Check Xiaomi for authenticity by serial number

How to find out if Xiaomi is a fake?

One of the simplest ways to check is to use a protective code. This code is printed on the box and is closed with a special erasing coating. A similar coating is usually applied to lottery tickets, so finding it on the box will not be difficult.

  • Wipe the protective coating to gain access to 20 safety code digits.
  • Go to the company’s official website (https: // www.Mi.COM/Global/Verify/#/Ru/Tab/Secur).
  • Select the Xiaomi Authentication tab and enter a 20-digit code.
  • Below indicate the captcha, and then click “Check”.

If the code is entered into the system, then after updating the page, the user sees information about this smartphone (the country for which it was produced, as well as the number of built.In and RAM). If the device is non.Original, then the system will notify that the code is entered incorrectly, or does not exist.

Not all models have a secret code on the box.

How to distinguish a fake

To check the authenticity of Xiaomi, first of all, pay attention to the box. The box in which counterfeit phones are packed is practically no different from the original. The same material, the same durability. However, depending on the manufacturer, the labels with the specification are better or worse.


The box in which the genuine Xiaomi gadgets are delivered is made of the most durable cardboard capable of providing reliable protection for a mobile device when transporting it. Also on the surface of the box there must be a bar code that helps to check the authenticity of the phone. Fake boxes, on the contrary, do not contain a barcode and are made of very fragile material.

Отвяз от аккаунта Mi Bypass Lost Xiaomi Redmi s2

External signs

The back panel is always made either from durable plastic, pleasant to the touch, or from metal. At the fake, the back panel looks like a very cheap gloss. On the main chamber of a real Xiaomi smartphone there is a matte opaque film, while it either shines through the fakes or is completely absent.

On most genuine models, the back cover is inconspicuous, and the Simk slot is located on the side, coinciding in color with the body. He does not stand for the side line. If you notice that any of these parameters does not match the phone, then it is better to refuse to buy it.

TOP-5 of the most popular Xiaomi smartphones

4 cameras that give incredible pictures.

Eight.Core MediaTek Helio G85 processor.

Nice eight.Core MediaTek Helio G35 processor

Combination of excellent assembly and optional.

Rather nimble for its price category.


For compliance, it is worth checking and separately taken details of the smartphone. Very often scammers replace the display, putting it low and very cheap fake. Therefore, going to purchase a gadget, take a screenshot of its screen. Looking through the image, check what its resolution is and whether it coincides with the declared by the smartphone.

To make sure of the relevance of technical characteristics, use one of the benchmarks. The most popular of them is Antutu. Download the program on the phone, and then start and see what indicators are discovered during the study of the gadget. Fake Xiaomi will always issue numbers significantly lower than those indicated in the settings. So do not be lazy and compare the indicators to be calm regarding the authenticity of your smartphone.

Program shell

Another way to distinguish Xiaomi fake from the original is the check of the operating system. This is an addition to the main testing, but rather true.

The fact is that in all real Xiaomi, the Android operational system contains Miui shell. While not original smartphones can have any other software. No matter how they are advertised by sellers and not give them as unique, know that genuine Xiaomi is only miui.

Another important fact: it is impossible to install firmware on a fake.

That is, even getting a root-right will not be able. During this operation, the phone will constantly fly out, turn off, you can observe obscure characters and screens. All these are obvious signs of imitation of the original product. And they are true by almost 100%.

This phone has always installed a proprietary membrane MIUI. If your mobile device has any other OS, then this is a clear sign that you have purchased one of the fake devices.

It is worth carefully studying the work of the smartphone and its software:

  • Miu shell should stand on Mi and Redmi models. Through the settings item, try updating the firmware, as a rule, fakes give an error;
  • An unknown Mi account was introduced (a sign of using a phone or assembly from different donors);
  • Slowing down the intese, lags;
  • Unstable work of modules (cameras, autofocus, microphone, dynamics, cell break);
  • Strong heating of the phone with clean firmware.

The last two points can mean both fake and ordinary marriage.

