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Ukrposhta Track a parcel

The service will help you to find out where your shipment is.

The new service allows you to learn more details.

Public joint-stock company “Ukrposhta” (PJSC “Ukrposhta”) is under the management of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, is the successor of the USPP “Ukrposhta” and is the national postal operator of Ukraine in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from January 10, 2002.

Track the parcel “New Post” by phone number

One more way to trace the parcel by phone is to send an SMS to the short number 4404 with the number of the express parcel bill. You will receive SMS-answer with current location of parcel.

How to track the international parcel Nova Post?

If you have an international parcel, or if you are waiting for a shipment from abroad, Nova Poshta Global or Nova Poshta Shopping (if the parcel is from an international online store) will handle it. How to trace the parcel in this case?

Using Universal Parcel Tracking Service.

If you are not sure who is responsible for shipping, Nova Post or someone else, you can track the parcel with the waybill number easily here: Track Parcel The system will instantly give you the necessary information about the international shipment.

Nova Poshta Shopping personal account.

If you placed an order in a foreign online store and chose Nova Poshta as your delivery operator, Nova Poshta Shopping. direct delivery service for purchases from China, USA, UK and Poland will handle it.

How to track this parcel? Register on the website or log in to your personal Nova Poshta Shopping account at https://npshopping.You will be able to see the current status of tracking (the path from the sender’s country to the Novaya Poshta office).

Attention! There you can also use Viber-bot and SMS-command, which we told you about earlier in this article.

In the personal cabinet of Nova Poshta Global.

If you want to send a parcel abroad to another person, or, on the contrary, if you are waiting for a parcel from abroad (not from the online store), Nova Poshta Global will handle it. To track these kinds of international deliveries you need to register on the website, or immediately log in to a private office if you have already registered by clicking on the link:

Advice! You will also receive information about international packages to your contact e-mail address. This even applies to those items that were not assigned a tracking number during the shipment of the parcel.

How to track a package without a tracking number

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If you have lost the number of the waybill, you will not be able to get information about the parcel on the website of Nova Poshta. All information is only available in the application if the parcel is already registered in the system. If you can not download the application on your phone, but you want to know where the parcel is the New Post Office, you need to call the hotline (0-800-500-609, mobile) to get the number of the consignment. 380 98 4 500 609) or contact the nearest branch. You need to have your passport and phone number.

Is it possible to track the parcel Nova Post by phone number, last name?

Many of our readers are interested in the rules of parcel tracking. After all, sending a product or waiting for an order, we wonder where the parcel is now, how to find and track the cargo without the number of the waybill?

Specialists of Nova Post say that you can’t trace the parcel by the phone number, order, or the name of the recipient or sender. In order to find out where the parcel is, you must enter the number of the declaration (TKN) on the official website That is, to find the location of the goods or merchandise, you must know the number of the bill of lading.

If you do not know the number of the declaration, you can restore or find it out by providing your last name, phone number. Another good way to trace the mail is with the Novaya Pochta app. Thus, you do not need to enter the data on the number of the shipment, to see where the cargo or luggage, you can in the mobile app. Tracking of parcels by Nova Posta is a convenient way to track your parcels.

Track the shipment by waybill number

If you have a waybill number from us and you don’t know how to track your parcel or cargo, no problem, FTT service gives you a unique opportunity to track your parcel with a waybill number. Enter Form 11 or 13 of the numeric code of the shipment report (barcode). Next. find it and you will see the full information about the movement of your shipment. the date of arrival, cost, delivery address, who is the sender and who is the recipient.

Important: The unique TTC code must be provided to you by the sender (representative of the online store) via SMS, email or by calling you back and dictating it.

FTT’s increasingly popular Track a parcel using a waybill number, giving you accurate and convenient information on your shipment or package. Forget about the paid and non-functional services. FTT is convenient, fast, and free of charge.

Tracking status of Nova Post orders

Postal item status is its current state. It must be carefully monitored. At any of the stages of shipment, there may be some changes that result in a correction of the status of the shipment.

Sent packages may have the following statuses:

  • Parcel information received. the shipment arrived at the post office and was registered there.
  • On the way. arrived at / left intermediate point.
  • Delivered to the destination point.
  • Issued for delivery.
  • Refuse to receive the parcel.
  • Delivered.
  • Address changed.
  • Arrived at/departed from Customs office(s).

Nova Post is waiting to receive from sender

Status means that the sender has made the parcel home from the personal account of the site “New Mail” and reported the track number to the recipient. But the parcel itself has not yet arrived at the office. Once the shipment is in the office, the status will change.

The shipment has already arrived at an intermediate point and is being handled further.

The shipment is sent to a city

The status in the cabinet appears when the shipment was processed at the intermediate point. Then it is sent by truck from one city to another.

Shipment arrived at destination and is waiting for pickup.

The parcel is received by a courier, who has scheduled delivery to a specific address at a certain time

This status implies these options:

  • Sending received. Money transfer is given to the recipient.
  • Consignment is received. The sender gets SMS-notification about the money transfer arrival during 24 hours and can pick it up at the Nova Post office cashier’s desk.
  • Consignment is sent to the recipient for review.
check, parcel, phone, number

Status appears on items that the recipient did not pick up at the office within 5 business days.

The sender can manage their own shipment. The service is free of charge within the city limits. If the parcel has already arrived in branch, it can be forwarded to another for 10 UAH. Internal redirection is carried out according to the company’s tariffs. In this case the following status appears.

When sending goods from Russia to Ukraine and vice versa, the status of “Parcel on hold. Present documents”. This means that the cargo is being checked by customs. Status is given automatically and should disappear in about 10 days. If a shipment with this status is stopped by customs for more than 10 days, it is recommended to contact the appropriate authority to clarify the situation.

This status means that the package is delivered to the recipient.

Shipment received. Money transfer is given to the recipient

The sender will receive SMS-notification within one day.

History of SDEC

Originally called Express Courier, the company was founded on February 25th, 2000 in Novosibirsk. The company’s initial aim was to develop the Siberian region and the Far East: express delivery of documents and goods in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices.

check, parcel, phone, number

In 2001 the company expanded geographically and opened its first regional office, after having established delivery in the Eastern part of Russia.

In 2015, SDEK opened 9 subdivisions in China, 2 offices in Belarus, and 6 offices in Kazakhstan. As a result, by the end of 2015, SDEK was represented in 5 countries with 323 offices.

With the Parcels app, you can track your SDEC shipments, as well as any parcels from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Download Parcels app on your iPhone or Android phone to know where your parcels are and receive Push Notifications when your parcel moves.