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Wi-Fi: “Connected, no Internet access”. what to do

What to do if Wi-Fi says “Connected, no Internet access”?

Redmi WiFi Connected But No Internet Problem Solved

Any problem needs to be addressed with a diagnosis of the magnitude of the problem. It sounds serious and even scary, but in reality everything is quite simple. You don’t need any miraculous devices, sophisticated complex programs, and so on. All that is needed, as a rule, is already at hand: “soldier’s ingenuity” and, preferably, another device to which you can connect the Internet, as well as a network cable.

  • If there is another device at home that can receive Wi-Fi, then you should check on it if there is the same problem. Suitable as such a device: a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer with a Wi-Fi adapter. If there are none, then you can always turn to your beloved neighbors for help. And that guy from above, who organized carpenter courses at home, is even more obliged to you and simply has no right to refuse. If the problem is present on all devices, then you can exclude the problem of the device itself and move on to the next item;
  • To eliminate malfunctions in the operation of the router, you need to pull out the wire from it that goes from the entrance / to the house and connects to the WAN connector, and then connect it directly to the computer or laptop. A TV with Smart TV function is also suitable for these purposes. If the Internet has appeared, then it is obvious that the problem is in the router. It is either incorrectly configured, or. has a malfunction.
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  • If you have a Windows computer, you can use the operating system’s built-in troubleshooting tool. To do this, right-click on the connection indicator icon in the Windows system tray and select “Troubleshooting”, as shown in the screenshot below. This tool will help you understand why, when connected via Wi-Fi, it says “Connected, no Internet access” and what to do to fix it.

What does it mean “Connected, without Internet access

To understand what the status “Connected, without Internet access” means, first of all, you need to know how the network from the initial point (provider) gets to the final one (to the user’s device). This path can be conditionally divided into 3 stages:

  • The service provider (aka the provider) transmits the Internet through the routers. As a rule, this is done using a conventional fiber-optic mowing line. RJ45 wire, which is brought into the house, and then bred to the apartments;
  • The apartment has a router (modem) that accepts the Internet, and then distributes it around the apartment. This is done both with ordinary network wires laid along the plinth leading to a stationary PC, and via Wi-Fi. a wireless local area network technology;
  • The signal is received by the device and voila. long live the internet.

The status line with the inscription: “Connected, without Internet access” means that 1 link dropped out of this chain. 1 point. But do not blame the supplier right away, as practice shows that there can be many reasons for this malfunction.

Setting up the router for the first time

The above recommendations apply to devices that previously functioned normally and distributed / received the Internet. If the router is connected for the first time, then most likely the matter is in its incorrect settings. They are usually made by a craftsman who runs the cable into the house. And upon completion of the work, a check is performed for the availability of access to the Internet. But if the configuration and verification were not performed properly, then this can result in a problem for the user.

To make the necessary settings, you can contact the Support provider. He will send a specialist who will set everything up. But you can also do it yourself. You just need to know the required configurations. Usually the data required for input. login and password, are indicated in the agreement with the provider, or. in addition to it.

How To Fix WiFi Problem ( Connected, No Internet ) wifi connected but no internet access android

You can enter the router settings using the following local IP addresses: The standard login and password are admin. This is universal data for most TP-Link, D-Link routers. If they do not fit, then you should see the data in the documentation for the device.

To enter data, go to the “Network” section, and then. “WAN”.

Why does Wi-Fi write: “Connected, no Internet access

Let’s figure out the possible reasons why Wi-Fi writes: “Connected, no Internet access”:

  • No internet supply from the provider;
  • Malfunction or technical failure in the operation of the router;
  • Errors in the operation of the acceptor. receiving device.

Connected, No Internet Access. How To Fix

Having narrowed the range of possible causes and understanding which way to dig, you can try to fix the problem with connecting to a Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet. And you need to start doing this in the following order:

  • If, by connecting the network cable directly to the PC, the Internet does not appear, then the problem is on the side of the Internet service provider. This could be a mowing line accident, a technical failure in the router, or another cause that only the provider can fix. You can, of course, just wait, in the hope that everything will be resolved by itself, but inaction is the lot of the weak. Therefore, you need to call the provider and delicately, preferably without a mat, explain how wrong he is and how you are indignant about the missing Internet. By the way, the problem may be caused by a banal non-payment for Internet services. If you know neighbors using the same provider, you can call them and inquire about a network problem. Phones of popular Russian providers: Rostelecom: 8 800 707 12 12 MTS: 8 800 250 08 90 Beeline: 8 800 700 8000
  • If, when the cable is connected directly to a computer or laptop, the Internet appears, then the problem is definitely in the router. It is necessary to connect the network cable to the router to the WAN connector, make sure that the wire is not bent and the connector is not loose. Then turn off the router for 1 minute. It is advisable to completely disconnect it from the power supply. Turn it on and wait for it to load. Check if the Internet connection LED on the modem is green. Check if the message “Connected, without Internet access” is still writing;
  • If the problem persists, then you need to check for errors in the operation of the Wi-Fi function of the router. This can be done using another network cable. It must be connected to the LAN connector and connected directly to the computer. If it works, it is obvious that the reason is in the Wi-Fi module of the router. Most likely it is faulty.

