Contacts are missing on iPhone What to do

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How to restore contacts from an old phone to a new one?

Recover contacts and numbers from Google to Android

If you have enabled synchronization with your Google account on your phone, then you can not worry about your contacts. all deleted numbers can be quickly returned. Open the Contacts app. Select ” Actions”. Click “Restore Contacts”.

Why contact names disappeared on WhatsApp?

The problem of displaying phone numbers instead of displaying contact names in WhatsApp is not uncommon on Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones. In most cases, this issue is due to a temporary software glitch and should be automatically fixed after you continue using your phone.

Why are contacts missing on my phone?

If contacts from a smartphone disappeared without your participation, then the reasons for the problem may be as follows: You have not chosen where to show contacts from in the settings (from a SIM card, Google account, phone memory, and others). Google account sync issues. System failure.

How to restore Contacts app on iPhone?

If so, you can easily recover your lost contact:

  • Go to Settings → iCloud.
  • Disable “Contacts”
  • Click “Save to My iPhone” when the pop-up message appears.
  • Turn on “Contacts” again and select “Merge”
  • After a while, you should be able to see the deleted contact back on your iPhone.

How to recover all contacts on iPhone? What to do if contacts in iPhone disappeared?

To bring the Contacts tab back between Recents and Keys, first go to iPhone settings, select iCloud, and check if the toggle switch is turned on for Contacts. If it is active, disable it and enable it again.

How to Recover Bookmarks on iPhone?

Restore contacts or bookmarks from an earlier version

Click on Account Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. From the Advanced menu, click Restore Contacts or Restore Bookmarks. Select “Recover” next to the date before the date the information was deleted.

What to do if contacts in the phone are missing?

now it works like this: Open Google Contacts. In the upper right corner, click on the settings icon Revert changes.
This allows you to get back deleted contacts, as well as undo their import or merging.

  • open Google Contacts.
  • Click .
  • Indicate as of what time you need to restore contacts.

How to recover numbers on iPhone from SIM card?

Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone

  • Insert the previous SIM with your contacts into iPhone.
  • Click “Settings” “Contacts” “Import SIM contacts”.
  • If prompted, select where to import SIM contacts.
  • Wait for the import to finish.
  • Open Contacts and make sure your contacts are imported.

Contacts on iPhone disappeared (disappeared), what to do?

Contacts are missing (disappeared) on your iPhone? This can lead to a decrease in your productivity if the skipped entries are important to your work or business. Fortunately, many other people have also lost contacts on iPhone and there are many ways to get them back.

What missing contacts look like on iPhone

People usually find out about missing contacts when they open the Contacts app. Sometimes one or two entries can be hidden, and in more extreme cases an entire address book can be deleted.

The reason why contacts are lost from iPhone

Missing contacts on iPhone is commonly caused by an iOS update, iCloud data sync errors, Wi-Fi connection issues, or account disconnection.

How to Recover Missing iPhone Contacts

If you have lost all your contacts, there are many checks and tips that can help you recover them.

It is recommended that you work through these tips in order from simplest to more complex, as a simple solution is sometimes the best and fastest answer to your technical problems.

Here’s How to Recover Contacts on iPhone

Look for them by last name. If you think the contact has been removed from the iPhone Contacts app, try looking for their last name, not their first name. You may have entered their information incorrectly, or your sort settings may have been set to display last names first.

Turn off and on your iPhone. An old but proven way. Restarting Your iPhone Can Fix Various Application and Data Errors.

Disable airplane mode. If you’ve added contacts from another device or service, your iPhone must be connected to the Internet or cellular network to sync data.

Turn on Wi-Fi. If your cellular signal is weak, your iPhone may not be syncing all of its data. Turning on Wi-Fi will allow it to sync data and download files faster and more often.

Enable iCloud sync for contacts. Open Settings Passwords & Accounts iCloud iCloud and make sure the toggle next to Contacts is green and on.

Turn iCloud off and back on. If you accidentally lost contacts on iPhone, you need to get them back: “Settings” “Passwords and accounts” “iCloud” “iCloud” and turn the toggle switch next to “Contacts”.

This will remove your contacts from your iPhone, significantly updating your address book. After a minute, turn the switch back on and all your contacts sync back to your iCloud account again.

