Connect Samsung To Computer


No sound

If there are problems with audio playback. First of all, check that the sound is set to full. To do this, click on the speaker in the lower right corner and see that the sound level on your headphones is above zero.

  1. If after that there is no sound, then most likely the problem is in the drivers. We also go to the device manager and try to update the driver.
  1. Next, the installation window will pop up or the system will inform you that the software does not need updating. Then it is worth downloading drivers for the mainland or an external adapter from the official website. For an external medium, you must enter the name of the device into any search engine on the Internet.
  2. For the internal module, everything is much more complicated. If you have a disk from the motherboard with original drivers, then install the software from there. Otherwise, you will have to search for the motherboard model name manually. We poke “Start” and prescribe “CMD”. We start the command line. We register this command:
  1. A message will appear with complete information about the motherboard model. We are interested in the line under “Product”. We open a browser and enter this combination of letters and numbers into Yandex or Google. A link will open to the official site with this motherboard, where you can download firewood. Then just install them.
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Headphone connection without additional adapter

Step 3: Verify Communication

Already at this stage, you can try to play any music, but problems may arise. The fact is that a successful connection does not say that after that the sound will be played without problems. So if the sound is interrupted or the headphones are silent, we go to adjust the sound.

  1. Go to “Start” and look for “Control Panel”.
  2. Further, depending on the OS version, you need to go to the sound settings. Just find the speaker icon and double click.
  3. The settings menu will open. We are interested in the first tab “Playback”.
  4. Double click on the headphones. After that, in the line “Device Application”, there should be “Use this device (incl.)”. If not, then activate the headphones. Click “Apply”.
  1. For every fireman, restart your computer or laptop. After that, turn on Bluetooth on your computer, then activate the headphones and try again to listen to the sound.
Connect Samsung To Computer

Step 2: Setting up the connection

  1. In the tray in the lower right corner, you should see the Bluetooth icon. If it is hidden, then just click on the arrow that points at the top to open hidden icons.
  2. Now click on the “Blue tooth” icon and from the drop-down list “Add Bluetooth devices”. If the device is turned off, turn on!
  3. Next, you need to turn on the headphones. For me, they are activated using the power button, which you need to hold down until the device starts to burn. Some models have a separate Bluetooth button that activates the transmitter.
  4. The computer will try to find any devices and in the “Options” window you will see the name of the headphones and the word “Paired” if the connection was successful.
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Step 1: Checking the Blue Tooth

And so, the lack of a built-in Bluetooth module may become a small problem. Unfortunately, not even all laptops have this transmitter, let alone desktop computers. Now we will check if we have Bluetooth or not.

  1. Simultaneously hold down the Windows button and R. The command execution window will come out. We enter such a line “devmgmt.Msc”, press “OK” or Enter.
  1. We look at the device manager. It is necessary to find any mention of Bluetooth that will say that this technology is present in your computer.
  1. Double click on the adapter device. A window will pop up, where it will be written that the device is working normally.

If the device is not detected, but you know that it is, then go to the chapter troubleshooting in the same article.

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