Check the new iPhone by the serial number to find out

How to check the iPhone for originality?

Tools for checking the authenticity of smartphones are presented on the official website of Apple. There are also third.Party services that allow you to find out this information. To obtain data in all these cases, you will need a serial number with IMEI. Under these codes, manufacturers register original mobile devices.

Serial number. A unique smartphone code and any other mobile device. You can find out the model, date and production time of the smartphone by it. IMEI. International identifier of mobile devices. Lost smartphones and tablets are monitored and blocking it.

How to see the serial number in the iPhone?

Information about the serial number is available in the smartphone settings in the “Main” tab. There you need to find the item “On this device”. It is in this section that information about the device will be presented, including its serial number and software version.

After registering in the icloud online service, it will be possible to find a section with registered devices. The Apple technique used by a specific user and its serial numbers will be indicated there.

How to find out serial number using IMEI?

IMEI number can be found out by taking an Apple SIM card from an Apple smartphone.

On the iPhone of the fifth and sixth generation IMEI is indicated in the lower part of the rear cover of the case.

After the user recognized the IMEI number, he can contact Apple technical support. There he will be informed of the serial after confirming the personality and the fact of the purchase of the verified mobile device.

You can find a serial number in IMEI bases, for example, iPhoneimei.Info. The integration of this site is as simple as possible. The user introduces a unique identifier and the serial number of its device is displayed on the screen.

How to check the originality of iPhone by IMEI

On the official website of Apple, check the mobile device by unique identifier cannot. But you can draw up a request to the technical support service with a request to send the serial number of the smartphone with the specified IMEI. However, this procedure takes a lot of time, which when buying a long.Awaited smartphone simply does not. In this case, you can use one of third.Party services for providing information about the mobile device after entering IMEI, for example, IMEI.Info.

To obtain information about the mobile device you are interested in, you need to enter the identifier and go to captcha. If the code was entered correctly, information about the test device will appear on the screen.

How to find out that the iPhone is new, not used?

The easiest and most correct way to use the Apple site:

  • We need a serial number. Over, if you are just about to buy a device, then it is not necessary to even activate it. You can always look at the box, or, more reliable, at the stage of activation, press the icon “I in a circle”. However, there are other ways to find out IMEI.
  • We go to the official website of Apple to the section “Inspections of the right to maintenance and support”. Here is the link.
  • Enter the serial number and look at the result.

There can be many options, but we are only about two to make sure that the iPhone is new:

Check iPhone imei or Serial number for any APPLE device

Received some other incomprehensible messages for you? Decryption is in an article on the results of checking the right to maintain and support.

How to check the serial number and IMEI

Each iPhone is assigned a unique serial number and IMEI, which can tell about the device a lot of important information. They can be viewed in the settings (section “Basic” → “On this device”) and on the sticker on the back of the box, if it is.

On the early iPhone models (5, 5s, 5c, Se, 6, 6 Plus) IMEI was additionally indicated on the rear panel of the case. On the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X and later IMEI is applied using laser engraving on the SIM card tray.

Of course, in all places the rooms should coincide (well, perhaps the box can be taken from another device for a more presentable type of sale). Different IMEI on the device and SIM cards tray indicate the repair and replacement of parts, and such phones as you already know should be avoided.

check, iphone, serial, number

The presence of an original box is an additional plus and a guarantee that the phone is not stolen. If there is also a check, generally excellent. The serial and IMEI indicated in it must also coincide.

By serial number, you can check on the Apple website information about the device. This will make sure that you have the original iPhone of the same model that you buy. So you can protect yourself from purchasing a copy or previous model under the guise of a new.

The balance of the warranty is also indicated here, if it is not expired, which will allow you to check the seller’s words.

Please note that the image of the device on the check page is given simply to illustrate. Its color in the picture does not correspond to the real IPhone color. Make sure that the color of the case coincides with the original one on one of the third.Party services of an extended check, for example, Sndeepinfo.

It is also easy to determine by serial number whether a smartphone was bought by a new or restored. If the combination begins with the letter F, then in front of you Refurbished, or restored, iPhone.