If a call to the Support provider and restarting the router did not give any results, and the chances for this are extremely small, then only dancing with a tambourine remains.

Reconnecting to the network

You need to disconnect from the network on the device and then reconnect. On Android and iOS devices, this can be done from the settings section or using the menu.

Reboot the device

In addition to rebooting the router, you should turn off and turn on the device that does not have an Internet connection. It is advisable to wait a minute before turning on.

Solution 1. Configuring Your Router for Wi-Fi Correctly

First, check if your smartphone is within range of a wireless network. Typically, routers can transmit a signal up to 200 meters, provided that there are no obstacles in this radius. If everything is in order with this, then go to the router settings.

Change the channel your access point is on. Usually it is set to Auto, but we advise you to set the 6th or other channel. Choose any of the available ones, save the changes and check the functionality.

You can also change the operating mode for Wi-Fi. As practice shows, by default, the 11bg mixed mode is usually set everywhere. Change it to 11n only.

If you have a column in the settings for specifying the region, then be sure to set your region there. This is an insignificant parameter, but in very rare cases even it can affect the correct operation of the access point.

Wi-Fi is connected, but the internet is not working on Android

We all use the Internet, being in cafes or restaurants, with friends, even at home at the dinner table, checking mail or messages in the same “”. As practice shows, one of the most common problems arises when working with Wi-Fi wireless technology. Let’s say we have an access point in the house from a router or in a public institution. Everything seems to be configured correctly, but for some reason there is no network access.

So, what to do if you are faced with such a problem? In fact, there may be a dozen reasons here, each of which we will consider in this material.!

Solution 2. Setting up a proxy server

Another possible problem is the automatic selection and setting of a proxy server for a specific access point on a wireless network.

  • Go to “Settings” on your device
  • Then select the item Wi-Fi or “Wireless networks”, depending on the version of Android
  • Find the hotspot you are connected to and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. An additional menu will appear, in which you need to click “Change network”
  • Check the box next to “Advanced options” and select “Proxy settings”
  • It remains only to put a tick next to the “No” item, after which the proxy server will be deactivated

Wi-Fi is enabled on Android, but Google Play and other apps are not working

If Wi-Fi is activated on your smartphone and it is connected to a specific access point, but the phone does not open websites, does not load pages and applications in Google Play, check that the time and date settings are correct. This is a very common user error! In 90% of cases, it is she who causes connection problems.

You just need to correctly set the time and date, reconnect the Internet, then try to log in to Google Play and view one of the applications on the page.

Wi-Fi on Android is on, the status is “Connected”, but there is no Internet access

Let’s say that you have activated Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connected to an access point. Your phone displays the status “Connected“, but you cannot access the Internet, either using a browser or through other programs, for example, Odnoklassniki. What should we do in this case?

First you need to check if the Internet works for this connection at all. That is, you need to gradually filter out the list of possible causes by the method of elimination and check the Internet. the very first of them.

Try to connect to this access point from another device and go online. If everything is fine, then the reason is your smartphone. If the other device also does not connect to the Internet or does not open sites, then the point is already in the access point itself or the router.

Why Wi-Fi doesn’t work on Android: other reasons

But what to do if Wi-Fi is connected, but the Internet still does not work even after all the described recommendations? Most likely, the Wi-Fi module itself is not working correctly. The following will help here:

  • Phone firmware. if the reason lies in the software part of the smartphone. If you do not know how to flash Android operating systems yourself, it would be better to contact the service center.
  • Fixing the Wi-Fi module. If the phone’s firmware does not help, then the problem lies in the wireless network module itself. In this case, you will have to carry the smartphone to the service center and replace parts.
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This is not a complete list of reasons that cause Wi-Fi to fail. If you have had similar situations, and you solved them in some other way, be sure to tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев for our readers.!

Finding out the reason why the Wi-Fi connection has limited access

Before we start, and provided that literally half an hour ago everything worked, and now the connection is limited (if not, then this is not your case), try the simplest option. restart the router (just turn it off and turn it back on), and also restart the device that refuses to connect. very often this solves the problem.

Further, again, for those whose wireless network only recently worked and the previous method did not help. check if the Internet works directly, via a cable (bypassing the router, via the provider’s cable)? Problems on the side of the ISP are the most common cause of “connection without Internet access”, at least in my province.

The very first step is for those who have just set up a router for the first time

One of the most common problems for those who have not encountered Wi-Fi routers before and decides to configure them on their own is that the user does not fully understand how it works.

