Clean the Acer Aspire laptop keyboard. How to remove and insert a laptop key back

Laptop keyboard

The keyboard can not be disassembled, but wipe the keys with alcohol with a cotton wool.

If you are not sure that you can correctly disassemble and assemble the device, use isopropyl alcohol for the “wet cleaning” of the keyboard.

This remedy will perfectly cope with the remnants of fat and dust deposits in the space between the keys. Apply the solution to a cotton swab and carefully clean all inaccessible places.

The keyboard can be cleaned quickly if superficial pollution in the form of a small layer of dust and crumbs.

If the pollution is insignificant, then just wipe the keyboard panel with wet wipes, and blow out the garbage between the buttons using a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner using furniture nozzles or just a pipe without a nozzle

For a computer, you can buy a small vacuum cleaner running from USB. Special nozzle carefully cleanse all the clavicle corners, pulling out all the crumbs and dust between the keys.

Turn the disconnected keyboard and shake. Crumbs, garbage will fly out of it. If the crumbs not all retired, then tap on the inverted keyboard panel lightly to finally get rid of food remnants.

You can apply a computer vacuum cleaner. To clean the keyboard, use a special liquid sold in specialized stores. Do not forget to clean the keyboard panel when the computer is disconnected.

If moderate pollution, then you can clean the fat deposits with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol.

Before wiping the keys to alcohol, test on its susceptibility the keyboard. Letters may expire from this substance. To do this, wipe one key with a cotton swab.

If everything is fine, then we continue to remove fat deposits from the keys. Wipe between the buttons with a brush.

How to clean the computer keyboard at home using lizun.

Clean the keyboard panel using a special lesoon rag. Having pulled out a rag from the bag, put it on the top corner of the keyboard and wait for it to completely spread along it.

There are two ways to clean the keyboard with strong contamination with the analysis of the keys.

1 method how to disassemble and clean the keyboard

2 Method of how to disassemble and clean the keyboard

With this method of the button, you can not remove.

  • Turn the keyboard.
  • We promote all bolts on its back. Remove the lid.
  • We remove the film with contacts.
  • We see a lot of springing funnel.shaped molds. Remember where empty places. We remove all the molds. The main thing is not to lose one, otherwise the button will fail without it.

How to clean the flooded keyboard of the Acer Aspire laptop. HP Pavilion, Lenovo, MacBook

The more sugar and salts, the more aggressive the liquid. Simple water and unsweetened tea-not aggressive liquids, coffee and tea with aggressive sugar.

It depends on what liquid the laptop will work whether it will work or not. Poorly-aggressive liquids that were the reason for filling the laptop when taking the right measures are less dangerous than tea, coffee, and carbonated water, salted mineral water apply an irreparable damage to the laptop.

Measures necessary after filling the laptop keyboard

  • Disconnect the laptop. Minutes of delay can lead to close.
  • We extract a hard drive, flash drives, battery from it.
  • Open the lid and pour spilled liquid out of it. Wipe the remaining liquid dry with a rag.
  • We do not close the lid, but let the laptop dry naturally for two to three days.

In no case do not turn on the laptop without diagnostics. The laptop can work, but the water that has not dried to the end will lead to oxidation. The motherboard has the ability to draw into the liquid, which can lead to a significant breakdown.

If you decide not to contact the service center, but wanted to fix the laptop yourself, you need to completely disassemble the keyboard and laptop. If there is no water under the keys, then this is good.

It remains only to rinse the flooding keys with a detergent and dry. If the moisture fell under the keys and approached the motherboard, then you need to consider it under the magnifying glass.

If there are blackened places on it, then we will reinforce. If the plaque is visible, then we clean it with a soft children’s toothbrush, then with alcohol and wash it with distilled water.

Oxidized contacts are easy to remove with an eraser. We dry the fee. If the plaque is everywhere, then you need to rinse the motherboard. At the same time, memory, battery, module, processor and other important parts are removed so as not to wet with water. The remaining parts with my toothbrush is washed with hot water.

