Comparison Of Iphone 7 And Iphone 6 Who Is Better

Comparison Of Iphone 7 And Iphone 6 Who Is Better

Once again, in mid-September, we are witnessing a parade of iPhones around the planet. Even now, at the very start of sales, it is safe to say that the “seven” will become a landmark device. It sets a new standard in the design of mobile devices.

What is interesting for us to offer Apple in the next flagship, and how does it, in fact, differ from its predecessors?

Exterior Functionality

There is practically nothing to complain about in the design of the new model. the bulging chamber was equipped with a neat sealing ring, which provides water resistance, the ill-fated antenna strips were made less noticeable by moving them closer to the ends, the Home button was “hidden” under the glass. As a result, the gadget looks completely monolithic, and, in fact, it is.

As experts predicted. the iPhone has finally become airtight!
The highest build quality of the “sevens” is noteworthy. there are absolutely no backlashes or “crunching” of buttons, as in the pilot versions of the “sixes”.

The update received the most important button. Home. Instead of mechanical, she became sensory. And in order to facilitate communication with the intangible button, the engineers introduced the improved TapticEngine engine in place of the former mini-jack connector. Depending on the pressure, it generates vibrations of different intensities, based on which the user feels the response of the system. According to the assurance of those who tested, you get used to it quickly, and in the future, “communication” with the button is intuitive.

In addition, the introduction of a touch button means eliminating at least half of the reasons for users to contact service centers. After all, it was not just a button, but also a “central lock” with a unique serial number, which could not be simply replaced without losing the lion’s share of functionality. Most often, in the event of a Home breakdown, you had to replace the gadget with a new one. with an extra charge. Or be satisfied with the limited capabilities of the “donor”.

This innovation made it possible to make the iPhone 7 airtight, as it simply became smaller with two holes (a 3.5 mm port and a recess for the Home button). But there is also a negative point. in winter, being wearing gloves, you will not be able to unlock your smartphone.


As for the size of the new flagships, they remained the same as their predecessors. Unless the total weight of the devices has changed a little. They became a few grams lighter than the 6 S, but still not as light as the “sixes” of the first generation. At first glance, the difference in the dimensions of the smartphones is minimal, and, in theory, cases from both versions of the sixes could be suitable for the new flagship. However, there is a small nuance. in the 4.7-inch version, the manufacturer shifted the camera’s socket closer to the ends, and the “eye” with the lens itself became larger. Thus, it turns out that part of the camera will simply be covered with a cover.

And in the plus version, and even more so, the non-standard dual module of two cameras forces you to purchase a new case.


As already mentioned, the “seven” became waterproof, which both predecessors could not boast of. A special adhesive tape is laid under all the joints of the case, which makes the smartphone airtight. I wonder if it will be possible to restore it in the event of any service intervention? Or is it that after opening the iPhone will let moisture in? Please note that the “seventh” iPhone is not designed for long swims with the owner.

The protection of the gadget is rather designed for short-term exposure to the aquatic environment. In this case, everything will do without consequences. The maximum that a new iPhone can withstand is a half-hour stay in fresh (!) Water, and at a depth of not more than one meter.

In addition to water, the seven will also be reliably protected from dust under the case. this is exactly what the level of tightness declared by the manufacturer, IP 67, suggests.

It would not be out of place to bring a very interesting fact. even sealed “sevens” that somehow are still drowned by users, do not fall under service. Those. The presence of moisture under the housing cover is the basis for refusing to repair or replace them for free. Therefore, we do not recommend experimenting too much with diving your smartphone in water to “test the strength.”

New sound

Well, the creators have worked on the sound quality of the iPhone. Instead of a separate audio jack, another external speaker was added, and the iPhone gained powerful stereo sound. The difference between the models is clearly felt, not even a very demanding hearing.But the most important thing is Apple left only one port lightning To connect the iPhone with other devices: headphones, charger, computer.
Therefore, the new configuration will feature headphones with a lightning connector. Also, in order to relieve stress on a single port, the company simultaneously introduced a wireless headset. AirPods. Always the main drawback of wireless data transfer was the inevitable lag of the audio track from the image on the screen. Apple claims that with the help of revolutionary AirPods she managed to overcome this unpleasant feature.

