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How to clean a memory in a laptop with windows

The computer is like a living room. if we do not care for it, it will soon turn into a place where nothing can be found. And moving in it will become much more difficult because of the rubbish scattered everywhere. But how to clean it if you have never done it? In this article you will learn how to clean the memory of a laptop or computer with Windows.

Garbage cleaning programs for Windows

There are many programs on the Internet that clean your computer yourself. And do this by pressing only one button. It is worth saying that this is not the worst option that can be used if Windows is not familiar with the Windows system. Similar programs automatically collect information about the state of memory and offer to clean the garbage.

It is also necessary to say about their shortcomings: many require a Pro version and do everything so that we acquire it. Up to block access to important tools, such as cleaning the registry, searching for viruses, etc.D. The system of cleaners of the system often spreads another by. And if during the installation you do not remove the box that you agree to install an additional program, they will be installed.

Often such in a tricky way on the computer are installed programs that interfere with its work. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean your home PC or laptop from garbage and unnecessary files. over, this is not so difficult.

How to clean the memory in the Windows laptop manually

With prolonged use of a computer with Windows 10 or another version, you can notice how it began to work slower. The system starts much longer, programs and games often freeze and it becomes impossible to work on it. This happens for various reasons. One of the main ones is one of the local disks overflowing. And also filled storage for some types of files. Let’s clean them.

  • While on the Windows desktop, press two keys at the same time: Wine;
  • In the conductor on the left, select my computer, computer or this computer, depending on the version of the operating system;

Other local discs do not need to be cleaned. It is enough to clean the one on which Windows is installed.

The case of technology: 10 ways to get rid of garbage in Windows and free up the disk space

The computer drive is clogged and cracks at the seams, and the hand does not rise to delete precious files. A familiar situation, isn’t it? We tell you how little blood to solve this problem, and we share a bonus by life hacks to save discs among Windows

Any, even the most modern software platforms are characterized by a tendency to cllate disk over time, and Windows is no exception. OS created by the OS and various applications temporary files, duplicates of system libraries, shadow copies, logs, installation files, patches, updates, which are chattering web page and other garbage-all this accumulates and grows like a snowball, clogging the free space on the accumulator of any volume. There is not much good one in this, but you should not be very sad: there are simple ways to quickly clear the computer’s disc memory of trash without removing the necessary data and risk to harm the computer.

Using the discharge facilities built into Windows. The most effective and safe option, for the use of which you need to follow the menu “Start → Parameters → System → Memory → Temporary Files”. The OS will analyze the contents of the drive and display a list of files available for deleting, including copies of Windows updates, images, DirectX cache and system services, diagnostic logs, as well as other data, the total volume of which can reach a dozen gigabytes. The system automatically marks part of the files for deleting, part leaves to the user’s discretion. Particular attention when working with the utility should be paid to the “loading” folder, in which important data and documents may be located.

Manual deleting temporary files. Windows experience shows that the disk cleaning tools built into the system ignore a lot of garbage. We are talking about the directors C: \ Windows \ Temp and C: \ Users \ Name of the_Palizer \ Appdata \ Local \ TEMP, the contents of which can be safely removed. In addition, it will not be superfluous to inspect the C: \ Users \ Name of the_pol.user \ Appdata \ Roaming, in which there are numerous “tails” of remote applications. this ballast also makes sense to send to the basket. To work with the mentioned directors, administrator rights, common sense and attention to details are needed. It will also be useful in the Windows conductor settings to activate the display of hidden files.

Removing shadow copies and recovery points. Depending on Windows settings, it automatically creates pictures of volumes of disks, backup copies of system files and user documents. If the system works like a clock and there is no doubt in the reliability of data storage, these backup copies can be removed and thereby free up space on the disk. To do this, open a console with administrator rights, enter the VSSADMIN LIST Shadows command to view the list of existing shadow copies on the drive, and then dial the VSSADMIn Delete Shadows /All to remove them. A similar result can be achieved by opening the system protection settings (menu “Start → Parameters → System → On the system → System Protection → Set up”) and clicking on the “Delete” key “Delete”.

