Disable Iphone X Screen Recording

Disable Iphone X Screen Recording

Adding “Screen Recording” (Screen Recording) in “Command centre” (Control Panel), you can take individual screenshots or even start recording from the screen. This tool is quite easy to use than others. Let’s find out how it works.

Setting up the Control Center

First go to “Settings”. “Control Center” (Control Panel). Make sure the option “Access to programs” (Access Within Apps) is included. Click Customize controls (Customize Controls). In chapter “Additional controls” (Controls) select function “Screen Recording” (Screen Recording) to add it to “Command centre”.

. Screen recording

Then go to the application or screen where you want to start recording. Call “Command centre”, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On an iOS device with 3D Touch, click the icon “Screen Recording”. Here you can enable or disable audio recording by tapping the microphone icon. You can also choose where your entry will be saved.

When you are ready, click “Start recording” (Start Recording). On a device without 3D Touch, just click on the icon “Screen Recording”, to start recording. The countdown will begin. When it reaches zero, start the action you want to record.

Stop recording

When you’re done, you can stop recording without returning to “Command centre”. On iPhone, click the red icon in the upper left corner that shows the time, or tap the red status bar that displays time and other information. A separate window will appear where you should click “Stop” (Stop) if you want to stop recording. After that, a notification will appear stating that your screen has been saved in photos.

View Record

Open app “A photo”. Find the last captured screen recording and click on the play button.

How to take a screenshot

You can also use the option “Screen Recording”, to take screenshots of an already recorded action. To get started, follow the instructions above to record screen activity. After that, play back the recorded. At the right moments, press the appropriate keys to create static screenshots (the side button is the volume up button on the iPhone X; the on / off button is the home button on other iOS devices). If you make a mistake or miss a screenshot, no problem. Just play the again and try again.

source: PCMag

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