Connect A Headset To A Computer

Connect A Headset To A Computer

Few users of modern devices do not know how to connect headphones to a computer, but not everyone can solve the problems that arise when connecting. Consider some of the nuances of connecting and adjusting the headphones for their high-quality work on various operating systems.

What are the connectors

Connecting headphones to a computer is not a complicated matter, but sometimes difficulties arise directly when setting up the equipment. Almost all PC models have sound card. It can be built into the motherboard, or you need to connect to it through a special connector. In any case, the gadget can be connected either to the back of the computer or to the front (if there are corresponding sockets).

Looking at the figure below, you can understand how to connect headphones with a microphone to the computer.

The headset output is always green and the microphone input is pink. Since the plugs of the gadgets are also painted in the corresponding colors, it is very difficult to make a mistake and insert them into other connectors. It is necessary to insert the green plug into the green socket, and pink, respectively, into pink. In the pink jack, you can connect to the computer both a microphone from the headphones and a third-party microphone. After that, the connected equipment is configured using special software (in Windows 10, as well as in versions 8 and 7, the configuration should be automatic).

On a laptop, gadgets connect in the same way. Manufacturer may place connectors on front panel device either to the left.

Sometimes on laptops the headset jacks are made tight to increase their service life. Therefore, do not be afraid that the plug does not fit well into the socket.

It should be noted that it is the plugs of the headset designed for computers that are color-coded if a microphone is provided on the headphones. The plugs of the rest of the headset have no color difference. There is a headset, for example, for phone, having not 2 plugs, but one in which contacts for a microphone and audio channels are combined. It clearly shows 3 strips separating the contacts. Two contacts are used to connect audio channels, and one for a microphone.

New laptop models have combo socket, to which you can connect headphones with a microphone having one plug.

A special marking is placed near this connector. If there is no such jack, but there are 2 standard ones, then such a headset can be connected through special adapter.

Thus, it becomes clear how to connect the headphones from the phone to the computer. Headphones on the front panel are connected in the same way: if there is a microphone on the headphones, then it is connected to the pink jack, and to the green audio channels.

Connect a headset to a PC

Now you know how to connect headphones to a computer. But this action is not enough for the gadget to work correctly, although most often it immediately starts working, and nothing needs to be configured. But there are times when the connected gadgets do not work, so some actions need to be performed.

  1. Before you adjust the sound in the headphones, you need to test them for performance in another device, for example, connect them to the headphone jack on a smartphone or tablet.
  2. If the headset is functioning, it means that on the PC no drivers needed. To detect their presence on your computer, turn on the playback of any audio or file. If a sound appears in the columns, this means that the drivers are all right, and you just need to make small changes to their settings.
  3. If there are still no drivers, then you need to go to the PC control panel and click on “Device Manager”.
  4. After that, find the line “Sound and gaming devices”. If there is an exclamation mark next to it, you will have to update the driver. Before installing the driver, you must have prepared a disk with the necessary programs. After the installed software, a sound should appear. If there is no disk, select the item for internet search software, then install the found.
  5. It is also recommended to check volume level, clicking on the speaker, which is located in the lower right corner.
  6. You can check the volume level through the “Control Panel” tab (in the tenth version of the operating system (Windows 10), all windows look similar). To do this, going into it, find the “Sound” item and click on the “Volume Settings” line.
  7. You can check if sound is playing on your computer by looking at volume controls. If the file does not play after turning on, then there will be no indication (ripple) on the controller.

Connect a headset on Windows 7

Before setting up the headphones on a Windows 7 computer, you need to connect them on the back or front panel of the device to the corresponding connectors (you already know how to connect it correctly). Then you need to start playing the music file. If there is sound in the headset, then on this connection can be considered completed. If there is no sound, in the headphones on the computer, do the following (this instruction is also suitable for setting up the gadget on the laptop).

  1. Hover over the speaker image at the bottom of the screen (right) and right-click.
  2. Next, select the line “Playback devices” in the tab that appears.
  3. In the next window you will see a list of devices installed on your computer. They can be from one to several in the list (depends on what kind of devices will be used for playback). You should make sure that opposite the item “Headphones” there is a green checkmark.
  4. If the checkbox is not selected, you must select this device: right-click and click in the “Use default” pop-up window.
  5. In the next step, select the “Speakers” item and click on the “Configure” button located at the bottom of the window (on the left).
  6. After, select the “stereo” sound channels and click on “Test”. Testing will start, during which you should hear sound from the channels displayed on the screen. If all is well, click “Next.”
  7. In the speaker settings, you need to check the box opposite the line “Left and Right Front”, then click on “Next” and “Finish”.
  8. In the “Sound” window opposite the item “Speakers” is equalizer scale. When the audio file is playing, the bar should fill in green. If this does not happen, then you need to look for another reason.
  9. There may be no sound when the scale indication is on, when the volume level is set to zero.
  10. But, if the volume level is set correctly, and there is an indication indicating that the music is playing, but the headphones could not be turned on, then either headset malfunctioning, or you plugged it into the wrong socket.

The above settings can be applied to the Windows 10 operating system (Windows 10), if you do not know how to turn on the gadget directly in it.

Microphone setup

Before using the microphone in Windows 7 or 8, as well as in Windows 10, it must be configured.

  1. After connecting the microphone to the appropriate PC jack, right-click on the speaker icon and select “Recording Devices”.
  2. Install microphone default device.
  3. In the next menu, check the microphone, for example, making any sounds. If it works, the jackal will react with a ripple.
  4. If there is no ripple, or it is weak, right-click on the “Microphone” item, and then select “Properties”.
  5. In the window that opens, select the “Levels” tab and set the value to “80” on the controller, then test the device again.

There are also headphones with a microphone that can be connected to a computer via a USB connector. In most cases, after connecting them, the configuration is automatic.