Usually restored iPhone are delivered in a simple white box marked RFB or Apple Certified Pre.Code on a sticker from the reverse side. Not only the serial, but also the model code, as well as the party science begins with the symbol F.

Such phones are officially verified and repaired at Apple factory. They are provided with an annual warranty, but they cost cheaper. In fact, there is nothing wrong with, unless the seller hid this fact.

However, there is an opinion that it is better to take new, and not restored iPhone. The choice is yours.

Iphone check using serial number

Each device has its own serial number, which is assigned to it at the assembly stage and this information is stored on the official website of Apple, so you can view it at any time and personally make sure that your apparatus is original and really refers to Apple products.

What it is

Serial number (English Serial Number or SN) is a unique identification number of the device that can consist of both Arabic numbers and Latin letters. It is like an identification number in a person’s passport. In this ridiculous form of a combination of letters and numbers, very important information is encrypted. It is almost impossible to decipher what the numbers and letters mean, since each manufacturer has its own code based on the marking adopted in a particular company. But checking the device for uniqueness using this code is easy.

What is used for

For the most part, the serial number is necessary for the manufacturer himself so that it can be understood which batch of products is “flawed” and who is its developer. This practice is introduced so that you can at least somehow organize service and punish the perpetrators in marriage. If this code does not correspond to what is indicated in the manufacturer’s documents, then the warranty service of the device will not be made, since the goods will turn out to be “gray”. Many official sites of manufacturers of computer components or other gadgets are equipped with a product search system by serial number. So the final consumer can check the originality of a particular device.

Where to find the serial iPhone number?

If you have an original box in which there was a smartphone, then you can view the serial number on the reverse side. It will have a note Serial No. And contains 12 characters consisting of numbers and Latin letters. If there are no boxes, you can see in the iPhone settings. To do this, follow the actions:

We received a unique number of your smartphone. Now you need to check it. To do this, go to the Apple website by the link https: // Selfsolve.Apple.COM/AgreementWarrantynamic.Do to get into the desired section immediately and indicate here the serial number. Also enter the verification code and click “Continue”.

According to the results of the audit, you may have several outcomes:

  • Such an apparatus with a serial number really is in the database. It will be provided with information in which the model will be displayed, the possibility of providing technical support and checking the purchase date;
  • If the serial number was indicated incorrectly, then information about the existence of the iPhone with such a number will not be provided. In this case, you need to redesign the correctness of the input again, and if you really enter the information correctly, most likely, the data is simply fraught and not the original device is in front of you;
  • If the site says “you need to activate the iPhone”, then you have a completely new phone that has not yet been activated. This is an original smartphone that was not in use by other owners.

Number of computer components

There is a very interesting situation here. Checking the serial number of computer components can be carried out both by conventional inspection of the device and using the software capabilities of the operating system. You can also see the number of computer components using applications such as AIDA64 and Everest. Also, the desired combination of numbers and letters can be pasted on the component itself. On boxes from components, this number can also be written. By the way, a good opportunity to check the correctness of writing a number on the box is to launch Everest or Aida and see if it is coincided with what is driven into the firmware of the component itself. If it does not match, then the product is “gray”.

Checking the state of the iPhone

Despite the fact that the overall quality of the fakes has noticeably increased over the past few years, small flaws can still be seen immediately if you look closely.

  • The back cover should not be removed.
  • The case of the original iPhone is made of aluminum, while fake manufacturers like to save and often try to emit metal with plastic.
  • The present iPhone cannot have two SIM cards.
  • All relevant models, starting from the fifth generation, have a branded Lighting charging connector, no mini/micro-USB.
  • The system should not have Google Play, and the settings should contain information about the iOS operating system. Any mention of Android means that you have a fake.
  • On the back cover of any iPhone (including versions for the Chinese market) there should be the inscription “Designed by Apple in Califormia. Assembled in China “. If, instead of this inscription, hieroglyphs or any other text flaunt on the back cover, then in front of you is a fake.
  • If you had the experience of using the iPhone or other Apple devices, then you can surely identify a fake on the quality of the screen, the menu, fonts and the like nuances.

