Computer Freezes After Boot

Computers have tightly entered our lives. They are used for entertainment and work. Unfortunately, problems with them are also not uncommon. There are situations when, after turning on, immediately or after a few minutes, the machine hangs tightly. Because of what this is happening and what to do in such a situation, we will understand in this article.

Main reasons

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why the computer freezes when it is turned on.

Consider the main causes of freezing:

  1. memory overload;
  2. a large number of programs that start when the system starts;
  3. RAM congestion;
  4. viruses and other malicious applications;
  5. overheating of the central processor, card or other components;
  6. incorrectly installed or problematic drivers;
  7. nutritional problems.

Before proceeding with the correction of an error, it is necessary to accurately diagnose it and establish the causes of its occurrence.

Memory overloaded

Users constantly forget to monitor the availability of free space on the system hard drive, as a result of which the memory is overloaded. This leads to the fact that the computer may freeze at any time.

In fact, in the process of work, almost all programs create many service files on the hard drive. This especially applies to browsers and other programs that require downloading information from the Internet. If there is no space left on the hard drive, then applications simply have nowhere to create temporary files, and they freeze, and operation of the entire system as a whole may be disrupted.

It is easy to avoid the problem, for this it is enough to regularly free up disk space. To do this, you can delete unnecessary or unused applications, files, as well as perform cleaning using specialized utilities.

Many programs at startup

A very common reason that causes the computer to freeze after loading the operating system is a large number of applications in startup. Each program consumes certain resources and may simply not be enough for everyone, which is why it crashes.

When installing new applications, users, as a rule, do not pay attention to the prompts and installation parameters that appear, but immediately click the “Next.” button. As a result, many programs still have the “Download with Windows” checkbox set by default and they start when the operating system starts.

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This situation can be prevented if you carefully read the instructions for the installed software, as well as removing unnecessary applications from startup.

RAM loaded

Temporary memory in which the program runs is called random access memory. It is used when starting any application or game. Its volume is quite limited and when fully filled, the brakes begin. In some cases, when several resource-intensive applications are running at once, the computer may freeze completely.

In most cases, this problem occurs when a large number of programs are present at startup or for people who like to launch many different applications at once or a huge number of tabs in the browser.

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Malicious programs in the modern world are found in huge numbers. Computer infection can lead to a wide variety of consequences. While a small number of files are infected, the user may not notice the presence of unwanted applications. After some time, the virus manifests its presence more clearly.

The most common consequences of a virus infection:

  1. part of the software stops running or works with errors;
  2. reboot a few minutes after the start;
  3. significant slowdown;
  4. the appearance of extraneous messages on the screen;
  5. delete or damage some files;
  6. increased load on the network connection.

In addition to classic viruses, there are other types of malware. They can display unwanted advertisements, open vulnerabilities for accessing other applications, use a user device to conduct distributed attacks on resources or distribute unwanted e-mail messages.

Regardless of what type of infection the system is infected with, this poses a threat to its performance and data safety. Despite the development of various anti-virus systems, no software can currently provide 100% protection. Therefore, the timely detection of viruses depends on the user’s attentiveness.


Not always errors that cause a computer to freeze are related to the software part. Iron is also able to deliver a lot of trouble to the user. Modern high-performance devices emit a lot of heat. Overheating can cause the system to freeze or failure of individual components.

Desktop users simply need to prevent overheating. It is enough to clean the system unit from accumulated dust from time to time. It is more difficult to clean laptops and other mobile devices due to the small size and design features.

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The operating system needs to know how to manage components. For this purpose, manufacturers develop specialized utilities. drivers. Windows already includes programs for the correct operation of key devices, but for some to function, you will need to install packages from the manufacturer.

The main types of driver devices that you need to install yourself:

  1. cards;
  2. sound cards;
  3. printing and scanning devices;
  4. some types of hard disk controllers.

A specific set is determined for each PC separately. Incorrect installation of one or more drivers can lead to a variety of consequences.

The consequences of incorrect driver installation:

  1. inability to load the OS;
  2. lack of ability to work with the device (loss of sound, etc.);
  3. various error messages;
  4. image distortion.

Similar errors occur due to the fault of developers of utilities that control the operation of devices. Most often, the user is faced with this when installing drivers from untrusted sources or versions that are in the testing phase.

Nutrition problem

Computers, like other modern electronic devices, have fairly stringent power requirements. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to the quality of the purchased power supply. The correct choice of this component will help to avoid many problems in the future and ensure the longevity of the PC itself.

For example, by purchasing an insufficiently powerful power supply and high-performance graphics card, the user runs the risk of a computer crash at the wrong time or constant reboots.

Unfortunately, electric networks are far from always fulfilled in compliance with all modern requirements, and even a very good unit in this case may not be able to cope with its task. In order to avoid constant reboots in this case, you should pay attention to the stabilizers.

What should I do if my computer freezes when I turn it on? We find a solution

Faced with stopping or restarting the computer during startup, you must first find out the type of problem. If an error message appears, you can set its appearance by searching the Internet. But in most cases, you just have to sort through the possible alternatives.

Consider the types of problems that cause a PC to freeze:

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Software bugs

The most common problems are related to the software installed on the computer. You should always start your search with the simplest options. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is free space on the hard drive and, if necessary, clean it.

You can use it to free up space on the hard drive using the built-in Windows tools or special utilities, for example, CCleaner. In the latter case, there are more options for customization. CCleaner can also be recommended to those who need to disable the automatic download of unnecessary applications.

People who are actively using the global network should always check all devices for virus infections. You should start from the same, if the OS does not start at all. You can recommend using the CureIt utility for these purposes! from Doctor Web or Kaspersky Rescue Disk from Kaspersky Lab.

Computer Freezes After Boot

Both utilities can be run from removable media, which allows you to search for infected files even with significant problems. In order to avoid re-infection, it is recommended to install special antiviruses.

Hardware issues

Hardware problems are much less common. Solving them yourself is quite difficult. If you have some experience with technology, then you should pay attention to the temperature of the processor and card. After checking the sensor readings using special utilities, for example, HWMonitor.

If the temperature exceeds 60–70 degrees Celsius for the central processor or 80–90 for the card, then the most likely cause of the malfunction is dust or a malfunction of the cooling system. To solve the problem, it is necessary to remove dust, replace thermal grease, check the operation of the fans and the mounting of the radiators.

It is difficult to diagnose nutrition-related problems at home and without special knowledge. The only way to exclude them during testing is to advise using a known working unit.

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Problems with freezing computers can often be solved independently without resorting to the services of service centers. This can save a lot. In this case, you will have to spend only a little time. In the case when it is not possible to solve the problem at home, of course, you will come to contact a specialized company.