Difference Samsung Galaxy S10 from Note 10

After the new flagship went on sale, of course, I want to compare the Galaxy S8 with the Galaxy S7. Since we know all the technical characteristics of the iterations, we can compare them and find out how Samsung Galaxy S8 differs from S7.

What changes have occurred in the Samsung Galaxy S8? Let’s find out.

What has improved?

Improvements in the device compared to its predecessor are primarily noted in premium transformations of design, a notable innovation in software, increased autonomy, dramatic superiority of the camera and many other evolutionary transformations.

Compare all these improvements with the previous model, considering the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7.


The Galaxy S8 does not have a front camera, unlike the Galaxy S7. The gadget has turned into a modern ekranophone, in which the display occupied almost the entire front panel.

Therefore, the fingerprint sensor migrated close to the camera. on the rear side. The smartphone remains the same protection against moisture, dirt, dust according to IP68.

The concept remains the same. the desire to create the image of the most futuristic flagship in the world, as if holding in your hand is not a telephone, but a window into the virtual world.

There are differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 in size. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 (plus) are more noticeably longer than their predecessors.


Samsung has decided to make a lot of changes.

  1. The new smartphone uses Super AMOLED matrix with HDR 10.
  2. 5.8 inches 2960 x 1440 pixels.
  3. The aspect ratio is 18.5: 9 (almost like the LG G6).
  4. The processor is based on a 64-bit 10-nanometer architecture with an eight-core design with a frequency of 2.3-2.35 GHz. The Galaxy S7 has a 64-bit, 14-nanometer eight-core processor with a clock frequency of 2.15-2.3 GHz (quad-core).
  5. Productivity has become higher, while reducing energy consumption.
  6. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has the same amount of RAM as the S7. 4 GB.
  7. The file storage capacity has increased, now it is 64GB.
  8. Once again, microSD support remained.
Difference Samsung Galaxy S10 from Note 10

Software camera

Now we learn the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 in terms of software and camera.

The “Sixth” Android is replaced by Android 7.0 Nougat, which has a TouchWiz shell and an innovative voice assistant with Bixby artificial intelligence functionality.

Regarding the camera, significant changes and upgrades in the Dual Pixel cameras did not happen. The manufacturing company decided to optimize and improve the hardware of the main 12-megapixel module for shooting and photos, as well as hardware.

However, significant changes have occurred with the front camera. Now the Galaxy S8 has an 8-megapixel powerful “selfie” camera with autofocus instead of the 5-megapixel unit on the Galaxy S7.


The autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has improved significantly thanks to the optimization of the shell and new chipsets. That is why the developers did not need to sacrifice large dimensions for the large battery capacity.

For the basic version, the former sign of the Galaxy S7 is preserved. 3000 mAh. over, the Galaxy S8 is even less by 100 mAh.

How much better is the new smartphone compared to the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7? Experts came to a consensus: a change in the generation of the flagship smartphone

Samsung in 2017 turned out to be much more interesting than the previous one.

You can also find out all the unique technologies and capabilities of the device, because the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already on sale. Definitely, the smartphone has become attractive and truly innovative.