Disconnect on the laptop touch keyboard. Program shutdown

The screen keyboard continues to appear in Windows 10 [Quick correction]

Some users say on the forums that the Windows 10 screen keyboard continues to appear. The screen keyboard appears on the entrance screen into the system every time they load.

It can also appear more accidentally when users open various windows. Here’s how you can fix the screen keyboard that pops up with some regularity in Windows 10.

The screen keyboard jumps out automatically

Usually you can fix the screen keyboard that continues to appear by adjusting the settings of the screen keyboard. Please note that in Windows 10 there are screen keyboard settings both in the “Settings” application and on the control panel.

You can turn off the screen keyboard using the Settings application and the control panel is as follows:

  • Press the button Enter here to search for the task panel to open Cortana.
  • Enter the keyword “Lightness of access” in the Cortana search field.
disconnect, laptop, touch, keyboard
  • Disconnect the parameter Turn on the screen keyboard. If it is turned on.
  • To check the settings, use the screen keyboard on the control panel, enter the “Easy of access” in Cortana.
  • Select Ease of Access to open the control panels window, as in the picture below.
  • Click use a computer without a mouse or keyboard. to open the settings shown below. Image
  • Cancel the choice of the parameter to use the screen keyboard and do not forget to press the buttons to apply and ok.

If you need to use a professional screen keyboard, but this pop.up problem arises by default in Windows, we strongly recommend that you Comfort ONSCREEN KEYboard Pro. This is a great tool that you can try for free on the official website Comfort Software.

You cannot open the control panel in Windows 10? Check out this step.by.step guide to find a solution.

If you have problems opening the setting application, refer to this article to solve this problem.

How to Shutdown or Turn off Windows 10 by Using Keyboard Shortcut?

The usual way to turn on the screen keyboard

The most common way to launch a screen keyboard in Windows 10 is a click on its icon, which is located on the right side of the taskbar panel.

If the keyboard icon is not displayed, click on the taskbar with the right mouse button and in the list that opens, select the “Show Serving Keyboard button”.

After performing this action, the icon of the touch keyboard will appear on the taskbar, and now it will be possible to run it by clicking on it.

Turning on the touch keyboard through the parameters of the system

Like many other tools and functions, the keyboard in Windows 10 can be launched using the search line, which is located next to the Start menu.

The procedure is extremely simple and quickly implemented. We click on the icon in the form of a magnifying glass, in the line that appears, we write the word “screen keyboard” and select the best coincidence by clicking on it.

Please note that the keyboard launched in this way differs from the one that is caused by a simple press on the icon located on the taskbar panel.

How to enable and disable the keyboard on a laptop with Windows 10?

Turning on and disconnecting the keyboard on a laptop with Windows 10 may be needed in various cases. For example, replacing the information input device due to the flow of fluid keys, when connecting a mechanical keyboard as a second or main one, when cleaning the laptop keys. Therefore, if you needed to turn off the keyboard, you should use the following tips.

Earlier we wrote about how to configure a touchpad on a laptop with Windows 10, and also described various ways to disconnect the touch panel on devices of various brands. This time we suggest considering the methods of blocking buttons and a way how to disable the keyboard on the Windows 10 laptop.

Key blocking may be needed if small children have access to the laptop. So that the “inexperienced” users do not make changes to the system settings, by pressing a dubious combination, it is worth disconnecting the keyboard.

You can block the keyboard on the laptop in a standard way using the key combinations:

  • Asus. fnpause;
  • HP. FNF5 (there may be a different key of the upper block);
  • Dell. Winflier number from 1 to 12;
  • Samsung. Winl. Another option. Num LockFN.

It is important to note that in the instructions for the leptop an accurate combination for disconnecting buttons will be indicated.

From the personal experience of using and repairing gadgets, we can conclude that resort to such a method as turning off the keyboard forever, users can only in cases:

IMPORTANT! If you have a keyboard and one key is flooded, and you think that this does not harm the device (since apparently this does not appear), then it should be noted that in 99% of cases such a keyboard fails for several months. The reason for this is that the chipped key shorts. Result. the entire keyboard “burns”. If you have a sticky button, then it is better to open it, preserving the performance of the rest.

