Checking Wi-Fi connection with a router online speed. Nettraffic for Windows

Verification of Internet speeds

You can check the speed of the Internet and evaluate the quality of the connection using a convenient SpeedTest service.

A number of significant factors affect the Internet speed and measurement accuracy, so before checking, we recommend using our small instructions below.

  • Minimize the number of advanced programs and applications.
  • Connect the network cable directly to the computer, since when using other connection options, for example, through Wi-Fi, significant errors are possible.
  • Pog in the safe Windows mode. To go to this mode, it is necessary to restart the computer and, while turning on, press the F8 key until additional loading options appear.

When connecting via Wi-Fi, speed can decrease due to the influence of other Wi-Fi networks with which your home network intersects. For more stable Wi-Fi operation, it is recommended to use the frequency of 5 GHz. Akado Telecom routers support this frequency.

To get the maximum Wi-Fi speed, support for the standard 802 is required.11n not only from the modem/router, but also from your equipment. This can be provided by our router operating using Eurodocsis 3 technology.0.

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provides residents and areas of the services of high-speed Internet at the address (including home Wi-Fi), digital TV and high-clay television (HDTV), as well as IP-telephony. Thanks to the highest quality of services and service “Akado Telecom” holds leading positions among the largest Internet providers addresses and telephones of service offices are indicated in the section “Contacts”. capabilities of Windows

The current speed of the Internet connection is easier and fastest to see the tasks in the “performance” tab. If the network is loaded weakly, the schedule in the “throughput” window will be low; If strongly, the window is filled almost completely, and the speed shown in the upper right corner will come close to what is indicated in the contract with the provider. So it should be normal. If the speed remains low with a strong load of the network, then somewhere an obstacle arose. But where is you or with him?

To find out the most achievable (in theory) Internet speed as part of a specific type of connection, open the “network connection” folder and select the “Status” section in the context menu of your network.

The necessary information is contained on the “General” tab.

Real speed is usually 2-3 times lower than maximum. By the way, when transmitting data via Wi-Fi and cable, it may differ significantly.

Suppose you have established that the Internet on your computer should work faster. The next task is to find out who is guilty of reducing speed. your devices or provider.

How to check the speed of an Internet connection manually

To get the most reliable result, you need to check the speed of the Internet on the computer, to which the provider network cable is connected. In the absence of the ability to insert a cable directly into the computer, for example, in the case of support for only wireless connections or binding the connection to the router’s MAC address, turn off all other devices during the check from the Internet during the check.

  • Prepare a 1 GB file and select any cloud web service on which you will download it, for example, Yandex disk or Google Drive. It is important that the service does not limit the speed of loading and downloading content.
  • Close all the programs using the network and the Internet to unload the channel as much as possible.
  • Disconnect VPN customers and proxy server if they are not a mandatory link to establish access to the global network.
  • Cut the time and start downloading the file to the cloud server. Mark the loading time.
  • Under time control, download the file back to PC.

Knowing the size of the file in megabytes and the number of seconds spent on its transmission, you easily calculate the speed of the Internet in Mbit/s. If it is close to specified in the contract, then the provider will fulfill obligations to you, and the reason for the slowdown is in your devices. If not, then, on the contrary.

Those of you who do not want to engage in calculations can check the speed of the Internet in ways, which will be discussed below. For reliability, we advise you to perform the check several times within an hour.

How to test

In conditions of the house, determining factors are the range and power of the equipment. With proper setting up the router, you can already achieve positive results. Check Wi-Fi speed on a smartphone or computer in different ways.

File throwing

To implement this method of checking Wi-Fi speed, you must connect 2 laptops to one local network. A rather “heavy” (meaning size) file will be thrown into one of them, and all that is required is to detect time. The procedure with pictures:

On the example of TP-Link equipment, it shows 9.68 MB/s, however, it must be borne in mind that the Wi-Fi speed is measured in megabits. We multiply this figure by 8 and get 77.44 Mbit/s. With this speed test, the error is 30–40%, that is, the actual speed is 30% more. If the laptop has a SSD-disk, then the error will be 10–20% (Windows additionally takes into account the speed and data processing speed).

