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How to connect AirPods to Android

AirPods. wireless headphones appreciated by customers for sound quality; simple, but at the same time solid design; Multifunctionality. In the erroneous opinion of many users, the connection is possible only to Apple devices, but in fact the devices are compatible with other gadgets, including under the control of Android. The company over a long time has grown into a brand, under which high.quality electronics are produced.

The Android operating system accounts for about 70% of mobile devices, which allows Google to be considered a leader in the supply of software for tablets, smartphones. It is worth connecting headphones to improve sounding, for example, listening to music or communication by phone. And if you do not know how to connect AirPods to Android, use the methods from our article.

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Is it possible to connect to Android Airpods?

Airpods conjugation with a gadget on Android can be a simple method described in this article. Despite Apple’s attempts to keep customers at home, the manufacturer did not impose any restrictions in terms of connecting to only certain devices, so the headphones also work well on computers, laptops of any systems. Technical requirements are mandatory Bluetooth module and the possibility of a device to play sound.

There is one AirPods connection to the Android smartphone, but it has certain shortcomings. Comfortable use of the presented functionality is possible subject to the loading of programs posted in the Play Market, where there is a strict system for checking the quality and security of applications. The described instruction is suitable for ordinary and pro-versions.

Standard. via Bluetooth

The connection process will take you no more than a minute. just take the following steps in turn:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode on your phone by going into the “curtain” and by clicking on the logo of the data transfer technology. If you do not have the corresponding button, go to the settings, find the appropriate parameter in them and translate the slider. It is not necessary to make the phone visible to the rest;
  • Open the case cover, click the round button from its front side, while without pulling out the headphones. When the white indicator begins inside, go to the Bluetooth list of a long slippage by the name on the Name Access Panel. In the lower part of the screen, click on the “search”, if it did not start automatically, wait a few seconds and select in the general list of Airpods. The name is accompanied by an appropriate icon;
  • Conjugation will occur, then. a full.fledged connection to the device. You can launch an audio file or video you are interested in to check if the sound works. The volume increase occurs as usual. by pressing the corresponding buttons located on the side.

If you have enough basic functions, such as listening to sound without loss and control with gestures. it is enough to limit yourself to this way. It is convenient when double tapping on the headphone allows you to stop playback, go to the next or previous track. The option has certain shortcomings that lies in the impossibility:

  • The work of noise reduction and the “transparency” regime, in which the voices of people will not drown out;
  • Use the voice assistant Siri present in the iPhone and iPad. The absence of the proprietary possibility of Apple is compensated by the assistant built into the Google application, however, after prolonged use of Siri, it will be more difficult to switch to it. Android, the assistant has a different spectrum of teams, but still performs the main functionality;
  • Tracking the charge in real time. you will only receive sound notifications about the need to charge headphones until you install the necessary programs;
  • The correct operation of the gyroscope necessary to automatically turn off the sound and stop the listened file when pulling out of the ear.


When you connect Airpods to your native “apple” devices, you see a special window that displays information about the level of charge and the whereabouts of the headphones. There is no such default android. But you can get access to a similar menu if you use the Airbattle. You can download it in Play Store. By the way, it is suitable not only for Airpods, but also for other popular wireless headphones.

The program will automatically determine whether AirPods are in your ears, in a case or just lie somewhere. If the headphones are worn on you, then the application itself will invite you to include playing music or video. True, the set of services for such synchronization is limited, but among them there are the most popular. Google Music, YouTube and Netflix.

The application also has a paid version that expands the capabilities of the user. After paying for the subscription, you can see more detailed information about your headphones and a charger cover.


This is a very beautiful application that will help you effectively interact with your cadlings. He has a pleasant and concise intensity in which there is nothing superfluous.

The general menu has four parts. They display the following information:

  • information about the connected device;
  • charge level of each headphone and cover;
  • monitoring system (you can disable it if you want to save battery charge on the phone);
  • headphone management settings using gestures.

