Configure IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV

Installing IPTV on your Samsung TV

Modern Smart TVs from Samsung offer a lot of advantages to the owner, because they allow you to watch content from different sources. Some people prefer to use the big screen for gaming and streaming video, while others prefer to watch familiar TV programs and TV series on familiar channels.

Regardless of how the information is delivered, the Samsung Smart TV provides a high-quality and vivid picture, whether it’s a YouTube video or a scheduled movie, and IPTV will help to combine all the benefits of viewing. If you already own a smart TV, setting up IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV will not be a problem and will be a nice addition to the big screen.

How to connect digital channels on a Samsung TV

First, it’s worth sorting out the free channels. Most Samsung TVs are DVB-T2 by default. If your model does not have this feature, you will need a digital TV adapter.

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  • Open “Menu” with remote control. It is called with a separate key.
  • Select “Cable” under “Channel. Antenna.
  • Find the “Autotune” item. Set the signal source to cable, and make the channel type digital.
  • In “Network” item press “Search” item. Search is in automatic mode. When it is finished, all channels available to you will be displayed.
  • If necessary, in “Channel manager” you can delete or block some channels.

Setting up IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV

Installing and Configuring the Peers App.TV to watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

Installing the Peers app.TV

To install Peers app.Enter “Smart Hub” by pressing “Colorful cube” or “Smart” key on the remote control.

Then in the window on the left that appears, select “Search”.

In search window, using electronic keyboard, type in search phrase “Peers TV.TV” and press “OK” (quadrangle with an arrow) to search.

In the search results select “Peers.TV, and press “Download” button in the opened window.

After installation a window with an offer to start the program will appear, press “Start.

Peers application setup.TV

When you run the program for the first time, it automatically detects the provider you are connected to. You only need to click on the button “All right!”.

Now you will get a list of channels available for watching.

To log in to the application afterwards, go to “Smart Hub” and in the list of applications find “Peers.TV”. Channel switching is controlled by “CH” buttons. Press “OK” (quadrangle with an arrow) to open the full list of channels.

Here are the instructions for setting up IPTV “Number One” ON Samsung TVs with Smart TV support

Instructions for setting up IPTV “Number One” ON Samsung TVs with Smart TV support Before setting up IP TV make sure that your TV supports the Smart TV function, the list of all models with Smart TV support

Here is how to use the IPTVPORTAL app for LG Smart TVs The IPTVPORTAL app allows you to watch digital TV without using an Eltex STB. This application

How to configure IPTV

Now you need to setup IPTV for your Smart TV. Setting up for different series of Samsung TV may vary, but all steps are almost similar.

To do this, you need to do a few manipulations:

  • find the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control and press it;
  • Press the A button (also on the remote);
  • a login window will open, where you need to select “Create account”;
  • In the new tab you will need to enter the standard for all login. develop and password. 123456;
  • Select “Create”;
  • again specify the username and password (the same);
  • press the “Tools” button on the remote control, go to the “Settings” section;
  • a small window will open, where you need to select “Development”;
  • The next item will be the need to enter the server “Setting the IP address of the server. It can be found out from your provider or use the standard:;;
  • then select “Synchronize applications” and when the necessary steps are completed, press “Enter”. After synchronization all previously installed applications will be removed;
  • open the application named nStream Player, in the line “Playlist URL1” enter the address (

Connecting IPTV on Philips TV

  • Connect your Philips device to a router with an access point.
  • Press Home button on the remote control, enter the configuration menu.
  • Open the “Operation mode” tab in the network settings, in the window that appears, type in the value of DNS to obtain an Internet connection.

Now all you have to do is to download the widget with which you will watch IPTV on your Philips TV, and the choice depends entirely on your preferences.

How to configure IPTV on Samsung 5 series

To watch digital TV channels on your device, install nStreamLmod. This is a player program that has the ability to read playlists in two formats:.xml and.m3u. Setting up IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV is as follows:

  • Now enter the IP address of the server. TV will turn to it to find the program we are interested in. Use it to configure IPTV. Select the “IPTV Setup” tab;
  • then enter one of the following addresses: or These are server addresses, where the playlists we need are located. You can also connect the TV to your computer with a LAN cable or router, and download the player to your computer first. And then from there transfer to TV. If these IP addresses don’t work, just look for others on the Internet;
  • Now click “Synchronize apps”. Keep in mind that previously installed applications will be deleted after pressing this key. If nothing important is there, just keep configuring;

Applications for watching IPTV channels

After connecting to the Internet to watch the channels you must install the appropriate IPTV software for your Samsung Smart TV receiver. Such applications are called IPTV players. They are connected by IP address to the site, conducting a television broadcast, and display the resulting picture on the TV screen.

Playlists can be downloaded from many sites. They contain links to several dozens and even hundreds of television channels, broadcasting for free and in good quality. Links periodically become unusable, so playlists should be updated regularly.

There are several IPTV players that are very popular among Samsung TV owners: Ottplayer, Peers TV, Lazy IPTV.


Player feature is the ability to view your playlist on multiple devices, on which the player is installed. To do this, you need to create an account on the site, upload one or more playlists, edit them if you want, removing unnecessary links. After installing the application and logging in with your username and password, the content is the same on all devices. Otter is a multiplatform application, which is installed on iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV devices, which contributes to its wide distribution. Users also note the nice and thoughtful interface, the ability to configure the order of channels, a convenient TV program.

Peers TV

The main feature of the application is extremely easy to install and use. It’s suitable for users who don’t want to delve into the intricacies of the application settings, and want to watch TV channels at once. In this case Peers TV is a good choice, because right after the installation about 180 TV channels, including HD quality, are available to the viewer. There is a weekly channel archive, allowing you to view programs for a specified period from any location and an unlimited number of times. It’s possible to load your own playlists, which will significantly increase the number of TV channels. The player is free of charge.


Another popular player. Takes just over 5 MB in the TV memory after installation. The player has a powerful playlist manager, which is rare among competitors. It allows you to add a virtually unlimited number of players, and the selection of the right one takes a minimum of time. Another useful feature of the manager is support of self-renewing playlists, allowing you to forget about the need to download updated lists of links to IP addresses of distribution sites from time to time. Enable the self-updating playlist feature and it will independently load from the web functioning links, ignoring the non-working ones. The list of amenities continues television program, which also can boast not every IPTV player. There is a section “favorite”, where you can put the selected channel, and it does not have to search for among the many hundreds of others. Users note the stability of the player, the rare appearance of lags, regular updates.