You can turn off the built.in keyboard forever by regular means or, having dismantled the laptop and disconnecting the train from the connector on the motherboard. We will consider the last way separately.

Temporary shutdown or shutdown of keys forever by the forces of Windows 10 itself can be performed in two ways:

  • A small window will open. We unfold the “keyboard” branch. Click on the facility with the right mouse button and select “disconnect” or “delete” (in various versions of Windows there will be a different option).

These methods work for both temporary and long.term disconnection of the keyboard.

Physical shutdown of the symbol input panel is a disconnect of the train from the connector on the motherboard. To do this, you will have to disassemble the entire gadget, since only in some models the keyboard is clutching without disassembling the device. There are several holes on the keyboard for this. Having hit them with a screwdriver, you can disconnect the input device.

IMPORTANT! If the keyboard does not move after the clutch, then it may be attached by bolts and you will have to complete a complete disassembly of the laptop. You also need to pay attention to the train. In all models, it is short, and therefore it is not necessary to pull the disconnected keyboard. You can damage the motherboard.

Disconnection of the panel is performed in the following way:

Since each laptop has different key combinations to turn off the panel, you can turn off the latter using third.party programs. Consider the work of several of them.

Toddler Keys. a free utility that allows you to manage a built.in laptop keyboard. Installation it is standard. After the installation on the taskbar, the TODDLER KEYS icon will appear. If you press it, you can see a few automatically set parameters. To turn off the keyboard, you need to click “Lock Keyboard”.

IMPORTANT! If you open the program settings, you can access the control of each hotel button. They can be disconnected separately. For example, you can turn off only a, b, with. It’s comfortable. If a separate button is flooded or does not work, then by turning it off, you can maintain the performance of the entire keyboard.

Kid Key Lock is a free program that allows you to disconnect, block the keyboard and its individual keys.

Also on the network you can find many other programs that will have similar functionality and help control the built.in keyboard.

Thus, disconnecting the letter and digital panel on the laptop with Windows 10. A simple simple action, which can be safely performed, only following the above instructions.

How to disable the keyboard on the laptop in Windows 10

As already written above, to turn off the keyboard on a laptop in Windows 10, you can use both built.in software tools and third.party programs. It is strictly not recommended to disassemble something in the design of the laptop.

Next, go to the consideration of all available options.

Kid Key Lock program

This is a small free program distributed in English. However, the integration is quite simple, so even a user who has minimal knowledge of English will understand it. Using this program, you can disable both the entire keyboard and separate keys, combinations, mouse buttons.

Instructions for using this program solution are as follows:

  • Go to the official website of the software developer and download the program on a computer. You will also need to install it. There is nothing complicated here. just follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  • After installing the program, its icon should appear on the taskbar (panel from below). If it is not there, then open the item with additional icons, which is opened with pressing the arrow icon, which is located next to the battery icon.
  • Click on the icon of this program. In the context menu you need to select “Locks” item. Next, another mini-manager will appear, where you need to choose the option “Lock All Keys”. It is he who is responsible for the full blocking of the keyboard.
  • If you need to unlock the keyboard, you will just need to remove the mark from this point and it will work again.

“Local group policy”

This method already implies the use of tools built into the system. True, it is worth making a reservation that it is not available to the owners of Windows 10 Home editorial office. They can use the owners of Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Education.

Step.by.step instruction has the following view:

  • Open the search line according to the system using the icon of the magnifying glass in the taskbar or the Wins key combination.
  • There you will need to find the “Device Manager”. Enter this value into the search line.

If you need to turn on the keyboard again, then get to paragraph 10-11 of this instruction and install the checkplace on the “Disable” parameter there.

