Connect the second computer to the Internet via router

Setting up a local network via Wi-Fi router between computers on Windows 7. We open overall access to files and folders

In this article, we will configure the local network between two, and more computers with installed Windows 7 (Windows 8). Which are connected via Wi-Fi router. In fact, setting up a local network in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 is practically no different. Windows XP is perhaps that there are nuances, there are all the time there are some problems when setting up the network between the seven and XP. But about this in a separate article, and the time is already moving with Windows XP, it is outdated.

It is clear that to set up a local network, and overall access to files, computers need to somehow be connected by the intercourse by yourself. This can be done using a network cable, I have a direct connection of two computers. But, it is much more interesting to connect all computers through a router, which is now installed in almost every house and office. When connecting via a router, you can already configure a local network not only between two computers. All computers can be combined into a local network, and even mobile bonds that are connected to one router

connect, second, computer, internet, router

For example, stationary computers can be connected to the router via a network cable, and laptops-via Wi-Fi network. This is already more convenient for you, and how you do it. It doesn’t matter whether the Wi-Fi, or the cable is connected to the router, the local network will work. And it doesn’t matter what your operating system is installed, but I will show on the example of Windows 7.

And I will set up and show the network through the ASUS RT-N18U router, to which my laptop is connected by Wi-Fi, and a stationary computer. Both work on Windows 7. Between these two computers we will now set up a local network. And also, we will open the overall access to folders and files. Why is it generally a local network between computers? Mostly for file exchange. If you often need to transfer any files from one computer to another, then that you can’t run with a flash drive, this can be done by network. Well, you can play games on the network.

If your network still has a TV with Smart TV, then you can configure access to films on a computer from a TV. Read more, in this article.

How to connect the Internet to two computers through one cable

Many people wonder how to connect two computers to the Internet through one cable. As a rule, the cable connection of two PC is a simple, alternative solution that can be performed without the help of a professional specialist. It happens that a certain amount of PC is brought to the house, office, financial institution, but there is only a single network.

To correctly connect the cable to two computers, you need to put the network card in each PC and connect via a sweatshirt.

Note! As a rule, the connection of both devices is carried out using a network cable. To solve the problem, you can use the RJ45 series cable.

The local network between the PC is created after entering the control panel. The option “Network and the Internet” is presented to the choice, which will allow you to go to the section “Networks and total access”. Then you need to select the required network connection and open properties. You must definitely connect to the network via the “computer protocol TCP/IPV4” after the correct introduction of the IP address.

Some users want to get access to the Internet from both computers unnecessarily the creation of new 2 accounts. That is, you have to choose a computer to perform the functions of the router. A connecting wire with the Internet is connected to this device. After the successful completion of the action, the properties are configured in accordance with the requirements of the provider.

The next step is to open the TCP/IPV4 protocol settings between computers on the first PC, filling the IP address column with numbers 192.168.0.One.

How to connect an Internet cable to two computers

To enter the network if there are several PCs is a simple task. Users are offered to choose any method-modem or wi-fi. Next, you need to install a network card and driver in it. The menu needs to select the “Device Manager” item, where the network “network board” is located. Next, you need to click on the right mouse key to call the context menu according to the new adapter icon, choosing the “Properties” item.

Important! You can connect both computers using a cable cross-coat, from both ends of which the RG-45 fork is connected by cross. You can use the tee. This action should be performed to ensure signal transmission. The cable must be connected to the network cards of both computers. When the indicator blows out, then the device works in good mode.

How to make a local network test between two computers?

After setting up and rebooting all computers included in the local, we go into the “Starting Panel of the Network Connections” and in the already known left column we find the “network environment” link and see the folders that are open for general access on each computers. From each of the computers.

These are the same folders that were created by default when installing Windows and are in the “My Computer” section.

However, for total access, you can open any other folders. For example, “My drawings”. To do this, click on it with the right mouse button and go into the “Properties”.

Open the “Access” tab and put the daw on “Open common access”. You can also set for her a name under which it will be visible to computers in the local network. If you also want to resolve from other computers to edit its contents, then activate another flag in this window.

We save the changes by pressing the “apply” button and go there, in the network environment, to find this folder among the shaved.

Combining laptops using a router

If two laptops are connected via Wi-Fi to one router, they can exchange data on a local network similarly as it is available using Ethernet cables. This will allow you to exchange files and other network functions.

How to combine two laptops into a local network through a Wi-Fi router? Settings are performed as follows:

  • You should open the command line (by pressing the “Start” and entering the CMD in the search line), select the entrance on behalf of the administrator on one of the laptops (if necessary, you will need to enter a given password).
  • Enter the Netsh Wlan Show Drivers command and press input.
  • Next, you need to find a line called “supported network”. You may have to scroll up the command line window to find it. If it is displayed in it, a special connection can be created. If not indicated “no”. The laptop does not support this function. In this case, the settings on the second device should be performed (one device with support for this module is enough).
  • Next, you need to enter the command Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow Ssid =, and then the connection name, “key =” and password from it and confirm everything by pressing Enter.
  • The next command is Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork. She will open a network for other devices.
  • How to knit two Wi-Fi laptops after installing the connection? On the second device, you need to press the network status icon on the taskbar, select the created connection from the list and enter the password to connect.
  • Next, open the “Network” window on any of the laptops to find common folders of another device (through the “control panel” or “conductor”).