For most Russian providers, in order to connect to the Internet, you need to launch some kind of connection on your computer PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP. And, out of habit, having already configured the router, the user continues to launch it. The fact is that from the moment the Wi-Fi router was configured, you do not need to start it, the router itself does this, and only then distributes the Internet to other devices. If you connect it on the computer, while it is also configured in the router, then as a result, two options are possible:

  • Connection error (the connection is not established, because it has already been established by the router)
  • The connection is established. in this case, at all standard tariffs, where only one simultaneous connection is possible, the Internet will be available only on one computer. all other devices will connect to the router, but without access to the Internet.

I hope I have put it more or less clearly. By the way, this is also the reason that the created connection is shown in the “Broken” state in the router interface. Those. the essence is simple: the connection is either on the computer or in the router. we need only in the router, which will already distribute the Internet to other devices, for which it actually exists.

Wi-Fi connection without internet access. what to do?

Considering the significant amount of materials on the site on the topic of “configuring the router”, various kinds of problems that arise when a user encounters a wireless router are a frequent topic in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the instructions. And one of the most common. a smartphone, tablet or laptop sees a router, connects via Wi-Fi, but a network without access to the Internet. What is wrong, what to do, what could be the reason? I will try to answer these questions here.

If problems with the Internet via Wi-Fi appeared after upgrading to Windows 10 or installing the system, then I recommend reading the article: Wi-Fi connection is limited or does not work in Windows 10.

Which device is to blame for the fact that there is no access to the Internet. a router, laptop or computer?

First, if you have already checked the Internet by connecting the computer directly with a wire and everything works, but when connected via a wireless router it does not, even after restarting the router, then there are usually two possible options:

  • Incorrect wireless settings on the computer.
  • The problem with the drivers for the wireless Wi-Fi module (a common situation with laptops that replaced the standard Windows).
  • Something is wrong in the router (in its settings, or in something else)

If other devices, for example, a tablet, connect to Wi-Fi and open pages, then the problem should be looked for in laptops or a computer. Here, too, various options are possible: if you have never used wireless Internet on this laptop, then:

  • If the operating system with which it was sold is installed on the laptop and you have not reinstalled anything, find a program for managing wireless networks in the programs. this is available on laptops of almost all brands. Asus, Sony Vaio, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and others It so happens that even when the wireless adapter is supposedly enabled in Windows, but not in the proprietary utility, Wi-Fi does not work. True, it should be noted here that the message is somewhat different. not that a connection without access to the Internet.
  • If Windows has been reinstalled on another, and even if the laptop connects to other wireless networks, the first thing to do is to make sure that the correct driver is installed on the Wi-Fi adapter. The fact is that the drivers that Windows installs on its own during installation do not always work adequately. Therefore, go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and install the official Wi-Fi drivers from there. This might fix the problem.
  • There might be something wrong with the wireless settings in Windows or another operating system. In Windows, go to the Network and Sharing Center, select “Change adapter settings” on the right, right-click on the “Wireless connection” icon and click “Properties” in the context menu. You will see a list of connection components, in which you should select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click the “Properties” button. Make sure that there are no entries in the fields “IP address”, “Default gateway”, “DNS server address”. all these parameters should be obtained automatically (in the overwhelming majority of cases. and if the phone and tablet work normally via Wi-Fi, then you have this particular case).

If all this does not help, then you should look for the problem in the router. Perhaps changing the channel, the type of authentication, the region of the wireless network, the 802.11 standard can help. This is provided that the configuration of the router itself has been performed correctly. You can read more about this in the article Problems when setting up a Wi-Fi router.

Good evening! For several days I have been struggling with the problem Internet settings on a stationary computer with Windows 10, installed from scratch, via wi-fi. The problem is this: the network shows full and the output to the browser periodically disappears. Various dances with tambourines, such as changing the driver, registering a new IP were not crowned with success. Disconnecting and connecting to the network helps for a while. And another moment when wi-fi works on the system unit. wi-fi disappears on a laptop and phones. When wi-fi on the system unit is turned off, the Internet flies everywhere. Can you help my sorrow?

Hello. And what exactly is done on the computer in case of problems? Why am I asking: it is often quite a phenomenon that when a torrent client is running on a computer (laptop), for example (i.e. the download is at full capacity), cheaper routers can turn off from time to time, and other devices cannot access the Internet ( or not be able to “cling” to Wi-Fi at all), is connected in this case. with the power (not the signal power, but the processor power) of the router itself, i.e. he does not have time to process everything.

Nothing, only the browser is launched, I tried to connect it via a cable, the Internet flies. You connect wi-fi. it works for a minute and goes out.

Very cool site! I set everything up myself and quickly fixed the problem! Thanks))

It gives an error when connecting via a patch cord from the router to the hospital settings in the center of the networks, everything is automatically received from the router, connected to the laptop through the same wire, everything works. I’m at a dead end, I don’t know what to do

And we tried to manually install the drivers for the network to the PC from the motherboard manufacturer’s website?

