Connect the headphones to Mac on Bluetooth. What headphones are suitable for iPhone…

How to connect headphones to a new or other phone, iPhone, laptop?

In the process of using wireless Bluetooth headphones (ordinary or separate TWS), sometimes there is a need to connect headphones to another phone, laptop or PC. Or to the new device. For example, to iPhone. And sometimes certain difficulties arise with this, since headphones continue to connect to the old device automatically after turning on, or extract from the case. And another device, or the new smartphone does not see them.

To connect the Bluetooth headphones to another device, it is necessary to remove (forget) headphones on the old device, to which they are currently connected. Or just activate the connection mode on the headphones and perform the conjugation with the new phone, laptop, etc. D. After disconnecting the headphones from the device, they will automatically go to the connection mode and will be available for connection on your new device. So it works on Android, on iPhone, on computers with Windows and T. D.

Turn off the headphone from the old device

One moment: if you plan to use headphones with this device in the future, then you can not be removed (then you will have to reinforce them). but just turn off, or turn off Bluetooth on this device.

On all devices, opening the Bluetooth settings, and then the properties of connected headphones can either be turned off or removed (forget). Now I will show how to do this on a smartphone with Android, on iPhone and Windows 10.


Open the Bluetooth section in settings. Find your headphones there, click on them (or on the button opposite) and select what you want to do “delete” or “disable”.


Go to the settings and go to the Bluetooth section. On the contrary, press the button (i) on the headphones. Select “Disable” or “Forget this device”.

Windows 10

We go to the Start menu. parameters. In the section “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” by clicking on the headphones there will be two buttons: “Disable” and “Delete the device”.

If the option with is turned off/deleted, you can try to reset headphones settings (instructions for TWS). If you have ordinary Bluetooth headphone (approximately as in the photo below). then they may need to activate the connection mode.

As a rule, for this you need to clamp a button with the Bluetooth icon for a few seconds, or the power button.

Confusion check

If you have previously connected headphones to any device with Apple ID, and your Mac entered ICLUD, you may not need to conjure headphones.

In this case, AirPods will appear in the Bluetooth menu or volume:

In the Pro version from this menu, you can enable the noise reduction function and transparency mode.

If the menu does not have a volume or Bluetooth icon, open the “system settings” and select the Bluetooth section or sound.

In the first case, install the flag at the bottom of the window next to “Show Bluetooth in the menu line”; In the latter case, install the “Show volume in the menu line”.

How to connect Airpods to Mac

To connect Airpods to Mac, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the MacOS system settings and go to the Bluetooth menu.
  • Open the case cover with headphones inside and press it to Mac.
  • Press and hold the settings button on the back of the case.
  • Select AirPods from the Bluetooth device list and click “Connect”.
  • Turn on siri for Airpods or click “Cancel” to do it later.
  • Made!

Apple Airpods are already connected with your MacBook Pro and will soon be available for all devices in your iCloud account.

If the sound comes from the speakers of your Mac, make sure that you use AirPods headphones as a sound output device, rather than a computer dynamics.

Disconnecting and removing headphones

Sometimes the user needs to turn off AirPods headphones, associated with a MAC computer Bluetooth. The operation is performed through the wireless connection settings. It is enough to highlight the device displayed on the screen, click on the right key of the “mouse” and execute the option “disconnect”/“delete”.

If you need to untie the headset from the single account of Apple ID, then follow the algorithm:

  • Open the Locator System tool on the computer.
  • Find the desired device by name.
  • Click on icon i in a circle to the right of the selected line. In the window that opens, click on the “Delete this device” button “.

Connect AirPods to Windows 10

You can click on the corresponding icon in the tray and select “Add Bluetooth”, or go to “Parameters”. “Devices”. the “Bluetooth” tab and other devices “.

How to Connect Multiple Headphones to Your Mac!

We leave the window with the parameters open, we take our AirPods headphones, open the case and on the back of the case for seconds for three, clamp the round button. We keep it pressed until the indicator inside the case begins to flash white.

In Windows parameters, click on “Add Bluetooth or another device” and in the new window select “Bluetooth”.

The computer should see our Airpods. Click on them and immediately go the connection process. At the end, you just need to click on the “Ready” button.

All is ready! Windows already broadcasts sound to our wireless headphones. Their status in setting: AirPods. “Connected voice, music”. There they can also be manually turned off or removed. After removal, it will be necessary to repeat the process of connection again.