Therefore, if you buy an iPhone for the first time, it makes sense to go to any store selling Apple technique, and turn the window sample in your hands to have something to compare with.

Check iPhone is Genuine, New, Refurbished or Parts Changed | Used iPhone Buying Guide | 3utools

Another nuance, go to the settings. The main ones, there find the item on the update. If it is not, then in front of you is a fake.

ITUNES check

Perhaps the easiest way to identify fake is to try to connect the device to PC with iTunes. If the program recognizes the connected device, then the original is in front of you, but if nothing happens, then you connected a fake.

How to find out IMEI and serial iPhone number?

  • If the smartphone is not activated. Turn on the iPhone, after which, wait for the icon in the form of an exclamation mark on the display, below the display, below. Click on it and on the screen will be displayed by IMEI and serial number of this device.

After you found out the identification numbers of the smartphone, it is very important to monitor them among themselves. To do this, write down the serial and iMei numbers on the leaflet, and then carefully check the iMEI number indicated on the box with the one that is displayed on the display. They must fully match.

You can find out the date of activation on the official website of Apple

In fact, Apple Great Well done. On its official website there is a very good tool for checking any “apple” devices.

We open the page “Checking the right to maintenance and support”. Here is the link.

A window appears with the results. We are interested in the line. “The right to maintenance and repair”. And in it, in turn, the estimated date of expiration date.

As can be seen in the picture, in this particular example. This is October 31, 2018. So, in order to calculate the exact date of activation, you need to take 1 year from this period and add 1 day.

As a result, we get that the iPhone was fully included from this example and registered on Apple servers. November 1, 2017.

I think the meaning is clear. If there are questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев 🙂

However, when checking, you may encounter other results (all possible options are options. In this article), but we are only interested in two:

  • “You need to activate the iPhone”. See this inscription? Perfectly! Your iPhone is new and never turned on.
  • The right to maintenance and repair: the deadline has expired. This means that more than a year has already passed since the activation of the iPhone.
check, iphone, serial, number

If in the first case everything is clear, you just need to be happy with the new iPhone, then what to do in the second? After all, the date of activation more than a year ago is too vague data, I would like specifics! I have them.

Checking iphone for mechanical damage

The originality, external state and performance of the iphone are important, but even the original, completely working and ideal outwardly the device can be absolutely useless if it is blocked by activation lock (Activation Lock). Iphone with the “find iPhone” function on to factory settings and restores in iTunes in normal mode (only in DFU mode), but, most importantly, it is impossible to activate after reflashing.

check, iphone, serial, number

When buying used iPhone, it is mandatory (!) Check the state of activation lock and, if turned on, ask the seller to disable the “Find iPhone” function. If he cannot do this, citing the fact that he does not remember the password for Apple ID. Refuse to buy. Iphone stolen. Disable the “Find iPhone” function and the activation block can only the owner of the Apple account, which is connected in the device settings in the ICLOUD menu. The password for Apple ID can be easily changed, you need access to the main email address or answers to control questions.

!Adviously, do not buy the iPhone with the “Find iPhone” function and the active blocking of activation. It is impossible to disconnect it without a password for Apple ID.

To calmly connect your Apple ID in “Settings. Icloud “or mourn the content and settings in the menu” Basic. Reset “.

From all of the above, I want to note:

  • Do not buy a backhone iphone.
  • Inspect it and check the work of the governing bodies. The “Home” and “Power” buttons are needed to enter the iPhone into the DFU and Recovery Mode mode.
  • Demand to disable the “find iPhone” function and activation blocking.

Have questions? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will answer everyone. Successful purchase!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев of users:

I checked the serial issued A1429, and on the back cover, on the box A1428. I use one from the new one without repair. What does it mean?!

The models are identical, checked on the official website or at an alternative link?