“Those. the essence is simple: the connection is either on the computer or in the router. we need only in the router, which will already distribute the Internet to other devices, for which it actually exists. ” Well, can you tell me please how to do it? After setup, it works for me only through a cable on the computer, and Wi-Fi is connected, but the Internet is not there. How can I make a connection on a router so that it distributes to all devices?

while on the PC (which is by cable) you do not launch any provider connections? (if you start it, but it doesn’t work without it, the router is configured incorrectly) i.e. simple cable connection and nothing else?

Good afternoon. I live in a private house. The Internet worked very badly yesterday, barely loaded the pages, but still loaded, and today the Internet does not work at all and it says “without access to the network”. I called those support and said there was a problem with the equipment in the boiler room. I absolutely do not understand what to do with it and how to reboot it

Hello. In your situation, as far as I understand, do nothing. wait for them to fix themselves.

What to do if the Internet does not work either via wi-fi or directly, but at the same time it works on the phone. I rebooted everything several times, it does not help, it stopped working suddenly. Writes “Unidentified network, limited access.” I reviewed several articles on this site, tried all the recommendations. it did not help.

Deal with the parameters of the network connection on the computer, see if the IP address or DNS is registered there, if you installed some software for VPN, try to disable it.

Good afternoon. The problem with WI-FI on Windows 10 on a laptop looks like when connecting to the mobile Internet at the slightest connection failure, the computer writes that the connection is limited and disconnects from this network. this causes constant inconvenience, since you have to disconnect from the network and reconnect to it. The problem is only at 10, there is no such problem at 7. it seems to me that the problem is in setting the connection timeout or in some new technology in the top ten. I can’t find a solution to this problem. all solutions in case of complete absence after an update or installation. if you know what the problem is, please tell me the solution. Thank you very much

Hello. I’m afraid I won’t. over, I have nothing to try (there are no laptops with mobile Internet for tests). I suspect, of course, that somewhere in the parameters or perhaps in the registry but I’m not sure.

And there is one more guess: 10 regularly checks access to the Internet (trying to reach their servers), does not reach them, reports a restriction (and 7, let’s say, did it only once). But only in this case, reconnection would not be necessary, everything would start working again by itself.

Thank you, this article helped solve the problem. It turned out that the checkboxes of allowing automatic receiving of addresses were not checked.

Thank you for the article. Helped to fix the problem with setting up WI-FI without calling the wizard. The problem was in the hammered IP

I can not connect to wi-fi access is limited from the phone connect what can be?

Didn’t you set up any VPNs on your phone or something like that? (if yes, try disabling). Other devices on the same Wi-Fi work?

oh, thanks for reminding me that the reboot router also helps to unplug it!) in general, thanks for the detailed site, in my opinion, only here I find detailed solutions with pictures of my problems!

Wi-Fi works on the laptop. When a computer is connected via an adapter, the network is visible. When connecting and entering a password, the message that the password is not correct. Although smartphones and laptops are connected under this password. What is the reason? thanks for the answer.

Does the password accidentally contain Cyrillic or some special characters? If so, the reason may be in them (they are encoded differently on different devices)

Xiaomi (Redmi) connected to a Wi-Fi network without Internet access, how to get the connection back

I think many owners of Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones have faced a situation where the Wi-Fi network to which the phone is connected, suddenly, without declaring war, remained without the Internet, although other devices connected to it worked fine.

Usually it looks like this when next to the name of Wi-Fi appears the inscription “Connected, no Internet access”.

How many questions on the Internet I met about this, the same number of solutions to problems. One method helped some, the second helped others, and still others shared fantastic methods, like spitting over their shoulders on a full moon looking at the Sphinx.

And, indeed, the error of accessing the Internet from a connected and guaranteed working Wi-Fi network, probably, does not have a single reason, it is a combination of random factors. And do not forget that people use different firmware and different models of Xiaomi phones, inside which different communication modem chips are used.

I will not torment you any longer, below I will give the most popular solutions to the problem with Internet access via Wi-Fi, which helped most Xiaomi owners.

Double tap

Paradoxical as it may sound, double-clicking on the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected solves the problem.

Open the settings, find the line “Wi-Fi”. Next, in the list of networks, find the one to which you are connected and double-click on it. After a few seconds, Internet access should be restored.

Download full firmware

Xiaomi smartphones are set to automatically update the firmware when connected to a charger, unless you have disabled this option yourself. This is the right decision, because the update contains many bug fixes, system optimizations and new features.

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However, the firmware version that comes automatically is called OTA (On The Air), i.e. this version is stripped down, designed specifically for updates over the air, and therefore contains only critical files and other elements that have been changed.

But there is also a full version, which takes up much more memory and in which all the files necessary for the smartphone to work are included. Sometimes, either through oversight or for some other reason, errors creep into the OTA firmware version, or incorrect pointers to libraries and files that have not been updated, respectively, sometimes because of this, errors may occur.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has the ability to update through three points and download the full version, followed by automatic updates without losing data, which I advise you to do.

