Disable Power Saving Mode On Iphone 6s

The most “sore” topic for smartphone owners today is the autonomy of the smartphone. Technology is evolving, but the problem of a fast-discharging iPhone is still relevant. In this article, we’ll look at the iPhone’s power-saving mode, how to enable and disable power-saving on your smartphone.

What is the power saving mode in iPhone

Power saving mode. a feature in the iPhone introduced in iOS 9, which allows you to increase the operating time of the device. As a result of switching a smartphone or tablet to an energy-saving mode, the speed decreases by 30-40%; the autonomy of the gadget decreases by at least 1 hour.

IPhone features that limit battery power saving mode:

  • iPhone screen brightness decreases
  • animated visual effects are removed;
  • auto-lock time is limited to 30 seconds;
  • Download content in the background
  • automatic downloads;
  • decrease in processor performance, which will affect the speed in games;
  • disabling the “Hello Siri” function in the background.

I must say that when the battery autonomy saving mode is activated, it will not affect the robustness of the basic functions of the smartphone.

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How to understand that the smartphone is switched to energy-saving mode. The battery in the Status Bar (Status Bar), turns yellow and shows the charge level in percent (except iPhone X).

When power saving mode is turned on. when the charge level on the iPhone or iPad decreases to 20%, a window appears asking you to switch the battery of the device to economy mode.

How to enable or disable iPhone battery saver mode

There are four options to enable power-saving mode on your iPhone. Of course, you need to take into account the version of your iPhone. But we think everyone will decide for himself which option will be more convenient for him.

Step-by-step instructions on enabling battery saving:

  1. Open the “Settings” on your iOS device.
  2. Next, find the “Battery” item and enter this section.
  3. Switch the slider to the active mode in the item “Energy Saving Mode”.

Disable Power Saving Mode On Iphone 6s

The second way to turn on the power saving mode is faster and more convenient than the first, but this option only works on iPhone with 3D Touch technology (Models 6s and newer). The principle is the same, but with 3d touch it can be done faster and more convenient.

  1. Press and hold your finger on the Settings app.
  2. In the list of items that appears, select “Battery”.
  3. Then simply drag the slider to the active mode in the “Energy Saving” item.

The third way to enable power saving mode is even faster than the previous two. Siri will help us with this. A very fast and convenient way to activate not only the energy-saving mode, but also many other functions in the iPhone.

  1. Say: “Hi Siri” or hold down the “Home” button to activate the voice assistant (if older than 6s).
  2. Give the command. turn on the Bartarei saving mode.

Siri copes with this task perfectly and saves you time on going through the settings.

The fourth way to save battery iPhone can be activated by reducing the charge up to 20%. A message will be displayed on your iOS device with a recommendation to enable power saving mode.

Can I use power saving mode all the time on my Apple smartphone or tablet? Yes, this mode does not affect the ability of the gadget in any way and it can be used by default constantly. But you must understand that turning on the economy mode, you lose speed, data will not load in the background, AirDrop will not work, and so on (we already wrote about what you have to sacrifice for the long-term operation of the device).