Hello, tell me, I want to order an iPhone from the USA, on their office, there you need to choose a t-mobaile, ATT, SPRINT, Verizon carrier that you need to choose SIM to be supported in and Kazakhstan? Thanks in advance

By your links. My number F2MKDDTHDTWD

Name: iPhone 5 (GSM / LTE135 / International) Model Model: iPhone5.1 and IMM: IPHONE 5MODELCODE: iPhone_5Familia: A1429 Nomer Model: MD297 Group1: iPhoneroup2: Generation: 1.3 GGCROTICS: 4 DYMENTER: 1136: 1136 Black year of release: 2013 Production Week: 11 (March) Model is presented: 2012 Valuvity: 16 GBfrika: F2 (China, Zhenzhou. Foxconn)

And on the cover A1428, and installed the firmware on A1428. Everything works, but is of interest in discrepancies!

Hello, tell me I can sell this phone in the store? I recruit by having, writes: the validity of those support has expired that it means can I supply such goods to stores?

Hello! It’s your problems. Want to supply, you want. No. It all depends on the price of the iPhone and how you will announce. If you declare phones when selling as new, then it falls under the criminal article “Fraud”.

Yes, it corresponds. But what to do when selling?!

I am sure that the buyer for a difference of 1 digit in the indication of the model will not pay attention.

Hello! Such a problem ! I bought an iPhone 5s adviser to a friend, the serial number does not coincide with the box, on the official website of Apple it finds it, but the guarantee is expired a year ago, Touch ID does not work, after updating some program has not been updated, you can’t draw in the notes that you say that you say ? After all, the phone is used, return ? Very worried

Don’t worry anymore!! All experiences are already behind. Enjoy the received.

Thank you, but there are different! I am inclined to think that A1429 is for the States, and the A1428 is for others, how do you like this alignment?!

check, iphone, serial, number

Hello! Recently formatted MacBuk, who was getting from her brother, did everything step by step, launched a disk utility, and when I wanted to reinstall the Apple ID to enter the APS Store, I entered my account, but they write to me “Please check my account” I checked everything normally what to do what to do?!

I do not mind and such a situation, it does not change the essence of things.

Hello, the function “Find Mac” was included on the Mac? Try to log in with your Apple ID on the icloud website and look at the “Find iPhone” application. The list “All devices” has your Mac? If not and the function was turned on, you cannot use the computer until you enter the Apple ID and the password for which it is blocked.

Good day, I have such a story: I had an iPhone, I bought it with my hands, everything was normal. Everything worked, but when I came home (at home a router) and went to the kitchen, and I didn’t catch my Internet, and my tablet Al caught it. I asked the masters, they kept telling me all the shit roar, but how so if the router supports my iPad, and so advise how to check Wi-Fi so that there are no such surprises, thanks in advance.

Hello! I went to the site and stumbled upon your record, I decided to write to you what your problem may be! And so, I will not sign everything in steps I will go right away to the point! In some iPhone models (especially if you bought yours and it is not clear what happened to it before) so in some models, usually when repairing the masters in a hurry, they forget to fix all the details (in particular are difficult to affordable) in our case, we will talk about a small screw that is located just above the conversational dynamics and the front chamber! The bottom line is that if the iPhone was repaired (and I am 90% sure that yes) could forget to fix this small “screw” or not put it at all If this “screw” is needed to make the payment of your Idevice fit tightly By the rear panel, thus fixing the fee responsible for the supply of the Wi-Fi or cellular signal (in some cases, this happens!) How this problem can be solved? To do it is very simple! If you have the opportunity to attribute your iPhone to a servo center or the nearest workshop with a specific request to look at this “screw” or not, the master will not wag and will surely check! If there is no way to take it to the center, then I do not advise you to climb! But if your hands grow from where you need to fix it at home! And so we take a small piece of the fold (ordinary falga) we roll with a tube that we have about a small wand with a sewing needle about the sewing needle, take a small screwdriver or toothpick, remove the lid from the TV or the screen (it all depends on the phone model) and will be small on top) A slowdown for a “little screw” just pushing the resulting small fals from us there and will be like a scurry “screw!”Close” iPhone “and ready!