You need to wash quickly and neatly, without contacting the connectors. Then get wet and dry for several days.

Cleaning the computer keyboard is similar to cleaning the laptop keyboard, but still has a number of its own features. Since it is located separately from the “iron”, the cleaning methods can be used more cardinal. However, about everything in order.

clean, acer, aspire, laptop, keyboard, remove

The habit of eating and drinking at the table is dangerous for your electronics


Like the laptop keyboard, both surface and deep cleaning are also needed computer. The first occurs according to a similar scheme:

  • Turn over and shake the keyboard, keeping her legs over the newspaper, polyethylene. You will get rid of some crumbs, dirt and dust in this way.
  • A small brush or drawing brush will help you clear places.
  • “lazy” methods-a hairdryer, a mini-vacuum cleaner, a “jelly”, a spray can with compressed air-you saw these tools in the photo.
  • Bold plaque will help remove hygienic wet wipes.

Before removing the keys, do not forget to photograph, sketch their original position

Periodic cleaning

Containing a laptop clean. a commendable desire. However, on the surface of the buttons, a complex film of fingers and dust still accumulates. It is strong and erased with difficulty. Cleaning the laptop keyboard is carried out by the following means:

When working, do not use a large amount of means. They only need to moisten a napkin. After that, wash the keys of your HP, Dell, MSI and another favorite carefully. If soapy water was used as a cleaning agent, the plaque formed after drying can be removed with clean water, moistening the key with it.

Today there are special napkins on sale. They can not only clean the laptop keyboard quickly and without residual traces. With special napkins, the display is also wiped to remove fingerprints or dust plaque from it.

How to clean without disassembly

You can clean the laptop keyboard at home if you do not need to disassemble the components and keyboards from the panel.

Advice! Cleaning indiscriminately is carried out at least once a month. If the panel is quickly polluted, then more often.

  • There are no flooding keys.
  • It is necessary to carry out surface cleaning.
  • Liquids were not shed on the keyboard: coffee, tea, water, sweet drinks.
  • Dismantling the laptop with subsequent cleaning has already been carried out recently (up to three months).

Otherwise, cleaning the laptop without removing the keyboard panel is impossible.

Surface cleaning

First you need to remove the accumulated large garbage from the surface. To do this, you can carefully turn the laptop and slightly shake it. For cleaning it is required:

  • Find a brush for drawing or makeup, brush (if there is no designed for computers, you can use the toothache) or any other device with bristles.
  • Spend between the buttons, collecting dust.
  • Choose the direction of cleaning, go strictly from top to bottom, so as not to miss the rows of keys. The bristles should stay tight and not fall out, otherwise the cleaning will be unauthorized.
  • In conclusion, wipe the surface with a damp alcohol cloth. If fat and stains are observed between the buttons, then you can dip a auricle in alcohol (so that cotton wool is wet, but not wet) and take it away.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning already requires skills, because if circumstances allow, it is better to contact the technical service so that the employee carefully completes the work.

First you need to understand how the buttons are updated. On the laptop to ASUS, the keys are easily removed: you need to pick up the edge and pull up. Do not be afraid to tear the button at all, as the manufacturer creates the opportunity to remove the keys. Similarly, you need to act with hp brand laptops.

Attention! In order not to worry after the correct location of the buttons, it is recommended to remove one key and immediately fix it in place.

Especially carefully you need to do with Shift, Enter, Space, as they can be incomparable.

With the help of a gel

Gel or lizun is used to collect small pollution. Before buying it, you should familiarize yourself with reviews and watch video reports to make sure the utility of the means. Some lizunes are not strong enough, because particles remain under the keyboard, others do not clean at all.

The gel must be put on part of the panel and allow it to spread over the surface, pressing and rubbing. When he penetrates into places, carefully pull it, then shift to another site. When the procedure is completed, it is recommended to assemble the gel in the ball to ride the buttons.

If lizun is reusable, after the procedure it must be washed and thoroughly dried.

