Check Ticket By Phone Number

How to check a lottery ticket?

Enter in the window the number of the circulation that is indicated on your ticket, then indicate the number before the point and in a separate field indicate the number of the ticket after the point. Then click “Check

How to check the top three tickets?

Enter the number of the circulation in the field and fill in the field with the ticket number to the point. Having specified all the parameters, click the “Check” button. And you will see all the results at once!

The three tickets are 3 tickets of the same series with identical numbers to the point of the ticket number.
The triple number is the triple number of lottery tickets from the point of the ticket number to the left.

How to check the lottery ticket at the infokiosk?

The organizers of the SUPERLOTO lottery are trying to do everything possible for the convenience of the players. In all information kiosks of Belarusbank JSB, you can purchase Superloto lottery tickets and check them for a win. A bank card is not required to check the lottery ticket. The “Check lottery tickets” function is located on the infokiosk screen. Having entered it, you must first enter the lottery ticket series, and then the ticket number. Information about whether this ticket won or not will appear on the infokiosk screen.

Payout of cash and clothing wins

If, while checking the lottery ticket, it turned out to be winning, then you can find out about the conditions and places for receiving the winnings on our website in the section “Where to get winnings?”. Payment of cash and cash prizes on lottery tickets is carried out within 6 months from the day of the drawing of the prize fund of the draw.

Winning by “Number of Three” is paid only upon presentation of a winning three.

Inquiries by phone: 8 (017) 288-20-55, 8 (029) 388-20-55.

Where to get a win?

Cash winnings of not more than 3 b.V. Paid by distributors at points of sale of lottery tickets (individuals).

Cash winnings of up to 10 basic units are paid in the following places of sale:

  • Branches of Belagroprombank OJSC;
  • Branches of RUE Belpochta.

Cash winnings of up to 20 basic units are paid in:

  • Branches of JSC ASB Belarusbank (within 3 months from the day of the draw);

Winnings up to 20 basic units are inclusively paid in the structural units of the National Sports Lotteries Unitary Enterprise:

  • Brest branch of UE “National Sports Lotteries”,
    Address: 224023 Brest, st. Vasnetsova, 60,
    phone: 8 0162 34 20 06,
    working hours: Mon Fri: 9.00. 17.00 (lunch 13.00-14.00).
  • Vitebsk branch of the National Sports Lotteries UE,
    Address: 210022, Vitebsk, Moskovsky Ave., 31a, of. 1,
    phone: 8 0212 67 49 99, 8 0212 67 75 15;
    working hours: Mon Fri: 9.00. 17.00 (lunch 13.00. 14.00).
  • Gomel branch of UE “National Sports Lotteries”,
    Address: 246008 Gomel, 2nd Ostrovsky Lane, 1,
    phone: 8 0232 56 59 39 (fax), 8 0232 56 49 37
    (accountant), working hours: Mon Fri: 9.00. 17.00 (lunch 13.00. 14.00).
  • Grodno branch of UE “National Sports Lotteries”,
    Address: 230005, Grodno, Dzerzhinsky St., 58, of.2,
    phone: 8-0152-42-06-13,
    working hours: Mon Fri: 9.00. 17.00 (lunch 13.00. 14.00).
  • Mogilev branch of UE “National Sports Lotteries”,
    Address: 212030, Mogilev, Pionerskaya St., 12/25, of.13,
    phone: 8 0222 76 65 53,
    working hours: Mon Fri: 9.00. 17.00 (lunch 13.00. 14.00).
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Payouts of winnings from 25 basic units are made at the central office of the National Sports Lotteries UE by appointment! Tel for the record. 8 (017) 288-20-55, 8 (029) 388-20-55.

All winnings in the UP lottery “National Sports Lotteries” are not taxed in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, including for non-residents, in accordance with Art. 12, p. 1, p. 1.22 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On personal income tax”.

Hotline hours (operators):

  • Mon Thu.: from 9 a.M. To 6 p.M. (without lunch);
  • Fri.: from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. (without lunch);
  • Sat output! Sun: from 11 a.M. To 6 p.M. (without lunch).

