Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet to TV

Perhaps right now you are wondering: how to connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet to the TV? Then this article is for you!

Connection process

Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet to TV

The principle of connecting the tablet to the TV

So, how do you connect the tablet to the TV to watch a or movie on the big screen? First of all, of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the information regarding the connection process, and only then proceed with synchronization.

Why do users need to connect a TV to a portable device? Movies can be viewed on the small display of the gadget. Perhaps you just do not get positive emotions from watchings on a seven- or ten-inch screen? You do not want to strain your eyesight, do not want to hold the device in your hands, and just want to relax while watching? Fortunately, manufacturers took this moment into account, and already at this point in the world there are all kinds of “tablet-TV” type adapters.

Original adapter packaging

You need to know that not all tablets have a function for displaying images on a TV. HDMI output required. The tablet should usually have mini-HDMI, since standard HDMI takes up too much space and is not suitable for such a small device. For this reason, you need a special wire and adapter (as is the case with the Galaxy Tab) in order to synchronize the TV and tablet.

Is it possible to connect a tablet to any TV?

Unfortunately not. In order for the connection to be made, an HDMI input must be present on your TV.

And if you find a connector of this type on your TV, then do the following:

  1. First connect the wire to the tablet;
  2. Then connect the other end to the TV;
  3. After that, start the.

You can also go the other way by connecting the TV via VGA. The picture below illustrates the principle of connecting the tablet through an adapter to a TV with only a VGA input:

The principle of connecting a tablet via VGA

Do not forget to connect external power to the adapter. Otherwise, your portable gadget simply does not have enough power.

Adapter and tablet connection (for VGA)

Negative sides of the connection

So now you know how to connect your tablet to a large TV. Thus, you can watch your favorite on the big screen without straining your eyesight, and you will not need to hold the device in your hands (which is also very inconvenient).

Tablet users never have difficulty connecting to the Internet, but when trying to connect a portable device to a TV, for some reason, problems often appear.

At the same time, pay attention to the fact that if you connect the tablet to the TV and watch the through the large screen, your tablet will not consume more energy than if you watched the same through the screen of the gadget itself!

It is necessary to remind that if you are going to watch high-resolution (for example, FULL HD), then get ready for the battery to run out faster, because the load on the processor, and on the whole system as a whole, will be prohibitively increased. as a result, the battery will drain much faster.

There are only two ways out of this situation:

  1. Convert to lower quality, lowering its bit rate;
  2. Recharge your tablet well before viewing.

Now you are aware of how the tablet is connected to a large TV. Perhaps this article will be useful to you. Enjoy your viewing!

Real use experience

Many will probably say that all this is easy only in theory. but in practice nothing will work. However, this is not so. In his blog, one user described the real experience of connecting a tablet to a TV. By connecting my tablet to the “first available” 37-inch TV, it turned out that everything works! The picture was stretched to full screen, and the quality was very good.

After that, the user continued testing, and connected the tablet to his main home TV. Here is his report: the image is clear, the colors are very rich and bright, the graininess is not noticed, as, however, and other unpleasant moments, whether it is jerking, brakes, etc. Everything is wonderful!

The user was satisfied with the purchase, however, he highlighted the following:

Since the connector will be busy while watching, you will not be able to charge the tablet while watching. Conclusion: recharge the device in advance if you plan to watch via TV.