The main advantage of the chain is the simplicity of using the application and the lack of a paid version. You don’t have to pay to use all functions. Find all the settings is simple: you just need to start the program and select AirPods from the devices connected via Bluetooth. The program itself will transfer you to the main menu.


This is a very beautiful application that will help you effectively interact with your aeropodes. He has a pleasant and concise intensity in which there is nothing superfluous.

The general menu consists of four parts. They display the following information:

  • Information about the connected device;
  • charge level of each headphone and case;
  • monitoring system (you can disable it if you want to save a battery charge on the phone);
  • headphone management settings using gestures.

The main advantage of Podscontrol is the ease of use and the absence of a paid version of the application. You don’t have to pay to use all functions. Find all the settings is simple: just start the application and select AirPods from the list of devices connected via Bluetooth. The application itself will transfer you to the main menu.

Assistant Trigger

This application works only with AirPods 2nd generation. The tool will show you what level of charge the headphones and the cases themselves. You can configure the parameters so that the current information is displayed on the phone in the form of a notification. The application also automatically determines when the user puts on the headphones, and begins to play songs or videos.

The application also works with the AirPods gestures control system. If you touch the headphone once, a pause will occur, and if you touch it twice, the assistant trigger will work.

connect, airpods, samsung, applications

The application has a paid version. It costs 2 and gives you access to additional functions. The application will determine the whereabouts of your headphones, and the charge level will be displayed with small beautiful badges. However, it is worth noting that information about the state of the battery is not always accurate. The average error is 10%.

AirPods on Android: how to connect and correctly configure

A lot of time has passed since the release of Airpods, but despite the active use of the iPhone, even in their direction I did not want to look. Someone said that they have a bad sound and obviously did not cost their money. Okay, calmed down. But at some point I moved with iOS on Android and for an unknown reason wanted to buy Airpods for myself. One problem. I already had in my hands a flagship apparatus under the control of Android. The headphones are from Apple, but everything from Apple works only with Apple technique. Such a cycle.

Nothing. I went and bought that it might be wrong? In fact, these are ordinary wireless headphones. But the problems still appeared. In fact, it is quite easy to solve them, you need to spend a little time. The headphones are freely connected to Android and any other device, just click on the case on the case and create a pair. At some time, I even connected them with a television prefix Mi Box.

About the teams “Hello, Siri” or “Okay, Google” you can forget, the voice control on Android does not work, but the sensory. please. You can configure the track switching back, turning on the next and playing/pause. With conversations on the phone, everything is normal (not on all models), the interlocutor clearly hears speech and is clearly audible to the interlocutor.

According to my personal observations, AirPods users are not only ardent Apple fans, as well as owners of smartphones on Android.

The easiest setting option, connect to any iOS device and in the Bluetooth settings enter the AirPods parameters and reassure commands. Headphones remember them and will work correctly on Android.

But if there is no iPhone or iPad at hand, then you need to download the application. Without it, you can’t check the charge of headphones.

If you go to Google Play, then at the request of Airpods you can find a lot of trash (familiar business), and something to find normal-luck. For headphones there is an excellent Airbatty application with advertising, but for a symbolic amount it can be removed.

At the time of writing this text, I accidentally stumbled upon a beautiful Podscontrol application. It is free and visually pleasant. However, he is not in Google Play and I could not make a phone with him. Constant error with the inclusion of “Autostart”. But if you succeed, unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Using Airbattle, you can watch the charge of the headset and activate the AirPod EAR function (automatic pause, if you remove one headphone). Knows how to display a charge in the form of a notification at the time of connection with the set or when pressing the application icon.

Podscontrol knows how to do the same thing, only has a beautiful design, and also allows you to prescribe an algorithm for the work of the sensors, namely, set headphone commands.

We figured out the applications. Now it is worth adjusting the volume of Airpods, since when the first connection they may seem quiet. And indeed it is. Android cuts the volume that can only be increased by activation of the developer mode.

Important: AirPods disgustingly behave with smartphones Huawei and Honor. On the first, the normal operation of the microphone is turned off, and on the second you have to come to terms with a quiet reproduction.