Enable another account to sync contacts. If you’ve added other accounts like Outlook, go to Settings Passwords & Accounts Outlook and enable contacts here.

Check your sync settings. If you have lost all contacts on iPhone, there may be a server error while syncing data. This can be fixed by making sure your iPhone is set to sync data every time you connect to Wi-Fi.

To do this, go to “Settings” “Passwords and accounts” “Get new data”, enable the “Push” function and set the “Sample” schedule automatically.

Import from SIM card. If you are wondering how to recover contacts on iPhone after changing phones, you may need to start manual import from SIM card. To do this, go to “Settings” “Contacts” and click “Import contacts from SIM card”.

Re-add deleted accounts. If you’ve recently deleted your account from your iPhone, your contacts may be connected to it. Just re-add your account and see if your contacts come back.

Reset network settings. This will erase all of your Wi-Fi settings, but has been known to fix missing iPhone contacts as well. To do this, go to “Settings” “General” “Reset” and click “Reset network settings”.

Perform iTunes recovery. If you’ve backed up iPhone to iTunes on your computer, check your backup from inside iTunes to see if there are missing contacts there. If there are any, you can restore your iPhone from this backup.

Lost contacts on iPhone: main reasons and how to recover

Each of us remembers the times when the theft or loss of a mobile phone created many problems, one of which was the restoration of the list of important contacts. Many even got special notepads and transferred numbers onto paper by hand. Today, the synchronization of the contact list in smartphones of any manufacturer is performed automatically, but some users still manage to clean the address book without the possibility of recovery.

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Some (or all) contacts have disappeared after actions with a Gmail account or another service

Why did it happen. Another common problem is when the user activates the synchronization of the contact list not only with iCloud, but also with other services (usually Gmail). This creates confusion. some contacts are saved in iCloud, while others, for example, in Gmail.

You can check for double sync by going to Settings → Passwords & Accounts. Here select the account you need and make sure that the switch next to Contacts is in the inactive position.

If synchronization of contacts via Gmail or another service is preferred (not recommended), then you should check the box next to the corresponding item in the Settings → Contacts → Accounts menu. default entries.

Contacts disappeared after flashing (software restore), factory reset or iPhone repair

If the subsequent entry of the Apple ID in the iCloud section does not download contacts, then it will be impossible to restore them.

Why did it happen. Contacts were entered manually without syncing with iCloud. If synchronization with iCloud is not performed, then after reflashing the iPhone through recovery or in the event of a device breakdown, all contacts will be irretrievably lost.

Why contacts disappeared on iPhone: main examples and reasons. Video:. How to check if there are contacts in iCloud without iPhone?

It’s very easy to do. open on any computer, enter your Apple ID account details and go to the Contacts web application.

In the browser version of the iCloud service, you can edit the address book, import and export contacts, restore saved archive copies.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone

A detailed article on recovering contacts on iPhone can be found here.

Some (or all) contacts are missing after transferring Apple ID or iPhone to a third party

Why did it happen. It often happens that a user transfers their Apple ID or iPhone to a new owner, for example, a relative, without bothering to create a new Apple ID. Say, why does a 60-year-old mother or an 8-year-old daughter need their own account? However, then the new user begins to delete unnecessary contacts and add their own, the iPhone “catches” home Wi-Fi and synchronizes the changes made with iCloud, thereby making changes to all devices associated with this Apple ID.

ATTENTION. Never delete contacts from the Phone app on iPhone while signed in to iCloud.

How to properly store contacts on iPhone

Below are some basic guidelines for keeping and syncing contacts:

  • always use iCloud contact sync. You can enable it by going to Settings → Apple ID (at the very top, where your first and last name are indicated) → iCloud → Contacts;
  • do not use synchronization of contacts with Gmail and other services on iPhone (details);
  • Do not delete contacts from the Phone app on iPhone when transferring the device to another person if you are signed in to iCloud. With this action, you will delete contacts in the cloud. To delete contacts from a device, you must sign out of the iCloud account on the device (detailed), and not delete contacts one by one;
  • don’t share your iPhone with a third party without first logging out of your Apple ID account in the iCloud section.
  • do not share your Apple ID account information with third parties.

We talked in detail about how to correctly sync contacts on iPhone in this article.