Payment of cash and cash prizes on lottery tickets is carried out within 6 months from the day of the drawing of the prize fund of the draw. Amounts of unclaimed winnings are transferred within 5 days after 6 months from the day of drawing the prize fund in full to the republican budget for lottery purposes.

Tickets with winnings in excess of 5,000 rubles will be handed over for an independent examination conducted by the manufacturer of lottery tickets without prior appointment!

Winnings up to 1,000 rubles are transferred to the game account automatically within 2-3 hours after the drawing of the corresponding draw of the SUPERLOTO lottery or instantly for instant lotteries.

To receive a prize of more than 1,000 rubles, it is necessary to REGISTER to receive a large cash prize in your office at and, after agreement with the organizer, PERSONALLY come to the office of UE “National Sports Lotteries” at the address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk , Independence Ave., 49 and PROVID for identification of the document that the player indicated when registering at

The first draw of the Superloto lottery took place on February 27, 2005. During its existence, the lottery has become a truly popular, beloved game. Foreign guests of our country showed interest in our game as well, who enjoyed buying lottery tickets and participated in Superloto lottery draws during their stay in Belarus.

Since January 2009, thanks to the global Internet, lottery fans abroad also have the opportunity to participate in the Superlotto lottery, enjoy the game and win awesome prizes at

Since July 2011, fans of the Superloto lottery have the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets by mobile phone (for MTS and life 🙂 subscribers)

In August 2015, the new SUPERLOTO-ONLINE service was launched. Gift tickets. With the help of this service you can please your relatives or friends with a pleasant and unbanal gift. Lottery tickets SUPERLOTO, Bonus Plus, Capital.

Check Ticket By Phone Number

In September 2015, the free mobile application LOTO.BY was launched, with which you can play your favorite lotteries from your mobile phone or tablet. Details

A unique is presented to your attention. First edition SUPERLOTO

How to check the ticket for the 1316 lottery drawing Russian Lotto?

If you are a happy participant in 1316 circulation, you most likely want to check your ticket as soon as possible. After all, it was he who could be among those who receive 2,680,742,650 rubles that day. Flipping through the list of participants is very difficult and boring, because in this draw, participants purchased 53,614 853 tickets that competed in the game. Therefore, we made for visitors to our site a simple option for auto checking the ticket you need. Just write the ticket number in the special field and find out the amount of winnings.

Features 1316 draws of the Russian Lotto lottery.

If your ticket does not become a winner, do not worry. Do not forget that you fought for the win with 53 614 853 players. In 1316 circulation the following numbers did not fall: 41, 67.

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50% of the bank’s total circulation was divided between winners who purchased their tickets at an online supermarket, retail outlets and using their mobile phone.

In total, 1316 circulation players took home 2,680,742,650 rubles today.

Check circulation ticket. Results

Here you can see the numbers that fell in the course of 1316 circulation.

TourThe order of the numbersWinning ticketsWin
111 50 70 90 3723434,783
253 62 10 14 33 88 80 35 52 04 61 82 65 48 23 54 28 71 19 22 07 69 29 17 8511,000,000,000
309 02 86 18 59 64 31 84 79 60 25 12 49 30 36 76 26 03 74 68 47 15 72 45 51 56 87 4451,000,000
9066690 909
eighteen7711 759200
twenty2125 390200
214051 671200
2408191 817100
2505264 271100
2643454 001100
2739717 555100
2857989 624100
29th781 711 985100
thirtythirteen2 355 010100
31753 539 886100
32345 306 228100
33897 955 513100

You could see the show of 1316 circulation as always at 8.20 minutes Moscow time on NTV channel. If you do not have time to see the live broadcast, you can watch the full draw in the replay.

We are glad to welcome you on our website If you got to this page, then you want to check the ticket of the Russian Lotto lottery. And you were not mistaken, because with us it can be done both by ticket number and by using the draw table.
Today. January 19, on the holiday of Epiphany, the next draw of the popular state lottery “Russian Lotto” is held, which today celebrates the year of folk art. Check ticket 1319 of the Rusoke Lotto draw by number and according to the table You can directly on our website. Below you will find the form for checking the ticket by number, as well as a circulation table with the data that we publish much earlier than it will be possible to check the ticket by number.