Online services

You can check the speed of the Internet online using certain sites. The advantage of this method is simplicity and accessibility. At the same time, nothing will need to be downloaded and installed on the computer. This speed measurement method is suitable for Wi-Fi and wired connection. Popular services:

Services that help to find out speed are many, and they are all easy to use. It is enough to open the site and press the corresponding button.

Programs on PC

There are many specialized software for measuring Wi-Fi speed, local network and in general throughput. These utilities are usually used by system administrators:

  • Lan Speed ​​Test. Link for loading. https: // Totusoft.COM/LANSPEED. This program will automatically do what was described at the beginning of the article (testing by throwing a file). Install it on 2 laptops, run it on two. On one of the cars, opposite the “Folder or Server IP” line, press the ellipsis, then select the 2nd laptop and the general folder. Click “Start test”. Indicate the file size, for example, 100 MB, click “OK”. The desired line is called “MBPS”. The approximate speed of the local network is displayed in the “Reading” unit. Multiply the value by 8 (translation from megabytes to megabits).
  • Netstress. This program is more accurate. Upload around by clicking on the link. Install on 2 cars. When starting, select a wireless connection. The utility will automatically try to connect to the 2nd laptop. To start the test, click “Start”. The transfer speed is displayed on the right side of the program, but in kilobytes. For transfer to megabits, divide the resulting number by 1024.

These are the most popular programs. But there are other similar ones: SpeedTest Desktop, NetWorx, JDS Auto Speed ​​Tester, Net Meter Pro, Bwmeter and others.

What to do to increase speed

As a rule, the location of the router and its settings affect the quality of the connection. Recommendations:

  • Increase the power of the transmitter through the router toolbar. On all models, this is done in different ways. If these are TP-Link equipment, then open Wireless, find Wireless Advanced, go to Transmit Power. There will be 3 reception level options: Low, Medium, High. Choose the latter.
  • Find a more “central” place for the router if it provides a large living space with a network.
  • The antenna signal diverges 360 degrees. If the router is in the corner, turn it inside the house, if there is such an opportunity. Sometimes such simple actions give a serious increase in speed.
  • Change the provider or tariff. If the service provider gives 100 Mbps, while the cable is inserted into the port also at 100 Mbps, the speed will not be higher. And it doesn’t matter, even if it costs an expensive TP-Link router with a capacity of 1000 Mbps (1 Gbit).

How to check Wi-Fi speed between devices

Hello. In today’s article, we will show you ways to check your wi-fi speed. Just please do not confuse, not the speed of the Internet that the provider gives you, but the speed of wireless Wi-Fi connection between the router and the computer. These are completely different things, if the provider turns off the Internet to you, then you cannot measure the speed. But the speed of the Wi-Fi connection is unable to turn off you no one can ever check it and you can always check it.

There are some points that need to be taken into account when testing. They, one way or another, affect the final result.

  • If you decide to find out the speed of Wi-Fi by copying a file from one computer to another (see this method below in the article). Know, a significant role is played out in this, your hard drive, which is on PC. With HDD disk, the result may be worse than with SSD disk. Because SSD processes and transmits information much faster.
  • Pay attention to the standards that the router and laptop support. For example: the IEEE 802 standard is written on the router.11n speed up to 150 Mbit/s. And your laptop does not support this IEEE 802 standard.11n. It supports only an outdated IEEE 802 standard.11a/b/g/. This means that you will definitely not see the desired 150 Mbit/s, you can pump a maximum of 54 Mbps.
  • Any modern router that operates at a frequency of 5 GHz and supports the IEEE 802 standard.11ac, theoretically capable of pumping up to 1 Gbit/s traffic. But this does not mean that when choosing a 350 Mbit/s tariff, you can pump it. And the reason here is not Wi-Fi. And the fault of the port (Wan, Internet) into which the cable is inserted from the provider. In some models, this port can skip traffic only up to 100 Mbps. Therefore, when ordering such a tariff, first, make sure that your router has a port that can skip up to 1 Gbit/s traffic.

