Connect Samsung Galaxy To Computer

Galaxy S9 won’t connect to computer? There is a solution!

Despite the fact that every year, when interacting with a smartphone, a computer is required less and less, in some cases communication with a PC is necessary. Throw off photos, upload music, update the firmware. Yes, all this can be done without a computer, but it’s still more convenient with it.

And just here it is possible that various problems may arise. Galaxy S9 can easily refuse to connect to a computer via USB, and in the device manager we will see a not very pleasant inscription “unknown device“. As a result, the computer “does not see” the smartphone. Unpleasant? Yes. Is it fixable? Of course! Let’s find out how to deal with all this disgrace. Let’s go!

  • Usually, all necessary drivers are installed automatically the first time you connect your Galaxy S9 to your PC. But, just in case, be sure to download the latest drivers and software (Kies) from the official Samsung website. Here is the download link.
  • Immediately after connecting the Galaxy S9 to the computer, do not forget to unlock the smartphone screen and answer the question in the affirmative: “Do you want to allow access to data on the phone?”
    Connect Samsung Galaxy To Computer
  • If you own a computer running Windows XP or Vista, and the Galaxy S9 refuses to connect to them via USB, we recommend installing the appropriate MTP protocol (you can download it here: Id = 19153). Remember to restart your computer.
  • Just in case, check in the Galaxy S9 settings that the smartphone is connected to the computer for more than just charging. How to do it? After connecting to the computer, “pull” the upper curtain down, find the item “Android Platform”, click on it and select “Transfer files”.
  • It is worth trying to uninstall Samsung in the Windows Device Manager (although most often it will not say “Samsung”, but “Unknown device”), restart the computer and try to connect again. Sometimes it helps.

We checked everything, the drivers were updated, the protocols were installed, but the connection still does not work? Well, here are some more reasons for this behavior of the device:

  • You may be able to resolve the issue by connecting your Galaxy S9 to a different USB port. Attention! It is best to connect your smartphone and computer directly (without using adapters, splitters, etc.)
  • Try another USB Type-C cable (if this is not possible, then you should try using a Micro USB cable with the Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter that comes with the kit). We had a case when a seemingly “healthy” wire refused to work at all. The reasons were not found out. They bought a new one 🙂
  • Be sure to make sure that there are no problems with the connector, both on the smartphone and on the computer: dust, water, dirt. All this interferes with the normal connection. Personal experience. We wanted to upload photos to a computer, connect and. Zero reaction. PC writes “unknown device” and at least you crack. We look into the connector and see that dust has somehow got into there. Carefully cleaned it. Everything worked! An important point: if you decide to clean yourself. Do it with a folded piece of paper or a toothpick (in no case should you use metal objects!).
  • Check if the Galaxy S9 connects to another computer or laptop? If yes, then there is some kind of software glitch that prevents the connection.
  • Damage to the connector on the smartphone. It happens extremely rarely, but it brings a lot of troubles. You cannot fix such things on your own, you will have to contact the service center.

By the way, we almost forgot. Another thing to check is the power supply of the USB ports. How to do it?

  1. On the computer, go to the “Control Panel”.
  2. Click on “Power supply”.
  3. Here we select the item “Setting up the power plan”.
  4. In the settings window that appears, click on “Change advanced parameters”.
  5. Now a list should appear from which you should select “USB Settings”. Expand it.
  6. Opposite “Parameters for temporarily disconnecting the USB port” should be indicated “Forbidden”.

Now that’s all for sure. After all these steps, your Galaxy S9 will simply have to connect to the computer.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy / Note to Computer or Laptop

Many users of Samsung smartphones sometime early come across the fact that your “favorite” is already filled to capacity with photos, files and various content downloaded from the Internet. But not everyone knows how to connect Samsung Galaxy to a computer or laptop.

There are two ways to connect this model to your PC or laptop. If you have Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on your computer or laptop, then the matter is small. As you know, these operating systems already contain the necessary drivers and you do not need to download any programs from the Internet.

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Just take the phone and connect it to the PC with the included USB cable, in a few minutes the devices are compatible. When finished, you can find a new removable disk in the “My Computer” menu. This disk will be your phone. You now have the ability to download and upload the files that you need.

