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I just got a smart Wi-Fi Lanbon Svet.

As I already explained earlier. Replacing all your bulbs with smart lamps will be very expensive. over, smart lamps have a drawback: they do not work when the Wi-Fi switch is turned off on the wall.

Theoretically smart Wi-Fi light switch allows me to turn on and off the light from the smartphone, and anyone can turn on and turn off the light using a physical switch on the wall. This avoids the following scenario:

So, Wi-Fi is already integrated into the switch, so a hub is not needed to manage devices. I can connect to each device directly and not even think about equipment compatibility.

In the UK, in houses wiring Unique. it is not so easy to connect to automatic control. Those switches that work in the USA and the EU simply will not work in the UK. This makes the switches so rare and expensive.

eWelink Offline mode and Q&A

I used the following switch: a wireless switch for Lanbon lamps. which cost about £ 50. or about £ 35 when ordering from China. If you are interested in detailed technical information (which is a little), go to the L5-HSGT1 product page.

What about the box?

The switch itself is very nice:

But its rear part looks a little strange: this is a fairly general design that can be used for multi.way switches.

Yes! Just a pair of fasteners. and all! No instructions, no glossy leaflets, nothing! Oh, yes, the installation should be very difficult.

If You See a Coin In Your Car Door Handle, Run And Call the Police!

Sonoff t4eu1c. Wi-Fi switch without neutral

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I have burned such switches T4EU1C (without zero).It was like this: today I installed the switch as it should connect it. I earned normally, after half an hour I decided to manually click with light. And then the LEDs went out on the switch, stopped responding to touch and control through Alice. The light burned and did not turn off. Just smelled a switch, and smashed a burner. Quickly cut down the machine gun on the room. I dismantled the switch and saw there the burned LP3669 converter controller in SOP7. I tried to find Mikrukh on sale, except for Datashit in Chinese I found nothing else on it. Management was not injured, verified.I decided to check the second switch on my own, just the same manually clinging to them. And he also burned out the same, the current that Mikrukh did not externally burned out. Having rummaged carefully reviews, I found one review with exactly the same trouble as mine. Even in the photo at the dude, Mikrukh also burned out.Naproughi on the network is normal, there are LED lamps 2pcs of 17 watts. There is a suspicion that the circuit breakers died due to transitional processes, due to artificial zero.

Exactly such a situation. The switch has worked for 14 days. LP3669 even on LCSC Electronics is not available.

It can be restored. True, he will need a separate diet of 12V. Tell how to do it?How many such switches are at home?

Thanks for the offer, I took one for the sample, sent it back 15 just ended today.

It can be restored. True, he will need a separate diet of 12V. Tell how to do it?How many such switches are at home?

Why 12 volts? ESP 3 itself.3 feeds, I think the relay is also enough I have not checked the switch, but 3 is enough for the Basic R3 relay.3 volts are enough.

As far as I remember, there is a relay for 12V. The ESPECHKA is powered by a converter that is next to it on the same board.I don’t know about Basic R3.

I ordered 2 more of the same switch. I managed to ensure that the new switches did not burn out that the new switches did not burn. I can also tell.

But how to finalize it is interesting, thanks in advance.

In parallel to the capacitor C16, Sold the zener diode at 5.6. 6.2V. Instead of resistor R20 1.5 MOM, change by 10 MOM and all. After such a finalization, the switch has been working for a month without jambs for a month now.

Smart circuit breaker AQARA Smart Light Switch 1 (single.voiced) without zero line

Smart AQARA Smart Light Switch Small Small Small Small Control Control

It works only in conjunction with the AQARA Smart Hub hub (purchased separately)

Mounted in electrical wiring without a zero wire (when the zero wire is not summed up to the circuit breakers).

Together with a new smart switch, you can control the lighting of comfortable and simple ways.

Using AQARA Smart Light Switch, set the brightness of the lighting, depending on the situation and mood. Adapt the house to your tastes thanks to the smart system.

You can configure automatically turning on the nightlight with your awakening. Imagine: get out of bed, and the light itself lights up. To do this, you need to synchronize the switch with any traffic sensor (compatible with Apple Homekit).

We came to work? Check if you have forgotten to turn off the lighting at home

Excellent function for forgetful and scattered people. Go to the “House” application through the phone and check if the light is turned off in the house. If not, then this can be done remotely.

Open the doors, and the floor lamp lights up automatically

It’s nice when you come home, and yet you are ready for your return. Configure the automatic light on the door when opening the door. so much more comfortable and easier.