Options how can you check Wi-Fi speed at home

Now we will try to show several ways in detail how to easily check the speed of Wi-Fi.

Option one: transfer from PC to PC file

For this method, it will be necessary to create a local network between the router through the router. To do this, we will connect the first PC cable, and the second by Wi-Fi. After setting up a local network from one computer, we will throw the file to another. At the same time, we will see what the file is speed. In fact, this will be the maximum speed of Wi-Fi. Well, now let’s move directly to the setting of this option.

  • We connect the computer (or laptop) to the router using a cable, and the laptop is connected by Wi-Fi. Below in the photo you can see an example. Some Internet resources offer to connect both PCs via Wi-Fi, this is wrong. For a more objective result, only one wireless connection should be performed to the router.
  • Next, go to the inclusion of network detection. To do this, clat the PKM on the Network icon and select the “Control Center””. In the window that appears on the left side, click on the section “Change additional parameters””.
  • In the Private (current profile) profile, put the points opposite the line “Turn on network detection”, “enable overall access”And” Allow Windows to manage applications “.
  • Now change the profile “All networks”. Put the points in this profile opposite “Turn on common access”And” Disable the overall access with password protection “.
  • Re.check the same “working group” on both computers. To do this, clat the PKM on the “My Computer” label and select “Properties”. If different groups are written. Then change to the same. In the same window, click “Change the parameters” and “change” again. In this window you can change the group.
  • Next, we create a folder anywhere on one of the PC. Click on it with the right key “Properties”, from the upper points we select “Access”, “General Access”. A separate window will appear, in which select “everything”, “add”. A little lower on the “everything” line by pressing, select “Reading and Record”.

Everything, access to the folder was opened, after that the “network path” will appear in the properties of the folder. Perhaps it will be interesting to you, an article on how easy it is to create a Wi-Fi access point on Windows 10, 7.

  • On the laptop that is connected by Wi-Fi, we do the same procedure to turn on the network detection. We look above points 2.3.4.
  • Click the combination of “win and e” to open the “conductor”. On the left side we find and click the “network”. If everything was correctly configured, you should have a computer (name), which is connected by the cable to the router.
  • We put on this PC and find in it a previously configured folder. Now find any file on a laptop, it is desirable that it weighs at least 200 MB and throw it into this folder. In the process of copying the file, you will see the real speed of your Wi-Fi. If necessary, this process can be repeated in the reverse order, for a more accurate result.

Conducting this Wi-Fi speed test, you can not only measure Wi-Fi speed, but also see the stability of the transmission. Some budget routers with a large data transfer load, often break the connection with the connected device. Because of this, you will not have a normal speed. See also our article: how to increase the speed of the Internet.

Option Second: checking the speed of data transmission via Wi-Fi using the program

To check speed, you can use the Lan Speed ​​Test program. Thanks to this utility, you do not have to manually copy the file into the shared folder. How we did it in the first version. The utility will greatly simplify this procedure. If you are interested in how to work with her then watch the video below.

You can also use the Netstress program. This is one of the most popular programs for testing the performance of your network, both wired and wireless. NetStress will be in detail the full report of the network and will help identify the cause of the low speed of the Internet.

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Vital Internet speed indicators

What is downloading speed?

This is the speed with which your device can receive data from the Internet (Download Speed). It is calculated by dividing the total throughput of data in a given period of time for their duration. Therefore, its unit of measurement is indicated by units of data during the time. Most often, the download speed is indicated in megabits per second (Mbps/s or MB/S), although other units of measurements are common, such as kilobites per second (Kbps or KB/S) or megabytes per second (MB/s and Mb/s).