Contacts are missing on iPhone What to do

What to do if the stored numbers are not displayed on the device

If the user has already found out why the saved contacts are not displayed on the iPhone, he should proceed with the procedure for restoring this data. Phones cannot be completely lost, they are saved in the cloud service. With it, you can return data to your cell phone. The procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • a browser opens on a stationary PC;
  • the name of the website is entered in the address bar;
  • when the transition is made, you need to go through the authorization procedure in the system;
  • first, the client specifies the mailing address of his account;
  • then a code is entered for authorization in the service;
  • when the application is launched, the “Settings” item is selected in the list;
  • if you scroll down the page, you can see the “Restore contacts” section;
  • as soon as the user clicks on this button, a new subsection will open for him;
  • in the list, select the sub-item “Select the archive of contacts to restore”;
  • after that, the copy is selected in which the data has not yet been erased, and the “Restore” button is pressed;
  • to start the restoration, press the button “Confirm”.
  • note
  • The address book will be restored in the form in which it was copied earlier. If the user has added new contacts since the copy was made, they will not be present on the phone. In this case, the user will have to add some phones separately.

Lost contacts on iPhone: what to do and how to recover

A large amount of personal information is stored on a smartphone. To call friends and colleagues, you need to write down the phone number in your address book. But sometimes the owners are faced with the situation that contacts on the iPhone have disappeared. You need to find out what to do in this case and whether you can solve the problem yourself.

Where are phone numbers transferred from the phone

If not all contacts appear on iPhone, chances are the owner accidentally deleted some of them. Also, data can be completely erased. If this happens, you should find out where you can find mobile phones in order to return them to the gadget. Even when the client does not have a smartphone, he can check the availability of information through the iCloud service. The procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • a browser opens on the computer;
  • the name of the site is entered in the address bar;
  • now the client must authorize in the profile;
  • the first line contains the postal address of the account;
  • then the account access code is written;
  • when the main page opens, the owner selects the “Contacts” item;
  • if the client has regularly made backups, the address book will be displayed on the computer;
  • you should see if all the numbers in it are saved.

With this site, the owner of the cell can recover the information or export it to the iPhone. If all the necessary parameters are in the cloud, you can start the recovery procedure.

For what reasons cell may disappear

Before you know what to do if contacts disappeared on the iPhone, it is worth talking about the reasons for their disappearance from the phone. On iPhone, data may stop displaying in such cases:

  • The deletion happened by accident. The numbers can disappear from the book if the user accidentally pressed the parameter delete key. While navigating your smartphone, you can accidentally tap the wrong item. In this case, not one phone can be deleted, but the whole book.
  • An error has occurred in your Apple ID profile. The smartphone will not display information if the software crashed due to malware. Also, the account can be damaged by intruders who are trying to gain access to it. In this case, the data will be lost forever.
  • Synchronization failed. When a client deletes or edits information in the cloud, the connection back process can begin. In this case, the phones will disappear from Icloud, and they will also disappear from the device.
  • The binding to the stationary PC is not correct. When the owner first connects the smartphone to the computer, the gadget starts automatic syncing with iTunes. If the process fails, you may lose all information from iPhone.

Data can fly off at any time even after a software update. For this reason, the user must know how to return the cell phone to the smartphone.

How to restore lost settings

When the saved contacts are not displayed on the iPhone, the user can return them using the iCloud cloud service. For this method to be available, you must have backups saved in the Cloud. In order for the phone to show numbers again, you need to perform a number of such actions:

  • you enter the main page of the website;
  • then the user must log in to the system;
  • the postal address and access code to the profile are indicated;
  • on the screen on the left in the corner, you should find a gear-shaped icon, it is located below;
  • the item “Show action menu” is selected from the list;
  • then you need to select the “Export vCard” section;
  • as soon as the client clicks on the item, you must select “email”.

When the owner selects this option, they will need to enter the email address where the information will be sent. The system will automatically create a separate file with numbers. After that, the letter is opened on a smartphone and the data is saved. The gadget should be updated, the numbers should be shown again after the update.

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You can also deactivate the data in the iCloud service and then turn it on again. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • a section with settings opens on the smartphone;
  • then the item “Aykloud” is selected;
  • next to the inscription “Contacts” there is a toggle switch, it is moved to the inactive position;
  • now you need to restart your smartphone;
  • to do this, press the “Home” button and lower the sound level at the same time.

