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It is generally accepted in the gaming community that there is an “invisible war” between users of the PC (personal computer) and the owners of the consoles. Indeed, attending specialized forums or communicating with representatives of both “parties”, this is felt. There are enough reasons for disagreements, but the main one is the inaccessibility of many new games in the gaming industry for computer owners.

To play exclusive games for PS4 on a PC, you need to connect the console to the computer.

Such games are called “Exclusive”. ‚Äč‚Äčthese are games that are released only for one platform. However, do not despair. There are a number of ways to connect the console to the computer and play with all your heart.

Why connect the console to a computer?

The logical question. There are several possible reasons for connecting the console to a computer.

One of them is the inconvenience of the console for use in everyday affairs (surfing the Internet, editing texts, etc.). Do not be surprised, many users completely abandoned the computer in favor of the console. However, for convenience, many prefer to still use the usual eye monitor.

The second reason may be the lack of a TV in the house. It’s no secret that many people refused to watch TV due to lack of time or for personal reasons. As a result, TV is an unnecessary thing in the house.

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This is not the whole list of possible reasons. It all depends on the user and his goals.

Connect PS4 to computer

After talking about the reasons, you can proceed directly to the process of connecting the console to the computer.

  • Computer;
  • Ps4 Remote Play
  • Playstation 4 itself (you can borrow from a friend).

The first thing to do is download the PS4 Remote Play program. This is nothing complicated. Follow the link to the official website of the application https://remoteplay.Dl.Playstation.Net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html. Before the download, the site will prompt you to choose an operating system. After the download, the program needs to be installed.

At the end of the installation, a shortcut with the name “Remote Play PS4” appears on the desktop, click on it and wait for the application to start. It will check for updates and offer to select settings for the system. First you need to click on the “Enter the network” button. This is nothing more than an entrance to your account. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the broadcast quality and frame rate.

Confirm the settings and turn on the PS4. There is only one thing to do on the console itself. Go to Settings. Connection and Remote Play Settings.

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In the menu tick “Allow remote play” and go to the item “Add device”, you will see an eight-digit code.

We return to the computer and run the program, it begins to search for an available console. You can wait until the system determines everything automatically, or click on the “Register manually” button in the lower left corner of the window. In the window that appears, enter the code that you saw earlier.

If the combination is entered correctly, the program will start registering the device.

Done! Now you have the opportunity to play on the PC, it remains only to connect the Sony Dualshock 4 gamepad.

Connect PS4 to laptop

Connecting a console to a laptop is no different than connecting a console to a PC. Follow the steps above to get the same result.

Connect PS4 to monitor

This option is perfect for those who do not have a TV or just a monitor screen more familiar to the eye. Connection is via HDMI (HDMI). If your monitor has a DVI port. Do not be scared, there are special adapters on sale that will not hit your pocket much.

We connect the console to the monitor with a cable and turn it on. If the cable and port are working, then after a few seconds an image will appear on the monitor. That’s all, no additional settings are required.

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However, with such a connection, you will have to play without sound (unless, of course, your monitor is equipped with built-in speakers). To connect speakers or headphones, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings. Devices. Audio Devices.
  2. Connect headphones or speakers to the gamepad, before that, inaccessible settings can now be changed.
  3. Press the menu item “Headphone output” and select “All sounds”.

Done. Now you have the opportunity to play on the monitor with sound.

Before finishing, I would like to talk about such things as system requirements for a computer and Internet connection requirements. These characteristics will help you understand whether the console can be connected to your system.

  • Computer: Windows1 / Windows 10 (OS X Yosemite / OS X EI Capitan. For Mac); Intel Core i5-560M 2.67 GHz; 2 GB RAM.
  • Network connection: connection speed of at least 12 MB per second and constant access to the Internet.

That’s all. We hope the article was informative and helped you understand how to connect PS4 to a PC or laptop.