Cleaning with compressed air

Cleaning with compressed air can be carried out by both cylinders and using a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner (ordinary, put on weak power).

If you do not use a spray can, then you need to be extremely careful so as not to damage the button panel.

It is necessary to draw a directed stream of air above the keyboard, removing the accumulated dust, dirt and garbage. As with superficial cleaning, it is better to choose the direction of spraying so as not to drive dirt from one edge of the laptop to another, but to remove it from the surface of the device.

How to remove and clean individual buttons

Modern keyboards (Acer, Lenovo, ASUS) are attached to the details of the below design.

It allows you to quickly remove, return the buttons: you need to pull up and a little side of the upper part, and the key itself will be removed. To put it back, the part should be correctly placed (the holes should be above the protruding parts) and press on the mount.

Each button needs to be cleaned on the laptop keyboard, if necessary, wash under running water, and then dry. Contact and fasteners also need to be cleaned of contaminants, but in no case do not wet.

How to clean the keyboard on the laptop yourself correctly

If you use your laptop Acer Aspire, ASUS, HP Pavilion, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Dell, Packard Bell, MSI or DNS for a long time, you will probably notice that the keyboard does not shine and you need to clean it up.

This happens especially often when you eat and write at the same time. The keyboard does not only begin to look disgusting, but sometimes the buttons even cease to function properly.

Fortunately, the keyboard cleaning is not too complicated and this work can be done independently at home.

Sometimes, in order to carefully clean the keyboard under the keys, it is necessary to disassemble to clean contacts and a train, especially flooded or exploited in dusty rooms.

I will show you how to do it yourself to restore the original appearance, for pleasant work (the dirty does not look aesthetically aesthetic).

Note: almost nothing depends on the laptop model, the whole thing is in architecture. this applies to the moment when you need to remove and clean the keyboard keys.

Is it possible to clean any keyboard at home

“Housing”, keys and mechanism can be cleaned in every keyboard. However, much depends on how much you will analyze it.

Deep disassembly (after flooding) requires much more time and accuracy, but it is worth it if you do not want to buy a new one (it is much easier with a computer).

Will the flooded keyboard work after cleaning

Most keyboards are easy to clean. Plastic buttons hang on the eraser and all elements of the classic keyboard are waterproof, so no problems should be, should not be.

Just be careful! Not every keyboard after a spilled liquid can lead to its original state. all this depends on the technical solutions used by the manufacturer.

Some are equipped with an electronic integrated acceptor who cannot withstand even drops of water.

Therefore, it may happen that the flooded keyboard will not work, even after completely drying out.

How can you clean the keyboard at home

The number of cosmetics used to clean computer equipment is almost as large as the number of keyboard models available on the market.

The most expensive detergents are often as much as a new keyboard, so this is not worth buying them.

When cleaning, the most useful compressed air, a brush with hard bristles, detergent and antibacterial napkins. In addition, you must prepare two screwdrivers and a bowl with a dishwasher liquid.

Why clean the keyboard at home

The supported in cleanliness will not only work better, but you will also be healthier. bacteria and viruses live on the buttons that can be dangerous for you.

Preparing the keyboard for cleaning

Since it has to be disassembled for thorough cleaning, the first step that you must take is to photograph the system. This will help you correctly install the buttons after cleaning.

In order to take a picture, you can use any digital camera or mobile phone with a shooting function. Now you can turn off the laptop and prepare a place on the table.

How to clean a standard keyboard at home

If you do not plan to disassemble, use compressed air and brush with hard bristles, which effectively removes garbage accumulated under the keys.

You will be dismantled, then you need a screwdriver, and so as not to scratch the plastic buttons, clad it with a strip slice.

Then click the screws between the keys and slightly open the key until it jumps out of the guides. I use a screwdriver and put a finger as a lever.

In this way we have sequentially dismantle all the keys.

Only now you can see how much dirt has accumulated under the keys. At the same time, not only the buttons are difficult to press, but they are also an ideal nutrient medium for bacteria.

The dust from the keyboard is best removed with compressed air. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Use a wet rag to carefully clean the keyboard and remove the remaining dirt.

