Connection To The Tv LG 32lh519u Zg

Connection To The Tv LG 32lh519u Zg

This article will focus on TVs of the well-known LG brand. Many modern models have a USB port that allows you to connect external devices and media. This feature is widely used by ordinary users to connect flash drives or external hard drives.

This allows you to play movies ands directly from a USB flash drive. Very convenient and efficient. But on some TVs next to the USB connector flaunts the inscription “service only” or “remote control”. This means that the installed port is a service port. This restriction means only one thing. This connector cannot be used to play any multimedia files. It is intended for service and repair work, TV diagnostics and flashing. However, this is not a big problem. If you show a little effort and ingenuity, you can unlock the USB and use it for any purpose.

Important! The manipulations described below were tested on LG TVs of the 2009 model line (on TVs until 2009, playback is not possible). On other brands of TV, methods may or may not work. And finally, all operations related to firmware and changes in the service menu can “kill” the TV and bring it into an inoperative state.

To use the proposed methods or not is exclusively your decision) But many have already activated USB connectors and enjoy all its features.

In general, you can unlock the USB port from the service menu. There are two types of them on LG TVs: EzAdjust and InStart. We get into the menu, change a couple of values ​​and everything works. Consider the main ways.

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1. Go to the service menu using the remote control. If the TV is installed firmware version 3.15 or older, then get into the service is very simple. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control. After that, you need to move the cursor to the item “Options”. Next, simultaneously hold down the “OK” buttons on the remote control and on the TV and hold it for about 5-6 seconds.

Unlock! If everything went well, then a window with cells should appear on the screen where you need to enter the password “0000” (four zeros). We get to the menu where you need to select Tool Option 3. You need to change a few values, which, in fact, are responsible for USB operation. Go to the EMF (JPEG, MP3) item and set the value to “1”. We pass to point DIVX and we establish value “HD”. We don’t touch anything else, we leave them all the menus, we reboot the TV. We go to the TV menu using the “Menu” button and see the desired USB item. The operation was successful.

To roll back the firmware, you need to carry out a number of manipulations. To get started, download firmware 3.15 for your model or download here. Unzip the archive to a USB flash drive that is formatted in FAT 32 format. Insert the USB flash drive into the TV and go to the menu using the “Menu” button on the remote control. Place the cursor on the “Options” item, on the remote control, press the “Fav” button 7 times and get into the firmware update window. Roll back firmware to version 3.15. After that, we perform all the steps described in method 1.

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3. Go to the service menu using the LEDs. This method will not do any harm to your TV. True, before its application will have to carry out some preparatory operations. So, in order to get to the service menu, you can emulate a special signal using a pair of red glow diodes (for some, it turned out using green glow diodes, by the way, infrared glow is not necessary). Diodes need to be connected in parallel. Over, the connection to conduct different poles.

After that, you need to fasten the wires to the LEDs (you can use a soldering iron, but this is not essential). Next, you need to play a special sound file and pass it through the amplifier to the LEDs. It is easiest to use speakers as an amplifier, or rather, output from an active speaker to a passive one. Play this sound file (in the player, enable repetition so that the file is played cyclically and not 1 time). Gradually increasing the volume level, bring the diodes to the panel of the signal reception from the remote control on the TV. The LEDs will flash with a certain cycle and soon a window will appear on the screen where you need to enter the password. Next, we do everything as in method 1 Unlock.

4. We use the irRemote program. This program is installed on smartphones and is used to enter the service menu of the TV and then unlock the USB port. First you need to download the irRemote program and install it on the phone. Follow the instructions below.

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1. Launch the installed application on your smartphone.

2. In the menu that appears, go to the “Add Device” item.

3. Next you will see several items, select “TV”.

4. Click “Refresh” and wait. At this time, the phone connects to the Internet and downloads information (wait a short time).

5. Select “LG” (namely “LG”, and not some similar).

6. Click “Refresh,” the device list will be updated.

7. Next, select the profile “IN. Start Service Menu EZ Adjust Service Menu ”and then click“ Refresh ”.

8. Select “mon” and install a new profile.

9. Go to the options and make the settings, namely, in the item “IR mode” set to “Method 1”.

10. If you did everything correctly, you will see the following on the phone screen:

If you want to go to the IN menu. Start, press 1. If you want to get to the EZ Adjust service menu, press 2. Next, do everything as in method 1 Unlock.

In this article, we examined all the ways to unlock USB on an LG TV. How did you make sure that activating a USB port is not such a complicated matter and carefully reading the information, you can perform the procedure yourself.