Reading authenticity on the site

Xiaomi knows that their devices are faked, so a special service was developed, on which authenticity is checked by the widest database. This will help quickly, reliably and reliably find out if the smartphone is genuine. First you need:

  • On the official website available on the link https: // www.Mi.COM/Verify/#Secur_en, click on the column “Xiaomi Product Authentication”;
  • Take the box from the smartphone and on its rear part to erase a special area covered with a shiny film similar to the fact that they are used on lottery tickets;
  • Enter a 20-digit number from the wiped area into the line line called “Please Enter Your Security Code”;
  • Fill in captcha (available opposite the next line) in the corresponding area and press Verify (as shown in the previous screenshot).
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If the information is not presented online, and the page will not be renewed, then the user will see the inscription that the user will see above the “Please Enter Your Security Code”. This will only mean one thing. The smartphone is a fake.

Inte Weep and installed software

Xiaomi sets on its products only Android OS in combination with the proprietary membrane of Miui. This means that if other software is detected in the smartphone, then this definitely indicates a fake of the device. And keep in mind that the possibility of installing the firmware (official MIUI or any other) on a fake smartphone is completely excluded.

Authentication via Antutu Officer

Antutu Officer. A program for checking the originality of a smartphone. You can install it from Play Market. It is easy to use and is completely free. To check the device for authenticity, you need:

  • Go to the official website of the program at y.Antutu.Com through a computer. The page opens on which the QR code will be depicted.
  • Launch the Antutu Officer application on a smartphone. It welcomes the screensaver on which you need to press the “Start” button.
  • Wait for the application to analyze and launches a camera with an area highlighted by a square. In this area, it will be necessary to place the QR code shown on the site.
  • After that, the application will begin to transmit data from the phone to the Antutu server and the phone’s authenticity information will be displayed on the page running on PC. If the device is original, then a circle with the inscription “Good” will be displayed on it.

In case of non.Originality of the device, a red circle will appear. When the device cannot be identified, the window with the inscription “Unknown” will be displayed, this happens with rare and unpopular devices. Their fake will not bring special benefits to fraudsters, so data on such smartphones are not entered into the antutu databases. However, when this inscription appears when checking Xiaomi, every reason to believe that the smartphone is not original.

In this case, the entire verification process is fully automatic and should not be pressed anywhere. Using Antutu Officer, it is possible to very quickly check any mobile products for authenticity.

Through the Antutu Officer application

The characteristics of a fake smartphone will be weak and underestimated compared to the original.

Detailed technical characteristics of a particular Xiaomi model you will find on the official website or in any review.

Find out the real characteristics of the smartphone allow special scanning applications, for example, CPU-Z or AIDA64. You can download them on Google Play.

The discrepancy in the parameters and indicators indicate forgery.

The analogue is recognized by external signs:

  • The smartphone is made of cheap materials, has a plastic, not an aluminum cover;
  • The camera takes low.Quality pictures;
  • The speaker and the microphone are poorly transmitted and reproduced by sound;
  • Sensors react slowly or incorrectly, “bug” when touching the screen.

A comprehensive check of the phone by all these methods can reliably determine the authenticity.

Secret Codes on Xiaomi 2020

Is it possible to check the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone on the official website

Check on the official website of the manufacturer is the most reliable. Thus, you literally guarantee the originality of the device. Not all devices of the world provide such an opportunity, but Xiaomi, walking in the footsteps of Apple, created their own web resource, allowing only a few steps to verify the uniqueness of the device. Testing originality is only a couple of steps. Next, we will tell you how to do it.

As we have already mentioned above, the check can be carried out manually by examining, studying packaging, housing and other elements. However, you can make sure of originality through Xiaomi services.

By protective code

The official website of Xiaomi is equipped with a section that allows to verify the device:

  • It is necessary to open the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” page on the Mi resource.Com;
  • Next, we find a special washed field on the device box. You observed a similar field on cards replenishing the score;
  • After the protective layer is erased, we find a code of 20 signs;
  • Make a value in the field;
  • We are asked to introduce captcha. Next. Start checking.

The resource will make you understand if the device is not original. With a positive result, you will see how many checks were carried out according to this code. If only 1, the phone is original.

By IMEI or serial number

There is another way to check the originality of the device. Through the same official site, however, using the IMEI number.

You can find out IMEI through three ways:

  • The device of the device has a sticker (can also be on the rear panel of the device, on the battery) with our IMEI;
  • IMEI will be displayed on the device after a set of # (if there are two sycrackers in the phone, two IMEI numbers will be displayed).
  • Go to the official website in the Verify Your Phone Purchase section;
  • Enter the IMEI number into the appropriate shape;
  • Introduce captcha;
  • Click “Verify’;
  • Wait for the results.