We take them out of the charger, insert them into the ears and enjoy music. Only one headphones can be used.

When we hide both headphones in the case and close it, the headphones are automatically disconnected (the status of the connection is “conjugated”) and the sound begins to reproduce through the speakers of the laptop, or the speaker system. As soon as we open the case with air pose, they will automatically connect to the computer and the sound goes to the headphones.

Microphone setup, work as a headset

In this regard, everything is the same as with other Bluetooth headphones. I did not manage to configure AirPods in Windows 10 so that you can listen to music in good quality (stereo) and at the same time the microphone worked.

In the sound parameters, you can choose an input and output device. If you select the “AirPods head phone”, then the headphones will work in the headset mode.

If you connected the calamus for communication via Skype, then right in the program settings you can set settings. Choose these headphones as a microphone and speakers.

But then the system will not play sounds through headphones. You need to return all the settings back. Perhaps you will succeed in configure all this. You can share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

In general, in this regard, everything is far from perfect. If you just listen to music, watch movies, etc. D., then yes, everything works well. But to set up the microphone, you will have to tinker. And even that is not a fact that everything will work out.

Connection and configuration of the air subs on a computer with Windows 7

Since I also have Windows 7 on my laptop next to the dozen, I decided to try to get rid of AirPods to it. Since there are problems with connecting such new devices.

I did everything as in Windows 10. Just connect a new device. Do not forget to activate the connection mode on the headphones. Using a separate button on the case.

But as I expected, Windows 7 could not find a driver.

Airpods connected, but with an error (there was a yellow exclamation mark near them) and they simply did not work.

How I solved this problem?

Updated the Bluetooth driver module. I went into the device manager, opened the properties of Geneeric Bluetooth Adapter and saw that the driver was from 2006. Which Windows 7 installed.

Read more about solving such problems in Windows 7 in a separate one: Connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows 7. Why are not connected, there is no sound, driver?

Since I know the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module, which is installed in my laptop (I have already changed it). then very quickly downloaded and installed a new driver from the manufacturer’s website. If you do not know the model of the module itself, you can try to download the driver from the site manufacturer’s website. But strictly for its laptop model. And if you have a USB Bluetooth adapter, then download the driver for it.

Then I just removed Airpods from the list of already connected devices (since I have already tried to connect them) and installed the connection again. And this time, Windows 7 installed almost all drivers. In addition to the “peripheral device Bluetooth”. But the headphones began to work without problems, despite the fact that there was a yellow exclamation mark near them.

In reproduction devices you need to assign them the status “by default”.

This is how I made new headphones from Apple with a not very new operating system from Microsoft. In Windows 10, all this is connected and sets up much easier. Not like iOS and Mac OS devices, but still without such dances with a tambourine.

Different problems, settings, solutions, etc. D. On this topic, we can discuss in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Leave your messages there.



Connection AirPods to Windows 10

I wonder how to connect Airpods to Windows? This is possible, but all the functions of the headphones will not work. For example, AirPods will not automatically stop audio when you take out one headphone from your ear, like with Mac or iPhone. However, the main purpose of AirPods headphones will be performed.

Below how to connect AirPods to Windows 10.

On the Windows toolbar at the bottom of the screen, click the Bluetooth icon.

Select add the device.

Best wireless earbuds for iPhone users

The device for adding devices will open. Here again click the button.

Now open the AirPods cover and click the connection button.

Your AirPods should appear on PC from Windows.

Select AirPods from the list to start connection. In a couple of seconds, the headphones will be connected and ready to work.

How to connect AirPods to Windows 7? The process will be almost the same, only the names of options and buttons may slightly differ.

AirPods is a very simple device, but headphones are capable of a lot. You can configure gestures for them and even use accessories with them. Read more about all this in this article and here.

How to connect a column or headphones via Bluetooth

As soon as you connected headphones or a column, make sure that the volume is both at the computer and the accessory not at zero, then check the sound. To do this, just turn on any track through iTunes or other player, or turn on the video with sound on YouTube.

This option is suitable if you need to turn off the accessory to reproduce audio again through the speakers of your computer, but you want the next time you turn on the Bluetooth on the column or headphones, they connected automatically to the computer.

The easiest way to do this is to disable Bluetooth on the device. However, if for some reason you cannot or do not want to do this, you can interrupt the connection from the computer. To do this, just open the Bluetooth menu in system settings, click on the name of the accessory with the right mouse button and select.