In difficult to accessible space, use a cotton swab.

Now we move on to the most tiring part of the work. cleaning buttons. If they are very contaminated, prepare a bowl of warm water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and soak them for at least 30 minutes.

After washing, wipe with a napkin and leave until completely dry. In old keyboards, sunlight for a long time can lead to a change in the color of the key body.

clean, acer, aspire, laptop, keyboard, remove

Unfortunately, you will not be able to wash the yellowed buttons with any moisture. After drying, using the photo, go to the installation.

Start with large keys. In their case, you must properly place hooks in the bracket. They are used to maintain buttons.

At the next stage, inserting the button fix the direction and press tightly.

After installing everything, turn on the laptop. The unit is clean and ready to work.

Modern keyboard cleaning at home

Dismantling is laborious and requires manual labor, which can create many problems.

In search of alternative cleaning methods, you should pay attention to chemical detergents, for example, CyberClean.

This is a thick gel that works well as bacterial cleaning. The effect of the gel may not be as good as removing buttons, but CyberClean can be applied in case of less contaminated keyboards.

CyberClean is also suitable for cleaning a mobile phone, printer panels or remote control.

After the purchase, it is stored in airtight packaging. Let’s see how to use it and what results.

In the beginning, remove all the rude pollution, and then pull it out of the package. The substance is soft, but not sticky, so you can take it with confidence.

Put the gel on the keyboard and press it over the entire surface, including those between the keys.

Moving carefully with your fingers, try to clean the upper and side walls of the keys.

We clean the keyboard of the laptop without outside help: Professionals advice


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PC keyboard (personal computer) or laptop needs care. At a minimum, she needs superficial cleaning. a way to remove dirt without additional intervention in the inside of the keyboard.

To clean the keyboard, use a regular cloth

At home, you can clean the keyboard without the help of a master. To do this, you need special computer napkins. They are suitable for daily care for the monitor and keyboard buttons. Daily wiping will remove traces of dust particles from the surface.

To copy ISO files on a blank or flash drive, you can use Windows tools or utilities.

In the space between the buttons, garbage and dust accumulate. Other means are needed to clean this zone.

What methods to clean the computer keyboard at home:

  • Blowing garbage and dust with a hairdryer. A strong air blowing mode is installed on the device. The temperature is set to a minimum (cold air mode).
  • Small particles absorption with a vacuum cleaner without nozzle. This method is effective for weekly mud removal. Do not forget to wrap the phone with a soft cloth so as not to damage the buttons. DIY laptop keyboard is done in the same way.
  • Removing stains with a ear stick moistened in medical alcohol. Suitable for accurate removal of dirt and fat traces between buttons.
  • Removing extra particles between the keys with a knife wrapped in a napkin or paper towel. Prepare the soap mixture in the container, moisten the towel on the knife and pass in the space between the buttons.

An important condition: this must be done carefully so as not to damage internal contacts. The towel is slightly pressed with the fingers so that the liquid does not fall on the circuit.

clean, acer, aspire, laptop, keyboard, remove

What to do when fluid gets

If the keys do not work due to the fact that they shed water on the keyboard, you will need disassembly and thorough cleaning:

  • The keyboard is disconnected, the liquid is gently shaken out of it. For further cleaning, this element must be completely disassembled. Screws on the back are spinning. For this, a set of compact screwdrivers with a cross.shaped section is suitable.
  • Having promoted and opening the keyboard, you will see a film scheme inside. Contact grid connects the buttons. Carefully remove the film so as not to stain your fingers of the net.
  • Under it you will find rubber lining under each button. Where the wire is joined, the green fee is placed. It is important that the liquid does not get on it. With the help of dry ear stick, gently collect the liquid if it gets there. Put aside.
  • Remove rubber gaskets. Remember the location of color elements. When assembly, they return to the place. Separate the buttons, they can easily plunge and click. A thin metal nail file will help in this matter.