For each shell, you need to look for your own way. In 80% of cases, you need to go to the settings, scroll down down and click on the “system”, then find the assembly number in the “Online” section and click on the assembly number seven times. A warning will appear that you are a developer. We return to the main settings and find the item “for developers”. We go into it and turn on the item “Disable the absolute volume level”. After that, the headphones will play the maximum.

Also, for better listening to your favorite tracks, I recommend that you include AAC Bluetooth codes. Usually activated in the Bluetooth settings.

That’s all. There is nothing supernatural and difficult to connect AirPods to Android. Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about your experience using wireless headphones with Android.

Problems in the work. why are AirPods do not want to correctly connect to the phone

The causes of failures during the work of headphones can be found using a server error magazine. Here you can find a specific problem.

The headphones play quietly

Analytics of all kinds of errors is available on the portal of support for a specific account. You can study, work them according to the HTTP, URL, IP address code.

In addition, for diagnosis and solving the problem, you can use Cloudflare data processing centers.

To view the causes of quiet playback, you need to perform the following actions:

How to connect AirPods to your Android

  • Go to the Cloudflare portal using instructions for submitting applications to Support users.
  • Select the section “Error analysis”.
  • Click “Visit Error Analysis”.
  • Then here you need to enter data from your domain to process information.
  • A schedule of errors with binding in time will appear on the screen.
  • Under the schedule in a special table, you need to choose the position “Code of condition”. By clicking here, you can get all the error information. The service also provides ways to solve the problem that has arisen.

It should be remembered that a quiet sound can be corrected not on all mobile devices.

How To Connect ANY AirPods to Galaxy Tab S8 / S8 Plus / S8 Ultra | Full Tutorial

And it happens that the headphones are connected, but they play too quietly. In this case, you can try to solve the problem by switching to the Cloudflare portal, where there is a special section “error analysis”

Other failures

Before connecting the air subs to Android, the user must keep in mind that the functionality of wireless headphones will be noticeably limited compared to Apple devices. If any problems appear, instead of Air Battle, you can choose some other application that will be more suitable for a specific smartphone model.

To prevent the problems that have arisen, it is better to purchase original headphones from the “native” manufacturer.

When connecting AirPods Pro to Android devices, sound purely. You can manage headphones using a special key and pressing sensor. The functions of noise reduction and transparency are activated here.

With the help of individual applications, you can activate the control of the current state of the battery, the function of the pause when the removal of one of the headphones is seized.

Thus, before purchasing these headphones, the owners of Android Smartphones need to check whether they are suitable whether their synchronization will occur without problems.

It is not always convenient when using AirPods with android the inalness of the ability to switch to a normal sound mode without suppression of noise and transparency.

Airpods devices connected to Samsung or another Android originally sound at half the possible volume. In order to solve the problem, users have to experiment with the settings, trying to change the values ​​of the parameters responsible for the volume. The sequence of manipulations depends on the specific model of the gadget and the version of the firmware of the smartphone. Not on all devices the problem is solved.

Connection procedure

Instructions on how to connect AirPods to Android wirelessly:

  • Open the system settings menu and turn on the data on the Bluetooth protocol. Airpods pro headset works with it by default. Wait until the branded icon appears in the notifications curtain.
  • Open the case of the case in which AirPods lie and click the settings button.
  • Apple wireless headphones will become possible when the indicator inside the case brings white light. During this time, Bluetooth data transmission should remain active and on a mating smartphone.

The process will take a few moments. When it is completed, close the settings window and check if music is transmitted to the headphones. In the future, the conjugation will occur automatically, at each turning on Bluetooth. if the headset will be located in the condition next to the phone.

Solution of problems

Having connected Airpods with Android wireless headphones, you can not only listen to music, but also watch the charge of the headset on the smartphone. To do this, you need to use a special application, for example, a freely distributed AIRBATTERY program. Install it on a smartphone, start and open the case cover for recharging headphones: on the screen screen you will see how full the battery.