To do this, open the settings, find the item “About phone”. Further “MIUI version”. In the upper right corner, click on the Three Dots icon. And in the drop-down menu “Download full firmware”. Wait for the download to finish and agree to the reboot, during which the update will take place.

Mi Cloud Reservation

I would never have thought it myself, but on the Internet I met several happy Xiaomi owners, whom this method helped.

All you need to do is force the system backup to the Mi Cloud.

The site has a detailed article about this, but in short, to remove the inscription “Connected, without Internet access” on a Wi-Fi connection, do the following.

Go to the settings, find the line “Mi account”. Then select “Xiaomi Cloud”. Now find “Backup”. Start synchronization by forcibly clicking on the “Start” button. Back to content

Forget Wi-Fi network and reconnect

The second method involves deleting data about the network from Xiaomi’s memory and reconnecting to it as if it were a new one. Probably, somewhere inside Android there is a crash, which leads to overwriting of the Wi-Fi data and putting it into a mode without Internet access.

To forget Wi-Fi, go to this menu and click on the little arrow next to the name. You will be taken to an additional menu with detailed information about the connection, at the bottom of which you will see the “Delete this network” button. Click it, and then reconnect to it with the password.

This can be helpful:

Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT Industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply interested in Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but most importantly. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of

Xiaomi does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, how to fix

Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones have a built-in function for distributing the Internet via Wi-Fi, which the phone itself receives over the cellular network, no matter what generation.

Its essence lies in the fact that when you activate the distribution of the Internet, the phone turns into a Wi-Fi point, to which up to six subscribers can connect. But the more clients are connected to the smartphone, the lower the overall data transfer speed and connection quality.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the function on Xiaomi works fine, but sometimes, for an unknown reason, the distribution stops without notification, or displaying a warning, or an error message.

And here we are faced with a very unpleasant situation, which lies in the Android operating system, but most importantly, in the custom MIUI shell.

The interface of modern phones is designed mainly for consumption and use by unprepared people without deep technical knowledge, which means that it is as simple as possible, and the vast majority of settings and functions are left to the automation.

How to distribute mobile internet on Xiaomi

First of all, make sure that the phone is able to independently access the Internet via cellular communication with the Wi-Fi module turned off.

Then open the general settings, find the item “Wi-Fi hotspot”. Having entered it, we are interested in the line “Setting the point”. In the “SSID” line, enter the name of the new network to which other people will connect. In the “Password” line, enter the connection data, try to choose a combination of letters and numbers more difficult to make it difficult to hack the connection and commit an atrocity in your direction. The option “Security” is recommended “WPA2-Personal”. “Identity” should be set as in the screenshot. That’s it, now return to the previous menu and activate the “Wi-Fi hotspot” switch. After a few seconds, on other devices, the name you just specified should appear in the list of available Wi-Fi networks, all you have to do is connect to it.

What to do if the Wi-Fi hotspot does not work on Xiaomi

Automation is good, but if something breaks, it’s almost impossible to fix it.

The same applies to our case, below I will describe several actions that can have an effect and resume the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi, but you should not rely on this too much.

  • Reboot your smartphone. This is the very first thing to do in case of any problems with Xiaomi, if you suspect software errors at any level, be it firmware, OS or some kind of application;
  • Turn dispensing off and on again. Sometimes restarting the distribution function helps;
  • Make sure there is no traffic limit. This is done in the settings of the access point, called “One-time traffic limit”. It may have been exceeded, so the distribution was interrupted for the connected device;
  • Make sure Xiaomi has internet. Check that the smartphone itself can use the Internet over a cellular network, without distributing it over Wi-Fi. If it is not there, check if you have not exhausted the limits of the tariff of the cellular operator, or the money on the account;
  • If Xiaomi has several SIM cards installed, make sure that the correct card is selected for working with the Internet, with the desired tariff, limit and the ability to connect to 4G networks.

That’s all that we, as users, can do, if Xiaomi does not provide the Internet, we have no more options. If you tried everything that I suggested above, and there is still no Internet, there are three ways left, each of which is inconvenient in its own way:

  • Reflash your smartphone, albeit to the same firmware version, but to its full version. This will help avoid possible errors that might occur when updating over the air. This can be done through three points;
  • Wait for the new firmware version, where this error is probably fixed;
  • Roll back to factory state. Be careful, all data will be deleted: photos, music, videos, documents. Before resetting, back up all important files from your phone to either your computer or the cloud.

Configuring the router

There are times when the settings on the router get lost. Sometimes it is enough to adjust the settings, but it is best to enter all the settings from scratch. To do this, you will need an agreement with the supplier or study the corresponding section of its official website.

To change the settings, you need to type in any browser the IP of the router. Most often the address is or

If the address is entered correctly, an authorization window will open, in which for new routers or devices, after resetting the settings, you need to enter the default data.