Prepare a hot soap solution in a bowl and throw the keys. Rinse thoroughly, put on the newspaper and leave to dry out. Do the same with the body. Put the boards and schemes aside (you can’t wet it)!

Use a washing machine to clean the buttons. Fold in the toe and send it to the wash.

If you take the computer details yourself, the manufacturer’s guarantee does not apply to such cases. Act carefully. If you are not confident in your abilities, give work to professionals.

How to handle a laptop design

The laptop keyboard is more complicated and cleaned differently. It is much thinner and connected inside the case. Everyday cleansing care is carried out in the same way. There is enough computer napkins and ear sticks with alcohol to clean the laptop keyboard.

Sometimes to clean the laptop keyboard at home, you may need to disassemble the keys.

How to remove the buttons from the laptop keyboard:

Under the key is a plastic mount. Insert the button on the laptop keyboard is just as easy. To do this, she returns to the seat, presses down. At the same time, the latch is filled himself.

With spilled liquid, things are different. Instructions of your actions:

clean, acer, aspire, laptop, keyboard, remove
  • Extremely carefully remove the keyboard so as not to damage the captured train.
  • The train is fixed with a plastic latch. To remove the keyboard from the laptop, push the locks on it. For this, a plastic tool is used.

For fine repair of the computer, keep an old plastic card or discount among the tools. it will come in handy.

Cleaning the keyboard on a laptop after a spilled liquid so that it is very difficult not to damage the device. Shake the moisture, remove the keys and leave to dry overnight. Wipe all wet places with a dry cloth if possible to exclude additional damage.

Until the laptop cannot be turned on until completely dry.

It is recommended to take the device to the service center for cleaning, if there was no spray water.

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How to remove the key from the asus laptop gap

The above method can be removed all the keys of the portable computer with the exception of the gap and the shift. In such keys, the mounting system is slightly different, and accordingly they are removed in a different way.

As you know, the gap key has an impressive size. Therefore, it is fixed not only by antennae, but also by the latch, which is located along the entire length of the button.

It is necessary to act extremely carefully and without sudden movements. To do this, we will use the screwdriver, which was previously used to disconnect standard keys. Further, in order to remove the key from the ASUS laptop and not damage it, we act as follows:

  • we will primarily disconnect the metal amplifier on the left side of the gap,
  • Further on the right side,
  • Now we remove the metal amplifier from the lower part of the gap, move from left to right.

Having released amplifiers, it remains to remove antennae from the grooves. To do this, we act in the same method as with ordinary keys.

How to disassemble the laptop Acer

We unscrew two screws of the covers under which the hard drive, the Wi-Fi module and RAM are located.

We pull the hard drive, moving it to the left, unscrew the screw of the Wi-Fi Module, disconnect the cables from it to the antennas and pull it out of the connector. We also pull out the modules of the operational memory of the laptop, pushing them apart to the sides of their fastening to the motherboard.

On one of the planks we see traces of fluid flooding. we can say that it is lucky. there are very few liquids and it has not yet dried up.

This liquid must be washed with alcohol. If the liquid has not yet dried up, then get it with a paper cloth. And then we clean the microcircuit alcohol. Alcohol has the property of pulling water from under microcircuits. So you can repeat the next procedure several times. Pour alcohol, clean with an old toothbrush or brush, get wet with a paper cloth, let it dry. After drying the board, we once again inspect it for the presence of oxides. They should not be at all.

We continue the neat disassembly of Acer 5750. remove the keyboard. To do this, free the keyboard from the latches circled in the photo.

It is most convenient to remove the keyboard on a laptop using a scalpel or thin knife. Having bend the latch, you need to lift the keyboard, preventing the latch from falling into place.

Having raised the keyboard, we see a train, which must be carefully released from the mounting of the connector on the motherboard.

Under the keyboard, we see that it is necessary to unscrew five screws further and free two trains.

After that, we pry the top panel of the laptop with a scalpel or knife, which also holds on latches. they all need to be released.

Below is a photo of the top panel of the laptop, which needs to be examined for moisture. this is how it is possible to determine the place of its penetration into the inside of the laptop.

