Contact Management On Meizu M5s

Contact Management On Meizu M5s

Manage your smartphone from a distance. a dream or a reality? Manufacturers of Meizu wanted to bring this idea to life and equipped their devices with the new Flyme operating system. It has a remote control of Meizu. Now, to manage files in the phone or on the computer, you do not need to connect the devices using an adapter wire, just keep Wi-Fi turned on. If you lose your gadget, you will have every chance of finding it.

Remote file access

Manufacturers have added a new Quick Share feature to the Flyme 5 firmware. fast transfer. Let’s see what she gives.

How to enable access to the phone from a distance

For example, you need to transfer files, music or a movie from your smartphone to your computer, but you do not have a USB cable with you.

In this case, a new feature will come in handy. To use it, do the following:

  1. Go to the explorer on your Meise and open the “Files on the network.”
  2. Go to the remote control.

At this point you can stop if you need to access PC files from your phone. To access your smartphone from a PC, continue with:

  1. After starting the control, a unique FTP address is generated on the mobile device. On your PC, open any browser and enter the FTP address from your phone in its address bar. You will open its menu.

With these simple steps, you will gain access to the files of your gadget and computer.

This method will only work if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to connect a new PC to remote access

When binding a new computer, you will be required to enter:

  • PC IP address
  • Username;
  • password (use a 6-digit numeric password).

Fill in all the fields and click the “Connect” button.

How to close remote access

After work, you need to close access.

To do this, disable the work with the connection:

  • go to the mobile phone explorer;
  • open “Files on the network”;
  • click on remote control;
  • Click the Stop button.

How to troubleshoot fast transfer issues

Sometimes Quick Share may not work. To correct the situation, complete these steps:

  • open the remote control;
  • go to the settings menu, which is called “Configuration”;
  • enable access for all;
  • if that doesn’t help, switch to a different encoding (the default is UTF-8).

A way to find the lost Meise using the Flyme operating system

You know that now you can find your stolen Meizu and see a photo of the person he is in?

Thanks to the Flyme shell, you can:

  • send him an SMS;
  • take a picture of him;
  • destroy all data in the smartphone;
  • block the gadget.

So you can control your mobile device, register a Flyme account.

After registration, it will be impossible to delete it: your personal account will be tied to your gadget until you untie it.

You can untie the login only after entering the password.

If you buy a smartphone by hand or with Aliexpress, keep in mind that the device may already be registered. It’s very simple to understand: you won’t be able to create a new account.

How to register a personal account

When registering a new account, you will be required to fill out some information:

  • enter your nickname;
  • create a password (it should be from 8 to 16 characters, consisting of Latin letters and numbers without special characters);
  • in the “Mail Security” section, enter your mailbox (with it you can restore the password);
  • Click the “Register” button.

How to configure remote access

To access the remote control settings, go to the site:

Since the site’s interface is in Chinese, use the Google translator and further:

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Enter your nickname and password. After that, you will be taken to your personal account, where on top you will see a list of all the devices on which you activated your Flyme account. Using this list, you can make a remote login to the device.
  3. Select the smartphone you want to find. If it is connected to the network, you can manage it.
  4. Click Find My Phone.

If you went to your personal account via the website on your PC, and now you want to exit, then note that in this case all applications will be destroyed on the device, but photos, music, books, films, downloaded files will be saved.

If you use the Flyme app for mobile, data destruction can be avoided. To do this, just check the checkbox opposite “Uninstall is optional.”

When you log out, you will need to click the “Remote Logout” button. After that, the system will ask you for a password, and the computer will restart.

You can control the gadget only if it is connected to the Internet.

You can understand whether the phone is connected or not by looking at its icon: when the Internet is on, the green online button will light under its icon. Otherwise, the icon will be gray and inactive.

What actions can be performed on a smartphone remotely

Having remote access to the device, you can:

  1. Work with contacts, namely: change, delete, add new ones, transfer them to a computer. Similarly with notes.
  2. Determine its location.
  3. If you previously allowed to determine the location of the gadget and the GPS navigator is turned on, the location of the smartphone on the map will be determined quite accurately. If you are not allowed to determine the location, then it will either be determined very roughly, or it won’t be displayed at all.

Using the tools proposed by the developers, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Open the “History” and view the entire list of movements of the mobile device.
  2. Click on the “Trash” and erase all the information from the gadget: applications, photos, music, downloaded files. In this case, you will need to enter the password for the account. Even if your gadget is offline now, then after it is connected to the Internet, the command to destroy information will be executed. In this case, the account will still be tied to the mobile.
  3. Click on the “Lock” and completely block the smartphone. The lock will be valid until you enter the password for the account. It will not be possible to reflash such a device.
  4. Activate the “Remote message” button and send a pop-up message to the person who has your phone. The message will be displayed on top of all windows on the screen.
  5. Press the “Remote Camera” button and fix the new owner using the front camera. At the same time, it will not be possible to determine whether shooting from the camera is taking place or not. The number of shots is not limited. Photos will be automatically sent to you. They can be found under the camera icon by clicking on the last line below it.
  6. Press the “Speaker” button. Your device will scream for 2 minutes at maximum volume, which cannot be turned off. This is a good reason to photograph an attacker. You can also use this function when looking for a smartphone in the apartment if you yourself forgot where you left it.

Even if your device is disconnected from the network, then your actions will be performed after it is connected to the Internet.

We told you about how to set up remote control on Meizu using the Flyme operating system. But do not forget that you can find the phone with the help of other programs, for example, Google service or such third-party search programs as Phone Finder, SeekDroid, Lost Android.