When the reboot action is completed, you should reactivate the partition and check for the presence of data in the address book. If this method does not help to solve the problem, you will have to use iTunes. The recovery procedure is as follows:

  • if the user has previously created a backup in iTunes, he can use it;
  • the smartphone is connected to a stationary PC;
  • an application is launched on the computer;
  • the “Restore from copy” section is selected from the menu;
  • then you need to select the last backup;
  • the “Restore iPhone” button is pressed.

Such methods will help the user to recover lost numbers. Since Icloud and iTunes services are used for recovery, it is required to regularly create backups through these systems.

Similar news. Missing contacts on iPhone. what to do

Log in with your iCloud account information.

Launch the Settings web application.

At the very bottom of the page that opens, click “Restore contacts”.

In the window “Select archive of contacts to restore”, click on the “Recover” button opposite the date as of which the contacts have not yet been deleted from the iPhone.

In the window that opens, confirm the recovery. Important! Restoration involves a complete replacement of the contact book with the selected archive of your current contact book. In other words, if you have created new contacts on the iPhone since the last backup, you must first save them separately, for example, on a physical medium.

Also note that recovery and, accordingly, replacement will occur on all your devices.

Done! After the recovery is complete, the previously deleted contacts will be restored to your iPhone. To prevent this situation from happening again, it is recommended to use different iCloud accounts on the Apple devices that your family members use.

The most common technical mistake of the 5th and 6th generation iPhones is the disappearance of contacts from phones. In order not to get confused, and spend a few minutes on their restoration, it is worth knowing exactly the algorithm for solving the problem.

Contacts on iPhone are missing

Most often, owners of the iPhone 4S face this problem. Why have contacts disappeared on iPhone and what to do in this case? Is it possible to restore them? Do we need PC and iTunes, like when recovering a program deleted from iPhone. or are they not required? It is to these questions that our article is devoted.

Why contacts disappeared on iPhone?

In fact, there are many reasons why this could have happened. As you know, a copy of iPhone contacts is stored in the “cloud” storage iCloud. If we go to the settings and scroll the slider (opposite the “Contacts” item) to an inactive position, then we simply won’t see them.

It is recommended to immediately check in what position this very slider is. We add that for successful synchronization with the “cloud” you need Internet access.

If scrolling the slider to the active state did not help, go to iCloud and check if everything is turned on there. If there are no contacts, it is quite possible that we have not been online for a long time, and therefore the system was unable to synchronize. We connect to the network, then disable and enable the display of contacts in iCloud. We are waiting for a while.

If this also does not help, we try to import contacts from SIM. This is especially useful if we have just purchased our smartphone. Better to import all contacts at once.

If contacts disappeared in iPhone, you can try to restore them. Knowing how to use iTunes (for example, how to download music to iPhone in iTunes), why not try to restore contacts using this application? Of course, we will need to take care of the backup in advance, which would protect us from losing important information.

How to Recover Contacts on iPhone if They Disappeared?

The address book is constantly in sync with iCloud storage. Accordingly, you can restore a deleted contact from iCloud contacts, or even OS X. It is even possible to restore deleted contacts by re-synchronizing with the “cloud”. This method means that the phone numbers already existing on the mobile device will be synchronized with those stored in iCloud. Unfortunately, this method does not always work, but it is worth trying.

Next way: restore numbers from iTunes backup. This will work if you regularly synchronize your smartphone with a PC. In addition, the advantage of this method is that it guarantees recovery if a backup is available. We connect our device to the computer with which we synchronized it, launch iTunes on the PC and go to the restore from backup menu. We select the last backup, that is, backup, and begin the recovery process.

What about those paid apps from the App Store that also promise contact recovery? Most of these programs do not provide any guarantees at all, so it is better not to spend money on them.

we repeat that the best way to protect yourself from data loss is to create backups (in iTunes on PC, as well as in iCloud).

What to do if contacts on iphone and iphone 5 are missing?

The first tip is to transfer all contacts to the virtual world after buying a smartphone. Many address systems allow you to do this, while you will have a guarantee of the safety of contacts on different media.

Develop a strategy for keeping your contacts identical: phone or SIM card, and follow it constantly. A duplicated version can be used. It is advisable to use a specialized service iCloud, which is designed for the “apple operating system”. In the “Settings” menu, you must select all the parameters, but you should pay attention to the included toggle switch of contacts.

