Connect Tablet To Usb TV

Powerful modern tablets give users many options. With their help, it’s convenient to surf the Internet, play productive games or watch movies with high quality. But when there is a good TV in the room, then the tandem of a powerful tablet with a large screen on the wall will be an excellent choice. You just need to know how to connect the tablet to the TV, since there are a lot of ways to do this.

Connect Tablet To Usb TV

Wired connection

Connecting with cables may not be very convenient. However, it is precisely the wires that can provide the most comfortable data transfer, without packet loss and without signal delay.

This interface is capable of transmitting both a picture and sound through just one cable. No adapters or additional devices. The transmission takes place in digital format, which ensures perfect transmission of quality. It is probably impossible to find a modern TV without this port, but HDMI is less common in tablets, although manufacturers are trying to integrate it everywhere.

HDMI allows you to transfer streaming, directly capturing the screen of the tablet. Everything that will be displayed on it will be transmitted to the TV in real time. And if you take into account the simplicity and speed of the connection, this port will be the best solution among the other wired ones.

It looks like an adapter with microUSB to HDMI

To establish a connection, in most cases, simply connecting the tablet and the TV with a cable is enough. Devices will automatically recognize each other and establish communication. If this does not happen, you need to specify the HDMI source as the input signal in the TV settings. Accordingly, in the tablet settings, select the signal output to HDMI.

This method is somewhat less functional than HDMI. Through USB, you can use the tablet only as an external drive. This will allow you to play music, photos ands previously downloaded to your tablet on your TV. But to stream from the screen will not work.

An ordinary USB cable that comes with the device is enough to connect. Having connected both devices, you need to select the connection method “as a drive” in the USB settings of the tablet. The TV “picks up” the device like an ordinary USB flash drive, after which it remains to go into the desired folder and run the desired files.


This technology uses a microUSB connector on the tablets, but SlimPort microUSB –HDMI adapter will have to be purchased to display the picture on the TV. The output can be carried out not only on HDMI, but also on other TV ports. DVI, VGA and even DiplayPort.

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It looks SlimPort adapter

First you have to make sure that both the TV and the tablet support this technology. The connection is similar to the HDMI connection described above. You need to connect both devices via an adapter and a cord, and if necessary, specify the appropriate ports for input and output in the settings.

This method is similar to the previous one. But unlike SlimPort, MHL can only display images on the TV’s HDMI port. As in the previous case, the TV and tablet must support MHL technology. You will also have to purchase a microUSB to HDMI adapter.

If the TV will support MHL, then near one or more of its HDMI ports will be the inscription “MHL”. It is in these ports that you need to connect the cable. After connecting the tablet, in the TV settings you will need to choose exactly MHL – HDMI as the input signal.

This technology has another significant plus. In addition to transmitting high-quality sound and pictures, the tablet will gradually charge from the TV. This charge, although it will be quite slow, but it does 100% guarantee that the device will not be discharged and will not turn off at the wrong time.

RCA in common people are better known as “tulips”. RCA connectors can be found on almost all televisions manufactured in the 2000s. These are analog connectors, and therefore you will have to forget about the transmission of good quality.

To connect, you have to get hold of the HDMI to AV signal converter (RCA). With it, the digital format of the tablet will be converted to analog, which can recognize the old TV.

Only HDMI and RCA connectors will be on the converter. The first, as you might guess, will be designed to connect to a smartphone. The remaining three RCA cables connect to the TV.

It looks like HDMI to AV / RCA converter

All tulips must be connected in accordance with the colors. The yellow cable is responsible for transmitting the picture, white and red. For the sounds. On the tablet, you need to enable the image output to HDMI, and on the TV go to the AV channel responsible for the RCA jacks.

This connector is quite old, and although it can still be seen on laptops, tablets aren’t equipped with them now. But if it is on the TV, then using the mini / microUSB-VGA or miniHDMI-VGA adapter, you can still establish a connection. Connection is the same as through regular HDMI.