For most models, these are:

  • login admin;
  • admin password.

Depending on the router model, the web interface address and authorization data may differ. You can clarify them in the information sticker, which is usually located on the bottom of the router.

How to install FIPS

When using a laptop and Wi-Fi, you need to click on the wireless connection icon, which is located on the desktop in the lower right corner. Next, you need to click on properties. The next step is to click on “Security” and select “Advanced options”. You need to activate FIPS compatibility mode for your network, and then confirm the action. Next, you need to reboot the laptop.

Incorrect subnetting

There are times when you cannot connect to the internet because the router and the PC’s network adapter are on different subnets. Similar situations are often observed in offices when a new device is connected. In this case, you first need to find out the IP of the router. Usually the address is Some devices have IP Next, you need to enter the network settings. To do this, you need to simultaneously press the WINR combination and enter ncpa.cpl in the window that opens. The command is confirmed with “Ok”, after which you need to examine the properties of the IPv4 connection. If there are inconsistencies, you need to connect the PC to the same subnet as the router, or enable automatic IP and DNS assignment.

When the reason is the provider

The lack of a network may mean that the service provider has a problem. Even companies such as Beeline, Megafon, MTS or Rostelecom have failures. Therefore, you should call your provider and report any problems that have arisen.

The representative of the technical service can say that some work is underway or there is a breakdown. But it happens when the operator says that everything is in order. In this case, you can ask the technical support employee to check if there is a connection from the provider’s server to you.

The vendor’s representative can also advise on the DSN that is preferable to use. When using wired internet, there is a chance that there is a problem with the cable. In this case, you will need the help of an employee of the supplier company. It will reconnect with a new cable.

Configuring a connection to the provider’s network

To set up Internet access, you need to open the main menu of the router’s web interface and find the “WAN” or “Internet” section in it.

Next, you select the type of connection used by the provider:

  • Auto IP detection. After activating this parameter, the Internet may immediately appear.
  • Static IP. You will need to fill in the external address, DNS server, default gateway and subnet mask.
  • You will need a password with a login. Sometimes you need to specify the MAC address.
  • PPTP or L2TP. You need to enter a password with a login, static connection data and DNS.

In the settings, you need to enter the addresses and parameters from the contract with the supplier. After that, you will need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi network. After confirming the change in the settings, it is worth rebooting the router.

Physical connection

If, when directly connecting the PC to the provider’s network, bypassing the home router, an error appears to access the network, you should check the network card. The LAN port indicator should be on. Normal operation is confirmed by a lit icon (most often green). If the contacts in the connectors are checked, but there is no network, the cable may have been broken somewhere.

If the problem arose during the installation and configuration of the router, there is a possibility that the cable is simply installed in the wrong slot. Make sure the ISP wire is plugged into the correct port. If the reason is confusion, then by swapping the cords, you can quickly fix the situation.

There is another option. take out the cable and insert it again. If the eyelet of the connector is stretched or broken, the seal may be loose. Replacing the plug will completely eliminate the problem. A match can temporarily solve this problem, which will securely fix the connector.

Network configuration

The network can also disappear for other reasons. One of these is a network setting that prevents the computer from connecting normally.

Configurations change on all Windows versions in the same way:

  • You need to click on the network connection icon with an error in the form of a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. It is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the left pane, you need to change the adapter settings.

Stationary PCs usually have one network card, while portable laptops have two connections (LAN and Wi-Fi). You need to check that the option that is usually used is active. If something goes wrong, the connection type used needs to be restored.

Using the right mouse button, you need to open the context menu and open the “Properties” of the required connection. Next, you need to click on “Internet Protocol Version 2 (TCP / IPv4) and again on” Properties “. A specific IP and other parameters are set in the settings of each device. If someone else uses the Internet, then the IP is tied to the other person’s gadget. The cause of the problem may also lie in the fact that the router is installed on a different subnet.

In some cases, the problem will be solved by automatically obtaining IP, if supported by your ISP. Check the box next to this option. The same should be done with the DNS server address. After confirming the actions, you need to check if the new settings helped to solve the problem. If the automatic assignment of addresses does not help to restore the network’s operability, it is worth returning the settings to their original state by manually entering the addresses in the appropriate fields.

If the attempt is unsuccessful and the Internet is still not available, another option should be tried. Sometimes the problem is the incorrect operation of the provider’s DNS server. To change this setting, you need to select the “Use the following DNS” option in the properties of the network connection and enter the stable free Google DNS server with the address and the alternative If after that the network does not appear, you need to reboot the PC.

Access is available, but the error remains

There are situations when the device says that there is no Internet connection, but in fact the Internet is there. Such situations are often associated with a connection through a proxy server. To solve the problem, open the local group policy settings.

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To do this, select the “Run” command from the “Start” menu. After that you need to enter “gpedit.msc”. In the “Local computer” you need to find the item “Internet communication parameters”. Then “Disable active sounding” is activated. In 10 version of Windows the name will be different. “Disable active checks”.