Announcement of the 1319 draw of the Russian Lotto lottery

So, as we already said, the 1319 Russian Lotto draw will take place on the Epiphany Day. January 19 at 8:20 Moscow time, on the NTV channel in the program “We Win!” In the 1319 draw of the Russian Lotto lottery, as the organizers promise, a large jackpot (500 million rubles), 20 cars, and other cash prizes (large and not very) will be drawn.

The draw will end on the 87th move and 3 barrels will remain in the bag, which means that every 3rd ticket will win.

What will be played?

  • Jackpot. 500,000,000 rubles
  • 20 cars
  • Numerous cash prizes

The cash equivalent of a country house is 700,000 rubles.

How to check the ticket for the Russian Lotto lottery?

You can check your lottery ticket in one of the following ways:

  • On the official website of the state lotteries “Stoloto”.
  • On our website through the online ticket validation form, as well as on the circulation table.
  • In the lottery kiosks, at the Russian Post.
  • Turning to the Stoloto specialists (via the feedback form).
  • By calling the support center at 8-900-55-500-55.
  • During the TV broadcast of the draw.
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Well, we offer you right now on our website to check the Russian Lotto ticket by number and find out the amount of winnings online.

Check ticket 1319 runs by ticket number

In order to check the ticket by number, use the form below. In the online form you need to enter the number of the circulation and the number of your ticket in the appropriate lines. After that, click the “Check ticket” button. Checking occurs instantly, so this is the fastest way to find out if there is a win in your ticket. If you have several tickets, then you can enter the data sequentially. You do not need to reload the page to check the next ticket. Just delete the data of the previous ticket and enter new ones and click the “Check ticket” button again. Information will be updated instantly. All information about the winnings comes from the official website of Stoloto.

The opportunity to check a ticket by number will appear only after the completion of the TV broadcast of the lottery, starting from 10:20 am Moscow time, when the information on the official website of Stoloto is updated.

If you do not trust our site and want to double-check the ticket, then you can do it on the official website of Stoloto.

Check the Russian Lotto ticket according to the table

In order to check your lottery ticket you must find your numbers in this draw table and check them against your numbers in the game grid. But first we recommend that you check to see if there are any missing numbers on your ticket. If you did not find these numbers on the ticket, then it is a winning one and now you can check the numbers to find out your winnings. Good luck to you!

Lottery Draw Table 1319 of the Russian Lotto Lottery. Unbound Kegs: 33, 63, 68

TourThe order of the numbersWinning ticketsWin
182, 78, 70, 52, 53, 03, 01, 341430,000
251, 61, 83, 24, 47, 15, 48, 73, 23, 86, 54, 41, 76, 58, 10, 80, 14, 12, 85, 81, 90, 42, 06, 46, 16, 74, 36, 28, 651Car
321, 35, 75, 77, 79, 31, 88, 40, 57, 27, 25, 11, 55, 18, 89, 62, 32, 60, 29, 05, 19, 39, 45, 50, 084Car
487, 174Car
669eighteen272 222
fifteen591 4391,000
sixteen072 7501,000
eighteen6410 004500
twenty0218 306200
21thirteen27 190200
226755 326200
233879 909100
25twenty188 199100

Unbound Kegs: 33, 63, 68

If you didn’t find any of the missing numbers in your lottery ticket, then your ticket won and we congratulate you!

  • Tickets took part in the drawing. 4,128,303.
  • Tickets won. 1,161,998
  • The prize fund of the current draw was. 165,801,096 rubles.

The next 1320 draw of the Russian Lotto lottery will be drawn on January 26, 2020.

How and where to get winnings on a Russian Lotto ticket?

You can get your winnings in several ways. First of all, it will depend on where you purchased the ticket.

You can get a win:

For questions on obtaining winnings, contact the toll-free number 8 (900) 555-00-55 (support for Stoloto players).