command:

Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Disallow Ssid = “Point Title” Key = “Password”

Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Disallow Ssid = PK-Shelp.com Key = PAW0RD

That’s all. Who have questions or wishes, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Safety in the distribution of “Wi-Fi” from the laptop

To protect personal data and fence yourself off from unwanted “parasites”, you need to install a good password on a Wi-Fi system. For this, it is not recommended to choose standard examples available on the Internet, but to come up on your own out of eight or more characters. It is also desirable that the key contains letters and numbers mixed.

In addition, when the password is planned in the listed programs, there is the possibility of choosing encryption code. The safest is WPA 2.

Problems and their solutions when creating a Wi-Fi access point

When creating your own Wi-Fi network on a laptop, sometimes problems arise. For example, the network was created, but the phone “does not see” it. In this case, it is required to restart the network adapter. To do this, find it in the “Device dispatcher”, turn off and turn on again. details on how to go to the “dispatcher” is indicated in the section “Preparation of the laptop”.

Also, when creating a wireless point, it is necessary to check whether the “on the plane” mode is turned off, this applies to both laptops and phones. For these purposes, there is a special key on the keyboard, in the upper line above the numbers, with the identification mark “Airplane”.

To make the Internet distribution on a laptop, you need to turn off the antivirus and the Windows firewall and firewall. The easiest way to do this is through “msconfig”. To do this, press Windowsr, introduce “MSConfig” into the line that appears. In the new window “System configuration” to find the “Service” tab. In the list. antivirus (“Kaspersky”, ESET 32, Avast, pr.) and “Brandmauer Windows”. It is necessary to remove checks opposite them, save the settings and restart the laptop.

The Wi-Fi distribution method with PC is no different, of course, if it is equipped with an adapter. It is recommended to first update the drivers using the Driver Booster 5 program. Now it is clear whether the laptop can give out Wi-Fi and how to prepare it for this process.

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