Disabling Antivirus Software Windows Defender 10 64

When connecting to the Internet, the user is always at risk, because there is always the opportunity to get malware onto your computer.

Those who recently installed the new Windows 10 operating system have to worry about this. Therefore, today we will try to answer the urgent question of which antivirus is better to install on Windows 10.

Disabling Antivirus Software Windows Defender 10 64

Built-in Antivirus

After installing Windows 10, the user wonders if it is worth installing an antivirus on a PC. Such an interest is justified, since the new version of the operating system provides for a security service. Today it is called Windows Defender. But this is not a new development, but the Microsoft Security Essential antivirus known among users.

This program has established itself as a good fighter against malware, for which developers have won awards, including the Virus V100 from Virus Bulletin Ltd. Antivirus is suitable for ordinary users or small business owners. Microsoft Security Essential runs in the background and asks the user only if necessary measures are taken to find the threat.

This antivirus helps the computer cope with emerging problems, but its ability to block malware is not unlimited, as this is an example of basic protection. If you want to more reliably protect yourself from the actions of trojans, spies and other things, it is worth installing additional protection. It remains to figure out which anti-virus complex is better for Windows 10.

Important! While there is no anti-virus program capable of protecting a computer with a 100% guarantee, it is therefore necessary to handle messages or files coming from unknown users with care.

Free antivirus products

The built-in antivirus will faithfully and reliably serve if the computer does not become a targeted target of attackers, and its owner avoids visiting “dangerous” sites. But sometimes you have to download information from not the most trusted sources, so it’s safer to install something else. It is not necessary to buy an expensive protective product. you can use a free analogue.

Determining which free antivirus is best for Windows 10, you can pay attention to some of the most common options:

  • Avira Antivirus Free 2015, according to the developers themselves, is “the best free antivirus.” It protects the user’s personal data from basic threats, including a virus attack and the theft of confidential information. Prevents the action of spies, trojans, worms and viruses and can scan data in the cloud in real time.
  • AVG Free Antivirus 2015 is another popular option. It effectively fights all kinds of dangerous applications and scans links to suspicious emails and websites. It is possible to treat an already infected operating system.
  • Panda Free Antivirus 2016 performs the entire set of actions listed for previous free defenders. Using the “Recovery Set” function, it is possible to revive the system, even if it does not boot.
  • Avast Free Antivirus is also known to many PC owners. Among the advantages are simplicity and high speed. It prevents attacks on the home network and browser, cleans the computer of hacker applications.
  • 360 Total Security. In addition to antivirus, this product has tools for checking Wi-Fi network security, optimizing and cleaning the system.

Paid protection systems

Comprehensive advocates will also find options for themselves. Such developments have more and, in some cases, better functionality. If you need to choose which antivirus is best for Windows 10, then you can think about installing the following products:

  • ESET NOD32 Smart Security 9 Beta (from 1 950 rub.). a new version of the respected “defender”, from which the improved version differs in the protection of Internet banking, support for network signatures, and an updated user interface.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for all devices (from 1 800 rub.). Another model of a product popular with users. Anti-virus prevents illegal entry of unwanted applications into the OS, protects against data collection and monitors changes in the operating system.
  • Dr.Web Security Space 11 (from 1,290 rub.). refers to complex programs. It attracts PC owners by the presence of file and mail antivirus, parental control, preventive protection and anti-spam.
  • Norton Security also belongs to the class of complex antiviruses. One of its features is five-level protection.

Comparison of features of free antiviruses

Table 1. Comparison of the functionality of popular free antiviruses.