Decoding Samsung Tvs

Decoding Samsung Tvs

The benefits and types of encryption

  • household with LED matrixes;
  • The Frame (imitation of wall paintings);
  • with QLED screen;
  • for waiting rooms, hotels.

The knowledge of decoding Samsung TV markings gives the buyer an idea of ​​the quality of the product, saves time when choosing the appropriate type of equipment.

Encoding 2012–2014

The designation of the symbols of the television brand is the same for products of eleven years, the period from 2008 to 2019. But every year the company makes adjustments to the rules for establishing an individual code for technical products. Icons are added, deleted, the meaning of numbers and letters is edited.

In 2012, a model coding for eleven characters was adopted for household TVs. The decoding of the Samsung TV markings, the basis of which is used by the company in modern production, is as follows:

In 2013, the company made changes to the encoding, replaced the final digits with the letters A and B. Subject to adjustments, the model code is transformed: LN37FS7664A.

Samsung TV Marking Example 2015

Corrections in the designation of tuners encoded since 2014 introduce new marking endings. The DVB-T2 / C / S2 versions are replaced by the AU symbol. Tuners of the form DVB-T / C correspond to the signs AW, DVB-T2 / C. AK, 2xDVB-T2 / C / S2. AT. The letter A is omitted, the end of the mark is the second character. Instances of European manufacturers are distinguished by the following icons:

Decoding 2015–2016

Encodings of different years are distinguished by the addition of new information to the brand, the removal of old markings. In 2015, Samsung TV receivers cipher length was 9-12 characters. Added literal expressions to provide users with information about the country of manufacture. Three designations are located at the end of the mark. The territory of Russia is marked by a combination of XRU, Ukraine. XUA. Kazakhstan equipment is displayed under the XCS badges, Baltic. ХВТ.

From 2016, a letter appears with the image quality value. The sign is indicated after the production time symbol. 4K resolution is shown with the letter U. S uses a TV with QLED backlight. The emptiness in the place of the icon speaks of the classic resolutions HD, Full HD.

The marking of 2015-2016 is close to modern. During this period, the production of Samsung TV receivers with a 3D effect has stopped due to the overpriced cost of equipment, lowering the level of demand.

2017 Samsung TV Model with QLED Screen

Decoding 2017–2018

QLED products have their own label. The TV is found by the brand with the initial Q. To indicate the TV series, the number from 4 to 9 is added to the letter. After they put C (curved screen) or F (flat). The penultimate letter indicates the year sales began. Completes the brand sign color coasters.

In 2018, no marking changes occurred. Production time is indicated by the letter N. The company continues to work to improve the functioning of the processor. The Super series of receivers as an independent species has disappeared, merged with QLED-instances. A generation of technology 2017–2018 is considered technically developed, high-quality, but expensive.

In conclusion