Through the “Device Manager”

You can’t turn off the keyboard itself through the “Device Manager”, but you can remove the drivers for it, after which it will stop working. You can do this according to the following instructions:

  • Open the “Device Manager” in any way convenient for you. For example, this can be done by clicking by the right mouse button on the “Start” icon and selecting the “Device Manager” option in the context menu.
  • In the window that opens, open the “keyboard” tab. Here you will need to click on the name of the keyboard.

To return everything as it was, open the “Device Manager” again. There, select the “action” item, which is located at the top of the window. In the context menu, click on the option “Update equipment configuration”.

“Command line”

In Windows operating systems, you can perform any action using the command line equipment. This method is recommended only if you are sure that you can interact with the “command line”. The fact is that the entered commands can greatly affect the work of the operating system and laptop as a whole, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to consider this option.

  • Launch the “command line” on behalf of the administrator in any way convenient for you. For example, open the search line with a combination of Wins keys and enter the name of the desired object there.
  • In the results of the issuance, press the right mouse button to the desired object. From the context menu, select the option “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

These were all the main methods to disable the keyboard on the laptop with the Windows 10 operating system. Yes, you can use any other programs that have not been considered in the article, but in this case be sure to check if this is the virus.

In this instruction, in detail about several ways, turn off the keyboard on a laptop or computer with Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. This can be done both by means of the system and with the help of third.party free programs, both options will be considered further.

disconnect, laptop, touch, keyboard

I immediately answer the question: why can this be needed? The most likely scenario, when it may be necessary to completely turn off the keyboard. view the cartoon or other video by a child, although I do not exclude other options.

Disconnecting the keyboard of a laptop or computer by OS

Perhaps the best way to temporarily disconnect the keyboard in Windows is to use the device manager. However, you do not need any third-party programs, it is relatively simple and completely safe.

It will be necessary to perform the following simple steps to disable this method.

  • Go to the device manager. In Windows 10 and 8, this can be done through the right.click menu by the “Start” button. In Windows 7 (however, in other versions) you can press the Winr keyboard on the keyboard (or start. execute) and enter DEVMGMT.MSC
  • In the “keyboard” section of the device manager, click on your keyboard with the right button and select “Disconnect“. If this item is absent, then use “delete”.
  • Confirm the keyboard shutdown.

Ready. Now the device manager can be closed, and the keyboard of your computer will be disabled, t.e. Not a single key will work on it (though, buttons on and off can continue to work on the laptop).

In the future, in order to turn on the keyboard again, you can similarly go to the device manager, click on the mouse button on the disconnected keyboard and select the “Encabe” item. If you used to remove the keyboard, then it is installed again, select the action in the menu of the device manager. update the equipment configuration.

Usually, this method is enough, but there may be cases when it is not suitable or the user simply prefers to use a third.party program to quickly turn on or disable.

Using the touch keyboard

The touch keyboard is a new application, for the most part, designed for laptops with a touch screen.

Launch of the touch keyboard

Turning on the touch keyboard, if it does not appear automatically, occurs by pressing the corresponding icon on the taskbar panel. However, by default it is absent, so you will need to add it on your own, which is carried out like this:

Click with the right mouse button for any empty place on the taskbar. In case of working with a touch screen, just make a long slipper anywhere on the taskbar. Click on the line that appears “Parameters of the Task Panel”.

Activate the “touch key” switch.

As you can see, the icon was added to the taskbar, and pressing it includes a touch keyboard.

In the next screenshot, you see what this application looks like by default. Its location on the desktop can be changed by moving like a regular window.

Setting up the touch keyboard

It remains only to deal with the parameters of the touch keyboard. In most cases, users change exclusively the design topic, but you can touch on the size of the window itself and the text. We will figure out everything in order.

Go to the parameters by pressing the icon with a gear in the upper left corner of the touch keyboard.

Instead, you can find the parameter “Sensory keyboard parameters” through the “Start” menu.

Adjust the slider responsible for the size of the window, setting the optimal value.

Below, read the available topics and mark the suitable marker.

