Create Application For Android And Ios

Without financial investments and special knowledge.

Here is the simplest instruction on how to create an elementary iOS application and test it on your device. Based on it, you can further delve into the topic and create really useful programs.

Note for Windows users: To create applications for iOS you need to install OS X on a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware). This process is by no means simple and a separate instruction is required for its implementation.

1. Go to the App Store and install the Xcode development environment:

If you already have Xcode, then you need to update it.

2. Run xCode and select the menu item File. New. Project:

3. Select the platform and type of application:

Create Application For Android And Ios

4. Specify information about the project. Please note that we have chosen the type of application “Universal”:

5. Push the button New folder and specify the name of the folder in which we will store the application files:

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6. Uncheck the Create Git Repository checkbox and click the Create button. As a result, you should get to the start screen of working on the application:

7. Click on item Main.storyboard in the right menu, drag the item to the main field Label and add text to it Hello_world:

8. Now you need to make an icon for the application. We select a picture and upload it to

9. We are waiting for the web application to finish the work and indicate your email address to receive the archive with the icons:

10. Return to Xcode and select the section in the left menu Assets.xassets:

11. Open the archive from the mail and drag the icons from there onto the Xcode workspace:

12. Select one of the device simulators, click on the application launch button (black triangle) and turn it on on your Mac Developer mode:

13. We repeat attempt of start. We are waiting for iOS to load on the simulator:

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14. Make sure the application works:

We look at the finished application on the device

Now you can see how the application works on the device. Before executing the instructions, make sure that you have the latest versions of Xcode and iOS.

1. We go to xcode. Preferencies. Accounts and add your Apple ID:

2. Connect the iOS device to the computer:

3. Select the desired device in the list and click on the start button. We are waiting for some time.

4. If a message pops up about security problems, then on the iOS device, go to Settings. The main. Device management and allow the launch of applications from the developer with your Apple ID:

5. We go to the desktop and find the icon of the new application:

7. Disconnect the device from the computer. Now the application can be used.

What if you want more?

Using the scientific poke method and Google, you can expand the above sequence of actions and create a more functional application. But you can only use it on your devices.

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If you want to create high-quality iOS applications designed for mass use, you need to learn!

You can start to enter the topic with free webinars about mobile development. Register and watch:

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