Data for changing Apple ID

What is an Apple ID for

Creating an Apple ID is not only desirable, but essential, and here’s why.

An Apple ID account allows you to:

Without an Apple ID, it is not possible to fully manage and use all Apple services available for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Everything you need to know about Apple ID (what is Apple ID, what it is for, what data it stores and how to restore access to it)

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If you still do not know what an Apple ID is, what it is for, what data it contains about the user and how to restore access to it, the information “under the cut” is just for you.

What user data is stored in Apple ID

  • Name, Surname (Patronymic is optional);
  • Apple ID in the form of an email address to which the account and password are registered;
  • Security Questions and Answers (to regain control of Apple ID);
  • Date of Birth;
  • Backup e-mail to restore access to Apple ID;
  • Mailing address.

Apple ID myths

  • Apple account registration is paid.
    An iTunes account (aka Apple ID) is registered absolutely free, if you are offered to create an Apple ID for money, for example, when buying a new iPhone, feel free to refuse, even a schoolboy can register a new Apple ID on his own.
  • Credit card required to create Apple ID.
    There is a way to register an Apple ID without a credit card.
  • Can’t change Apple ID.
    You can change the Apple ID at any time from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, WP device), all you need is access to the Internet.
  • On the Manage Apple ID page, click on “Manage Apple ID”.
  • Enter your ID (email address to which the account was registered) and password.
  • Next to the Apple ID and main e-mail, click on “Change” and enter your new e-mail address. Access to the e-mail box is required, you will need to confirm the changes.
  • Forgot Apple ID. throw away your iOS, OSX device.
    Do not under any circumstances throw away or sell your iPhone if you have forgotten your Apple ID and do not have access to the mailbox to which it was registered. Access to your Apple ID can be easily restored by contacting Support (link). It is enough to indicate the data entered during registration, the support will do the rest for you.

    What is Apple ID?

    In the language of an ordinary user, Apple ID is a single account that is used to identify a user in all Apple services: iTunes Store, Apple Store, iCloud, iMessage, iChat, FaceTime.

    Useful links to create, edit, recover Apple ID

    If in our article you did not find the information that you need, ask in the comments, we will try to provide all the necessary information.

    Why do you need an American Apple ID

    The main advantage of a US account is access to the local App Store. It has a much larger assortment of applications and games, including exclusive ones that are not available in our country. At the same time, many new items appear there much earlier.

    In addition, there are various streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, which do not work in the Russian Federation. Another advantage is the possibility of free installation of paid applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac through the FreeMyApps service, which supports only the American App Store.

    However, there are also disadvantages. Apple Music subscriptions, movies in the iTunes Store and other digital content are not profitable to buy through an American Apple ID, since are higher there.

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    What will happen to the old account

    Since the registration of a new Apple ID has nothing to do with the existing one, nothing threatens it. The old account will be saved, and the applications and games purchased in it can be re-downloaded to the device at any time. they will not go anywhere.

    To access previously purchased content, just log out of the American Apple ID and log in basically.

    How to register an American Apple ID for free and without a card

    You will need any iOS device, Internet and literally a couple of free minutes.

    How to register an American Apple ID

    For the option to create a new Apple ID to appear, you must first sign out of the existing one. To do this, open “Settings” → Apple ID, click “Sign out” and after entering the password “Off.”

    Press “Exit” again and confirm your choice. Don’t worry, all information will remain in iCloud and will automatically sync when you sign in again.

    Wait for the data to upload to the cloud. After that, the settings screen will look like this.

    Find any free app or game in the App Store and click Download. Select “Create Apple ID” from the pop-up window.

    Enter your mail, which will be used as a login, come up with a password. Select the country United States, turn on the Agree to Terms and Conditions toggle switch and click Next. Fill in personal information and ask the answers to security questions.

    Select the None payment method and fill in your billing information. Use Google Maps and take the address of any hotel. Preferably from a state where there is no purchase tax, such as Florida.

    • Street. the street with the selected building (1751 Hotel Plaza).
    • City. city (Orlando).
    • State. state (FL. Florida).
    • Zip. index (32830).
    • Country / Region. United States.
    • Phone. telephone number (407-827-4000).

    Confirm the creation of your account. Make sure the Agree to Terms and Conditions toggle switch is on and click Next. Enter the verification code that will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration.

    Wait for the setup to complete and click Continue. Now everything is ready.

    To check, search the App Store for an application that is not available in Russia, for example Spotify, and install it. If it works out, then you did everything right.

    How to switch between accounts

    Apps, games, and other digital content are linked to the Apple ID from which it is purchased or downloaded. Therefore, to download and update applications from the American App Store, you will have to switch between accounts.

    How do I change my Apple ID without losing photos?

    This is done very simply: you need to sign out of your current account by clicking on your avatar on the main screen of the App Store, and then scroll down the list and select Sign out. After that, you need to open the same menu again and enter the login and password from another account. Lifehacker talked about this in more detail in a separate article.

    Difficulties in replacing the identifier.

    You may face the following difficulties:

    • Unable to replace ID. If the identifier is tied to iclο, me.cοm or mac.cοm, the “Delete email address” function will not be displayed on your iPhone.
    • If you made a mistake creating your ID and entered an incorrect email address, you must go to the official website on the account page, using the erroneously specified login as a login. After that, just change the ID, following the aLGorithm described above, enter a valid email address and confirm the address.
    • If you need to perform actions from a different ID, you do not need to change yours. It is enough just to leave it and create a new one, or enter another already existing one.