Mi Home does not find the device

There are times when the Mi Home app does not see your device. Most often this applies to a vacuum cleaner, Wi-Fi repeater or Gateway.

The first thing to check. setting the region. Mainland China must be specified for this to work. Now Russia has appeared there, but if you choose it, then most of the devices will disappear from the availability.

Secondly, you can try to connect to VPN from the instructions above.

Thirdly. you can change the DNS server address to Chinese You can change it on the router, or in the Wi-Fi settings, for more detailed instructions on how to replace the DNS, see this article.

In the process of work, you can find many more jambs, for example, in the Play Store there was a version that was not installed on any phone with the error “Mi Home is not supported on your device”, although it was quickly fixed. We can only hope that there will be fewer jambs, or the system will have to be reconfigured to Domoticz or HomeAssistant.

P.S. If you need to connect a robot vacuum cleaner with a euro plug to Mainland China, or the vacuum cleaner simply does not connect. see the answers in the article about the vacuum cleaner.

Mi Home is not included in the account

Since the servers required for the application are located in China, there are constant problems with the application. Since the problem affects everyone, at the time of authorization you may also receive an error “Unable to log in, check the network and try again (-5003-060762)” or similar.

The question immediately arises, what could have affected this, it is unlikely that these are updates or application settings.

An unknown error code 503 occurs when the Mi Home application cannot reach Chinese servers, which may be due to the crooked hands of the developers, or at least the crooked hands of Roskomnadzor.

If you cannot log into your Mi home account, there are 2 possible solutions:

wifi connected but no internet access on redmi 9 wifi connected but no internet access android

Problems with Mi Home

If there are almost no questions about the quality of Xiaomi devices, the quality of the software is at a very low level. This mainly concerns the Mi Home application, which for 3 years of existence has not been able to properly localize at least into English (not to mention Russian). Periodically there are massive crashes that can affect both iPhone and Android apps together or separately.

At any time, you may encounter the fact that Mi Home has stopped working, the network is unavailable, or authorization does not work. Let’s take a look at ways to work around these errors.

Mi Home app doesn’t work

Mi Home does not send notifications

If you succeed in registering with Mi Home, this does not mean that the adventures are over. A common problem: push notifications are not received. This is a very serious problem that has hurt me personally. The water meter flowed, and due to the inoperative notifications, I found out about it only in the evening, when I came home (it’s good that the Gateway was lit with a red light, signaling an incident). But on the basis of the event logs, I was able to see that the leakage sensor worked correctly in the morning.

In most cases, the problem is on the Chinese side, but some settings can be checked. details about notifications can be found in a separate article.

Setting up a VPN on your phone

To get around network problems, you can connect not directly to China, but through a transit server. To do this, you need to raise the VPN connection on your smartphone.

The easiest way is to install one of the special applications of the Play Store, for example VPN-Master.

Install and run the application. We need to select the country through which we want to send traffic (Singapore or Germany work most stably). The first time it may not connect, it is advisable to make several attempts. After successful connection, go to Mi Home and try to register.

If the authorization is successful, then the VPN is no longer needed and must be disabled. We lower the upper curtain on the phone and go to “Connect to VPN”, then select the item “Disconnect”.

If the problem persists, then you can try different countries in the VPN application.

Failed to initialize device

There are cases when the device has already been added, but when trying to enter its management, it gives the error “Failed to initialize the device”. Most likely, the problem lies in the incorrectly selected region. This is a separate question, described in more detail in this article.

Possible WEB-authorization

The only problem with wireless internet is connecting to public networks. In this case, the user needs to check the web authorization. Sometimes difficulties with Wi-Fi arise not because of an incorrectly entered password, but because of the connection method.

The peculiarity of this method is that everyone can connect to the network, and registered users can download the files. To check web authorization, you just need to open a tab in your browser. If a message appears stating that you need to enter a username and password, then you need to register. The specifics of this procedure depend on the owner of the network.

The above tips on how to fix the error on Android “connected without Wi-Fi Internet access” do not require any special knowledge from the user. These methods help to set up correct operation in a short time and connect the device to a wireless connection.

How to check internet access on Android

To exclude external problems with the provider, you need to connect to the desired network from another device. If the Internet is available, then the problem is in the smartphone itself. You can solve it using one of the above methods.

After carrying out all the manipulations, the user should reconnect to the wireless network. Then open the tab in the browser. If the problem is fixed, no error messages will appear.

Changing DNS to alternative

DNS server affects network performance. It so happens that a smartphone or tablet cannot connect to certain servers. In this case, replace the standard DNS server with Google’s public servers. They have the advantage that they are available to all users because they are free.

You can change the addresses in the additional network settings. To get into them, you need to use the following instructions:

  • Go to the WLAN section. there you can see all the information about the available networks.
  • After selecting the desired one, you should hold down its name for a few seconds to display the options. From the list provided, you must select the item “Change network”.
  • After that, the user enters the advanced settings section.
  • In the line “IP-address” you should select static selection.
  • In the primary and backup DNS server, you need to enter the following values ​​- for the first and for the second.