You can also transfer data using the Finder program, it is initially installed on all computers or laptops with the Mac OS operating system.

Using the Samsung ExpressConnect program, which you need to download first, then start and wait for the installation to complete (this process will not take you much time). The program is very convenient for such operations. You need to make sure that the phone battery is well charged, it should be at least half. Next, connect your smartphone using a USB cable. This process will allow you to:

  • Work with an address book;
  • Upload new themes, pictures and so on;
  • Change settings;
  • Install or uninstall applications;
  • Delete or create new SMS.

An alternative way to connect your phone to your computer. Via wifi.

You will need to download and install the AirDroid app. After installation, you will receive an address that you need to enter in your browser, as well as a password. A simple operation that will allow you to access your phone in a matter of minutes. In this program, you can see the latest calls, SMS, photos, pictures and so on. The plus point of this connection is that you don’t need to carry a USB cable with you. The only thing you need to know is whether a Wi-Fi module is installed on your computer or laptop.

Computer cannot find Samsung Galaxy / Note via USB cable, what should I do? Before connecting a smartphone to a PC, go to the settings, the USB. Connection section and click on the “connect via USB” button, after this operation the computer perceives the phone as a USB flash drive. Also, when connected to a computer via a cable, only charging can go. You need to make sure it works.

You can also use the Kies program. Before using it, make sure your computer complies with all technical data of the program. Disable antivirus and all running applications. Restart your PC and install Kies without antivirus.

You can also check the USB connection in the notification bar. If there is no connection, then the cable itself is still faulty, which must be replaced with another.

Through the program

Additionally, you can download Samsung Kies to your computer. It provides Samsung smartphone owners with additional features. Install the app, connect your phone via cable to PC.

The program will automatically detect the device. After connecting, you can use all the features of the application, including backing up through it.

Connecting a smartphone to a computer via Wi-Fi

Connecting a smartphone to a PC via Wi-Fi can be done via a third-party app. One suitable program is AirDroid. It is as easy as possible to use it:

Possible problems

When you connect your smartphone, the computer does not see it? There may be several reasons:

  1. Additional drivers are required to connect the phone.
  2. You are a makovod. To connect, you need to download an additional program on Mac. Android File Transfer.
  3. Cable problems. Try using a different cord.
  4. Port problems. Try to connect to a different connector on the PC.

How to connect Samsung to a computer. Step by step instructions

How to connect Samsung to a computer? Cope with this task is easy, just spend a couple of minutes on the whole procedure. Let’s look at ways to connect a mobile device to a PC, provide help and instructions to users.

How to connect Samsung to a computer via a USB cable?

Why you may need to connect a smartphone to a PC?

  • Galaxy data needs to be backed up.
  • Need to transfer files between devices.
  • You would like to use your phone as a flash drive.
  • Perform manual firmware update.

How to connect Galaxy to computer?

  • Take the cord, through it connect the device to the USB port.
  • The icon should appear in the panel on the device. Expand it, tap on the corresponding notification.
  • Click on the item to connect as USB storage.
  • Confirm Action.

You can perform the same operation via the phone menu:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the section “Wireless networks”.
  3. Find the item “USB Tools”.
  4. Click on “Connect storage to PC”.
  5. Then click on “Connect USB storage” and confirm.


Connecting a smartphone to a PC and transferring information is very easy. But on a Mac, this will require a special application, since the operating system does not support “alien” devices on Android.

Additional software allows you to transfer files up to 4 GB, this limitation can cause problems for users. To move significant amounts of information, you can use cloud storage, although the whole procedure will take a lot of time due to long synchronization.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB

The choice of a suitable smartphone-to-PC connection depends on the task that you set for yourself. For example, if we are talking about a large amount of data, then it is advisable to use a USB cable. This method is also worth resorting to if you plan to use your smartphone as a modem or webcam.

What are the advantages of such a connection?

  1. Information flows quickly.
  2. The user then uses the gadget for different purposes.
  3. The device acts as a webcam in the connection process.
  4. This type of connection opens access to the internal directories of the mobile phone.