To free the motherboard, you need to unscrew three screws and pull out five loops. Wi-Fi antenna wires are easily peeled off and pulled out. I would advise you to remove the left speaker, as it is slightly interfering with the extraction of the motherboard from the laptop body.

We raise the Acer 5750G motherboard, starting from the right edge, freeing the connectors to the left of the seats in the case. Raised completely the motherboard does not allow the power cable from the bottom of the board. Gently pull it out the reason.

To wash and clean the motherboard, we remove the battery for BIOS. while all the settings will be dropped into factory.

How to clean a laptop keyboard?

Cleaning itself is carried out using special brushes, napkins. They can be bought, both in specialized computer stores and in the markets, where components and computer consumables are sold. Using brushes, you can effectively remove dust, dirt between the keys. At the same time, napkins can and should be cleaned the keys themselves. The procedure for cleaning the keyboard keys with brushes and napkins is called. superficial.

To clean the keyboard, it is not recommended to use liquids with aggressive, abrasive components, such as, for example, gasoline or acetone. In the case of their use, you can damage the keyboard. If you do not want to spend money on special.keyboard cleaning products. you can do with an isopropyl alcohol solution and a soft cloth.


No need to use a large amount of isopropyl alcohol. Try to act extremely carefully and not wipe the letters from the keyboard.

In the event that you need a stronger, thorough superficial cleaning of the keyboard, it is recommended to use special USB accessories, or (more effective) spray spacecraft. For deep and complete cleaning of the laptop or you should disassemble (dismantle the keyboard) and clean the keys and the keyboard itself from pollution.

Sometimes, after dismantling the laptop keyboard, cleaning it and installing it back. it does not work. The reason for this breakdown is simple. you poorly fixed the train.

How to remove the keyboard from the ASUS laptop

If necessary, you can completely remove the keyboard. On each laptop, it is attached with latches, which must be pushed with a tool. It is better to start with the upper left. Then slightly raise the keyboard side (you can use a needle, paper clip or a sharp metal nail file).

Then move to another latch and push it away. When all the latches are removed, you can raise the keyboard. It is attached to the laptop body using a train. Turn up the black frame up. and the train is pulled out.

Pick the keyboard from the ASUS laptop in the same order, first connect it with a train to the device, and then put the keyboard in place and snap the mounting mechanism in the grooves.

When you need to disassemble?

For effective cleaning, the keyboard is better to remove

The need for this arises when the liquid enters the keyboard. And also before deep cleaning. There are several signs that help determine the need for disassembly: this is the heating of the device in a short period of operation, as well as a slowdown in the operation of applications and operating systems. Special shutdown of the laptop indicates excessive heating of the processor due to contamination. In such cases, you need to disassemble the device and carry out deep purification.

How to remove the buttons of the ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Samsung laptop keyboard

Removing the laptop keyboard will help to penetrate the deepest pollution

Today there are laptops of various models on sale, which are distinguished by external parameters and technical properties. But they have similar characteristics, one of which is the keyboard mounting method. It is screwed or fixed to the sock.

  • First you need to find out which side of the key is easier to disconnect. Each button has a vertical and side mount. That is, the key is fixed on the left or right and in the lower or upper part.
  • Dismantling is performed in the vertical direction, since attempts to remove the horizontal button may result in its damage.
  • First of all, remove the keys with letters and numbers. They have a similar fastening mechanism and the same square shape in laptops of all known brands. When shooting the keys, lay them together with microlifts. Each of these mechanisms in many models correspond to a certain button. Therefore, if you confuse them, collecting the keyboard in its original state will be extremely problematic.
  • We proceed to the dismantling of the upper buttons: ё, ESC, F, etc. Then we remove large keys. Next, remove the gap button, it is fixed using two microlifts. Lastly, we dismantle fn, win, ctrl, alt.
  • When all the buttons are removed, you need to remove the black stencil. First we remove the film base consisting of three layers. Each of them needs to be separated. Do not be afraid of this procedure, in the assembly process, the layers are easy to connect. You need to remove the keyboard extremely carefully. In the opposite case, you can damage the train that connects it to the motherboard. Now the laptop is ready to clean.

