Computer Does Not See Huawei Phone

Many users, when trying to connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable, are faced with the fact that the computer does not recognize the connected gadget. The connected device is charging, while there is no access to the smartphone itself and its internal content. I also encountered this synchronization problem, and in this article I will explain why the computer does not see the phone via USB, and also share various methods for solving this issue.

Phones connected via USB to a computer

Reasons for not connecting your phone via USB

The whole complex of causes of the problem that the PC does not see the smartphone via the USB cable, I would divide into hardware and software, and below I will list each of them, in parallel, providing instructions for fixing it. But before using the techniques indicated by me, try restarting your computer and smartphone. this does not help as rarely as it seems. This problem mainly occurs with devices from Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG and Fly.

The computer does not see the phone via USB, but is charging

So why does the computer not see the phone via USB, but it charges. hardware reasons

1. The cable is damaged USB. It often happens that the cause of this dysfunction is damage to the USB cable itself. Cables of little-known or “non-name” manufacturers do not have a large margin of safety, and can fail just after a couple of months from the start of operation, and as a result the computer will not detect the connected phone.

Check if the USB cable is damaged

In addition, even the most reliable cables from world brands are subject to stochastic damage. they can be accidentally damaged during use, pets can bite or spoil the children. Therefore, first of all, inspect your USB cable for the possibility of mechanical damage, and, if the cable is not intact, try using it to connect your device to another computer. If the device is not recognized on another PC, try replacing the cord.

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2. The port is damaged USB on the computer. The USB ports used in the computer are also subject to various mechanical damage, including damage to the USB controller, as well as the south bridge of the motherboard. Try plugging the cable into another USB port, if this did not help fix the phone’s connection to the PC, follow these tips.

Check if the USB port on the computer is damaged

3. The socket for connecting the cable on the phone is damaged. Have water got into the smartphone’s socket and is it damaged? If so, then replace it.

Turn off the battery, pull out the battery for a few seconds, then put it back and turn on your device again.

The computer does not see the phone via USB. software reasons

After describing the hardware reasons, we list the main software reasons, if your computer still does not recognize a cell phone connected via a USB cable, follow the instructions below.

1. We work with the settings. We go into the settings of our device, select “Memory” there, click on the three dots at the top (Properties), select “USB-connection to a computer” and put a tick in front of “Media device” (“USB drive”). If you have a check mark next to using USB as a modem. uncheck it.

USB settings for connecting to a computer on Android

On the PC, the Windows Update service (for downloading drivers for the phone) and the service for detecting new devices must be enabled. Do not forget to unlock your phone when connected to a computer, this is important.

If you are a conservative and you have Windows XP installed, download the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for XP from the Microsoft website and install it on your computer.

2. If you have drivers USB-ports, the computer may not see the phone. When drivers to USB ports are dysfunctional, the latter simply stop working. To fix this problem, install USB drivers from the “native” disk with the drivers for the motherboard of your PC, or download the latest drivers on the website of the motherboard manufacturer.

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Also, for some reason, power may be cut off for a number of ports.

  • Go to the section “Food”(Control Panel. Equipment and Sound. Power Supply);
  • Choose “Set up a power plan»Opposite the meal plan you are using;
  • Then click on “Change advanced power settings”;
  • Find in the list that appears “OptionsUSB”, Click on the plus sign opposite;
  • And then on the plus sign next to “Temporary outage parameterUSB-port”;
  • Change the setting to “Forbidden»Both in the case of mains power and battery;
  • Click “To apply”And”OK”.

Turn on USB ports

3. The device drivers have flown. Go to the “Device Manager” and see if there is a question mark or exclamation mark in the item “Portable devices”.

Check if your device is there and make sure that it works fine by right-clicking on it and clicking on “Properties”. If it is not there, or if you have doubts, remove the driver, disconnect the phone from the computer, and then turn it on again and let the system install the driver again. This can help solve the problem that the smartphone does not connect via USB to the computer.

Install device drivers

It will also not be superfluous to enter the website of the manufacturer of your smartphone and download the latest drivers for it on your PC (for example, Samsung has special Samsung Kies software).

4. Install the update KB3010081 (KB3099229). For owners of Windows 10, you may need to install update KB3010081, which is responsible for working with Windows Media Player. This player is directly related to the normal operation of the MTP service (Media Transfer Protocol), so download and install the update data.

Also, a common cause may be the unreliable assembly of the OS itself on a PC. Only rearranging Windows of a more working version will help here.

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5. Custom firmware is not working. The desire of many fans to play with the firmware for their Android device can serve them poorly in the form of a device failure to work normally with the computer. Try to restore the standard firmware or recover from backup (if any).

There are no drivers for the phone on the computer

Although, usually, a computer with the latest OS detects and sees a smartphone via USB without problems, there may be reverse cases. Try to search for a driver for your smartphone on the network, sometimes a driver may approach similar models of this brand.

The phone may not be detected by the computer due to viruses

It’s commonplace, but all kinds of virus programs can block work with external mobile devices. Try to check your computer with Dr. antivirus applications. Web CureIt !, in some cases, this may help.

If the computer’s problem of detecting a mobile device is not resolved, reset the settings

If so far, your computer does not see the phone via USB, resetting the smartphone using Hard Reset. Go to your phone’s settings, select the “Backup” menu item, and select “Data reset” in it.

But I immediately warn you that you will lose your files and settings located in the internal memory of the phone (the files on the SD card will remain untouched), so this item should be used only as a last resort!


As you can see, problems with the lack of visibility of the connected phone on a PC can be both software and hardware in nature, and there are a considerable number of such problematic factors. I would advise you to first pay attention to possible mechanical damage in the cable and device, and only then switch to software methods.

In many cases, a regular reboot of the smartphone (temporary removal of the battery), as well as working with the USB connection settings of the phone, can help. If all of the above does not help and the computer does not see the phone via USB, but is charging, then you may need to contact a qualified service center.

Computer Does Not See Huawei Phone