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“Create a single identifier for all Apple products, because I had a vision that it was very convenient and would win our audience,” said the great prophet Steve Jobs on one of the meetings of the board of directors of Apple. Maybe the text was a little different, but the meaning is conveyed accurately. Apple ID is one of the most comprehensive identifiers in the world.

What is Apple ID for?. How to register, create an Apple ID on the App Store

Considering that the identifier is used in many services, it can also be registered in different services. This eliminates the need to use one application, which may not be used anymore.

One of the most popular ways to register an Apple ID is through an iPhone or iPad.

Voila! You have created your own Apple ID, with which you can make purchases and use all the services of the corporation.

How to create an Apple ID using iTunes

ITunes is required to create an Apple ID on a Mac or PC.

  1. Open the iTunes application, go to the “Store” or the App Store.
  2. Select any application and click the “Download” button.
  3. In the window that opens, for identification, click “Create Apple ID”.
    Create Apple ID via iTunes
  4. We fill in all the fields in the registration form.
  5. We enter our payment data and click the button “Create Apple ID”.
  6. Confirm email. To do this, click on the link that should come to the specified e-mail.

Video: How to create an Apple ID via iTunes. How to create an Apple ID without a credit card

In most cases, when creating an Apple ID account, it is immediately necessary to enter the details of a bank card or phone bill, from where funds will be withdrawn for purchases made. But you can bypass this point if you only need an identifier.

  1. We go to the site
  2. Click on the link “Create Apple ID”. On the Apple ID website, click “Create Apple ID”
  3. We fill in all the form fields one by one:
    • name, surname, country, date of birth;
    • email address, password and password replay, which must be identical and consist of upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers. no less than eight characters in total;
    • three control questions and answers to them;
    • recommendations for advertising and announcements. We fill in all the fields of the identifier registration form

    Enter the characters from the image in the box on the left and click “Continue.”

    We confirm the reality and ownership of the email address by clicking on the link in the letter that Apple will send.

    Other possible ways to create an Apple ID

    You can register a new Apple ID in a couple of other ways:

    • using the “Setup Assistant” during the first inclusion of the device and its activation;
    • through the settings of an already activated gadget.

    The Setup Assistant will prompt you to create a new identifier. Follow the assistant’s prompts and instructions above, and registration will be as quick as possible.

    If you activated your device, but did not create an Apple ID during activation (for technical or personal reasons), you can create an identifier without any additional applications.

    Create Apple Id Index
    1. We go into the device settings and select the iCloud item.
    2. In the cloud settings, click on the “Create Apple ID” item. Using iCloud settings, create an Apple ID
    3. Next, in the same way as in the previous examples, enter the login email, password, etc.

    Problems registering and creating an Apple ID and ways to solve them

    There are not many similar problems, the main one is the lack of communication with the server. But there may be several reasons why such a problem arises.

    When issuing a similar error on the gadget, it is worth checking:

    • active internet connection, if it works;
    • provider settings, as far as possible (there is a chance that the provider blocks access to one or more Apple servers);
    • the novelty of your device. If the phone is taken from the hands, it is better to roll back to the factory settings. Old host settings could lead to blocking the Internet or its individual segments.

    If such an error occurs on the computer, there are not much more options:

    • check your internet connection to see if everything works;
    • Update iTunes to the latest version.
    • scan your computer for viruses and, oddly enough, for antiviruses. Some defenders were caught blocking access to completely safe and trusted sites;
    • Check your VPN and proxy settings.

    If the letter does not arrive in the mail, check the Spam folder or similar (depending on the service provider). Also make sure that you enter the email address correctly.

    In the end, do not forget that Apple servers are not iron (albeit iron) and may well be overloaded or they may be undergoing technical work.