Correct The Inverted Image On Your Smartphone Meizu M3 Note

Correct The Inverted Image On Your Smartphone Meizu M3 Note

Many smartphone owners found that after the next update of the meizu m3 note firmware, the screen turned 180 degrees. This problem turned out to be difficult to solve, and questions arose about the reasons for the selectivity of the defeat of phones. Before exposing your smartphone to factory reset and other drastic measures, it is important to understand the causes and consequences of changing the display orientation.

Reasons for inverted screen image

At the same time, the sensor remained operational. the damage turned out to be just software. However, the location of the application icons, of course, the inverted screen of meizu m3 note does not display correctly. In general, the smartphone remained the same, however, it is practically impossible to use it.

If you had to change the screen on the official device (the protective glass minimizes the risk, but not to the end), and an inexpensive Chinese was chosen, the problem of an inverted image will appear. Representatives of the company did not comment on this phenomenon, but it would be most likely to contact the official service centers, only they can supply a “native” spare part, replacing with another Chinese analog will fail.

How to fix it

Resetting to factory settings will not solve the problem, more serious intervention is needed if the problem of the inverted image of meizu m3 note is solved independently. You can not do without interference with system files, so you need to be especially careful.

  • First of all, you need to download the hek editor, a powerful program that allows you to edit data, presenting it as a sequence of bits. You need to install it on a personal computer.
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC, opening the file directory from the root folder. Using the downloaded editor, open the system.img file, which is responsible for the formation of the image on the display.
  • Find the line in the window of the appeared text ro.sf.hwrotation = 0, because the whole file is presented as text. Avoid accidental changes in the character arrangement!
  • After setting the cursor immediately before “0”, click on the program control panel Edit. Insert bytes.
  • Insert 2 bytes.
  • After that, add “18” before “0” to get ro.sf.hwrotation = 180.

Thus, there was a change in the rotation of the display, which will lead to the termination of the inverted screen mode. However, it is important to maintain balance: the number of characters in this system file cannot be changed. Therefore, to maintain the original quantity (the above steps added 2 units of characters), you need to scroll to the end of the page, deleting a couple of points at the very bottom. So the file does not change its address and length. it will not become “broken”.

After the changes, you need to save to your mobile device. Next, just reload it and check the result. This method always works, so failure can only happen in case of errors in the execution of the specified plan.