Difference Between iPad Air 2 And iPad Pro

At a press conference in San Francisco, Apple introduced a number of devices, some of which aroused great interest among reporters at the event. In particular, the Cupertian “apple” company demonstrated the updated “sixth” iPhone in the 6S and 6S Plus versions with improved cameras, displays and processors, as well as the new Apple iPad Pro with a display diagonal of 12.9 inches. Using an oversized apple tablet, Apple will try to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet computer. True, unlike the new iOS device, the Microsoft device runs on full-fledged Windows 8, to which iOS is still far from the point of view of functionality. As a result, the iPad lineup includes models with different display sizes: from 7.9 inches to 13.

  • Large tablet. Large display
  • Succession design
  • New hardware in the tablet
  • Imitating Surface
  • Comparison table

Large tablet. Large display

Rumors of a “huge iPad” appeared immediately after the presentation of the second generation iPad Air. Heated by various publications, interest in the new i-device turned into a storm of applause after Tim Cook’s words about the iPad Pro. Undoubtedly, the main difference between the Apple iPad Air 2 from the iPad Pro lies in the different diagonal of the display. If the second generation of the air tablet has a display with a diagonal of 8.9 inches, then in the iPad Pro the screen is 4 inches larger.

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Difference Between iPad Air 2 And iPad Pro

The new ultra-sharp Retina display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels and a diagonal of 12.9 inches has a density of 264 pix per inch. The large display for the tablet accommodates 5.6 million pixels. The resolution and size of the display, as well as software, allow you to run two applications on the tablet at once and work with them simultaneously. Thus, for the first time in i-OS devices, full-fledged multitasking has long been available on Windows tablets. On top of that, the screen is equipped with Force Touch technology, which can recognize the force of pressing. For example, with a strong press, you can activate the sorting of elements, and with a long press. The context menu.

Succession design

The increase in physical dimensions of the display naturally affected the weight of the tablet computer. So, the 13-inch iPad Pro weighs about 712 grams, while the weight of the “second” iPad Air is 444 grams. But this did not affect the thickness of the device, because the new tablet “grew” only 0.8 mm thicker. 6.9 mm thick pro-tablet capable of working on a single charge for 10 hours.

As for the design of the tablet, in general it is similar to the appearance of the previous generation, with the exception of one point. The Pro version of the iPad has 4 powerful stereo speakers integrated into one speaker system. The color range of the body has not changed; tablets are still available in the classic space gray (Space Gray), silver (Silver) and gold (Gold) colors.

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New hardware in the tablet

In the “iron” plan, an almost 13-inch tablet got an A9X processor with 64-bit 3rd generation architecture, which is 1.8 times more powerful than the A8X installed in the Air 2 model. Compared to the first generation iPad, the power of the apple tablet has increased 22 times. In addition, the amount of RAM in the iPad Pro doubled. So, the freshly baked “apple” novelty has 4 gigabytes of RAM against two in the iPad Air 2. The graphic component also improved 2 times in comparison with the previous generation of tablets. The amount of internal memory has not changed, 32-, 64- and 128-gigabyte versions are available.

Thanks to the supported Apple Metal technology, the iPad Pro graphics can compete with console chips. The unique “apple” technology allows you to enhance the detail of the picture and increase its speed by several times.

Imitating Surface

Introducing the first iPhone, the late Steve Jobs did not even imagine that his company would ever offer users an Apple Pencil device, which he had refused at one time. “Apple Pencil” looks like a pen with which you can create images and control the tablet. In fact, Apple invented the bicycle again, because Pencil is a digital pen used by graphic tablet designers. However, unlike the “microsoft” tablet, the iPad Pro does not have an Apple Pencil storage slot. To charge an “electronic pencil” worth 99, a Lightning connector is used. A 15-second charge is enough for a 30-minute work with the tablet, and with a full charge, the stylus will last 12 hours. Groan becomes the manufacturer of a new tablet accessory.

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In addition to the stylus, Apple introduced the Smart Keyboard, without which working on a huge tablet is very difficult. The 169 input device is connected using a magnetic connector located on the bottom of Apple Pro.

As for the rest, the Pro version is completely similar to the Air 2 model: an 8-megapixel iSight camera, Touch ID, support for LTE modules and Wi-Fi 802.11ac with MIMO. But the difference between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro in terms of price is more significant. So, for a 32-gigabyte model, the buyer will have to pay almost 800. Paying another 150, you can purchase an iPad Pro with 64 GB of memory on board. The 128-gigabyte version will be available on September 26, 2015 at a price of 1,079. As a result, the most expensive option with a full set of accessories will get an “indecent” price tag of 1347.