After resetting the smartphone settings to the factory state, conjugated devices will disappear from memory. To perform android for Airpods, you will need to go through all the stages of communication settings from the very beginning.

If the connection between the set and the phone arises, follow the instructions:

  • Make sure the headphone battery is sufficiently charged.
  • Check if the data transmission on the Bluetooth protocol on the receiving device is enabled.
  • Clean the hill tag settings by clicking on the button located on the case and holding it. After that, restart the smartphone and repeat the attempt.

Please note: the ability to connect Airpods to Android does not imply the work of the entire functionality of the headset. In particular, the voice call of the Siri service will be inaccessible.

Strictly followed the connection instructions, but faced difficulties? Call or write to the “good deed service”! Our specialist will hold a remote consultation, tell you how to act in a difficult situation. If necessary, it is possible to go home-or St. Petersburg. Contact. make sure any problem is solved!

How to connect AirPods

Place your AirPods in the case for charging and charge them if they are discharged.

Click and hold the button on the case to convert the headphones to the mating mode.

Pull down from the upper edge of the screen on the smartphone to open the notification curtain.

Hold your finger on the Bluetooth icon to open its settings.

Turn on the Bluetooth module and click on the “Update” button.

If the headphones are not displayed in “available devices”, open the section “rarely used”. Find the headphones and click on them.

Put the mark “Allow access to contacts and call logs”. Then select “accept”.

AirPods will appear in the list “Connected devices”.

How to activate additional headphone functionality

In order to activate all functionality in AirPods on Android, it is necessary to use a application. Do the following:

Open Google Play and find Assistant Trigger. Click the “Install” button.

Wait until the program is downloaded and installed.

Press the “Open” button.

After starting, the program itself will ask for the permissions she needs. Click the “Allow” button.

Open access to the location. Select “Allow in any mode”.

Allow the display of pop.up windows. Click “Allow”.

Translate the switch “Show over other applications” to the “inclusive” position.

Disconnect the battery optimization for this application so that the system does not automatically remove the background process. Click “Allow”.

Expand the drop.down menu and switch to “all applications“.

Find Assistanttrigger and click on it.

Select “Do not save” and press the “Ready” button.

Go to the application again and activate the switch “Turn on the assistant”.

The program will ask for access to notifications. Click “Allow”.

Activate the switch next to AssistantTrigger.

Confirm access to notifications by clicking the “Allow” button.

Click OK in a pop.up window.

If the version of Airpods has not been decided automatically, open the “Model of the Headphones”.

Choose your model.

Click on the red button in the bottom of the screen.

You will see a display of data about your device in a pop.up window.

note! Now, using sensory control, you can put a pause, switch the track or call Google Assistant. However, starting to start a suspended reproduction will not work. Unfortunately, this can only be done from a smartphone.


Airpods modification in question implemented a fast.related function. The gadget is synchronized with all the “apple” devices tied to the current iCloud account. Creating a couple takes place in 3 steps:

  • Place the case with inserts next to the mobile phone.
  • Open the case. At the same time, it is not necessary to remove headphones out of it.
  • An animation window will appear on the iPhone. Tap the Connect button (“connect“).

If fast Connect does not work (such an incident is not excluded), you can create a couple with the iPhone in a standard way. It is also used in conjugation with other devices of the “apple” brand.

  • You need to go to the device settings on the Bluetooth tab to enable the network (if not active).
  • On the case with inserts, click the button (located on the back). The indicator should light up in white.
  • Airpods Pro mnemonics will appear in the list of Bluetooth conjugation. Follow the connection.

For subsequent connections, it is enough to bring the accessory to the phone, and unlock the screen. It is not required to turn off the inserts after use, it is enough to place them in a charging case and close the lid.

How to use AirPods Pro Management

Together with the H1 chip, the basis of the advanced gadget control system is pressure sensors. Sensory areas are located on the legs of liners. It is very convenient to use the accessory according to the reviews of the owners.