The second controversial point is the limited battery life of wireless systems. When pairing, both the smartphone itself and the headset used are used up. But here the company assures that there will be no problems. you are guaranteed up to 5 hours of battery life, and another 3 hours during the day after a 15-minute recharge from the case.

Both of these factors are the cause of the extremely low prevalence of wireless systems so far. there are too many limiting points. But, as we see, Apple is breaking stereotypes again.

Memory sizes

Another global update affected the amount of internal memory. For a long time, the current 16/64/128 line was replaced by 32/128/256 gigabyte versions. In addition, from now on, the upcoming predecessor versions will also receive a “new memory.” It is noteworthy that the manufacturer doubled its capacity, without increasing the total cost of smartphones, in either case.

It is not yet known how such increases will affect the performance of devices, since predecessors with 128 GB of memory on board previously had problems with stability.


They touched on improvements and camera modules. They even outwardly became more massive and sound, or something. See for yourself, this is how they look in comparison with the 6 S. The selfie camera now has a resolution of 7 megapixels (versus 5 megapixels in 6S or ridiculous 1.2 megapixels in the “six”). The resolution of the main camera remains exactly the same as that of the 6S (i.e. 12 megapixels), however, the hardware has undergone significant improvements.

The cameras have become even more effective in suppressing any interference, it is better to recognize faces and figures, the color range has expanded significantly. The plus version generally received a dual wide-angle lens, on which at least shoot movies. The 7 Plus also has the ability to zoom 10 times. Finally, the “younger” version of iPhones has received advanced optical image stabilization. Pictures ands are surprisingly clear, even when shooting in motion. Now, a bright 4-diode flash is built into iPhones, instead of a 2-diode one from the predecessors, which means that the quality of night shooting will also be on top. To add to that, a lot of hardware and software for image processing were added. Including it became possible to edit the “picture” right during the shooting. In general, the seven can only be taken for a cool camera.


“Seven” received a four-core chip, which in conjunction with an expanded up to 3 GB of RAM will easily cope with any loads. Thanks to the new Fusion processor, the smartphone shows simply excellent results in benchmark tests. So, on the example of a hikbench, you can estimate a noticeable performance increase compared to the predecessor 6 S (the “seven” on the left). The gap from the first “six” is even more impressive. almost doubled (its results were 1624 and 2922, respectively).

Also, due to the space formed on the site of the audio jack, the engineers managed to increase the battery capacity. So the capacity increase in the iPhone 7 was 14% compared to its predecessor, and the battery capacity in the iPhone 7 Plus expanded by 5%. Compared with the “sixes”. in absolute terms, this is 1960 mAh versus 1715 mAh. for the base model, or 2900 mAh versus 2750 mAh. for the “plus”.

To take or not to take?

It is possible that there will be critics, fed up with the constant fireworks of innovation from different manufacturers, and eager for more and more changes.

However, the lion’s share of the labor of engineers and designers remains hidden from view. And in appearance, seemingly identical devices can radically differ, and this is exactly the case with the sevens. Although the changes are clearly not striking, they definitely are, and very significant!

Does it make sense to change your 6 S (or 6-ku) on the iPhone 7. you decide. So if you have expensive accessories with a standard “mini-jack” port, and you are not going to spend money on new ones yet, we recommend that you wait a while with updating your smartphone to the new version. Although compared with the outdated “six” you get a much more advanced functionality.

If you lead an active life filled with travels and simultaneously lead with the help of a camera the timing of all the places you visited, it definitely makes sense to spend on a seven. It will allow you to get a clear, detailed picture in a professional format under any extreme conditions. even when shooting while surfing. At the same time, the apparatus itself, thanks to its tightness, will endure even complete immersion in water.