If you need to turn off the background of the key, deactivate the switch. From the list “Klavic text size” you can choose another font by making it more or less.

It remains only to figure out which virtual keyboard is optimal specifically for you. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the screenshots presented and understand which keys are presented in the windows of these tools.

Standard funds

To turn off the keyboard on the laptop on Windows 7, 8 or 10, regardless of its manufacturer (ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Acer or Sony VAIO), the following method can be used:

    We clat “Start. control panel (in the upper menu“ View ”, put the box“ display large icons ”). device manager”.

The method only works on Windows OS (professional or maximum). In order for it to work on other versions (home, basic or initial), it is necessary to first install the group policy editor.

KID Key Lock: A simple free mouse and keyboard blocking utility

The 100DOF developer utility is a simple and convenient service for turning off both the entire keyboard and separate key. Its huge plus is that it is downloaded in a portable format, that is, it does not need to be installed on the device. Download the file from the official site, start it and use software.

In the Kid Key Lock window, you can configure the lock buttons and keyboard buttons

This program has a feature: it even turns off the mouse buttons. Thus, it is an ideal free option for those who are engaged in a computer with children. They will not accidentally press any combination, since, except for the buttons Enter, Space and the keys with arrows, nothing will work. For convenience, passwords were also introduced for quick entrance and exit from the utility. If you wish, you can enter your.

Disconnect the keyboard on a laptop with Windows 10

You can turn off the equipment using built.in tools or use the special software that will do everything for you.

Kid Key Lock

Free application that allows you to disconnect the mouse buttons, individual combinations or the entire keyboard. Available in English.

“Local group policy”

This method is available in Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education.

disconnect, laptop, touch, keyboard

“Device Manager”

Using the “Device Manager”, you can disable or remove the keyboard drivers.

Service of the screen keyboard

Also, to solve the problem, you can disable the service that is responsible for the work of the virtual keyboard. This option is perfect if the previously considered methods have not helped.

How to Enable or Disable the Onscreen Keyboard in Windows 10/7/8

The disconnection is as follows:

To check whether this option helped to get rid of the extra element of the desktop, you need to restart the computer. If you start starting, the intense must be cleaned.

Through the command line

This method allows you to turn off the touch keyboard using the command line. This menu item can be opened in several ways:

Opening CS: GO, the user must enter the command “SC Config” TabletinPutService “Start = Disabled”, and then. “SC Stop” TableTinPutService “. To confirm actions, press the Enter key. After the changes entered into force, the sensory region should disappear.

A virtual keyboard constantly appears on the screen. How to disable it?

How to disable the screen keyboard? How to disable the touch keyboard? How to disable the virtual keyboard?

disconnect, laptop, touch, keyboard

Today, on my computer with Windows 10, the following problem appeared: when I began to enter letters or numbers in a browser on any site, a virtual (screen) keyboard immediately popped up on the monitor screen. I closed it, but she appeared again and interfered with entering the text.

over, I have a stationary computer. not a tablet. And this virtual keyboard looked not what the “screen keyboard” looks like, which can be manually launched in any version of Windows from the “Special Opportunities” section. This is how she looked:

Let me remind you that the standard “screen keyboard” for PC looks like this:

To turn off the virtual keyboard. you need to disable the corresponding service.

To do this, we go to “Start”. “Management Panel”. “Administration”. “Service”.

In the list that opens, we find the “Service of the touch keyboard and the handwritten input panel”:

Open it with a double click. First click the “Stop” button. Then we put the “launch type”. “disabled”. Click “Apply”. “OK”: Everything! The virtual keyboard will not interfere with you to work at the computer. _

Also at the end of the article I will give advice to those who, after turning on the computer on the screen, exactly the screen keyboard appears (as in the second screenshot in this article).

To turn it off, we go to “Start”. “control panel”. “center of special capabilities”: select the “use of a computer without a mouse or keyboard” parameter: if you have a checkbox in the “use screen keyboard”. then remove it! Click “Apply”. “OK”: