Configuring the Asus Rt G32 Windows 10 Router

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In today’s post, I will describe the configuration of the ASUS RT-G32 router.

I described the router itself here. Reviews about this model are very controversial. some work without problems, others do not know how to cope with it and at the end of ordeals get rid of it with relief. From the experience of communicating with ASUS products, I’ll say that this equipment is quite high quality and quite reliable. The only weak point, again in my opinion, is the firmware. Well, ASUS has a problem with programmers, they just don’t have luck # 128578; Nevertheless, the manufacturer is trying to fix bugs in the firmware, and whether it turns out or not, it shows time and tests. Therefore, I highly recommend updating the modem firmware to the latest.

We look at the firmware version, and immediately update it. It is clear that you first need to download it. We assume that we have it, otherwise you can configure the router, and then download the firmware and reflash. We go to the “Administration”. “Firmware Upgrade”:

Click the “Browse” button and select the firmware file. Click “Upload” and hope that the electricity will not turn off accidentally. At the end of the software update procedure, the router will reboot and you can begin to configure. Configure the connection to the provider. go to the “WAN” section. “Internet Connections”:

For example, consider the configuration of the connection to the Beeline provider. “Connection Type”. “WAN Connection Type”. select PPTP. Retrieving the external IP address is automatic (“Get WAN IP automatically”. Yes), as well as receiving the DNS server addresses (“Connect to DNS Server automatically”. Yes). Next, you must specify the username (Password) and password (Password) for access to the Internet, and the address of the VPN Server. In the case of Beeline, this address is (In the event that your provider works through PPPoE, then in this case the configuration is even simpler, because just select this type of connection and enter a username and password, no addresses additionally introduces no need). Click the Apply button.
Now set up your wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. go to the “Wireless” section. “General”:

Configuring the Asus Rt G32 Windows 10 Router

The SSID of the wireless network can be left by default, you can specify your own. We will protect our network from unauthorized connections. Set the authentication type (“Authentication Method”). WPA2-Personal, WPA-Encryption. AES and specify the authorization key “WPA Pre-Shared Key”. an alphanumeric key phrase to access our wireless network. Click Apply.

Finally, change the password for accessing the web configurator of the router. Go to Administration. System:

In the “New Password” field, enter the new password and confirm it in “Retype New Password”. Click the “Apply” button. We reboot the router and enjoy life.

p.s. For instructions on setting up IPTV on RT-G32, see here:

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The Internet is connected through a telephone line.
An ADSL router (without Wi-Fi) with 5 LAN ports is used:
1-Port. a wire to a stationary PC, routing:
pr dns-
Al dns- the Internet works!

2-Port. a wire to the RT-G32 (to the VAN socket). So, is it really possible to access the Internet?
Help set up the RT-G32.

Framevork. and from a computer go to the Internet. through a dialer, or an adsl modem connects to the Internet ?!

I can not connect to the router via ip-address

tell me pliz # 128577; It gives me an error that the dns server does not answer how I can fix it.

hope. try to register on the computer the address of the SDS server manually. and

Such a problem has configured everything as it is said here, only now such a problem: The network settings stored on this computer do not meet the requirements of this network. and stopped address What to do.

And when you try to enter the USB flash drive through the conductor. what does it write?

Tell me, I lost the recoil speed on the router,

Denis. how did you measure the speed? Have you updated the firmware to the latest?

firmware where to download? bought b. at. , I have internet from tattelecom through optics I drive the login password in, I’ve been working for a couple of days now

Directly on the official website in the search for a model, enter.

Hello. Firmware updated. Configured under (ppoe). Through Wi-Fi, the speed is a maximum of 25 MB. The tariff should be 80 MB, which is shown if you do not use this router at all, but connect the computer directly. I tried to connect the router to my computer through the first port with a copper patch cord. He writes that the connection is without access to the Internet. There are three questions. Why is the speed cut off via wi-fi? Why through a copper patchcord connection without Internet access. And how to fix it all?