What is the speed of downloading?

Unlike downloading speed, the download speed characterizes the volume of data that your device can send on the Internet (Upload Speed). It is calculated in the same way and therefore is indicated in the same units of measurement.

What is a ping (delay)?

The ping displays the data transfer time required to get to the destination. In this context, it is a time that requires a data package to complete his trip to the network and confirm from the server that it was received. Ping is most often indicated in milliseconds (MS). This is the responsiveness of your Internet connection.

Why check the speed of the Internet?

Because knowledge of the speed of the Internet connection allows: a) make sure that you get from your Internet provider what you pay for and b) adjust your expectations regarding what types of applications you can run without problems in your network. To see your real speed, conduct the Internet speed test at different times of the day. Our SpeedTest will help you with this. Just click on the “Start check” button and after a few seconds you will see the result. Want to compare the results of checks for yesterday and today? There is nothing easier! Create an account and you can always view the history of your previous checks.

It is important to understand that for different use scenarios you need different speed. Therefore, when measuring the speed of the Internet connection, keep in mind that the question “what Internet speed do I need?”You can answer only in relation to what you want to use an Internet connection. For example, 1-2 Mbps will be enough for a comfortable viewing of web pages, but to view the video content from Netflix in a 4K resolution, you will need at least 25 Mbit/s. For the online game, first of all, the ping is important, and the less it will be, the better. And to publish content on the Internet, for example, downloading a large video file on YouTube or conducting a video conference in Zoom, the outgoing throughput of your channel will be important, and the more it will be, the better.

Verification of Internet speeds

Get a SSL level of DV for 1 year as a gift for 2 years and hosting 2 months for free when registering any new domain on the website reg.Ru.

Speudstest on the site reg.Ru measures the speed at which your device receives and sends data to the network. Using the SpeedTest Online service, you can measure the Internet speed and understand whether the real speed of the declared in the tariff corresponds to.

The speed of connection to the Internet and the quality of the connection depend on many parameters:

-the selected tariff-the characteristics of the cable or the Wi-Fi-Rooter-the quality of the equipment and communications of the provider-the technical capabilities of your equipment: computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone-traffic consumption by programs-distance to the Wi-Fi Rooter

With our service, you can test not only Internet speed, but also ping.

Ping (Ping). a period of time for which the package from your computer passes through the network to another server, computer and returns back. The larger the ping, the greater the delay in downloading the Internet page.

Different resources and programs consume different amounts of traffic. The more elements include the program or page of the site, the higher the speed necessary for comfortable loading.

For example, social networks need up to 3 megabytes per second (Mbit/s), to download video-up to 20 Mbps, for online games-25 Mbps/s.

You may be intersted in

Speudstest-Free online diagnostics of Internet speeds.

SpeedTest-a web service in Russian for a free analysis of indicators of Internet access performance, namely: data transfer speed, download speed and connection delay (ping test). Also, using the Internet speed meter from reg.Ru, you can find out your IP address.

To get the most accurate result of the Internet speed test, stop the file download, turn off the video broadcasts and close the programs that consume traffic. Click “Check speed” and wait for the results. Spend the test several times to determine the actual speed of loading and sending data. All together will take a couple of minutes.

Verification of Internet speeds

You are a Subscriber Rostelecom

  • You have a tariff at which low speed. You can check this on the site. There and go to the tariff at a higher speed
  • You have a tariff with the desired speed, but it is lower than it should be at the tariff. Then contact a technical specialist in contacts from the page. The specialist will check the settings of your and his equipment

You are a subscriber of another provider

Try to connect the Internet services from the help of this service you can find out the real speed of the Internet connection of any provider

Depending on the speed of connection to the Internet, the test can last up to several minutes. To evaluate the real capacity of the channel, it is necessary to suspend the work of all programs that can download data from the Internet.

