Checking Iphone 5s Spoken Speaker

Checking Iphone 5s Spoken Speaker

I often put on Avito to search for nishtyakov at low prices. Yes, I have not yet gotten luck, so I was not lucky, as our chief editor recently. But a couple of times it was possible to profitably exchange smartphones.

It is important to understand that any platform with ads is the field of action of various scammers and, in general, dishonest people. It’s as easy as running into an unpleasant surprise.

Therefore, any equipment needs to be examined in detail before purchase. I bought an iPhone several times. I’ll tell you how to check them.

The easiest. Is he tied

A smartphone can pass any test with brilliance, but if at the same time the seller finds it difficult to disconnect “Find iPhone”. say goodbye, nothing will work.

For those who are not in the topic: this tightly ties the iPhone to the owner of the Apple ID, and, in fact, gives him the keys to control the device. For example, it can remotely lock your newly purchased iPhone and demand money for unlocking. He will know where you are. That is still a pleasure.

The desired item was hidden in the settings, in the “iCloud” section, but it is much easier to drive in “Find iPhone” in the same search.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

IMEI is a unique international identifier for mobile equipment. This 15-digit number must match within the same kit. We check:

  • IMEI on the back
  • IMEI in “Settings. General. About this device”
  • IMEI on request # 06 #
  • IMEI on the SIM card tray (not relevant for iPhone SE and “fives”)
  • IMEI on the box (if any)

Box excites us last. If everything except her coincided. it’s okay, the seller just brought the device in non-original packaging. Another question: why didn’t he warn you about this? This is another reason to double-check everything.

How to check iPhone on Apple website

In the same place, in “Settings. Basic. About this device” a serial number is written. It can also be used. We go to the Apple website and check the status of the device.

It is in this way that you can understand that this is not Frankenstein with the conditional 6s case and the stuffing from the six. The page will show the model of the device, the end date of the limited warranty and information about the date of purchase.

No locked iPhone

Now such devices are becoming less common, but suddenly you are a retro lover, chasing the iPhone 3G. There is a chance to run into a locked smartphone. These iPhones were bought abroad on a contract basis. Such tubes can deliver a lot of inconvenience, for which, in addition, you have to pay.

Here are some signs by which you can understand whether a smartphone is locked or not.

  1. In the SIM tray is a chip-substrate.
  2. The device is not updated to the maximum possible OS.
  3. In Settings. General. About this device there is an operator different from what is in the status bar.
  4. After a reboot, the device catches the network for a long time or requires a call to a specific number.

Such smartphones are not updated without the necessary manipulations, I see no reason to pay for them.

Swimmer or not?

Buy recessed smartphones is extremely dangerous. You do not know how it was dried after falling into the water. Perhaps the iPhone was in the hands of adequate service providers, or maybe it was just put in rice. At the same time, the oxidation of the components is still ongoing, and the smartphone will “move the horses” at any moment.

It is a pity that this pops up only after opening the device. However, one marker is visible from the outside.

  • For iPhone 5 and later: open the SIM card tray and look inside.
  • For other iPhones: Look into the 30-pin connector and into the headphone port.

Here you can see how the triggered marker will look like in a specific iPhone model. If there are no red dots in the designated places. then everything is in order, from this side the iPhone did not flood. precisely, only a service center can clarify the situation.

Classic. Battery Status

It is clear that buying a smartphone from hand, you have to endure all the hops of a shabby battery. But the wear of a one-two year battery is negligible.

Typically, the iPhone runs up to 500 charge cycles, at least. In this case, the loss of battery capacity is not felt. Do not think, the device continues to work afterwards, it’s just the time “without a power outlet” is reduced.

The number of full charge cycles can be checked using the free coconutBattery utility. If you are too lazy to bring a laptop with you. it is worth discussing with the seller in advance the possibility of installing the appropriate utility on the iPhone. Here, Battery Life, for example.

Plus, in recent iOS, you can now see the percentage of battery wear in the settings. Saves time.

We study the screen

The display is just a storehouse of weak points. What you need to pay attention to.

Squeeze the screen in different places with little effort. Here shouldn’t crunch anything, creak or hang out. Otherwise, the smartphone is dropped or opened.

The backlight should be uniform. Open the image with a white background and with black and notice the glow around the edges. There should be no obvious spots and too bright places. If there are no such images, open any application with a suitable background. Well, or take a photo, for example.

On the screen there should be no yellow spots. Those that appear after the smartphone overheats. The fact is that under the influence of temperature, the glue between the touchscreen and the display changes color. Similar jambs appear if the device is constantly squeezed, for example, holding jeans in the back pocket and sitting on hard surfaces.

We check with the same set of pictures on stripes and on broken pixels.

All sensors should work

Few people want to find a couple of dead zones on the display, after some time. Therefore, check everything at once.

The easiest way is to go to the menu, turn on the icon layout mode (hold one of them for a long time) and drag it around the screen. It should move evenly, smoothly, not stop, and not twitch.

Open the keyboard, click all the keys. Pull out the curtains of notifications and the Control Center, both in portrait and landscape mode. Everything should work.

Be sure to check out Touch ID. Ideally, put your finger there and unlock the device a couple of times, but you can also watch the owner of the smartphone.

Mandatory. Test call

Do not miss this moment: you need to insert your SIM card and make a test call to a friend’s number. This kills two birds with one stone; we check the work of the speaker and the cellular module.

In the extreme, if you don’t have a SIM card at hand, you can dial 112, listen to the answering machine, and then reset it without waiting for the connection. Better than nothing.

Need to go online

At this stage, your own SIM card with the Internet is also useful. Just go to any page to understand that the smartphone works in LTE networks.

It is also worth finding a Wi-Fi point nearby, or handing it out yourself. No one needs wireless internet problems.

It will be useful to go to Maps and determine the current location of the smartphone to make sure that everything is in order with GPS.

Do not forget about the buttons

Do not succumb to persuasion, a broken Home button is almost impossible to fix. After replacing the part, you will be left without Touch ID.

Checking the camera and microphone

Make sure that there is no debris or condensation in the camera eye. Check the flash, take a couple of photos ands. There should not be any artifacts on the frames. Do not forget to play the captured with sound. this is how the rear microphone is checked.

It is also easy to check the microphone in the standard Voice Recorder application. Leave a couple of recordings and listen to them. No extraneous noise should be.

To the heap: sensors and accelerometer

iPhone is able to determine its location in space thanks to the accelerometer. Open Notes and roll the smartphone, check how the change of landscape mode to portrait works.

You can also go to the new Measure application (or the old Compass) and enable Level. Check how the accelerometer works in different planes.

Do not forget other sensors. How to check them?

  • Turn on the auto brightness and raise your palm to the front camera. the screen should become dim.
  • Call someone and raise your palm to the same camera. the screen should go blank.

In what cases can I take it?

I didn’t write anything about scratches on the case. everyone determines the degree of permissible death. For example, I’m looking for smartphones with no chips or dents, and I don’t pay attention to minor scratches.

But if the iPhone did not pass the test on one of the above points, then it is worth considering.

Probably, you can tolerate a small spot on the screen or crispy buttons. A worn out battery also changes with little blood. But taking an iPhone with an idle top speaker, hoping to change it after. is extremely risky, it is in the same module with several components and is practically impossible to repair.

In any case, never pay in advance, even for the most tempting offers. Do not be fooled by drop dead stories about paying for TC services, advance payment or any deposit. Just find another seller.