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Cleaning the folder C: \ Windows \ Installer. Few people know the existence of Installer in Windows in Windows, into which installations of various applications storage installation files. Over time, this folder is clogged with garbage and grows to incredible sizes. Independent cleaning of this directory is fraught with problems, so it is best to trust the free PatchCleaner utility in this matter, which competently and extremely neatly approaches solving this problem. The application analyzes the contents of the Installer directory for association with software installed on the computer and finds unnecessary files that can either be moved to another logical disk or a larger drive or delete without harm to the system.

Removing Kesh browsers. The simplest procedure that allows you to release hundreds of megabytes on the PC disk. In Google Chrome, to clean the temporary files, you need to follow the web facial settings, then in the menu “Privacy and safety → Clean the story” indicate the temporary range “All the time”, then mark the “Images and other files stored in the cache” with a checkmark and click “Delete data”. In Microsoft Edge, this tools are located in the menu “Parameters → Privacy, Search and Services.Browser “. in the window” Settings → Systems → Clean history “. In Firefox, it is necessary to proceed to “Settings → Privacy and Protection → Cookie and Site Data → Delete Data”. Do not get confused in the intricacies of the browser menu will help the following screenshots.

Removing extra accounts. Often the reason for clutching a computer disk is unused and long.forgotten Windows user accounts, which stores documents, photos, music and other no value, but occupying files. It will be possible to get rid of the old and lost relevance of accounts in the section “Parameters → Accounts → Family and other users”. This procedure is possible only if there are administrative rights in the system.

Cleaning temporary files and folders. TEMP folder

The TEMP directory is a repository of all kinds of garbage (temporary folders and files), so feel free to delete all the contents of this folder.

  • Open the “Perform” window as shown at the beginning of the publication.
  • In the window that opens, write down “%TEMP%” and click “Enter” (“Enter”).

Click the CTRLA key combination, click on the selected mouse on the selected, select the “Delete” option in the menu

Cleaning “bulky” system files

Important! Before starting work, make sure that you do not need these files, but only occupy a useful place. For advanced users.

Cleaning “Hiberfil.SYS ”

This system file stores all the information about setting up the system from the moment it is activated, this file can reach up to 5-10 gigabytes of the selected memory of the ROM.

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To remove it from the system section, use the following actions:

  • Call an active window by pressing the combination “Winr”.
  • In the “Perform” window, enter the PowerCFG command.H OFF “.
  • Click “OK”.

How to clean a browser cache on a computer with windows

We use the browser almost every day. Dozens of pages visited by the user are preserved on the disk. The browser cache is present in all observers. Of course, it can be completely turned off, but then the story will not be preserved, and sometimes it is simply necessary.

To clean the cache of any browser, we follow the following instructions using the example of Google Chrome:

Thus, we cleaned the browser cache on a computer or laptop with Windows.

How to clean the cache using CCleaner

CCleaner program is one of those tools that helps increase the performance of the system. You can download a trial or full version from the official website. Free version will do the same.

After installation, we start the utility and see several sections. We need only two. “cleaning” and “registry”.

In the cleaning section, we see two tabs “Windows” and “Applications”. You can look through and see what the program is able to clean.

As you can see, here we can clean the cache of sketches, browsers, DNS and even a font cache and many other temporary files.

Some points are not marked here, but if they are noted, a warning and description of what will happen after cleaning appears.

Cleaning the registry

After performing these simple operations, the computer will work noticeably faster. The cleaning process is unlucky in itself, it can be performed regularly at the first symptoms of computer braking or slow loading the Internet pages.

If even after all these cache cleaning procedures are performed, a computer or laptop still continues to work unstable, a hard drive or operating system may be damaged. Then you need to look for completely different ways to solve the problem.

How to clear a laptop memory

It is recommended to clean the memory of the laptop at least once a month. For 30 days of work and entertainment, the so.called file garbage accumulates, which is created not only by the user, but also by the computer when working. These files occupy more and more disk space, and now the usual volume is not enough for everyday work. Therefore, do not forget to regularly arrange hygienic procedures to your “notebook”.