You do not need to change lighting equipment to make your house “smart” and modern

The novelty is easily and quickly installed. At the same time, there is no need to buy special lamps-AQARA is synchronized with any lighting products: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, homemade spotlights, modern LED-prints or traditional “Ilyich bulbs”.

A relay is installed inside the switch from Panasonic. Thanks to this, the device can control lamps with a voltage of 3 watts to 1500 watts.

A sensitive microcircuit reacts to an increase in temperature. if it exceeds 60 ° C, the device independently turns off. The 5A fuse automatically de.energizes the product if the load exceeds 1500 W.

The case is made of durable and environmentally friendly plastic. During the tests it was switched 50,000 times, and the device coped with such a load perfectly.

Sonoff SA-018. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Time Relay without a neutral wire (zero) (smart house, wi-fi switch)

The work of the workshop

Time is indicated for the region: Ukraine, Kyiv

Return and exchange conditions

The company carries out the refund and exchange of this product in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.


Return is possible within 14 days after receipt (for goods of good quality).

Reverse delivery of goods is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

According to the current legislation, you can return the goods of good quality or exchange it if:

  • The goods were not in use and has no traces of the consumer use: scratches, chips, scuffs, stains, etc. P.;
  • The goods are fully equipped and the factory packaging is saved;
  • all labels and factory labeling are saved;
  • the goods retain the commodity and their consumer properties.

For more durable operation and connecting loads of more than 8-10 amperes, we recommend using it together with the relay-https: //

An analogue of Sonoff mini, which does not require connecting a neutral wire. You just need to connect the capacitor that is included in the load parallel (lamp).

Wi-Fi switch that does not require connecting a neutral wire. This switch works together with a conventional circuit breaker. the lighting/off is turned on by any of the switches. In the case of using low.power energy.saving lamps, it is necessary to connect the capacitor in parallel with the lamp, which is included. The switch is installed in the mounting box of standard sizes (with a diameter of 80 mm. freely, 60mm. close), connected to the usual mechanical switch with black wires. Red wires are connected to the wire with the phase and wire going to the light bulb, in accordance with the given photo.

The switching of the load is relay. The mechanical wall switch changes the status of the device. “inclusive”, “off”. The same actions can be performed from a smartphone. To control the switch, the Ewelink app is used. Wi-Fi chip used in the device-ESP8285. The menu of through the menu is available up to 8 timers for the day, an abstance on a specific aboa leather day Tizhnya. Є cycle timer. Delivery set: Vimikach, condenser, condenser.

Remote lighting switches. Installation of passage wall switches without wires.

What to do if you wanted to install new light switches in your apartment, the repair in which is a long time ago. At the same time, I absolutely do not want to re.stroke the walls, remove suspended ceilings, lay a new wiring, sockets, etc.D. Is there a way out in this situation?

There is, and absolutely inexpensive. All costs can cost you within 500-1000. At the same time, you will not spend a dime on new wires and will not last a single extra centimeter of the walls.

Remote switches will help in this matter. They work by transmitting a signal on a radio channel at a frequency of 315 MHz or 433.92MHz. At the frequency of 433MHz, most key foules work to open garage gates, barriers, and alarms of cars. In principle, you can program the executive block of the device for such a keychain and control the lighting from it.

In fact, you buy a ready.made solution and the cost of installation here is minimal. They are both single.volatile and two, three.clavy.

The switches themselves can be installed on the wall in two ways:

The most important component of the remote switch is a power radio module. It is no more than a matchbox in size.

Thanks to this, you can place it anywhere. in the cassocks, behind the cap, the chandeliers where the wires are connected, behind the stretch ceiling, etc.D.

You can still install it into the inside of the old, pulling out all the “gibleted” from there.

But most often they install chandeliers in the cap, the benefit of the place there is plenty of.

A voltage of 220 volts is supplied to the radio module and through its contacts and the relay is transmitted to the lamps.

To one module, you can easily tie several switches. one, two, three, four, no difference.

You can control lighting not only from 3 points, but also from any place of your home or apartment.

To create such a scheme on simple passage switches, you will have to pull a bunch of extra wires, and also buy another type. crack or cross. Read more about this in the article. “Pass circuit breakers. Connection scheme.”

You can also tie a remote control, a keychain to the device. And then to control lighting in the house you will not even need to approach the switch and press them.

You can calmly lie on the bed, put a keychain on the nightstand and turn off the light without getting out of bed.

If you want to use a remote switch to connect street lighting, it is advisable to use a radio module as an intermediate link through the contactor.

Since the capacities of street lamps are many times larger than indoor bulbs.

The switch is very simple. It is enough to put the slot with a screwdriver in the places of connection of the cover and body. No screws need to unscrew.