After completing the transfer, re-activate the “Contacts” (just pull the lever to the active side). This technique works on 4th, 5th, 6th generation models. It can also be used for tablets running on the IOS 8.0 operating system.

Missing contacts on iPhone. what to do

Contacts are suddenly missing on your iPhone? This is possible if your iCloud account is authorized on several Apple devices, on one of which contacts were deleted. Contacts that are synced with iCloud when deleted from one device are deleted on others. this is how the system works. Fortunately, it is very easy to recover lost contacts, in this manual they told how.

Is it possible to recover lost contacts?

If contacts disappeared in the iphone during a call, first of all, try to restart the gadget. Sometimes a technical failure occurs in the case of a long conversation on the phone, or prolonged use of the browser to access the network.

If the contacts on the iphone 5 are missing, you should log into the iCloud service. In the menu, specify your personal gadget code, and if the contacts have been saved, everything will be restored within a couple of minutes. If the iPhone is stolen, then immediately lock it through the phone lock system, and only then start the process of restoring contacts.

The second important point is to close the browser and disable access to the Web.

The third option is to immediately try to establish synchronization with iTunes or computer after the restart.

The next option is that contacts were transferred independently by mistake. In this case, you should look for the packs where they were placed. This often happens while driving, when the subscriber automatically delayed the “Contacts” shortcut for a long time and moved it to another place.

You can solve this problem using the “Restrictions” menu, where barriers are set for the transfer of labels. This restrictive stance is imposed on basic iPhone shortcuts. Setting the restriction method will protect your phone from exposure.

If you have used all the options, and contacts are not found, you need to reinstall the software. Use only licensed software versions.

On Mac

Launch Settings. iCloud and remove the flag from the Contacts line.

Go to the application Contacts. we open Settings. Accounts and add our Google account.

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In the tab The main in field Default account the option must be selected Google

The data will now start migrating to the computer.

Such a solution is somewhat more reliable than the Apple service; if desired, data can be accessed via the web interface. and when changing the gadget with data transfer, there will be no problems.

Each of us remembers the times when the theft or loss of a mobile phone created many problems, one of which was the restoration of the list of important contacts. Many even got special notepads and transferred numbers onto paper by hand. Today, the synchronization of the contact list in smartphones of any manufacturer is performed automatically, but some users still manage to clean the address book without the possibility of recovery.

How to check if there are contacts in iCloud without iPhone?

It’s very easy to do. open on any computer, enter your Apple ID account details and go to the Contacts web application.

In the browser version of the iCloud service, you can edit the address book, import and export contacts, restore saved archive copies.

Importing contacts from Gmail

On your mobile device go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars.

Create a new entry under Accounts.
3. When creating a separate entry for synchronizing contacts in Gmail, select the Other tab.

Select CardDAV Account.
5. Fill in the fields:

User. your Gmail email address
Password. email password
Description. arbitrary label.

Click Forward.

After that, all contacts from Gmail will be transferred to your mobile device. It is also worth noting that if you use Google’s mail service all the time, then there is no need to create a separate account. It is enough to set the synchronization of contacts in its settings.

The list of information available for filling includes:

Name, surname and place of work.
2. Phone number (mobile, home, work).
3. Designated ringtone.
4. Email address.
5. Message sound.
6. Vibration modes.
7. Postal address.
8. Website.
9. Date of birth.
10. Social media profiles.
11. Profiles in messengers.
12. Notes.
13. Linked contacts.
14. Custom field with additional information.

There are three main ways to create contacts in total: create on a computer, directly on a mobile device and on the Internet using Gmail or iCloud.

Create online contacts with iCloud

Another way to manage contacts on the Internet is to work with the iCloud service. The web application of the cloud service is identical to the mobile application on iOS and working with it should not cause any particular problems for users.

Go to
2. Login with your Apple ID.
3. Open the Contacts web application.

In the lower left part of the window, click the button
5. In the menu that opens, select New contact.
6. After filling in all the required fields, click Finish.

Additionally, the Contacts app in iCloud allows you to manage your records, import, export, edit, and more. All application features are available from the main menu.