After that, be sure to save the settings and restart your smartphone or tablet. Then you need to reconnect to the network and test the wireless connection.

Connected without internet Wi-Fi Android. how to fix

The easiest way, which works in almost all cases, is to reboot the device. During reboot, Android OS updates the network settings. And if there was a network failure, which is a common reason for the sudden loss of the Internet, then Wi-Fi will work.

But this option does not always help. In this case, the user can try other ways to fix the error “Connected without Internet access” Android.

Reconnecting to the network

To do this, the user needs to find the WLAN section in the settings of his device. Next, you need to select the network to which you cannot connect. By clicking on it, you need to select the option “Delete” or “Forget”. After this procedure, the device will “forget” that it had access to this network.

Then again you need to click network and enter the password. Next, the user needs to check if the Wi-Fi connection error has disappeared or not.

Checking the network on multiple devices

Why does he write on the Wi-Fi access point he writes: “Connected without the Internet

Android smartphone users often face the following problem: the device is connected to Wi-Fi, but there is no Internet access. This can be determined by the special icon next to the network icon or by the signature in the connections. Also, the owner cannot load any pages in the browser. First, you should check the payment for the provider’s services.

If the Internet is paid for, then the reasons for the connection error may be as follows:

  • Antivirus software containing a firewall component. This component blocks the network if the application considers it to be potentially dangerous to the smartphone. In this case, you need to change the antivirus settings or reinstall it.
  • A third-party program is blocking wireless communication, most often it is a viral code. To fix the situation, you need to install antivirus software or uninstall the application.
  • Provider malfunctions. The user only has to wait for the completion of the repair work.
  • Incorrect network settings.

Before taking the device to a service center or calling technical support, experts advise you to restart the gadget and check the operation of third-party applications.

By default, some phone models cannot distribute the Internet on their own. To do this, you need to configure it separately. You can check the correctness of the settings using the following instruction:

  • in the smartphone, they are located in the “Network and Internet” section;
  • in the list of options you will need “Access point and modem”;
  • then you need to activate the “Access Point” switch.

After the performed actions, you should check the rest of the parameters. All changes made must be saved. In the same way, it is recommended to change the settings on another device. laptop, TV. If correcting the settings does not resolve your internet connection problem, you should try other methods.

Connected without internet WI-FI Android. how to fix

Internet connection problems can occur for users of smartphones, PCs and laptops. And they are not always associated with non-payment for the provider’s services or technical problems. To fix this problem, it may be enough to reboot the device or router. But sometimes you have to try more complex ways to solve this problem. In this article, readers will find out the answer to the question: Connected without Internet Wi-Fi Android. how to fix?

Date and time setting

Incorrect date and time may be causing interference with the wireless connection. In addition, it can affect other processes. In this case, you need to proceed as follows:

  • The user should go to the device settings and find the “Date and time” section.
  • You need to select the “Use network time zone” option. This action will allow you to adjust the time when using the Internet.
  • After all the manipulations, you need to restart the device and check the network.

This method is suitable not only for smartphones based on Android, but also for PCs, laptops. For the new settings to be valid, the device must be rebooted and reconnected.

Wi-Fi problems on Xiaomi Mi A1

We continue to solve the problems of Xiaomi Mi A1 users. Today we’ll talk about Wi-Fi. Many owners of Xiaomi Mi A1 faced a common problem of connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Password reset

Very often, resetting the security password for connecting to the network helps to solve Wi-Fi problems. To do this, simply delete the information about the current WLAN network and reconnect by duplicating the security key.

How to fix Wi-Fi problems on Mi A1

If you also encounter an issue where Wi-Fi is not working properly, then our guide will show you a working solution.

Then reboot your router and check if the problem is gone.

In case of failure, we continue to search for a solution.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is working. Take another phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. See if the device works on it. If everything is OK, then the problem is with your router or connection.
  • Make sure the signal strength is good enough (at least three vertical mowing lines) where you are trying to connect the Xiaomi Mi A1 to Wi-Fi.
  • Remember, you may have recently changed the WI-FI password from the router.

Smart Wi-Fi Switch (Switch)

Perhaps in the smartphone settings there is a default choice of “Smart Wi-Fi Switch”. If this option is enabled, the smartphone will constantly look for the best alternatives to the current Wi-Fi connection and try to connect to the new network.

It is enough to disable the smart switching option in the “Wi-Fi” settings (the icon in the upper right corner).

Make sure Wi-Fi is always on

Some Android firmware has a function that automatically turns off Wi-Fi to increase battery life and conserve battery power if it is not used for a certain time.

On Xiaomi Mi A1, go to the “Wi-Fi” settings, look for the additional tab and select the “Always” item in the pop-up menu.

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