During the work in the laptop, a certain number of files accumulate that do not bear any benefit, but only clog the computer’s memory, interfering with the normal functioning of the programs and confusing the user himself. To correctly clean the memory of the laptop, you need to understand the types of unnecessary files and places of their storage.

The most obvious keeper of file garbage is, of course, a “basket”. This is a temporary refuge for files, which, most likely, will no longer be needed. The following type of files are temporary Internet files. All of them do not need to be deleted, since they accelerate access to the frequently visited pages, but once a month there, most likely, there will be a couple of hundred files that you no longer need. This can be understood by names.

Delete CHK extension files, they are created by the antivirus program while checking the discs. They are stored in the “root” directory of the hard drive. These are the so.called files of lost clusters. Get rid of errors and dumps of memory that take up a lot of disk space.

Temporary files are created when starting any operating system program. In theory, they must be removed immediately after its completion, but sometimes they remain in place due to the malfunction or shortcomings of the creators.

Another type of files that can be deleted. backup copies of documents. These are almost all files that have a sign in their name ~. “tilde”. As a rule, these are files with the extension of BAK, OLD, WBK, etc. However, be careful, do not delete the files that are still in the work, otherwise the program fails, and the disrupted documents will not be restored.

Use a special “cleaner” program if you are afraid to harm your laptop. Such a program is part of any Windows operating system. Access to it can be obtained through “Start”. “All programs”. “Standard”. “Service”. You can also follow the link “System and Security”. “Administration”. “Liberation of the place on the disk”.

Cleaning programs make it possible to install additional settings, thanks to which you can avoid loss of important files. You can use a program, for example, CCleaner, which is distributed for free. This program is more sparing in relation to files, in addition, it can clean up the history of your stay on the network, including the history of search queries and visiting sites. She also has variable settings.

Disconnect the hibernation regime if you don’t need it

Windows 10 saves an array of data on a hard disk before each completion of work in order to save the current session. When you start the computer again, the hibernation cache allows you to continue from the place where the work has stopped in the past. Although this is a very convenient function, it is not possible for everyone to save information in the Hiberfil file.SYS requires a lot of gigabytes of space. If your computer ends with memory, removing the cache of Gibernation will free up space for more significant files.

How to disable the cache of gibberniations:

  • Open the “command line”, be sure to in administrator mode.
  • Enter the command “PowerCFG /Hibernate Off“And click Enter.
  • Ready! The hibernation cache stopped working and will no longer store files.

If your computer works from the network and you do not use the sleeping mode, then:

  • Open the “Parameters” application.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • In the lateral menu, click “Food and sleeping mode”.
  • Under the heading “sleeping mode” in the opening lists, select “Never” and save changes.
  • Open the “Perform” utility (Windows R key combination).
  • Enter the command “PowerCFG.H OFF“”.
  • Click OK to save settings.

After performing the above, the sleeping mode will be disabled and the Hiberfil file.SYS. removed.

Delete autonomous cards, extra tongues and components

Check if autonomous cards (cities or countries) are installed on your computer for the Windows map, extra localization packages (integral or system languages) and additional components (Windows Media Player player, Windows Hello recognition, additional fonts, remote administrations. recognizer of mathematical signs and the like). Feel free to remove unused and other things that you probably even see for the first time.

How to delete autonomous cards: “Parameters” → “Applications” → “Autonomous Cards” → Delete all cards ”.

How to remove localization packages: “Parameters” → “Time and Language” → “Language” → “Preferenced Languages” → “Delete”.

How to delete additional components: “Parameters” → “Applications” → Applications and Function ”→“ Applications and Opportunities ”→“ Additional Components ”→“ Delete ”.

How to completely clear the hard drive from all data?

To erase from a hard disk means completely clearing all its information from the disk. Removing everything, this is not a simple deletion of files and formatting a hard drive as usual it happens. You will need to take an additional step to erase the hard drive, so that later, the data cannot be restored.

When you format a hard drive or delete the section, you usually only delete the file system, making data invisible that are no longer indexed, but do not disappear. File recovery program or special equipment often restores information.