    Be vigilant! If you have lost access to your mailbox or phone number, change the identifier immediately, without waiting for the moment when you need to re-enter.

    Quick way to change username in Apple app

    So, if the user of the device purchased a previously used device and knows the ID of the previous owner, but wants to change the old ID to his own in his iPhone, follow the instructions below.

    Some iPhone users may for a long time neglect their direct advantages, which lie in the ability to download and install new software products located in the AppStore on the gadget.

    In order for the purchased device to bring not only joy, but also benefit, you should understand the principle of changing the username in the program of the manufacturer.

    Change by ID

    This is the username that you need to register in order to continue working with iTunes or Apple Store, as well as to use iCloud. This account allows you to manage your personal files. When selling a smartphone, you need to remove it or replace it with a third-party one. After purchasing the device, you will need to create an Apple ID account.

    • when selling the device;
    • when buying a used smartphone;
    • if someone has found out your personal data;
    • to use the phone from scratch.

    This option is definitely not suitable for those who have forgotten the password, because you need to remember it to change the entry.

    Benefits of the iCloud App

    An Apple ID will provide many useful features for your device.

    In view of this circumstance, the user has the opportunity to enter in the iCloud program not only his own personal data, but also other people’s. To some, this behavior may seem strange and illegal, because the introduction of someone else’s username makes it possible to download for free everything that was previously acquired by the previous owner. Today, on the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find many services that, for a certain fee (relatively small), allow everyone to use specialized general accounts, in particular, accounts that have an impressive base of various purchased programs.

    App Store

    To change your account phone number, you need to sign out of the FaceTime app, change your SIM card, and sign in to your account using your password. In the settings, replace the old phone number with a new one.

    Create a new account

    If, for example, there is a need to create an Apple ID for the first time on iPhone 5s. the user must register by creating a new unique name in the developer program. When buying a new device, do not neglect setting up an Apple ID, since it is this that is of strategic importance.

    How to replace Apple ID without data loss on iPhone

    To do this, you need to create a new identifier, as described earlier in the instructions. via your phone, PC or iTunes. After that, specify the iCloud option in the settings. The instruction provides several steps:

    • Select iCloud in the settings;
    • The page is scrolled to the very bottom, where the “Exit” field is selected;
    • The exit is confirmed, and then click on the “Delete account” option;
    • Several actions will be offered with the remaining information, select “Leave on iPhone”;
    • The password for the old account is entered;
    • In the settings and options of iCloud, new information is entered to enter the new ID.

    We use to replace iTunes

    Don’t get caught: new Apple ID scam

    Be vigilant, don’t fall prey to intruders!

    We have already warned you against getting into unpleasant situations, now we will tell you about a new method of extortion.

    How to Change your Apple ID

    Be attentive and warn your friends!

    If caught

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of this situation. You can only rely on the carelessness of the scammers and the fact that they have not changed the Apple ID password. To check, you should go to this address and try to enter the username and password specified by them. If you are logged in, you can turn off Lost Mode, but the set password will remain on the device.

    You can disable the password only when restoring the firmware via iTunes and specifying the Apple ID and password of the attackers during the process. You need to do this faster, as long as the password for the account is not changed.


    As soon as a gullible user connects to someone else’s Apple ID account from his iPhone or iPad, his device is immediately blocked. A message like this appears on the screen:

    Further, the attackers reveal all their cards or do not get in touch at all until the ransom is received.


    Recently, mentions of another scammer’s trick began to appear on the network. Attackers get to know the owners of Apple technology on thematic forums or on social networks. For a couple of days they “rub” into trust, they don’t ask you any special secrets, they talk a lot about themselves and their devices. Most often, the conversation is conducted from the account of a person of the opposite sex in order to win over the interlocutor.

    At hour “X” your new acquaintance writes something similar:

    What follows is a tearful story about a missing iPhone, broken screen, or drowned device. The result of the story is a request for an Apple ID. An experienced user, knowing about the possibility of blocking, will suspect that something is wrong. However, attackers will immediately calm you down. No one is going to ask for Apple ID and password, on the contrary, they immediately tell you their credentials, which leads to a complete loss of concentration.

    Under any pretext, you are asked to connect to this record and provide the required data. For example, they may ask to look at the number of the boss in order to urgently call him or see a note with the name of the medicine. Fraudsters will insist on the extreme importance of the request and will say that they have no other acquaintances ready to help.

    How not to get caught

    This scheme will not work if, before entering someone else’s Apple ID, you disable the Find iPhone \ iPad option in the iCloud settings on the device. Naturally, the best precaution is not to enter someone else’s credentials.

    Keep in mind that all the manipulations that scammers kindly ask us about can be done through the web version of iCloud. Let them know about it or log into the provided account yourself and see if the data you are looking for is there (phones, notes, photos).

    Do not forget to look in the Settings section and see which devices are linked to this account and if there is one among them that you are told about.

    If the device you need is in the list and the data you are looking for is in the appropriate section. inform the owner and see his reaction. Reckless fraudsters who have devices connected to this record can even be taught a lesson by turning on the iPhone or iPad lock in the Find iPhone section.

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