Computer Does Not See Wacom Tablet

Today we’ll talk about how to connect the tablet to the computer via usb. Indeed, many users do not know how to do this, and thus cannot download new firmware or drop various useful information on the device. games, photos, books,s, and many others. etc. In addition, we’ll talk about possible methods for solving such a problem when, for some reason, the PC does not see the tablet via the usb cable. After all, such a malfunction causes a lot of inconvenience.

Computer Does Not See Wacom Tablet

The algorithm for connecting the tablet to the computer through usb-cable

The procedure for connecting the tablet to the computer via usb is quite simple:

  1. You will need the cable itself, which basically comes with the device. If not, it can be purchased separately.
  2. Then one end of the cable is connected to a PC or laptop (via usb-connector), and the other (MicroUSB connector). to the tablet.
  3. Then you will hear a beep. Also, the corresponding notifications will appear on the computer and tablet screen. For example, a special window “Connecting to USB” may open on a mobile device, by clicking on which you will be taken to a menu. Here you need to select one of the connection modes (drive, charging, media, etc.). It is possible to check whether it was possible to connect the tablet through the PC in the “My Computer” window, where an additional disk should appear.
  4. In fact, on this connection procedure can be considered completed. Now you can safely drop books, games, films and many more onto your tablet. etc. At the same time, do not forget that for modern devices everything is sorted into the corresponding sections. Music, Pictures, etc.
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By the way, if you use a memory card on your tablet to store information, it is not necessary to connect the device to a PC or laptop via usb in order to throw off any files. It is enough to remove it and then use a conventional card reader or USB adapter to connect it to a computer.

Things are more complicated with the connection of tablet technology from Apple. Of course, like a device with an android platform, the iPad can be connected to a laptop via USB. However, viewing all files and applications will fail. You will need to install iTunes on your PC or laptop.

Because of what the computer or laptop does not see the tablet?

It also happens that a PC does not see a tablet connected to it via a usb cable. What to do in this case? First you need to understand the cause of the malfunction. It could be:

  • Problem with the wire or connector itself. First you need to check the integrity of the cable. Connect another working device through it. For example, a smartphone. If everything works, then the problem is not in the wire. We proceed to the diagnosis of the connector. The essence is the same. we connect through it any device that you have no doubt about its health (flash drive, mouse, etc.).
  • The need to select a special mode. A number of devices require activating a special mode when connecting to a PC via usb. However, the user simply forgets about it. And all you need to do is click on the “Turn on the USB drive” button in the special menu on the tablet. Or select the drive mode in a separate window. As soon as you do this, the computer recognizes the device connected to it.
  • No special settings. The drivers may not be installed or updated. As a rule, in this case, the computer does not see the device, but at the same time, the device is quietly charging from it. Try using the PC to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your tablet. After all, every large company, be it asus, samsung, lenovo, wacom (engaged in the production of graphic tablets), etc., regularly uploads fresh versions of drivers to its web resources. You just have to download and install them.
  • Antivirus action. It cannot be ruled out that a PC or laptop cannot see the tablet via usb due to the operation of the antivirus program. Therefore, try to disable all firewalls and security features while connecting the device.
  • Problems with the firmware. For a long time did not update the operating system on a tablet with android? Or are you using unofficial firmware? All this can also cause problems with device synchronization.
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Thus, there are many reasons why the computer does not see the tablet through usb. It’s good that you can easily determine what caused such a malfunction. It is enough to take into account the information that we cited above.

At the same time, it will not be difficult for many users to independently solve the problem in which the computer or laptop does not see the tablet. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, then seek help from specialists.

Incompatible PC and tablet?

Many ask about whether the banal incompatibility of the computer and tablet is able to interfere with the connection process. In our opinion, this simply cannot be. Even if we are not talking about the devices themselves, but about their operating systems (OS). You can transfer information from MacOS to Android or from iOS to Windows. There can be no question of any incompatibility.

Another thing is if you are trying to “make friends” with an old tablet and a modern laptop. In this case, the cause of the lack of contact between devices may be a conflict of USB standards between the PC and the device. After all, it turns out that one has USB 3.0, and the other has USB 2.0.

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Wi-Fi connection

Do not forget that you can organize a wireless data exchange between your PC and tablet. You just have to install special software. For example, for devices from Samsung use the official Kies app.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi? You can forget about the USB cable. At the same time, it is easy to exchange files between a computer and a tablet, as well as view various information from a mobile device without first downloading to a PC.

However, in more detail about this method of synchronization we will discuss next time.