Than smart switches better than usual

AQARA smart switches are cool to everyone, with the exception of a huge seat that they need. Therefore, I chose wireless solutions

I especially like the opportunity to use AQARA wireless switches as passing. I appointed a single.clavy switch, which is responsible for light in the hallway, an additional action (double pressing) to turn off the light in the whole house. This is really cool, because now you can not jump on one leg, holding the second shod on weight, in rooms to turn off the forgotten lighting. I don’t know how you have, but I have such a need very often, and now everything is ok.

I understand that someone wireless switches can scare their unusualness. In the end, we are not used to the fact that this in principle may be possible. However, this decision really went very much to me. perhaps even more than wired. After all, for them it is not necessary to stake the hole in the wall, it is not clear where the square socket and mess with the wiring. For example, I still do not understand which wire is called zero, which is a phase, and which is grounding. But most importantly, the wireless switch is cheaper due to the fact that it cannot control conventional devices. But I don’t need it.

Strong heating is one of the complaints that we hear about the latest flagship chips Qualcomm. In the discussions of experts and ordinary users on the topic of overheating of Snapdragon chips, the argument often sounds, which leads to this imperfection of Samsung technologies. After all, it is the South Korean giant that produces the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which is actively criticized for highlighting a large amount of heat. But if everything were so simple, the problem would not be a problem. There are several more reasons that lead to overheating.

Not everyone knows that Xiaomi. This is not only a fitness bracelet and several phones annually, about which it was once customary to say “TOP for their money”. The company produces dozens, if not hundreds of goods. True, she often does this not herself, but under her subbrands, or simply concluding a partnership with someone. So it is easier for users to believe that the product is good, because the Mi logo already gives some guarantees, and manufacturers are less problems in promoting the young brand. So that you better understand how different products the company produces, we have collected some of them in this collection. If you like it, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will collect one more. Although Xiaomi produces so many goods that there will be enough more such collections.

This week, at least two iconic events occurred. Firstly, Google agreed to use third-party payment systems on Google Play to make it easier for users to buy something in this popular store. But interesting news came from Samsung. The company posted on its website the of new smartphones. This could not have attracted attention if she had not suspended sales before, without other interesting news, which we propose to discuss in our traditional final news selection.

“Some wireless switches can scare their unusualness,” but they scared me with their ugliness. And if the author does not know where the phase, zero and land, it is better not to do this and entrust knowledgeable people. And most importantly, why is this article here at all?

I would like to know all these details before the purchase. I hope this will help someone

I wonder if there are smart switches for stupid lamps? To remotely turn on and off the usual LED bulb in the chandelier? I searched for this on Ali. I didn’t find it. there are only switches for smart lamps.

Connection schemes

Now we will figure out the connection of the remote switch of light. DBV in the classic version does not need to be connected anywhere. Installed the battery, glued DBV on the wall, and ready. You just need to connect a writ of execution. Typically, the diagram of its connection to the lighting device is applied on the case and is in the accompanying documentation.

For example, consider connecting the KTNNKG block to the lamp, the photo of which is shown above. It has an intuitive marking, so there will be no problems.

We do the same with the performing devices of the circuit breakers with such a module. we study the marking and accompanying documentation.

There were DBV, which are installed in the place of a regular standard switch. Such devices are divided into two types:

To earn the first, you need to carry out a zero wire in the installation box. With the second easier. took out the usual, installed wireless. Here we also focus on the marking. First we connect the one who needs zero.

BDV connection diagram requiring a zero wire

Now let’s turn on the device that does not need zero.

DBV connection diagram working without zero

Nothing complicated. The main thing is to carefully read the marking and understand the designations and circuit schemes.

Another example of connecting the control module of a radio switch with additional button control

Typical problems and their solution

In some cases, an independently installed wireless light switch instead of expected comfort brings only disappointment. Consider the main reasons why the DBV does not work like this or does not work at all.

By installing a vehicle remote switch with dimming function, sometimes we forget about the lamps. They must also be dimmated. Ordinary fluorescent or LEDs when trying to diplomaches begin to behave unpredictably. blink, flashes, rotten involuntarily and ignite. The method of eliminating the problem is obvious. we change the usual lamps to dimmable.

Only dimming light bulbs work with dimmer

Buying DBV, which is installed in return for the usual switch and capable of working without a zero wire, check with the seller whether he will function with lamps in your lamp. Some models of wireless switches of this type work incorrectly with LED and fluorescent lamps, forcing them to periodically pray or glow weakly even in the off state.

