Checking Apple Watch When Purchasing

Checking Apple Watch When Purchasing

Check iPhone by name and serial number.

When buying an iPhone with your hands you need to be extremely careful. Fraudsters try to sell various kinds of fakes on the secondary market, without checking which there is a chance to stay with nothing. How to check the iPhone by name and serial number on the official Apple website was described in this guide.

How to find out the iPhone serial number

? In order to get additional information about the iPhone, we need the serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look at the back cover of the device (or on the SIM card tray in older models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

Step 1. Go to the menuSettings » → “Basic. ”

Step 2. Select “About the device. “

Step 3. Find the line “Serial number“. It also shows the serial number of the iPhone.

We got the serial number, it remains only to check it on the Apple website.

How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website

Step 1. Go to the special page on the Apple website to check the iPhone by its serial number (link)

Step 2. Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the field and click “Proceed“.

Step 3. Wait for the results page to load and review the information received.

? What gives iPhone serial number verification

What information does this page know?

1. You make sure that the iPhone is truly original. If the Apple verification service has identified the iPhone, then it is 100% original.

2. The exact iPhone model is determined. Very often in the secondary market scammers try to sell iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. They rely on inexperienced buyers. On the Apple website, it will definitely become clear which iPhone model you have in your hands.

3. Warranty status is being specified. The Apple service accurately answers the question of whether the warranty is valid on the iPhone. Often, unscrupulous sellers cheat on a guarantee. They say that the official guarantee for the smartphone is still valid, although in fact it is not. A quick check through the Apple website and you all know.

4. Verified purchase date verified. And no less important, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone is purchased officially, not stolen. This is a very important point, as the confirmed purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any questions.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

How to learn IMEI on iPhone? Elementary. To do this, just enter the command in the Phone application # 06 #. IMEI will instantly appear on the screen:

This is how the IMEI of the iPhone is displayed after entering the command # 06 #

If the iPhone is packed, you can see the IMEI on the package:

IMEI is found, now it remains to break through it and find out more information. You can do this using the following services:

Just go to one of the listed sites and enter the IMEI of the smartphone in the verification field. Verification is completed in just a few seconds.

? What does the iPhone check by name give?

1. IPhone status is determined: stolen or not. The main thing that test by IMEI shows is the status of the device. If the iPhone is lost or stolen by its real owner, then the check will warn about this. An iPhone, which is considered lost or stolen, is by no means necessary to be bought. Only if for parts.

The result of punching iPhone IMEI. We see that the smartphone is already without a guarantee, but not stolen or lost.

2. The country of purchase is determined. IMEI identifies the exact iPhone model number. It is necessary in order to check for sale in which country the smartphone is intended.

Model number allows you to find out where iPhone

3. The status of the Find iPhone feature is shown.. Also, an IMEI check allows you to find out if the “Find iPhone” function is currently enabled on the iPhone. If it is enabled, then the seller should be asked to definitely log out of his iCloud account.

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