Finally, you can also turn off the audio devices by turning off the Bluetooth on the computer, but at the same time you will also turn off the entire wireless periphery like a mouse or keyboard, and you cannot use Airdrop.

How to remove wireless device

If you no longer plan to use headphones or a column, you can remove the device so that the computer does not connect to it automatically.

To do this, again, open the Bluetooth menu in the settings, click with the right button on the desired device and click remove, or simply click on the cross to the right of the name. Confirm the action by clicking on the Remove button.

Note that the computer will continue to see the remote device, so if necessary, you can again connect to it manually.

Sound setting

Add low or high frequencies and tune to the music of certain genres, the iOS operating system offers in the section “Equalaiz”, hiding in the “Music” category in “Settings”. There, developers offer to experiment on the sound and fix the weaknesses of the selected headset or headphones.

If the music is not played through the original media player from Apple, then it will have to look for an “equalizer” already in a player.

connect, headphones, bluetooth, suitable, iphone

Additionally, sound parameters change in the Bluetooth settings. If you press on the “I” button, located next to the name of the headphones, then additional parameters will appear inside. For example, in the case of AirPods Pro, it will be possible to activate noise reduction, and for standard headphones from Apple. to change the gestures used and the position of the microphone.

Stereo wares will require additional actions. pressing buttons located on the case, clicks of special switches. Regardless of the design, it is important to remember. each time Bluetooth “settings” is not necessary. there is only an option with a full breakdown of the installed connections, and also necessary only with technical problems.

Setting and Management of AirPods headphones in Mac OS

Immediately in the Bluetooth settings, opposite your headphones, you can click on the “Parameters” button.

The menu will open where you can assign a function on a double touch on the left and right headphones. Like the phone, the following options are available: Siri, Start/Pause, the next path, the previous path, turned off. There you can also configure the use of the microphone on Airpods and turn off, or enable the “Automatic Definition of the Ear” function.

If necessary, then in the same settings of Bluetooth nashers can be turned off, renamed, or removed.

connect, headphones, bluetooth, suitable, iphone

In the sound settings, you can change the sound source source. For example, switch it to speakers MacBook, even when AirPods are connected. There you can also see the level of charge of headphones and cases.

connect, headphones, bluetooth, suitable, iphone

If your Bluetooth icon is displayed in the menu line, then there you can also see the charge level of each AirPods headphone and case.

No problems with drivers (as in the case of Windows 7). the microphone settings and the like. Connected in a few seconds and use. It would be strange, of course, if Airpods had not adapted in Apple to perfectly work with their own laptops and computers. Apple ecosystem, without it.



How to look at the AirPods charge on Apple Watch

I don’t know how for you, but for me, viewing the battery level on Airpods is always some kind of problem. Yes, there seems to be widgets, but so far you will get to them a hundred years. But this is still half the trouble. What do you order to do when I tied Airpods to Apple Watch, and Iphone left the iPhone at home? It turns out everything, find out charging will not work? As if not.

See AirPods charging right on Apple Watch.

Here Apple seems to be positioning itself as a company that produces products with an extremely understandable and simple integration. But, friends, I myself would not have done in life how to look at the AirPods charge on Apple Watch:

  • We connect the headphones to Apple Watch.
  • Then we go to the control point with the swipe from the bottom up.
  • Tap to the charge level as a percentage.
  • Watch the charge of watches and headphones.

If someone knew about this feature, write in a comment on how you guessed before?

Airpods pro. What to do

No matter how tried Apple to make headphones with active noise reduction, which do not fall out of the ears, nothing came of them. Let’s honestly admit: AirPods Pro falls out almost every third. We in the editorial office faced a problem for a long time and and firsthand we know how unpleasant it is.

Foam nozzles are the best way to get rid of the problem of Airpods Pro loss.

Having tried a bunch of nozzles of different sizes and shapes in came to the conclusion that it is better to find anything than foam nozzles. Unlike the usual silicone nozzles, they sit in the ear canal much more convenient due to slow melting.

The chip in the editorial office checked everything. Those to whom Airpods seemed uncomfortable finally straightened their shoulders. Here’s what Appleinsider author writes about Alexander Bogdanov:

The foam nozzles for Airpods Pro turned out to be no worse than the original, but something better: yes, now the headphones are well fixed in the ears and do not fall out when running.

It is also cool that on Ali they are sold completely cheap. Agree, everyone will be able to give 220 for their own comfort.