Contacts disappeared after flashing (software restore), factory reset or iPhone repair

If the subsequent entry of the Apple ID in the iCloud section does not download contacts, then it will be impossible to restore them.

Why did it happen. Contacts were entered manually without syncing with iCloud. If synchronization with iCloud is not performed, then after reflashing the iPhone through recovery or in the event of a device breakdown, all contacts will be irretrievably lost.

Delete contacts from iPhone one by one

On your mobile device go to the Contacts app.
2. Select the entry to be deleted.
3. In the upper right corner, tap on the Edit button.

In the tab that opens, at the bottom of it, click Delete contact.
5. Confirm the deletion.

Deleting all contacts from the iPhone is possible in the special case of synchronization with an empty Outlook or Windows Contacts library. We described this option a little earlier. To do this, simply connect your device to your computer and sync your contacts with an empty app. Also, all contacts are deleted when restoring iOS firmware. But in this case, you will lose all other personal data.

Greetings to all! When you have hundreds of entries in your phone book, the need for a convenient search for contacts increases several times. IPhone owners can solve a similar problem directly in the application of the same name or using Spotlight. And this is really convenient. you entered any data about the subscriber (or even a few letters) and here he is on the screen, you can immediately call or write an SMS. But this is not always the case. Often, especially after iOS updates, this very search simply does not look for contacts, although of course they are in the phone and have not disappeared anywhere.

The same misfortune happened to me, at one “fine” moment the iPhone simply stopped showing phonebook entries, although nothing special happened to the device. But I managed to quickly fix this mess. How? I’ll tell you now!

First of all, about what Apple representatives say about this on the official support forum. And they offer us:

  • Update or reinstall software.
  • Erase all data.
  • Set up the machine as new (remember).
  • Make a hard reboot (second point in).

Not bad? Then it will become clear to anyone that after such operations everything will function as it should. Fortunately, you can use other, less radical methods to deal with the broken contact search on the iPhone.

And everything is so individual that any of the proposed methods can help. Here’s what we found on the Internet:

  • Just edit any of your contacts.
  • Disable phone book sync with. If, of course, it is included.
  • Change sorting in the directory. For example, you have set. “Name, surname”, do the opposite. To do this, go to Settings. Mail, addresses, calendars. Sorting.
  • (any, you can then delete) go to the phone book on the iPhone, in the upper left corner we see the group item, go to them and click “done”. Search should work.
  • For a short time (3-5 seconds) we turn off the synchronization of the phone book in iCloud, then turn on.
  • Turn off Siri suggestions for searches. You can do this in Settings. General. Spotlight. Relevant for iOS 9.

Perhaps these are all ways to get the phone directory search to work correctly on iPhone.

Yes, you can’t call them official and “beautiful”, but in any case it is better and faster than updating the iOS software several times or deleting all information, as Apple technical support operators advise us.

For many experienced smartphone users, the loss of contacts is the worst thing that can happen to a gadget.

Phones, birthdays and addresses of the right people have been collected for years and entrusted to the iPhone for storage so that nothing is lost, even backups are created. Despite this, gadgets manage to lose the necessary records.

This does not always happen and not with everyone, but the problem is clearly not an isolated one. Here is Nikolai’s story:

Importing contacts using iTunes

Launch iTunes.
2. Connect your mobile device to your computer.
3. Select your iPhone in the list of connected devices and go to the Details tab.
4. Activate the item Synchronize contacts with.

Choose a sync method. In our case, these are Windows Contacts, since we created contacts in the Windows environment in the usual way.
6. At the bottom of the page, go to the Additional section.
7. Open Replace the following information on this iPhone and check the box next to Contacts.
8. Click Sync.

What to do if contacts are missing on iPhone

When we first learned about missing “contacts” on the iPhone, we thought it was a single problem. However, soon many users began to report that suddenly the tab with contacts disappears in the Phone application, as if it should not be there. The solution, fortunately, is.

This strange iOS bug was discovered a couple of weeks ago, and a guide to fix it was not long in coming. To bring the Contacts tab back between Recents and Keys, first go to iPhone settings, select iCloud, and check if the toggle switch is turned on for Contacts. If it is active, disable it and enable it again.

After that, perform a forced restart of the device. hold the Home button and the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. As soon as the system boots, open the “Phone” application. contacts should be in place again.

In 99% of cases, this method should help.

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