Disable Password Entry When Waking Up Windows 10

Hello everybody! Last year it was updated to the “top ten”, but only recently a problem arose in front of me. It began to annoy me that after exiting hibernation mode, you need to enter a password. During the day I had to do this ten times. Since only I use a computer, I thought about canceling the password. This article is titled “Turning Off Password Request After Sleeping in Windows 10”. This is what will be discussed later.

I understand the desire of Microsoft developers to make the system more secure so that no one else can harm their actions. But not everyone likes the implementation of this item. Perhaps this is true for offices, but certainly not for home use.

Undoubtedly, using an account has its own charms (synchronization after system recovery), but I personally do not need it. Judging by the many calls, you would also like to know how to remove the password after leaving sleep.

Disable Password Entry When Waking Up Windows 10

Instruction manual

First, I suggest watching a with step-by-step actions. In it, I talk about two ways, one of which is relevant only for “dozens”which was not updated. And second. relevant for all systems:

  • Go to the “Options”. To open them, you need to click on the “Start” and select the gear icon:
  • Now go to the section “Accounts”:
  • When a new window opens, you need to go to the login settings:
  • A title is displayed at the top. “Login required”under which there will be a list of several options. Should choose “Never”:

That’s all. Turning off the password was easy. Frankly, at first I tried to find the necessary options in the power properties. Rummaged through many tabs. I didn’t want to immediately ask a question on a computer forum. It’s good that the complete guide to Windows 10 turned out to be at hand, which I rarely open. But this time it came in handy.

Fortunately, you do not need to look for anything. Just use my recommendations and share this article with your friends and acquaintances on social networks. I am sure this information will be useful to many.

Turn off sleep mode completely

If you decide to permanently deactivate the transition to sleep mode, then you should do the following:

  • We go in “Parameters” (see previous instructions) and write in the search bar “sleep”, and we select from the results “Transition setup. “:
  • Now to the right in the section “Sleep” change the timer so that the value is displayed “Never”:

If during the implementation of these steps there were difficulties (and this is possible if you used one of the utilities to turn off PC monitoring), then leave comments. We’ll figure out!