  • Buy a switch working with your type of lamps.
  • Buy a device that requires a zero wire and draw this wire into the installation box.
  • Take the measures described in the article “The reasons for blinking the LED bulb in the light turned off and how to eliminate it”.

Often by installing the switch, the non.specialists confuse the entrance with the output, considering by analogy with the usual mechanical device that there is no difference. In the electronic device, it is. Clocking the entrance with the output, you will not only get a non.working scheme, but also risk burning with expensive DBV.

It is impossible to confuse the entrance with the exit in such devices

About the same problem as in the previous paragraph. Only the entrance with the exit, but zero with the phase are confused. The result is the same. the device does not work or fails. Therefore, before connecting the DBV, arrange a voltage indicator (indicator) and decide where you have zero and where the phase. A similar problem arises if the standard circuit breaker is included in the rupture of the zero wire. In this case, the DBV will not work, even if you pass the zero into the installation box. there is simply nothing to eat a device.

By installing the device, you can damage the insulation of the wiring in the installation box or lamp. Due to leakage through damaged isolation, LED and fluorescent lamps are extinct in the off state. In more detail this problem is described in the article, which is given above. If you did not damage the insulation, but the wiring itself, the scheme may not work at all or work partially (not all channels).

In this case, light control becomes unstable or does not work at all. Open the transmitting block and without taking out the battery measure the voltage on it. If it differs by more than 20% of the value indicated on the power of the power source, then it should be replaced.

This applies only to wireless Wi-Fi switches. In the first case, we call the provider, in the second we place the router closer to the switch.

Some DBV models require settings, during which they learn to identify their switch and react only to its commands. Unnecessary devices do not see each other and cannot interact. Read the operating instructions carefully and tie the devices.

Smarter switch requires a neutral wire according to the instructions. Will it work without it?

When replacing a conventional switch with Smart: if three wires (L) come to the old circuit breaker and two wires (L) go from the switch to the lamp): Determine which wires are “departing”. One of them is connected to the working zero (n) (n should be at the place of fastening of the lamp. For a chandelier. on the ceiling. And next to him two wires (l) from the switch.)

At the installation site of the phase (l) switch, it was already. One of the “outgoing” wires will become “coming” working zero (n). Connect the remaining wire to one of the outputs (l) of the “smart switch”. Only one lamp group will work. You can usually connect several lamp groups to the “smart”. But then at the installation site there should be more wires: phase (l), zero (n) come, the remaining wires (l) go to the lamps.

Connect the lamp to the zero (n) and the “coming (l)” from the “smart switch”.

If two wires approached the old switch, there are few options: to carry out a zero wire to the installation site. (wires for lamp groups). Refuse to use a “smart switch”.Find him application in another place.


The reasons for using switches from the AQARA line can be called the following advantages:

  • The ability to constantly monitor the work of lighting. This feature will come in handy for those who constantly forget whether it left light on after leaving the house or not. The problem is solved by automatic shutdown. or control through the application.
  • The choice of different scenarios for turning on and disconnecting light. You can configure the devices so that the lighting is turned on at the entrance to the room, when the movement is detected or at a certain time.
  • Electricity savings. On average, the use of a “smart switch” with setting up automatic shutdown scenarios allows you to save up to 40% of electricity.
  • Lack of need for laying cables when installing wireless switches. For installation, you need only a hole for the mounting box.

In the list of disadvantages of such devices, sometimes emerging problems with connection are noted. According to users, sometimes the devices have to be “reflash” by downloading the Internet software for them or installing China as a location. The process of setting scripts requires a certain time. The easiest way to deal with the management through Xiaomi Mihome. but the functionality is more for the AQARA Home application.

How to protect radioral from a short circuit?

To reduce the likelihood of radioral burning, reduce fuses during a short circuit. It is enough to purchase the holder for the fuse to the wire and in it the fuse to the porridal power of the radioral.

Frown holder for wire

The holder for the fuse must be installed after radioral on the wire, according to which the “phase” proceeds.

Tip: since when installing a radio relay, they often do not pay attention to what contact is connected by the “phase”, and to what “zero”, we recommend putting fuses on both wires after the relay and before the load. It costs literally a penny, but eliminates the expensive replacement of radioral.

How to make a fan with remote control and smooth adjustment?

You can purchase a radioral with a dimming function and a Gritt Space wireless wireless switch. By connecting the fan through such a radioral, you can adjust the speed of the fan with the switch.

If you choose a set of wireless switch with a relay that has Wi-Fi, then you have the opportunity to control light from a smartphone, Yandex.Stations and with the help of Alice’s voice assistant. In our store in the characteristics of each relay and the set the switch with the relay, the presence or absence of these functions is indicated.