Difference of HTC One M8 from M8s

Difference of HTC One M8 from M8s

Most smartphone manufacturers choose one of two ways to create new communication devices. The first is the most natural. This is the development and release of a completely new and original device: yes, in some ways similar to its predecessor, but on the whole such that I want to hang the “new” label on it. The second method requires less cost and effort. It consists in modernizing the old apparatus and giving it a different look in the details. A plus of the latter method is that fans of one line of smartphones of a certain brand are usually aware of the weak points of devices and know what changes to expect. In other words, they, considering themselves nostradamus, can easily predict what will be in the new gadget and how it will look.

HTC developers have decided to go the most popular way and upgrade one of their best smart phones. And the world saw him. the continuation of a legend called HTC One M8s.
At first glance it seems that the new product and last year’s flagship are identical, however, there are differences. The HTC One M8s is a more advanced smartphone than the HTC One M8. Its processor is eight-core, and the software fully meets the requirements of a modern user. In general, the device looks pretty good, but, like any creation of human hands, it has its drawbacks. About them, as well as about all the advantages of the new smartphone and its differences from the HTC One M8, today’s review will tell you.

So, let’s start a detailed review of one of the latest models of the Taiwanese brand. One M8s. If you are interested in what kind of continuation of the legend this is, read our review.

Design and ergonomics

Obviously, HTC does not just love what it produces. She loves it, wanting to repeat it more than once. Pride with every gram of metal in the case, with every inch of the screen diagonal and a gigabyte of memory, with every model released at its factory. apparently this is what prompted it not to radically update the flagship HTC One M8. But how else to explain the fact that the gadget HTC One M8s, which also presented to the very spoiled public of the annual exhibition IFA 2015, is almost the same as the smartphone in 2014? Although if there is really something good in this replay, then why not look at it again. So we look at both.

The appearance of the new product differs little from last year’s flagship, as the developers paid more attention to the technical stuffing of the device than to the design.

Someone who respects HTC products for certain calls the One M8s design closest to the standard. This statement is understandable. In creating the smartphone, expensive and high-quality materials were used, which in the skillful hands of professionals acquired a sophisticated and attractive shape. As you can see, the result is really impressive.

HTC’s team includes well-known adherents of hi-tech and minimalism, and this is manifested in each of their creations. The M8s body is made from a single piece of aluminum. It is a pity, of course, that without plastic inserts it could not do. Apparently, metal for development is “issued” to a limited extent. However, these inserts only complement the appearance of the smartphone. In addition, they allow you to slightly, but reduce the weight of the device compared to a metal one hundred percent smartphone.
The device is available in three colors: dark gray, cold silver and amber gold.

The dimensions of the device are almost the same as the HTC One M8. Brothers weigh 160 grams each. Height and width are 146.4 and 70.6 mm, respectively. However, HTC One M8s is 0.2 mm thicker than the older model. its thickness is 9.6 mm.

To visually enlarge the already large screen, the designers painted the panels under the protective glass black. This is what many smartphone manufacturers do. Two highlighted stripes at the top and bottom of the front panel of the HTC One M8s give the gadget a special chic.

Fans of Apple and “iPhone”, having met this smartphone on their way of life, can arbitrarily declare copying some design elements of the iPhone 6. But we recall that the flagship HTC One M8, whose design repeats the novelty in question, was released six months earlier. In general, visual segmentation is used in the designs of many smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this design decision, the device looks more neat and stylish, fully satisfying the natural human need for perfectionism. The HTC One M8s segmentation is expressed in contrasting black stripes that highlight conditional sections.

In the upper section of the front panel, next to the speaker grill, there are sensors and a front camera.

The rear panel looks no less interesting. The metal is not smooth, but rough. This improves the grip of the smartphone with the surface. The geometric pattern connects the key elements and again separates them into conditional sections.

Smartphone HTC One M8s, like the previous model of the line, is equipped with two rear cameras. The weaker one is located in the upper section, which is connected to the main camera by a thin black stripe. To the left of the photomodule is a dual multi-colored flash.

The transition between the side faces and the back panel is smooth. The HTC smartphone is, of course, far from the absolute integrity of the iPhone, but the candy bar still looks like a single unit. All controls are in place. At the top there is a Power button. An audio jack (3.5 mm) and a microUSB connector are integrated in the lower edge.

The nanoSIM card slot is on the left edge. The wide communication card tray gives the impression that the HTC One M8s supports two SIM cards, but in fact it is not. Probably, a little later, the developers will release the Dual SIM model, but these are just guesses. On the right side of the gadget there is a memory card slot and a volume button.

The overall impression of the HTC One M8s is generally positive. On the one hand, the smartphone looks very stylish, even elegant, but, on the other hand, a complete copy of the design of the previously released smartphone is a little disappointing. I want something special, not the same as everyone else.


Like the design of the device, the screen of the HTC One M8s repeats it in the M8. If you are familiar with last year’s flagship HTC, you can safely skip this section.

HTC One M8s is equipped with a five-inch display made using Super LCD 3 technology. Such screens are considered one of the best. SLCD 3 technology has been developed as the main competitor to AMOLED. The displays made on it are distinguished by excellent color reproduction, good brightness and excellent contrast. Of course, they also have the widest viewing angles.