In the case of the originality of the purchased device you will see a green inscription, however, in the case of a fake device, red will appear in front of you.

To check the device by the serial number, it is necessary to conduct the same list of manipulations, however, to search for the number itself, you must go along the following path: “Settings”. “On the device”. “General Data”. There will be our serial number. It is necessary to introduce it into the same form in which IMEI is introduced.

Through the Antutu Officer application

Through this utility, it is possible to check the device for authenticity as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the application is absent in Google Play, but it is available in the Xiaomi GetApp Utuit store. You can also download it through the official website.

  • As soon as you load the utility, wait for the end of the installation;
  • Run the official website on any other device, click the “Start” button and start scanning the QR code;
  • As soon as the process ends, the results will appear before you;
  • If the screen is green light, the device is genuine;
  • If you observe black or red, the device is fake;
  • If you do not observe any color, this does not speak of the fake of the device. This happens if the global version of the smartphone was produced in order to export to another country.

Testing using third.Party applications

There are several more ways to check the originality of the device through third.Party applications.

The method consists in conducting a test test through the AIDA64 program, CPU-Z.

You need to go to the program, open the properties of the device and compare each characteristic with the fact that the manufacturer said.

The method consists in conducting tests through any benchmarks. We begin to test, get the result expressed in points, after which we compare with the result of the same model.

Checking the authenticity of products

Xiaomi today has become one of the most recognizable and popular companies. But any fame has its minuses. Xiaomi devices are trying to fake and give out for originals. We will try to figure out how to check Xiaomi products for authenticity on our own.

One of the easiest ways to check the Xiaomi smartphone for originality is the official check application from the company follow the link http: // jd.Mi.COM/ On the Verification website, click on the only Download App button. Do not close the tab open the application and scan the QR code shown on the page Find out the result on the same page.

IMEI check

The second most popular is the official method of testing for authenticity. Reconciliation with the IMEI base in Xiaomi. This method is not 100%accurate, since especially savvy fake manufacturers can steal IMEI and assign them to new fakes. Go to the site http: // www.Mi.Com/Verify/#Imei_en. Go to the Verify Your Phone Purchase tab to check the smartphone Enter the IMEI devices enter the S/N (serial number) device enter the captcha and click Verify open the window that shows the result of the check. To find out the IMEI of your device, find a sticker with a bar code on the box, where IMEI and S/N (serial number) of the device will be indicated. If you do not have access to the box, then enter # in the room and immediately see IMEI. To search for the serial number, go to the settings, then in the menu about the phone and then in the tab General information. Please note that for verification in this way your IP should be Chinese, otherwise the service will give an incorrect answer.

Checking the integration and installed on

Xiaomi genuine smartphones initially work on the Android proprietary membrane of Miui. If any other software is installed in the purchased device, then the likelihood that the device is fake strives for 100%. In addition, it is impossible to install on a fake not only the official miui, but also any other firmware.

Check quality check

In absolutely all fakes, the build quality catastrophically suffers and, as a rule, they are equipped with the cheapest modules. Whether it is a flash, a battery, a camera, and, moreover, a processor. If you see a clearly poor fit of details, a flash with LEDs covered with cheap, completely transparent plastic or disgusting quality display, then most likely you ran into a fake.

Checking technical characteristics

This testing method naturally comes from checking the quality of the assembly. Only if in the previous method we paid attention to the details themselves, then here we will look at the characteristics of the device displayed in the very. In absolutely all fakes, manufacturers establish the terrible quality of the displays, other processors and other components. Please note that fake firmware often displays fake data that are most adjusted to the official characteristics. For this reason, we will use third.Party programs. Popular Antutu is not suitable here-sometimes fake firmware can somehow circumvent the Antutu check. Over, this program does not collect data on the device directly from the device itself, but shows data from its database.

Open the site → http: // clack.Ru/Afhj9 on it can be seen by the official characteristics of any phone in the world. We are interested in Xiaomi. Download the CPU-Z program → http: // clck.Ru/8HQOF in it we will see the names and properties of the modules installed in the smartphone. Compare the data from CPU-Z with the site. First of all, it is necessary to check the resolution of the display, the brand of the processor and its frequency. However, you can use any resource where the characteristics of smartphones are indicated, as well as any program to test the characteristics on the device itself, which you trust.

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