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Wireless connection

The lack of wires will be very handy for lovers of mobility. But for such convenience you will have to pay for possible signal instability, and possible transmission delays. Here, everything will rest on the quality of wireless communication in the house.

Wi-Fi Direct

Most modern televisions have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to a wireless network. This is especially true for Smart TVs. Usually this ability to connect to the network is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct.

This technology will allow you to quickly and accurately transmit the picture from the tablet directly to the TV. To connect, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi module in the settings of both devices and connect to the network. After that, go to the Wi-Fi Direct settings on the TV, where to activate this function, then find and select the desired tablet in the list of available devices.

Wi-Fi Direct setup example on LG TV

After a short time, the connection between the devices will improve. Then you can safely use the direct streaming of everything that is happening on the tablet’s display to the TV screen.

To establish a connection, it is necessary that the tablet and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You also need to make sure that no software blocks data transfer. If the connection is not activated, you need to make sure that the UPnP protocol is enabled in the router settings.


This technology is newer than Wi-Fi Direct, moreover, it is based on it. It is supported mainly by smart TVs and devices based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or later. Its main advantages are:

  1. Connection between devices is carried out without a router.
  2. Better battery life compared to Wi-Fi Direct.
  3. Broadcasting can occur both from the tablet’s screen on TV and in the opposite direction.
  4. WPA2 encryption to protect data.
  5. Improved image and sound quality.

The connection is easy to configure. In the TV settings, you need to activate the Miracast function, after which on the tablet in the “Screen” settings section, select the TV as the signal output object.


This technology is quite old, and it is not enough to fully transmit high-quality sound or from a tablet to a TV. But you can connect these devices, and thanks to the tablet you can control the TV.

You can do this only with those TVs that are controlled by the Android TV operating system, or the set-top box controlled by this OS is connected to them. If the TV did not have a built-in Bluetooth module, then you will need to purchase a simple Bluetooth adapter for the TV.

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On the tablet you need to download the management application. One such is the “Android TV Remote Control.” It is completely free, and allows you to use a tablet or smartphone as a remote control. You can switch channels, control volume, control the screen using the arrow buttons or touch the phone screen as a touchpad. You can also enter text using the on-screen keyboard and even use the phone’s microphone for voice calls.

After starting the application (without forgetting to turn on Bluetooth on both devices), you need to accept the user agreement and click “Allow” in the next window. Next, select TV in the list of devices. The code that you need to enter in the application will be displayed on the TV screen. After that, the connection will be finally established.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that needs to be purchased separately. This set-top box connects to the TV via the HDMI interface, and allows you to display on the TV screen everything that is displayed on the tablet. In addition to connecting HDMI, the console needs to be powered. By connecting it to the outlet through the adapter, or via USB to the TV. Then follow this instruction:

  1. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same network.
  2. Launch the application. Select “Start”, and then click the “Configure” button.
  3. Log in to your Google account.
  4. Wait until the application detects the TV, and then click “Next.”
  5. A digital code will be displayed on the TV, which must be entered in the application on the tablet.
  6. The devices will connect and synchronize, after which it will be possible to use the connection.

Google Chromecast device

Connect an old TV to a tablet

Almost all old TVs have a jack for connecting an external source. In addition to the above RCA and VGA, it can also have a SCART connector. Connecting to it is also possible, but for this you need to purchase two adapters. SCART – HDMI and HDMI – miniHDMI. If the TV is so old that it will not be able to play from an external source, then neither the tablet nor anything else can be connected to it.

In conclusion

Connecting your tablet to a large TV can be a great way to have fun with friends. There are many ways to make such a connection. But in order to avoid problems, it is important to take care of this in advance, purchase the necessary devices and adapters, and then test the connection. Then, if desired or necessary, everything can be easily and quickly connected, and after that. Enjoy the process.