The screen resolution of the HTC One M8s is 1920 by 1080 pixels. The density of points is high. as much as 441 ppi. Other characteristics at the appropriate level. Color rendering is not distorted. It is close to the natural palette. Image and text are perfectly readable even under the direct rays of the summer sun. Auto brightness control works flawlessly.

The HTC One M8 introduced a small innovation for the One family, which has survived in the M8s. It consists in supporting the stylus and the ability to control a smartphone with gloves. Even the touch of wet fingers, the display responds quickly, which is an indisputable advantage of a smartphone. Working with such a screen is a pleasure. This is objective.

Operating system and user interface

The differences between the M8 and M8s begin to be noticeable from the first seconds of working with a smartphone. The fact is that the mentioned devices have completely different software. HTC One M8s uses the current version of the popular mobile operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, in the first HTC One M8. 4.4. KitKat (but can be upgraded to 5.0 Lollipop).

The system usually works without failures, but especially gifted users still manage to overload it with a large number of tasks, which, of course, leads to all sorts of troubles and complaints about the device. Do not go too far and you will be happy.

Smartphone HTC One M8s began to be controlled even more convenient than its predecessor. Thanks to the Motion Launch feature, many tasks have been simplified to impossible. For example, to contact a friend, you can use voice dialing to access the necessary application. swipe the screen to answer a call. bring the device to your ear. Double-tapping the screen will help unlock the smartphone. By the way, such a chip is also in the flagships of LG.

On top of the operating system, the HTC Sense UI 7.0 user interface is installed. There are a lot of differences between the sixth and seventh versions of the shell.

A new highlighted area for shortcuts has appeared on the main screen. The block with the clock, date and weather was also changed. In addition, unlike previous versions of Sense UI, in the new interface, the user can not only change the desktop background, but also modify other key elements along with the theme.

Also, developers have upgraded the notification area, phone book, file manager and much more.

HTC One M8s Hardware Platform

Although the HTC One M8s looks similar to its older brother, their technical equipment is fundamentally different. To begin with, the heart of the novelty lies in the eight-core ARM Cortex-A53 microprocessor, which is part of the chipset with code number MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 series from the well-known chip manufacturer Qualcomm. Four processor cores operate at a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz, and four more. at a frequency of 1.0 GHz. The Adreno 405 graphics accelerator is also included in the chipset. Last year’s flagship is the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (2.5 GHz) with Adreno 330.

The memory has remained unchanged. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and ROM. 16 GB. There is also a modification of HTC One M8s, the internal storage of which accommodates 32 GB of various information. It is possible to increase volumes up to 128 GB using a microSD memory card.

Traveling, even if small, will brighten up the owner of the device in question with FM radio, and GPS and GLONASS will help to understand the road and direction of movement. Everything is standard and familiar to a modern person.


Cameras are one of the main advantages of HTC One M8s. Like the M8, this smartphone is equipped with two rear cameras, but they are better than their predecessor. The resolution of the dual photomodule is 13 MP. Physical pixels are more likely. Be that as it may, the photos are excellent.

The front camera in HTC One M8s has the same parameters as the HTC One M8 webcam. Its resolution does not exceed 5 MP. It provides, perhaps, the best quality for shooting self-portraits and making calls.

Battery and autonomy

Another change in the HTC One M8s compared to the HTC One M8 is the use of a battery with a larger capacity. However, the battery life has changed slightly. Perhaps this is due to the introduction of an eight-core processor in the smartphone and general changes in the principle of operation of the device.

The capacity of the Li-Po battery, by the way, is also 2840 mAh, as in the One M8 non-removable (on the HTC One M8. 2600 mAh). It is known that in standby mode the smartphone is able to hold out for 753 hours, while last year’s flagship is 496 hours. Talk lovers can spend at least 20 hours pleasantly chatting continuously on the phone with 3G connection. HTC One M8 has the same result.
Battery tests of the M8s model in other operating modes have not yet been carried out, so it remains only to speculate. But to check in practice all these assumptions and conjectures are absolutely necessary.


HTC One M8s, having a fast eight-core processor and a fresh version of the Android OS, is impeccable in its performance. Design also did not disappoint him. Thought out and ergonomics. The gadget, equipped with a five-inch Full HD-screen, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is “carved” from a single piece of aluminum. And in addition to premium body materials, it has a quality build

We can safely say that the upgrade of HTC One M8 was successful. The smartphone with a laconic prefix “s” in the name turned out to be not only more advanced, but also fully consistent with the requirements of the modern urban world. Of course, at some points it is inferior in its technical characteristics to the main flagship of the line. HTC One M9. And by the way, it is surprising why HTC almost simultaneously released two similar devices.

Be that as it may, the HTC One M8s leaves a good impression. Build quality on top. The device itself looks very elegant and stylish.
In fact, the smartphones of the HTC One line are designed for business class representatives, and every detail of the novelty underlines this. Those who are not interested in the appearance of the mobile device, who are not interested in sophistication and uniqueness, should be pleased with the progressive technical filling of the M8s. Actual software, like litmus paper, shows the advantages and capabilities of the next HTC smartphone. One M8s.