If you want to make sure your personal information has disappeared forever, you will need to erase the hard drive using special software.

See the conclusion at the bottom of the page to obtain information about the “simple” cleaning using the command format in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to clean a computer hard drive?

This process can take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the drive and the method you have chosen.

Create a backup copy of everything you want to save, such as photos, software product keys, etc.D. When the cleaning of the hard disk is completed, there will be no way to return something back.

How to Reset or Delete All files on your Asus Laptop��|Step by Step Procedure. #asuslaptop #reset

If you have already used the online backup service, you can safely assume that all your important files have already been saved in the online storage. If you were not so prudent, select one of several free backup tools in autonomous mode that can save your files on an external hard drive. Make a backup copy of everything you want to save; Sometimes several virtual disks share the space on one physical hard drive. Watch the wheels (volumes) that are on the hard drive using the “Disks Management” tool in Windows.

Download a free data destruction program. Any of the first six programs that are recommended on this list will work perfectly because they can be used to clean the hard drive due to the limits of Windows-the necessary function if you want to clean the hard drive on which Windows is installed.

Great DBAN program. This is probably the most widely used tool for cleaning a hard drive.

DBAN does not erase solid.state drives. If you need to erase the SSD, you will have to find another program on this list mentioned earlier. Cleaning the hard disk does not depend on the operating system if you use one of the boot tools from this list. In fact, there are several ways to completely erase the hard drive, but the use of software to destroy data is the simplest and, nevertheless, allows you to use the hard drive again.

Then follow all the necessary steps for installing software or, in the case of a loading program, such as DBAN, get an ISO-image on a CD or DVD-disk or USB device, for example, on a flash drive:

If you use CD or DVD, this process usually turns on the image of the ISO image to the disk, and then loading from the disk to start the program.

If you use a flash drive or other USB drive, this process usually includes a recording of an ISO-image on a USB device and then loading from this USB drive to start work.

Sweet hard drive in accordance with the instructions of the program.

Most data destruction programs offer several different cleaning methods. Connect a laptop or make sure that the battery is fully charged. The total time required to complete the cleaning of the hard disk depends on the size of the disk and computer speed.

After proper cleaning, you can be sure that all the information on the disk has now disappeared forever.

Now you can install Windows on a disk, create a new section, sell or give a hard drive or computer, process or dispose of it, restore backups of files, and all that can be done with PC.

Simple alternative to erasing a hard drive

Starting with Windows Vista, the formatting process has changed, and each standard format applies one passage with zero recording to each standard (not fast) format. In other words, a very simple cleaning is performed during formatting.

If you have enough one pass with zero recording, make sure your disk has been cleared after the usual formatting in Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista.

This is the erasure of only the section that you format. If you have more than one section on a physical hard drive, you also need to format these additional sections if you want to count the entire physical disk “erased”.

Is the destruction of files safe?

If what you really want to do is just to make sure that the files that you delete on a regular basis really disappeared and cannot be extracted by special tools, the data clearing program is more than you need.

Many of the destruction programs also make the so.called cleaning of free space, which erases all the “empty” space on your hard drive. The purpose of this is to make sure that the files that you have already deleted are really deleted forever.

How to clean a computer from garbage and unnecessary files

We figure out how and what you can quickly clean the computer from garbage in the system. Advanced hackers of cybersecurity experts, we ask you not to worry. the blog is intended exclusively for simple and grateful users.

If the computer began to slow down or free space ends on it, it is time to do the “general cleaning”. Often the problem can be solved using simple software. In advanced cases, you will have to act radically. However, about everything in order.

Cleaning the system with means

If the OS has become less responsive, and it is not clear where the place on the disk disappears, it is worth cleaning the system. To do this, use the application built into Windows 10. Delivery optimization files, diagnostic data, interim Internet files, updates, downloads are used to accumulate quietly and eat a significant part of the drive. Try to find and remove them manually is a long and meaningless occupation.

Important! Before cleaning the disk, completely update the system, otherwise, during the nearest car check, part of the deleted files will return.