Of course, connecting via USB has certain disadvantages. For example, you find yourself “tied” to a computer. In other words, you will have to come to terms with the restriction of your freedom in advance.

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But, how to connect your phone to your computer via USB? It’s simple. You need to connect the “mobile phone” and the computer port. A microUSB or USB cable will help with this. Select the mode you need on the device. We are talking about the modes of the drive, webcam or modem.

As a rule, there is no need to install drivers. But there are also exceptions. For example, if a message “jumped out” at the bottom of the smartphone screen that a new device is being connected. In this case, check the availability of the Internet and download the necessary drivers. The devices will then have to finish syncing automatically.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer: 3 easy options

Almost any smartphone user is once faced with the task of transferring data from it to a PC, and as quickly as possible. And this is not difficult to cope with. You just need to connect your smartphone to your laptop. The connection can be made using different methods. We present them in our article.

Wifi connection

Connecting a phone to a computer via wifi is the most popular type of device connection. And it is not surprising, because it takes little time and is quite user-friendly. But there are also nuances. For example, you cannot do without a Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi adapter or Wi-Fi antenna. And you also need to come to terms with the fact that the exchange of information will not be particularly fast.

The simplest solution, how to connect a mobile phone to a laptop via Wi-Fi, is to use a special mobile application. In other words, you need a program to connect your phone to your computer. There are a large number of such applications, so regardless of your operating system, you can easily find the option you need. If you have Apple, then iTunes is your choice. For Android phones, Update Service, MyPhoneExplorer and other solutions are suitable.

The corresponding applications work according to the same principle. As a rule, after starting such a program, it offers the user an address that must be transferred to the address bar on the PC. After that, the internal memory of the smartphone will open on it in the form of a folder.

It will be useful to know: How to distribute Wi Fi from a laptop

Bluetooth connection

Almost any modern laptop has Bluetooth. How do I connect my phone to a laptop in this case? To use this type of connection, run the corresponding modules on both devices. PC and phone. Then on your computer or laptop, start a search for devices compatible with it. The device will be found shortly and you will confirm the connection. Please note that the preferred option is the option that does not involve the use of access keys.

How to connect a smartphone to a PC via wireless networks

Wireless networks do not allow data transfer too fast. But on the other hand, with their help, you can connect Android to a PC or a phone on another operating system (for example, iOS) to a laptop an order of magnitude faster. Make sure your computer has either WiFi or Bluetooth in advance. Otherwise, you will have to go in search of a cable.

Common Problems Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer

No matter how simple the process is to connect a smartphone to a PC, sometimes some difficulties cannot be avoided.

  • In some cases, while connecting to the phone, the computer starts installing drivers unscheduled. In such a situation, just wait until the installation is complete. If you have difficulties with this, then download the drivers manually. As a rule, they are located on the official website of the phone manufacturer.
  • If syncing fails, go to the developer menu and enable debugging. After that the difficulties will disappear.
  • Smartphones with non-common operating systems sometimes do not want to connect to a PC. To simplify this process, connect the switched off phone to the laptop and only then turn it on. The computer will notice the device and automatically download the drivers for it.

As you can see, there are several ways to connect a smartphone to a computer. Each of them has pros and cons, and therefore, in different situations, you can resort to different options. But you need to remember about these solutions in order, if necessary, to choose the one that will correspond to the tasks set. In any case, connecting your phone and PC will no longer be a problem for you.

The computer does not see the Galaxy S8

Hello our beloved visitor! Today we will teach you how to connect your Galaxy S8 to your computer. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this process, but sometimes problems may arise. Sometimes the Galaxy S8 cannot be seen by the computer, and sometimes it may not sync with the PC. In such situations, you need to look for the cause of possible malfunctions, in fact, let’s get to this and move on.

