Connect Home Theater To Computer

Connect Home Theater To Computer

Now in most cases, people watch movies and TV shows directly through a computer monitor. In order to fully enjoy watching your favorite work, you can connect a home theater or the same TV to a computer. This article will describe in detail how to connect a movie theater to a PC.


As soon as the human ear catches the phrase “home theater”, various sets from the big screen of the TV, speakers for clear sound, and also a player act as associations.
Cinema connection options:

Option 1: PC as source of sound and pictures for TV.

To connect to a PC and further play sound, you will need an amplifier (usually this is a complete DVD player). Sometimes a subwoofer and a module are installed in one of the speakers. The connection does not essentially change depending on the above.

1. Due to the various connectors on the PC and speakers, an adapter plug is required, as shown in the image below.

2. We connect the side of the 3.5 mm plug to the stereo output on the motherboard or sound card.

3. Connect the side of the “tulips” type plug to the audio inputs on the amplifier (the connectors are signed as “AUX IN” or “AUDIO IN”).

4. Speakers are connected to the DVD connectors intended for them.

5. To send the picture from the computer to the cinema, you need to turn on the appropriate cable. Cables range from VGA to DisplayPort. It all depends on the TV connector.

To connect, you must insert the corresponding side of the cable into the connectors of the motherboard or card, and the second side into the TV.

Option 2: Direct connection of acoustics to the PC.

A connection of this type will not always work. It directly depends on the types of connectors. We will consider the principle of operation on acoustics with 5.1 sound.


In the absence of the necessary connectors on the motherboard or sound card, the speakers will not work. As a fallback, there are jacks signed as AUX (R and L).

Consider the diversity of devices for each user. Much may depend solely on the model of the cinema. Be sure to check the data with the attached instructions if difficulties arise.

Sound setting.

After connecting to a movie theater, the computer may require a sound setting. A special software window will open.

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The main thing is to look carefully at the types of connectors on your devices. Already on the basis of this, select cables, adapters and everything that is required. The rest of the connection will be without difficulty. In case of errors, read the instructions that came with the device.

  • Home Theater Speakers
  • Dvd player
  • Using an HDMI cable
  • Using special adapters
  • Stock footage

A computer is the most used modern technology to date. With it, we watch movies, listen to music and play computer games. All these activities require audio output devices. But is your speakers sound as good as we would like? Often, I want better quality than there is at the moment. Why not try connecting a 5.1 audio system to your personal computer, which consists of a whole complex of stereo speakers? This system is called a home theater. It is he who helps to achieve the desired realism of sound that any user loves so much. How to connect speakers from a home theater to a computer? Let’s get it right.

Home Theater Speakers

How to enable speakers from DVD? The most common home theater speaker system includes at least five speakers and one subwoofer. The outputs of the speakers are very different from those connectors that are equipped with the sound card of a personal computer.

Is there any way to “outwit” a home theater and connect the whole thing directly to a laptop or desktop computer? Of course! To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with several stages of connection and settings.

Dvd player

The most convenient way to eliminate all misunderstandings is to use an amplifier. With it, you can connect all devices. Any DVD player is perfect for this role:

  • Take a cable that has connectors “tulips” on one side and the most common mini-jack 3.5 mm on the other side.
  • The player simply connects to the output of the computer’s audio card, namely, the output that is responsible for connecting to the speakers.
  • The output of the “tulips” must be connected to the jacks of the DVD player.

We connect speakers and a subwoofer with an “amplifier”

So we came to the second stage of the connection. The connection of the speaker system with an amplifier device. To do this, we need the cables that come with the kit. Using them, we connect all the acoustics with the player, matching all the inputs and sockets. You are unlikely to get confused, since each entrance is marked in its own way.

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How to connect speakers from a home theater to a laptop? We have almost come to the answer to this question. We proceed to configure the equipment.


The next step is to configure the equipment. For this:

In the Windows operating system, you need to go to the menu with the settings of your sound card. This menu is located in the “Start” panel. You must go to the section where the controls for all audio outputs and inputs are located. It is necessary to indicate that six columns will be used.

Using an HDMI cable

How to connect speakers from the home theater to the computer in another way? Everything is very simple! Read on.

Using special adapters

In order to connect such a device, it is necessary that the motherboard be equipped with a modern analogue of a sound card with the required number of connectors.

Stock footage

Each of these methods will lead you to one result, it remains only to go into the equalizer, if you need it. Remember that you are surrounded by neighbors on all sides. Good luck

Home Cinema Connection

By home theater, users mean different sets of devices. This is either multi-channel acoustics, or a set of a TV, player and speakers. Next, we will analyze two options:

  • How to use a PC as source of sound and image by connecting a TV and speakers to it.
  • How to directly connect existing cinema speakers to a computer.

Option 1: PC, TV and speakers

In order to reproduce the sound on the speakers from the home theater, you will need an amplifier, which usually acts as a complete DVD player. In some cases, it can be built into one of the speakers, for example, a subwoofer, module. The connection principle is identical in both situations.

    Since the PC connectors (3.5 miniJack or AUX) are different from those on the player (RCA or “tulips”), we need an appropriate adapter.

Connect the 3.5 mm plug to the stereo output on the motherboard or sound card.

“Tulips” connect to the audio inputs on the player (amplifier). Typically, these jacks are referred to as “AUX IN” or “AUDIO IN”.

The speakers, in turn, are plugged into the appropriate DVD jacks.

To transfer an image from a PC to a TV, you need to connect them with a cable, the type of which is determined by the variety of connectors available on both devices. It can be VGA, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort. The last two standards also support audio transmission, which allows you to use the built-in speakers in the TV set without using additional acoustics.

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The connection is extremely simple: one “end” of the cable is connected to the motherboard or card, the second to the TV. In this way we will turn the computer into an advanced player.

Option 2: Direct speaker connection

Such a connection is possible if the amplifier and computer have the necessary connectors. Consider the principle of action on the example of acoustics with 5.1 channel.

  1. First we need four adapters from 3.5 mm miniJack to RCA (see above).
  2. Next, with these cables we connect the corresponding outputs to the PC and the inputs to the amplifier. To do this correctly, you must determine the purpose of the connectors. In fact, everything is quite simple: the necessary information is written near each nest.
    • R and L (Right and Left) correspond to the stereo output on a PC, usually green.
    • FR and FL (Front Right and Front Left) are connected to the black “Rear” jack.
    • SR and SL (Side Right and Side Left). To gray with the name “Side”.
    • The center speakers and subwoofer (CEN and SUB or S.W and C.E) are connected to the orange jack.

    If any slots on your motherboard or sound card are missing, then some speakers will simply be unused. Most often, only a stereo output is available. In this case, the AUX inputs (R and L) are used.

    It should be borne in mind that sometimes, when connecting all 5.1 speakers, the stereo input on the amplifier may not be used. It depends on how it works. Connector colors may vary. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for the device or on the official website of the manufacturer.

    Sound setting

    After connecting the speaker system to the computer, you may need to configure it. This is done using the software included with the audio driver, or using standard operating system tools.


    The information in this article will allow you to use the equipment at hand for its intended purpose. The process of creating a symbiosis of a home theater with a computer is quite simple, it is enough to have the necessary adapters. Pay attention to the types of connectors on devices and adapters, and if you encounter difficulties in determining their purpose, read the manuals.