Convenient Applications For Iphone 5s Error 9

Convenient Applications For Iphone 5s Error 9

Hello everyone, today we will select the best cases for the iPhone XS in our opinion. The case is part of a modern smartphone and performs two functions. The first is protection. The second gives an individual look to the smartphone. Next, we will consider the most interesting cases for iPhone XS

Before we begin the review of iPhone xs cases, I want to briefly say a few words about the cases, namely what they are and what material they are made of.

Cover materials: leather, plastic, silicone, metal, wood, fabric.

Types of covers: pad, bumper, book, flip, case, pocket, holster, sports, extreme.

As you can see the covers can be a great many. Below we will select the most comfortable and stylish covers in our opinion.

Twelve South BookBook

One of the best cases for the iPhone XS is a book case from the well-known accessories manufacturer BookBook, which will reliably protect both the back panel of the smartphone and the display from scratches and cracks. It has special pockets for storing cards, a driver’s license and cash. It can also be used as a stand for the iPhone XS when watching movies. Also, if necessary, you can separate the leather part from the inner shell where the smartphone is placed.

UAG Monarch

UAG Monarch Series Case has passed independent drop tests and has been certified to the military standard MIL-STD-810G which guarantee maximum protection against bumps and drops. This ultra-strong, but surprisingly lightweight cover-case is designed for an active lifestyle. It contains elements of leather, plastic and metal. The model comes in five different colors. If you are looking for a reliable case for your iPhone XS then this is one of the options.

Apple folio

A leather case made of specially processed European-made leather is pleasant to the touch, looks luxurious, accurately follows the contours of the iPhone XS and protects it reliably. When the case is closed, the iPhone XS is in sleep mode. And if you open it, the phone will immediately return to the active state. A soft microfiber lining provides additional protection for your iPhone XS, and in a special compartment it is convenient to store checks, bills and bank cards. The case does not have to be removed even during wireless charging.

Moshi capto

Capto for iPhone XS is a thin case with the signature MultiStrap strap, thanks to which the phone fits securely in your hand. It can also be used as a stand when watching a. The case is certified according to the MIL-STD-810G military standard and can withstand a fall on any side from a height of 1.22 m

Dbrand Stickers for iPhone XS

Some people don’t like covers at all, because the smartphones in them are getting thicker, and their beautiful design is not visible. But the glass panel of the iPhone XS still needs to be protected. Fortunately, there are Dbrand stickers. They will provide the glass panel with adequate protection against drops and scratches. There is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. With this sticker you can show your personality.

Spigen liquid crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal is another principe for being the best iPhone XS case ever. Its thin frame does not add volume to the device, and the crystal clarity is ideal for displaying the original appearance of the phone. Wireless charging is fully supported by a thin bezel, and precise cutouts provide easy access to all phone features. And with Air Cushion Technology® integrated in every corner, your device is protected from daily falls.

Spigen slim armor

Made by Air Cushion technology. It consists of two parts that create an air shockproof pillow. Two layers of polycarbonate and polyurethane will protect the iPhone XS from falling from a height of 1 meter. There is additional protection at the corners of the case. For buttons there are special overlays that allow you to use the phone functions without much effort. The accessory is not only reliable, but also very stylish. Among shockproof cases, Spigen has the largest selection of colors. it is presented in 7 colors. In addition, the accessory has a small retractable stand.


And finally, let’s look at the original case for the iPhone Xs. The case fits snugly into the bends of your iPhone without adding volume. It is made of special European leather, so the outer surface is soft to the touch and a natural patina forms over time. The machined aluminum buttons match the finish of your leather case, and the microfiber lining inside protects your iPhone. And you can hold it all the time, even when you charge wirelessly.

So, here we’ve reviewed the best cases for iPhone XS. I hope this article will help you when choosing a case for your iPhone.