Important! Before proceeding to dismantle the keys, it is advisable to photograph them, this will subsequently facilitate the assembly.

Keyboard repair

Consider the ways of repairing keys on the laptop keyboard

The first way

If some fastening breaks, you can try to restore it with a needle from an insulin syringe:

  • The needle is applied to the damaged part. It is better if it will go beyond the edge of the breakdown by two to three millimeters;
  • Warm up the needle with a soldering iron and carefully melted it in plastic;
  • Carefully bite off the excess part of the plastic with linosa.

The second method

In the absence of tools, you can use the superglue:

  • Heat the needle with a lighter;
  • make a groove with a villi from a comb or similar items. The main thing is that the size of the groove allow the vill to enter;
  • fix the vill of superglide;

On a note! The result can be checked in about an hour. As a rule, the process takes about forty minutes. hour.

Removing ordinary keys

Open “Start”, click on the option “Completion of work”

A thin bent screwdriver is placed under the edge of the key

We push the sharp end of the screwdriver the latch right at the top

We extract the mount

System Restore

Simple, but often effective, rollback to the recovery point very often helps to rectify the situation. Of course, only those users can use it, on the computers of which the creation of reserve points is included. If they are not, therefore, there will be nothing to roll away to.

It is best to try to complete the restoration of the system after implementing simple methods and before the transition to complex.

ASUS Laptop Keyboard Key Replace Reinstall FIX Tutorial Asus X5DAD

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Return to the original state

There is a chance that none of the methods will help to solve the problem and find its source to be possible. Only the system rollback to the factory state can exclude the hardware cause. This is the most radical option, and it is suitable only for those users who do not have an important information on the laptop or who is ready to copy them to the physical reserve drive in the cloud.

In the “top ten”, the user is allowed to save some personal files and application settings, however, most of the information will be deleted. A list of software will be displayed before the rollback, which will be deinstalized. The deployed about this is written in the article on the following link.

Read more: Restore the original Windows 10

Part of the settings can be moved back through synchronization from Microsoft. for this in advance, before recovery, log in in the profile on your computer so that all the main system settings are copied into the cloud. After returning to the original state, enter your profile again and wait until the synchronization is completed.

What to do with a flooded keyboard

In addition to household dust and food residues, the keyboard is often subjected to other contamination. spilled liquid (sweet drinks, coffee or tea). In this case, you should immediately clean the computer keyboard.

How to Remove and Replace a key on Asus laptop keyboard | Repair Tutorial


First you need to immediately turn off the keyboard and turn it over so that the liquid can leak. Next, you need to disassemble the device: turn the buttons down and unscrew the screws. Then removed each keys, wiped with a damp cloth and left to dry out. The basis of the device must be wiped with a dry cotton pad.

After making sure that all the details were dried up, you can assemble the keyboard, connect and check its performance.


If a laptop was flooded with a liquid, like ASUS, first of all, you will need to dry contacts and a train. In order to open the case and find the system board, you should arm yourself with a screwdriver. On some laptops, according to Acer, there are side latches that hold the keyboard. To clean them, you will need to remove.

As soon as the case is opened, chlorhexidine should be applied to a cotton swab and wipe the contacts.

Further, with the help of cotton pads and napkins, all liquid is eliminated. Part with the buttons can be dried separately with a hairdryer.

Dismantling of the keyboard

If the laptop model does not just allow you to raise a plate with buttons mechanics, you should understand: it will be very difficult to remove the keyboard. To do this, you will have to disassemble and dismantle almost all parts of the device. With self.confidence, you can watch a video on the Internet and get down to business.

Advice! To replace or deeply clean the keyboard, it is recommended to take the laptop to the service center. The cost of cleaning after pouring or installing a new keyboard is large, but there is a guarantee that the specialists will do everything right, and there will be no problems after their work.