Disabling Windows 10 Services in the Contract Registry

How to optimize PC performance. Diagnose, fix errors, delete temporary files, increase speed. Use specialized software. So, the System Mechanic program will be considered in more detail how to use it.

System mechanic what is it

System Mechanic. a set of utilities (fifty) for analysis, error correction, OS optimization. Features. the presence of patented ActiveCare technology. It is used for maintenance. Automatically launches applications for restoring and checking the OS when the PC is working, but not used by the user. You can check for errors with one click.
On the official website located at: https://www.iolo.com/downloads/, you cannot download System Mechanic in Russian. The developers did not add this feature.

Is it necessary

Performance depends on the configuration of the PC, so there will be no global performance gain. Benchmark test showed that after using it, the system received an increase in power. Defragmenting the HDD, cleaning the registry, configuring applications in startup will increase performance.

Pay attention to the fine-tuning of the parameters. It is made individually, depending on the configuration of the PC.

Problems are fixed separately and comprehensively. Some optimization utility suggestions raise questions. For example, she suggests removing Chrome browsers due to rare use. Therefore, be careful not to remove the necessary software.

Beginning of work

After starting the program, scanning of the OS will begin. A message about the OS status will open, the errors found will be displayed.
The following modes are used:

  1. Quick. Scans system directories;
  2. Deep scan. Advanced scan. All problems found will be displayed. Decide on your own what to fix.

Disabling Windows 10 Services in the Contract Registry

Review the recommendations. The utility shows applications where, in her opinion, there is a problem. Different users differ. Therefore, be careful.


The “Toolbox” tab (in the form of a portfolio) contains tools for working with the OS:

  1. All Cleanup. Full cleaning. Deletes unnecessary data in the registry, files, browsers;
  2. Internet Cleanup Deletes unnecessary information in the browser: history, cookies, cache;
  3. Windows Cleanup Cleans junk files;
  4. Registry. Work with the registry;
  5. Unistaller. Uninstall software.

Selecting one of the functions will open a window where mark what to check. Each tool has a list of settings. To see what he is doing, click on the icon to his right. To start scanning and cleaning, click the “Analyze Now” button.

Work in automatic mode

It starts if the user does nothing. Advanced setup available. Specify which analysis to perform, set up selective cleaning.
In a separate window, select the days when the program will automatically start. Customize the display of notifications. For example, to exit the PC from sleep mode and auto start, mark the item as in the screenshot:

Real-time speed increase

Initially activated optimization of CPU, RAM. How it works? The application pauses unused processes. Measures the speed of the processor, sets the optimal mode of operation. Measures the amount of memory consumed. You can follow this on the “Analyze Now” tab.


Used to check for viruses and malware.


System Mechanic. a qualitative analysis of the OS. It copes with its main task. When using, a noticeable increase in speed in real time. The disadvantages include unnecessary optimization recommendations, a complex interface.