You can launch a cleaner in several ways. Consider the easiest. Through the search line we find and start the “Disk Cleaning” application.

We put the checkmarks on all points and click OK. An inexperienced user should not worry. it will not let the OS will not remove important OS files.

In this way, it is unlikely that more than a few gigabytes can be cleaned, and therefore we move on to the main “garbage deposits”. To do this, you will have to re.repeat the above actions and click the “Clean System Files” button, which the attentive user probably managed to notice above.

In the list that appears, we put the daw and click OK. Thus, you can remove up to 30 GB of garbage in the form of backups of updates, the old version of Windows, drivers of drivers.

Important! This procedure should not be carried out immediately after the global Windows update. In case of problems with the new system, there should be the opportunity to “roll back” to the previous stable version.

Cleaning will take a decent time, but on the system disk it will significantly add free space.

There are several temporary folders in Windows, which the utility ignores. Something can be cleaned by third-party software (see. below), but some files will have to be washed manually. To do this, in the search bar we enter a request %TEMP %, select and safely delete the entire list.

Cleaning the system

Not one system was reinstalled after risky optimization by unverified software. There are many programs for cleaning and setting up the OS, but you should not take risks and use dubious options.

CCleaner. perhaps the most reliable and well.known system for cleaning the system. For our purposes, there is enough free basic version. Be careful when installing and updating the program: Modern Freeware Loves to slip an additional garbage on an installer. CCleaner has a Russian integral and friendly menu. Let’s go on points that will help to free up and optimize PC.

On the “Standard Cleaning” tab, we carefully choose what we will clean and click “Analysis”. Beginners should trust in this case the choice of a program.

Important! If, after cleaning, you do not want to drive passwords in the browser again, remove the daw from the “auto.performance of forms” and “saved passwords” in the corresponding menu. Immediately you can clean the Internet Cash.

Having checked the list received for removal, click “Cleaning”.

We move on to the next tab “Register”, click “Search for Problems” and “Refract the selected”. The program will not delete too much, but the most indecisive will offer to save a backup copy. Cleaning the registry will not free up much space, but will help get rid of the “tails” of previously remote programs.

Installation of a static address IP

If you set the parameters of the permanent address IP, then the computer startup time will decrease. The thing is that the shift IP address requires more time to determine. To solve this problem, you need to change the parameters of the adapter, which are in the paragraph “Network”.

When introducing the IP address, you need to be very careful so as not to make a mistake.

Dust and the quality of use of some programs also affects the quality of. For example, the quality of video communication in Skype is very deteriorating, because the interlocutor will hear the noise of a cooling processor.

Removing unnecessary programs and components

The method is suitable for experienced users, but since the computer can be restored from the last conservation point, a less experienced PC user can try.

Removing unused programs or games will free up a huge amount of space.

You need to choose: 1. Start, 2. Control panel, 3. Programs, deleting programs.

A list of programs will appear. You need to analyze the programs and delete everything that you have not been using for a long time.

Not all programs when removing take their components, so you have to manually walk along the list and delete everything.

When analyzing each program, many are guided by the size of the files, deleting only large. Some programs do not show the size. This creates a false impression that it weighs zero design and does not particularly interfere. It is better to remove it if you do not use it, because it can weigh several GB, or just slow down the computer.

It is desirable, after each remote program and components, immediately save the control point. This will help you if the desired component is removed. to return the condition of the computer, which was before, but shortly. Otherwise, a few hourly work on removing programs may go.

Computer memory expansion

For quick cleaning of the disk (C :), if there is no time to think about each program, you can buy an additional tough disc for a terabyte and pump it all on it.

You can also rent space from cloud services, transfer all available information to a disk. Most cloud storage facilities provide quite decent volumes of free memory absolutely free.

For a more convenient disc, use the free Windristat program or the like. Thanks to it, you can scan a hard drive and find out what types of programs and falls, how many places they occupy. If you are a user of torrents, then using Windirstat you will easily see and can get rid of unnecessary old films and programs that lie on the disk with dead load and occupy terabytes. In addition, Windirstat can show how much space the program occupies on the disk, even if this information was hidden from you.