Why the computer can’t see the Galaxy S8

First, you need to check the most commonplace reasons:

  • The first step is to check the integrity of the USB cable. Are there any kinks or cracked areas on it? Everyone knows that with active use, these cables wear out quickly and become unusable. Alternatively, try connecting your Galaxy S8 to your computer with a different cord. Be sure to use only original wires.
  • How do the jacks on your computer feel? Try to connect with all connectors, perhaps the initial loosening and loosening a little.
  • Now it is worth looking into the socket for charging our smartphone, if there are any foreign objects there that may interfere with the connection. Sometimes, dust accumulations are to blame.
  • Could you accidentally wet the phablet before plugging it in? In this case, moisture sensors in the charging socket block all connections via the cable.
  • Along with the original cable, to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer, it must have official Samsung drivers. To do this, you need to download and install the official Kies program.
  • When connected to a Mac PC, you need the Smart Switch program, you can also download it from the official Samsung website.
  • Sometimes, due to the fact that the downloaded applications conflict in the smartphone, a factory reset can help. However, in this case, all user data will be deleted, and the Galaxy S8 will return to its original state, as if you had just unpacked it.
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Updating Galaxy S8 PC connectivity

Why are we going to do this? On rare occasions when we try to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer, it passes it off as an unidentified device. In this case, we need to go to the device manager, and make some corrections:

  • We follow through my computer, properties, to the device manager.
  • Right-click on the unidentified device, and select delete.
  • Now we reboot the PC, and see if it recognizes the Galaxy S8.

In the case when our device is recognized in the manager, but the computer does not see the Galaxy S8, you need to right-click on it and select scan. In this case, he will most likely see it.

The statistics of such cases most often indicate that the Galaxy S8 does not connect to the computer due to software. And the problem should be looked for in the drivers, by updating them it is most often solved. If you have a different case, describe it in as much detail as possible in the comments, we will deal with # 128578;

What to do if Galaxy S8 fails to connect to computer?

Finding something difficult in connecting the S8 to a laptop is hardly possible. In most cases, the owners of the gadget cope with this task without any instructions. But sometimes, connection problems do arise. We’ll tell you about the issues that often cause difficulties in syncing your PC and phone.

As a rule, the solution to these problems always lies on the surface:

  1. Make sure the USB cable is not damaged. In some cases, damage may not be visible at first glance. If you have another cable at hand, try connecting to your PC with it.
  2. Make sure the USB port is working. Computers have more than one port, so there is no problem to test the functionality of one port. Try plugging the cord into all available USB ports.
  3. Be sure to check that the USB Type-C connector on your Galaxy S8 is free of dust and dirt. If there is dirt, then it is worth carefully cleaning the connector with a toothpick or a folded sheet of paper. Do not use metal objects (needles, pins, etc.) for this. You can damage the contacts.
  4. Do not connect the Galaxy S8 immediately after being in water. Let it dry.
  5. In some cases, the problem is with the drivers. They are usually installed automatically. But, sometimes you have to “strain” and download them yourself. For Galaxy smartphones, drivers are installed along with Samsung’s proprietary program Kies. Download from the official site.
  6. If you are using a Mac computer, you need to install Android File Transfer to fix the S8’s connection problems. Or, again, use the Smart Switch utility. Download in the same place as Kies.
  7. Some people say that it helps to reset the S8 to factory settings, but it seems to us that this is an absolutely pointless exercise.
  8. Removing and reinstalling the drivers can also fix the problem (sometimes you just need to update the drivers).
  9. Try to remove Samsung in the list of connected Windows devices, after adding it again.

A little more detail on the last point. Not necessarily Samsung will already be in the list of connected devices. Sometimes, when connecting the Galaxy S8, it will be possible to find an “unknown device” there.

What to do in this case?

  • Open “My Computer”. “Properties”. “Device Manager”.
  • Select the “Unknown device” item next to which there is a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right click on it and select “Delete”.
  • Restart your computer.
  • After downloading, the PC will try to find the Galaxy S8.

If a device named Samsung is already detected in the manager, but the computer does not see the Galaxy S8, then:

  • Right-click on it.
  • A new menu will appear, in which we are interested in the option “Update / scan hardware configuration”.
  • It remains to wait for the end of the scan. Once completed, the Galaxy S8 should be detected.

Note that in most cases, the inability to connect to a PC is associated with software. Since the devices have appeared on the market quite recently, it is unlikely that unexpectedly the USB cable can fail if its owner did not deliberately damage it. Breakage of all USB ports is also quite rare. Therefore, problems are most often solved by a simple driver update. Download them only from the official website (we have already given the link).