Connecting A Tablet To A Pc

Connecting A Tablet To A Pc

At some point, any tablet owner is faced with the need to transfer information from the device to a laptop or computer. For example, to save it before resetting the settings, or simply free up space in the memory. If there are several synchronization options: wired and wireless. Below are all ways to connect a tablet to a computer.

Important! Below is an instruction for tablets on Android OS. Learn how to connect your iPad to a PC here.

We use a USB cable

The simplest and most obvious connection option is via a USB cable. To do this, you need a cable with microUSB on one side and USB on the other. In some cases, the cable may have a connector other than microUSB, for example, miniUSB or the old wide connector on Samsung models.

  1. We insert the plugs into the corresponding connectors. A signal to connect a new device is heard.
  2. A message appears on the device screen stating that the device is connected in drive mode. It can simply be ignored.
  3. If everything went right, then on the PC a window appears in which you will be asked to open the memory of the mobile device. If not, you should go to My computer and find the device there.

Possible problems with wired connection

Connecting a tablet to a laptop is easy, but sometimes something goes wrong. It happens that the laptop identified the device, but did not open access to memory, while the tablet began to charge. In this case, it is necessary to lower the shutter down on the device screen and select the “drive” connection mode. Sometimes by default only charging is set.

If the tablet does not connect to the computer via USB, then there may be a problem that is necessary enable developer mode. To do this, you need to perform a simple sequence of actions.

  1. Open the tablet settings.
  2. We find the item about the device.
  3. We are looking for a string. build number. We click on it several times.
  4. A message appears on the screen stating that the user is now a developer.
  5. We go back one step and go to the menu for developers.
  6. We find the item enable USB debugging and activate it with a tick or slider.

After that, the problem will be fixed.

Connecting a tablet to a PC via USB sometimes fails due to the fact that There are no corresponding drivers in the computer. Currently, they are not required, in older models the device set them automatically, it was only necessary to connect the tablet. If the old device is in the user’s hands, then you need to install the driver.

What if everything used to work correctly before, and now the computer does not see the tablet? In this case, there are two options.

  1. Check if there is synchronization of another PC and tablet. If the second computer does not see the tablet via USB, then the device should roll back to factory configurations. To do this, in the settings menu there is an item “recovery and synchronization”. Before performing a rollback, all data from the device must be saved, as it will be deleted.
  2. We cannot exclude the option that cable or connector problem. Therefore, this point should also be checked.

Wi-Fi connection

If the user is faced with a problem that the laptop does not see the tablet when connected via cable, then you can use the wireless network. Connecting a tablet to a computer via Wi-Fi is based on the principle of creating a virtual network. That is, in this case, the tablet will act as a server. To perform this procedure, you need to use special applications for the tablet.

So, connecting a tablet to a computer via Wi-Fi is not much harder than using a cable. In the Play Market you need to download some program to create a local network. Great option. very simple WiFi File Transfer Utility. She is free and weighs little. Registration in the application is not needed. The user’s task is to install it on the device and open it. After starting the program, a large Start button will appear in the window, click on it. The device generates a wireless network and generates an IP address. It must be recorded and entered in the search bar of any browser. If everything is recorded correctly, an analogue of the file manager will open, with which you can work with data.

If for some reason the PC does not see the tablet, then the options are as follows:

  • Incorrectly written IP address;
  • The equipment is connected to different Wi-Fi networks.

Important! The router for both devices must be the same. this is a key point that will help connect to the tablet. No other nuances arise with wireless device synchronization.

Some Android tablets have built-in file manager with similar support. In this case, you need to open it and click on the item “connection to a computer”. The device itself creates an IP address. Further actions are similar to those described above.