The reasons why the Internet speed, frozen by the test, is significantly lower than the stated in the tariff plan a lot:

During the test test, all downloads were not stopped. Slotting refers to both direct downloading of files using pumping or browser managers, and waiting for the full load of the pages open before the test pass. The easiest way is to make sure that all the slopes are stopped, you can according to a gray (not flashing or constantly burning) network connection icon in the tria.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed on Windows 10 (Best Settings)

The low speed of connection to the Internet can be caused by accidents on highways and the main routers. In such cases, all traffic is redirected through reserve, slower channels. To make sure that the packages go from your computer to this server almost without delay, use the Traceroute service.

A bad result of the speed test can be obtained due to some temporary technical problems from your provider. As in the previous case, repeat the testing of the connection speed in a few hours.

When connecting to the Internet, compression of the transmitted data is used, which allows you to increase the exchange rate. Unfortunately, on this type of connection, the service will not be able to determine the exact speed, although it will be approximately the same with the repeated passage of the test.

Tests on some sites are written without taking into account the possible maximum user connection speed to the Internet. It is impossible to get the right result in the same algorithm of the test for connecting at a speed of 64 kilobits per second and at a speed of 10 megabits per second. The second reason. The service itself can be on the server, which is connected to the Internet through a slow or overloaded channel. In this case, such a service will more or less correctly determine the speed of connecting a client through a slow channel, but if the client has a quick channel, its result will be unpredictable. This speed testing service offers to choose a server for testing the connection speed. By default, the service offers to choose a server that is closest to the client. The servers of this speed test are placed in the data centers of almost all large providers.

I am connected via a local network at a speed of 100 megabits or 1 gigabit. Will the service be able to determine the real speed of my connection?

The speed of your connection on a local network is much higher than the Internet connection speed. Speed ​​of 100 megabits or 1 gigabit is possible only within your local network. The speed of connection to the Internet will be determined by the workload of the provider channel and tariff speed limits. The test will measure your speed of connection to the Internet, but not the speed of work in the local network.

This is natural, since the result is slight, but, nevertheless, a lot of factors affect. In any case, the difference in several test results passed one after another should not exceed 5. 10%. If the error above 10% means that you are on peak values ​​of loading external resources and you need to carry out re.testing later.

Computer check with router

I immediately want to focus on the fact that the specified method can determine the data transfer speed, including through the network cable. Therefore, if you are interested in the real speed of the “air” connection, use a wireless adapter.

We will not consider the Windows XP operating system in this review. this is too old and rarely used in order to take it seriously.

The most accurate result shows, oddly enough, the basic driver of a network adapter installed on a laptop or laptop. On Windows 7 or Vista, the check algorithm is as follows:

  • Press the “Start” button and open the control panel;
  • Go to the “Networks Management Center” tab;
  • In the menu on the left, select “Change in the parameters of the adapter”;
  • Select a “wireless connection”, click on the right mouse button and select “condition” in the context menu in the context menu.

Как добавить в таблицу маршрутизации Windows маршрут до сети подключено по VPN (ROUTE)

The real speed of the established connection will be indicated in the window that opened in the corresponding column. For Windows 8 or 10, the algorithm is slightly different:

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • Select the “Networks Management Center”;
  • Select the option “Change the parameters of the adapter”;
  • Select the adapter with a click with the right mouse button and click on the “condition” item.

A window opens in which the speed of wireless connection is indicated in the corresponding line.

Test using programs

As you can see, it is very simple to measure the speed of wireless connection.

For this reason, I do not advise you to put any additional utilities to check the connection of a laptop with a router or use online services. you still will not get more accurate results, except for those that the operating system issues.

I also advise you to read the articles “How to check the Wi-Fi Router signal” and “How to distribute the Internet on a router”.

I would be grateful to everyone personally who does not forget to share the publications of my blog on their pages on social networks. See you!