Presses of various intensities, otherwise called gestures, can be controlled by sound production, to perform other commands:

  • pause and renew the playing;
  • respond to incoming calls;
  • skip individual compositions, “rewinding” tracks forward and backward;
  • Switching from active noise reduction to a transparent sound reproduction mode.

The gadget recognizes voice commands through a voice assistant. Activation of the assistant allows using commands in the voice to lose the desired compositions, certain playlists or albums. The vocal command can make an outgoing call, find this or that information.

Separate functions of the “ears” can be performed using the control point on the conjugated iPhone.

Switching tracks

The developers of the audio apexor have two options for switching the device to play the desired song: tactile and voice teams.

To choose the desired track through the sensitive area of ​​the liner, the following gestures are provided:

  • A single touch of the sensor triggers playing or pauses it. One touch initiates the reception of an incoming call.
  • Double slippers over the sensor will rewind to the next record.
  • Triple press will return to the previous entry.

On a note. It is convenient that tactile teams are equally perceived by the left and right headphones.

To use the voice assistant, contact him: “Hello, siri” and give the task to find and turn on the music you need. Also, voice commands can switch the records forward and backward.

Important remark. The iPhone should be included in the “Hello, Siri” option. To check, go to “Settings” → Siri and Search and activate the corresponding point if necessary.

Volume change

You can adjust the sound volume of the “ears” with the help of a voice assistant or a conjugated Apple girl from which the sound is broadcast.

In the first version, you need to contact a voice assistant, and give a command to increase or reduce the power of sounding with commands: “louder”, “quieter”.

In the second option, an increase/decrease in the sound intensity of the “ears” can be manipulated with:

  • special buttons on the iPhone/iPad case (marked “and”-“at the ends);
  • Digital Crown wheeled on the Apple Watch case;
  • playing control panels open on the device screen.

Switching noise reduction modes

The manufacturer endowed the support of three AirPods Pro modes in relation to external noise:

In active sound insulation mode, by means of the monitoring microphones, external noise indemnity. The option is interesting during a relaxing vacation at home for listening to your favorite compositions. “Transparent mode” allows you to clearly hear everything that happens around without removing the headphones. The option is appropriate when using a headset while walking on the street, a trip in public transport, in the office.

Switching between sounding modes. ordinary and using special options is possible in two ways:

  • Tactile team in the form of pressure with deduction in the sensory area of ​​the liner.
  • From the conjugated device screen, opening the playing control panel or through the “noise control” section in the Bluetooth settings.

Checking the fit of the ears

The function of checking the fit to the ears is another interesting chip of the model under consideration. For better sound, the manufacturer provided for the liners interchangeable outpatients. 3 pairs of different sizes are included in the kit.

To make sure that the nozzles are selected anatomically correctly, you need to open the Bluetooth settings. Here you should go to the information window for connected “ears” (opens with a round button with the letter I opposite the Airpods Pro mnemonics). In the list of available options, use the functions “Check the fit of the ears”.

The option is available on the IOS OS (or iPados) 13.2 and above. The check is initiated by the playback button. Using a check, the user can choose outnights for the left and right ear, and they can be of one or different diameter.

Setting up quick actions

Standard actions when performing tactile commands specified by the manufacturer can be changed if the user wants to. The ability to assign separately actions for gestures for a long press on the left or legal headphone is provided on IOS 13 versions.2 and newer. The actions are available as assigned:

Settings are performed through the Bluetooth Satisfied menu and the “Press and hold AirPods” item.

Changing settings using siri

By appointing a long tap for the headphone (left or right), the user will be able to change the mode of setting up the use of the “ears” in the voice. Having given the command “Hello, siri, turn on the transparency mode”. go to configure the audibility of surrounding sounds. Similarly, using the assistant, to reconfigure to the noise reduction mode or disable special functions.

Disconnecting of the auto.rearing of the ear

By default, the Air Summary Air Summary Management Function “Auto Object of the Ear”. The result of its action is that reproduction is automatically paused or resumed when extracting a headphone from the ear/return, respectively. The option is convenient, but not always.