Connection to the router using a network cable (LAN)

Everything is very simple. We take the network cable, we connect one end to the router in one of the LAN connectors (they are signed by LAN, or home network). And we connect the second end of the cable to the computer network card. It looks like this:

How to make lan network between two computers over the internet

If you connect a laptop to the router, then we do everything exactly the same there. One end of the cable to the router, and the second in the network map of the laptop:

That’s all the connection. If the router is turned on, then the computer should immediately respond to connection to the router. The connection status in the TEA will change (in the lower right corner).

If the Internet is connected to the router, and it is already configured, then most likely the connection icon will be as follows:

This means that everything is fine and the Internet is already working.

And if the router is not yet configured (you are just going to configure it). Or there are some problems in the computer settings, then the connection status will be with a yellow exclamation mark. And without access to the Internet. The Internet on the computer will not work.

If the Internet from this router on other devices works fine, and on the computer that we connected without access to the Internet, then you need to check the IP and DNS settings for the local network.

A way to connect two computers using a Wi-Fi router, well, or a sweatshirt.

Who has a router or sweatshirt, connecting two computers 2 times easier. Even if you have a wi-fi point, you connected a computer via a cord or by wireless connection Wi-Fi does not matter. This is the same thing, the main thing is to subnet the same (for example, 192.168.One.)

First you need to check that the working group is the same, otherwise the second computer will not see the first. We go to the control panel and select the system.

Next, we look at what a working group you have. If different everywhere, we call the same name. To do this, click change the parameters.

And change the name. The main thing is that this name is the same on all computers!

So, to connect computers, we go to the control panel and select the home group.

Next, choose to create a home group.

Next, choose what common folders you want to shake.

Next, save the password that you will be given. It will need to connect other computers.

Next, you need to connect with this group on other computers. We also go to the control panel. A home group and see that the computer saw a home group. Click to join.

Some people think that the wire connection and Wi-Fi are different things. Therefore, to destroy the myth, how to connect two computers to each other via Wi-Fi, I decided to connect by Wi-Fi and do everything the same.

Connect computer to router with ethernet cable

We provide access to the necessary files.

Next, enter the password that was given when the group is opened above.

Next, if you want to exchange files. We do the following. We go to the control panel and the network control center and total access.

Click Change the additional parameters of the total access.

All. Now check. We create a folder, for example, I created a laptop on the work table (which is connected by Wi-Fi).

Next, press it with the right mouse button and select the property. Connecting tab. First general access, then expanded setting.

We write everything, or a specific user, then we can put that he is allowed and click the overall access.

In an extended settings, put a checkmark and click OK. If you need advanced rights, then the button is expanded.

Now check. I click on the computer, I go to the network. And I see my laptop (I did not bother with the name of the computer).

We go and see the folder I created in the laptop.

Connect computers to the Internet to transmit the Internet

One of the reasons for creating a home network is the distribution of the Internet. For example, if one PC is connected to the Internet, and it must be shaken on other devices.

First you need to install the connection between the computers according to the instructions above, then open the properties of your network in network connections and put a check on the “Access” tab:

Please note that the “Access” tabs will not be if you have not set up another network connection. The solution is simple, but there are other options. For example, you can make an additional cable branch. To do this, you have to squeeze it yourself, use a detailed instruction:

It is possible to distribute the Internet in this way, but not convenient. The computer should have at least 2 network cards to connect two networks (home and Internet). In addition, each time you have to turn on PC to have access to the global web.

Creating a network at home and connecting two computers is not so difficult. It is easier to connect via a router, because you do not have to pick up the settings and write the addresses. But if you do not have such a device, then a regular LAN cable will solve the problem, it is sold in all computer stores and is inexpensive.

Possible problems when connecting

In some cases, the Internet connection may not work. In such a situation, you need to check the possible reasons and find the present, then fix it.

Here are some possible causes of non.Working network separation:

connect, second, computer, internet, router
  • When connecting, the connection parameters must be correctly indicated (for example, the address in the local network should not match various computers).
  • Когда используется роутер, отсутствие связи может быть следствием неверных параметров, установленных при настройке.
  • An error could be made when establishing a connection with the provider.

These and other possible errors need to be identified and corrected in accordance with a specific situation.

When there are several PCs in the house, they can be simultaneously provided with high.Quality Internet. To do this, you can use the most convenient of the methods presented in the article.

connect, second, computer, internet, router

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